Chapter 275. Second Negotiation ー 3

Chapter 275. Second Negotiation ー 3

「As expected of『Kakka』…For him to be prepared this far!」
Kouzuki Souji said as he look at the image of Jii-chan overwhelming the anti-mainstream faction of Shirasaka house.

「No…Actually, In wonder? If Shirasaka head house doesn’t follow『Kakka’s will』…for example, if they loan from a foreign financial institution, isn’t it still possible for Shirasaka house to suppress the majority of the shares?」

Kata answers with a serious face.

「Won’t『Kakka』also have a measure for that?」

Natsuki Makoto join in.

「『Kakka』should have a close relationship even with the foreign financial institutions on US and Europe. Even if Shirasaka house borrows money they will only be able to use financial institutions from rising countries」

Shiba Akira analyzes.

「However…won’t there be an investment fund buying all of the stocks because they noticed the conflict between『Kakka』and Shirasaka house? If they can hold shares even under 10% won’t they be able to influence the fight between『Kakka』and Shirasaka house?」

Kouzuki Kenshi states his concern.

「To begin with…how many of the stocks are in the market? How much shares is there inside the Shirasaka house who’s against the head family?」

Koumori Akira said but…

「No, even in the anti-mainstream faction of Shirasaka house, they won’t want Shirasaka house to lose their influence on the newspaper company right? I think that the whole Shiraska house will gather the stocks on their whole family and try to keep the majority of the stocks」

Kouzuki Subaru states his opinion.

「However…would they entrust their own shares to Shirasaka Moritsugu this late? Everyone knows that Shiraska Moritsugu’s already gone as the head of the house. Even if Shirasaka house unites and defend…it would be after they decide on the new leader」

Hanaoka Shinsuke said.

「However, Shirasaka Moritsugu will argue to have a succession struggle. In the first place, Shirasaka Moritsugu isn’t willing to retire. While the house is at mess because of him, won’t『Kakka』be able to do as he will?」

Oohari Ryou said

「Umu…There’s no mistake in『Kakka’s』work…!」

Koku Rakujin nods greatly.
The students continue their conversation in loud voice.
Listening to the conversation…Margo-san asks me.

「…What do you think?」


「That’s all just bluff!」

The eyes of the students gather around me.

「I also think that he’s lying about already holding 2 percent of the stocks」
「Hey, you, what do you mean by that!?」

Torada Chitoku asks me shouting.

「Well…doesn’t it cost money to buy stocks? He won’t spend money for such a foolish thing you know」

Yukino reacts from what I said.

「Are you saying that it’s foolish to take the newspaper company from Shirasaka house?! The newspaper company is the cornerstone of Shirasaka house! That newspaper has been ours since it was created!」


「…I’m not talking about that」

I answered.

「He’s talking to those three right now…in short, he only needs to make those three follow what he say right?」

The students doesn’t seem to be able to understand what I’m talking about.
These guys are only looking for good results of『Stealing』or『Taking』
But…Jii-chan thinks differently.
That person will avoid using money and effort for something trivial

「Shirasaka Hiromitsu-san, Ayako-san, and vice president Yamada…all want to drive away Shirasaka Moritsugu, the head, but they seem to have different opinions about it」

Mr. Hiromitsu wants to make the local companies independent from the influence of the Shirasaka family. He doesn’t care about the newspaper company in Tokyo which is the main body.
Mrs. Ayako wants to make her son the head of Shirasaka family. She thinks it’s fine to leave the management rights to Jii-chan.
Vice president Yamada wants Shirasaka house to step down from managing the newspaper company. He’s thinking of ruling all of the local companies under Tokyo like before.
…He’s not compromising the relationship at all.

「Each of them has a different purpose…it’s known that their opinion are different. Therefore…everyone’s making a『request』to Kouzuki-san. It won’t become a 50-50『negotiation』 If those three unite for a consistent aim, then they could become a strong force competing Kouzuki-san and yet…everyone of them are just weak representatives of their own 『Local company』『anti-mainstream faction in Shirasaka fhouse』and 『Employee in Tokyo office』」

It would be hard to maintain their own power if Jii-chan doesn’t back them up.

「Kouzuki-san felt their『weakness』so he judged that threatening them with a bluff would be enough」
「…Threaten only?」

Tsunoda seems to not understand…
Well, those who’re always bossy and elite won’t know…
This method is close to『Kuromori』after all

「…You don’t get it? Grandfather judged that he only need to make the other party think that『They might lose』」

Misuzu smiles.

「The newspaper company stock held by Shirasaka house is divided in majority. Changing 51 to 49%…just saying that it makes them worry. Actually, even though grandfather hasn’t taken the management rights of the newspaper company yet…those three will fall down from thinking『it’s possible it can be taken over』 They know that Kouzuki house has enough financial strength and influence in the nation. However…grandfather won’t actually do the『takeover bid』on Shirasaka house’s newspaper company. It’s not that you can obtain the newspaper company only by paying a lot of money…as mentioned earlier, it’s known that foreign investment funding comes in and gets rid of the money」
「However…nothing will move if he only threatens?」

Oohari Ryou asks Misuzu.

「Why? Shirasaka Ayako-san has 6% of the stock of the newspaper company. If Ayako-san surrenders, that alone will make the majority of the ownership from Shirasaka house…!

Right. There’s no need to take out money and actually take 2% f the stock from the stockholder from inside Shirasaka house.

「It’s the same on the TOB. It’s enough for grandfather to let them know that there might be a TOB. What’s left is as you said…the investors both inside and outside will attack Shirasaka house’s newspaper company. With the Shirasaka house currently divided into the head, Moritsugu and the anti-mainstream faction, they can’t defend themselves. When Shirasaka house is completely out of strength, exhausted…then Grandfather will begin to help I think. That is how grandfather will take the newspaper company easily」

Misuzu laughs.

「Help…what does that mean?」

Kouzuki Subaru asks Misuzu

「Making a move on Shirasaka house’s main bank…grandfather will use his name to buy the shares of Shirasaka house. He’ll takeover pretending to be the white knight. For buying it…at first, he’ll show a pretense of lending money from collateral banks. With the investment fund turned to a defensive battle, Shirasaka house as a whole will still hold majority of the shares. There will be no more assets left Shirasaka house can use…if they’re going to loan to a bank they know for a long time, then they won’t doubt, especially if it’s Shiraska Moritsugu-san」

The students are seriously listening on Misuzu’s talk.

「Then…when the stocks become collateral, another company will cause trouble with Shirasaka house. Anything will do. As long as they can clog the repay of Shirasaka house. As a result, the share of the newspaper that became collateral will be owned by the bank…then will become Grandfather’s…! We can get a lot of stocks at a much cheaper price than buying it on the stock market」
「Eh, please wait a moment. In that case…what happens to the investors who have been buying the shares on the newspaper company?」

Kata asks Misuzu.

「If grandfather controls the majority then there’s no more share necessary. Investors who compete with Shiraska family and buy it at high price will make a lot of loss」

Misuzu laughs.

「However…that’s a dirty trick. It’s not fair letting the bank mediate」

Shiba Akira who’s an idealist, said.

「If you think so then Akira-san shouldn’t enter the business world…!」

Misuzu said clearly

「There’s no rule about not letting the bank mediate」
「However, this sour『mutual killing』is…!」
「…Excuse me though」

I speak up

「Kouzuki-san’s not doing any『mutual killing』 This maybe a『brain game』to to survive…but he’s not trying to kill the other party at all」
「…What do you mean? I can’t understand」

Shiba Akira glares at me.

「Well…you’ll understand once you see how grandfather acts after this…!」

We turned back to Jii-chan on the video once again.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

『Now then…no matter how much you worry, you won’t come up with a conclusion. I’m busy so could you return home quickly?』

As Jii-chan declares that『I can take over the Shirasaka house’s newspaper company by myself without your cooperation』…the three became small

『Kouzuki-sama…uhm, I』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu speaks up.

『I am the representative of the local companies. We can’t come back like this. If this continues…Shirasaka house’s scandal will involve us and all of the affiliated companies will be damaged』
『M-Me too…!』

Shirasaka Ayako too…

『I think that it’s already been conveyed to Mr. Moritsugu that I am having a meeting with Kouzuki-sama If things don’t change, Fukushi and I would be exiled from Shirasaka house. Fukushi may also be forced to retire from the newspaper company…』
『Me too. If I return without anything, I will lose my position. I also believe in Kouzuki-sama’s power…I came here on behalf of the employees of the newspaper company…』

Vice president Yamada also limps.
All of them will be crushed by the power of the head, Shirasaka Moritsugu if Jii-chan doesn’t help them

『Please help us』
『We’re very sorry…!』

The three bow their heads to Jii-chan.

『I wonder why didn’t you take that attitude at first?』

Jii-chan answers with a troubled face.

「True. Why didn’t those people bow their heads at『Kakka』from the start?」

Kouzuki Satoshi asks.

「Well…Kouzuki-san made them think that he want the Shirasaka house’s newspaper company by all means」

I answered.

「Then…they thought that Kouzuki-san wants their cooperation so they came here with such a cocky attitude」
「Oh…is that so? What idiots」

Tsunoda said as he smiles.

「That’s not it…Kouzuki-san purposely made those three take that attitude」
「Eh, why!?」

Tsunoda glares at me.

「Tsunoda-san…I won’t allow such impolite attitude towards Danna-sama」

Misuzu scolds Tsunoda

「Danna-sama…please tell them why」

Misuzu urges me with a smile.

「Those three took an impolite attitude at start that’s why…now they’re that docile」

The three people on the screen prostrates themselves to Jii-chan pale-faced.

「Now…those people will be accepting anything Kouzuki-san suggests」
「…He purposely shown the opportunity to the other party in order to make the negotiations advantageous to him!」

Shiba Akira asks me in surprise.

「That’s obvious」

『Kuromori』always uses this kind of negotiation technique.
Now then…let’s focus on the video again.
Jii-chan speaks to the three.

『Then…I would like to hear your thoughts again』

Jii-chan smiles.

『Shirasaka Hiromitsu-kun…in short, you’re okay as long as the local affiliate companies have their own authority? You’re not aiming for complete independence from the corporate group from making the Tokyo office weak?』
『Y-Yes…it is as you say. I think that the network of the news company should be maintained as is If we reduce the power of Tokyo office…』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu answers.

『Next, Shirasaka Ayako-kun. You’re fine as long as your son becomes the next head of Shirasaka house. You don’t wish to rule the television and newspaper company of Shirasaka house For example, an honorary position…you don’t mind him being presented as the honorary president of the entire group?』
『Y-Yes…as long as Fukushi becomes the head. To be honest, neither Fukushi nor I knows about business management… Even if it’s only an honorary name and it has no real power…we don’t mind』

Shirasaka Ayako answers while showing a abject smile.

『Lastly, Yamada-kun…you’re okay as long as Shirasaka Moritsugu’s influence and the Shirasaka house’s executives are gone from the newspaper company? Independence of the local companies is also a trend in the current times. The age where Tokyo manages the provinces isn’t forever. Give it up』

Vice president Yamada bows his head.

『Then, let’s do this. Either way, Shirasaka Moritsugu will lose power. The next head of Shirasaka house will become Shirasaka Fukushi…afterwards, the head of Shirasaka house won’t be the representative of the news company. As an honorary chariman, he has to abandon real power. The Tokyo office will be directed by someone not from Shirasaka family. The local affiliates will be free from command. However, they aren’t allowed to separate from the group. Is this good?』
『Katsuko-kun, summarize what I said just now in paper』

I can’t see her on screen but Katsuko-nee seems to be writing up on the PC.

『Then…you three will move for Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu’s downfall under these conditions. Of course, I will also spare the greatest effort. I will cooperate with you』

Jii-chan laughs.

『What, your newspaper will be mine so it’s not a big deal if I think of this as a prior investment』

Misuzu turns to Shiba Akira.

「What do you think Akira-san? Grandfather asked for the wishes of the three…gave them a compromise and brought it together to the best shape. This is Kouzuki Shigetaka’s『tuning』 Instead of killing the other party in order to carry his opinion…he finds a way to coexist and take advantage of it…!」
「…Is the threatening and intimidation just a technique for that?」
「If everyone’s happy in the end, isn’t that okay to do?」

Misuzu said

「It’s foolish for someone to act only to satisfy one’s temporary personal feeling. It’s good to be liked by people but…you should not have excessive expectations from the other party. Rather, those who are feared can act as a『coordinator』」

Therefore, Jii-chan purposely threatens, intimidates people.
Then, he forcibly let them listen to what he says…
In fact, he’s presenting the best solution for them.
Actually, it is very disadvantageous for Jii-chan.
But, he’s willing to be disliked, hated by others…so Jii-chan can『tune』

「Since the ancient times…『tuning』is a noble man’s work. Kouzuki house has worked for hundreds of hears as Japan’s coordinator. We both have the power and wealth…everything is for『tuning』 There’s a lot of problems in this world that can be『tuned』by the law of this country…」

That is why Kouzuki house has continued as Japan’s most famous house.

『…Here’s the contract』

In a blink of an eye, Katsuko-nee finished preparing the document…printed, and brought it.

『Thanks…then, please sign this memorandum』

Jii-chan signs himself first.
Katsuko-nee then handed the paper to Shirasaka Hiromitsu…
Then the three signed in order.

『I will be holding into this memorandum. Normally, I will be handing a same document with our signatures on it but…we have a situation. We’ll have to keep only a document for confidentiality』

Jii-chan doesn’t allow evidence to be handed to the three.
On the contrary…if those three betrayed Jii-chan, he’ll make use of the document.
The documents that were signed are collected by Katsuko-nee…
Then she return to Jii-chan once again.
Jii-chan confirms the signature of the three…

『Now you three can’t go back anymore…』

Jii-chan smiles.

『We’re now in the same boat…your actions in the future will be directed by me. Do you understand?』

The three could only nod in front of Jii-chan

『Did you know by the way?』

Jii-chan goes to his next card.

『Shirasaka Moritsugu has already hired guns on you who are traitors』

Shirasaka Ayako doesn’t seem to understand.

『Shirasaka Moritsugu hired a killer』

The three are shocked.
Jii-chan turned to his vassals at back.

『I would like to ask you people too…』

Jii-chan’s eyes shine.

『…Does anyone of you recognize the name Cesario Viola?』

The vassals didn’t react.

『Umu…I see. It’s good if you don’t know』

Once again, Jii-chan turns to face the three anti-mainstream factions of Shirasaka house.

『He’s a man of a criminal organization at US. Shirasaka Moritsugu hired him and is planning to make you guys dead』
『N-No way…!』

Vice president Yamada is surprised.

『No, it’s exactly that…!』

Jii-chan laughs.

『My private guard unit is already alert in this hotel. Have you told anyone that you’ll come to talk with me in this hotel tonight?』
『Yes, my secretary…and I’ve also talked to the representatives on the local company who are my allies』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu answers.

『I…have consulted my wife and my direct subordinates. Also, a lawyer…』

Vice president Yamada said.

『Then…you should assume that your actions are already conveyed to the killers already』

Jii-chan answers.

『Shirasaka Ayako-kun…what about you?』

Shirasaka Ayako…

『I-I…have told my personal secretary, my mother and sister…and our helper…and then』

That’s a lot hey…

『Also…Fukushi-chan too』

Shirasaka Ayako’s startled.

『Oh right…Fukushi-chan, where is he?!』

He should be coming to this hotel tonight but Shirasaka Fukushi hasn’t arrived yet.

『Could it be that he got caught in some kind of accident on his way?』

Vice president Yamada tells Shirasaka Ayako.

『No, no way…we have a guard that’s protecting Fukushi-chan. He should contact us if something happened. I’ll try calling them right now…!』

Ayako takes out her phone…
Then, Jii-chan’s interphone in the desk beeps…
Jii-chan pushed a switch…

『…It’s me』

A voice can be heard from the interphone.

『It’s Yamaoka from first floor security…Shirasaka Fukushi’s car has arrived.』
『My, Fukushi-chan! He’s safe!』

Following Jii-chan’s instructions…Katsuko-nee switches the screen to the video of the first floor entrance.
An orange sports car is sandwiched in between big black painted cars.
There’s a guard in front and bind of the black painted car.

「What’s with that, isn’t that A TVR Tuscan!」

Kouzuki Satoshi mutters
Oh, so that car has that name?

「That’s not a car a newspaper reporter would ride on」

True…it’s a flashy car that suits to be owned by a roast chain store, entertainer, or a president of an IT company.
Could this be as I thought…bought by his parents?

『Ah, there’s no doubt. That’s Fukushi-chan’s car…!』

Shirasaka Ayako declares when she saw the orange car.

『…We’ll bring him there right away』

Director Yamaoka’s voice comes from the interphone.
The security guards of Kouzuki security service that’s wearing hotel man clothes head to the three cars.

『…Wait, Yamaoka! Tell your guards to retreat!』

At the moment Jii-chan shouted…!
The orange car’s window opened…!
And a machine gun barrel pops from the inside!!!!


The orange car shoots the machine gun to the entrance of the hotel!
The guards of Kouzuki security service gets down!

『Retreat! Retreat!!!!』

Director Yamaoka roars.
The black cars in front and back have completely armed soldiers come out!!!!
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