Chapter 276. Battle Start!!

Chapter 276. Battle Start!!
Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 275. Second Negotiation ー 3

A group of people in black battle fatigues, black mask, and a pistol at hand gets off the car.
The machine gun continues to fire towards the hotel from the window of the orange sports car.

「It’ll be fine. The first floor of the hotel uses bulletproof glasses」

Reika said laughing as she look at the relayed image.

「This hotel is constructed to be used by Kouzuki group for meetings with VIP from a lot of countries. It’s already designed to have counter terrorist measures」
「But, the entrance is wide open you know?!」

Mana shouts.
True, the double glass door that leads inside the hotel remains open.
Normally, it should be closed down when an attack was received.

「Is it to let the Kouzuki security service guards from outside to enter?」

Michi asks Reika.
Misuzu joins in the circle.
Ruriko and Yoshiko-san tooーthey’re joining.
The『family』gathers around me.

「No, in this case, because it’s an iron rule not to let the『enemy』inside…the door should close automatically. The guards that are outside the hotel when the enemy attacks are decided to shelter in the guard office…」
「But the door is wide open you know?」

Mana mutters to Reika’s explanation

「…It means that there’s a traitor inside Kouzuki security service」

Misuzu said calmly


Reika affirmed.

…Shukokokon! Shukokokon!

Then…the men in black battle fatigues begin to shoot something towards the door hung open.
White smoke raises…and huge metal lumps as big as a fist were sent in the hotel lobby.
Falling into the floor, it blows out white smoke…!
…This is a gas bomb!

『Retreat! General guards, run to the back!!!』

Before the smoke fills the lobby, director Yamaoka gives a retreat order.
The security guards in uniform runs to the interior of the hotel.

「Huh, it’s not poisonous gas right?」

I asked…

「It’s not. It’s just a tear-gas. You can know from the color and the spread of the smoke」

Reika who’s an elite guard immediately analyzes it.

「They can’t use poisonous gas in this place. It could influence their own actions as well…」

I see, if it’s poisonous gas…they’d also be fighting while making sure they don’t breathe it.
For buildings like hotel where the air just accumulates somewhere…the remaining gas could stay forever.

「Well, besides, a poisonous gas bomb can’t be obtained that easily. This is Japan after all」

Reika said
Well, if you say that, guns are also hard to obtain though.
But true, a poisonous gas bomb is certainly hard to find.

「Even with tear gas, you can’t stop your tears if it enters your eyes, if it enters your lungs it’ll become painful to breath…it has more effects than being a smoke screen for distraction」

The first floor lobby is filled with white smoke…
As the fog takes in, it becomes pure white and we can’t see anything anymore.

「Normally, the ventilation system should be kicking in right now」

Of course Kouzuki security service assumes this situation.
There should be a ventilation system in case they receive a gas attack.
But…with the fact that the door to the entrance is still opened.
It’s unknown whether that system is working or not

「Ah…it’s operating」

The white fog is thinning.

「There’s ventilation system on both the ceiling and the floor. There’s gas that’s lighter or heavier than the air」

…I see
It can respond to either and it can quickly discharge the gas to the outside.
The smoke disappears immediately


Those guys appears from the white smoke.
The free guards Kudou-papa summoned.
All of them are standing in the lobby wearing a gas mask.
The gas mask have different designs on each.
In short, these people prepared the gas mask at their own expense?
As expected of the Banbarubie 3 ladies, they’re wearing matching mask but…
Somehow, it’s glittering pink like sapphire or something.1

「That’s Swarovski right? Cool!」

Mana said.

「What’s that…is it about skiing?」
「Huh, Onii-chan doesn’t know? It’s a glitter material used for decorating phones and other things!」

So they’re decorating the gas mask with that.

「Somehow…when the gas mask shines it looks like a『mask of death』」2

Nagisa said feeling amazed.
At the entrance of the hotel are around ten men wearing battle clothes and armed with pistol with a man holding a machine gun at center.
And confronting them…
Is the free people Kudou-papa summoned, it’s around 50 people.
A group of 50 people slowly divide into two groups.
They’re not dividing by the same number of people.
Around a third of the group feels like it’s parting from the original group.
Gradually, restraining each other…
The people getting away joins the men in black combat clothes.

「A third have joined the enemy…well, that’s within assumptions」

Margo-san said

「Rather than that…Reika-oneesama」

Michi looks at Reika

「I noticed it…Margo-chan and I did」

Reika smiles.

「The enemy in black clothing were thirteen in all when they came down from the car」

Reika counted the number of enemies?

「And now…there’s only 9」

…Does that mean?

「They used the tear gas as penetration」

Margo-san mutters.

「Well…we know that they’re not those who can be dealt with straightforward means」

Meanwhile…the ventilation system drives out everything.
And the smoke has been completely exhausted.
The Banbarubie 3 ladies removed their mask.

『Puha~! I can’t fight wearing this!』

I knew that it was Ruby-san who said that since she put on the mask.
She’s the one with exposed nipples among the three…

『Right. It’s contrary to our style to hide our beauty while fighting right?』

Barbie-san says as she take off the mask.

『My, Oji-sama’s going on that side? That’s disappointing』

Banba-san takes of her mask and cries out to a middle aged man wearing a black dress going to the enemy side.
Banba-san takes out her own batting weapon…and sets it up.

『Banba-chan, as usual you’re fast at these kind of things…』

The middle aged man called『Oji-sama』by Banba-san smiles.

『…Come at me with your all!』
『Okaaay, my best regards!』

As usual, Banba-san is out of sync.

「That man…could it be?」

Reika looks at Michi.

「Yes…he’s D.D. Warrior『Dai Grepher Oji-sama』」3

Michi nods seriously.

「『Dai Grepher Oji-sama』…I’ve heard that he’s dead」
「Oji-sama’s a different dimension warrior after all…!」

The fuck?
I look at Michi’s face…

「『Dai Grepher Oji-sama』confuses the sense of distance of the opponent by making special movement. He’s no longer in the place where you feel he was…therefore he obtained the title『D.D. Warrior』…!」

It’s not that I’m interested in『Dai Grepher Oji-sama』or anything…
It’s not a person I want to be acquainted with.

「Father has ordered『that guy’s a lolicon so don’t ever come close to him』…」


「He comes to touch women’s body while saying『you’re moving well today too』…he has come close to me as well」

No way…did he touch you, Michi?

「I’m a practitioner of Kudou style ancient martial arts…I have rejected him using my final secrets」

You can’t run away if you don’t use it?
What’s with this『Different Dimension Warrior』…
I leak out a sigh…

「Don’t worry. Only Misuzu-sama and Master can touch my body…no other men can touch me…!」

Michi turns red.

「Michi’s pleased because she thinks that Danna-sama’s feeling jealous that Michi was touched by that man」

Misuzu said while looking at the two of us.
Jealous?…I don’t feel like that though.

「Please, Master」

Michi thrusts her butt to me.


For the time being, I’ll just massage Michi’s ass.

「…Ahn. You can touch it anytime. Michi is Master’s toy after all…!」

No, it feels amazing to touch this plump ass but…
It it okay for me to do this?

「Those who join in the enemy have quite the names…other than『Dai Grepher Oji-sama』…there’s『Takeshi’s』and the people of『Inazuma 12』and『Legendary Girl A』…Ahn!』4

Michi speaks as her ass is rubbed.

「Yes…It’s a five person team with『Takeshi』as their first name. Gouda Takeshi-san, Higaki Takeshi-san, Uesugi Takeshi-san, Murakami Takeshi-san, and Yamato Takeshi-san」

Looking at the screen…true, there’s five old men wearing the same combat fatigues.

「But…on the allies side, there’s 『Takeshi Hunter Machahiko-san』」

…T-Takeshi Hunter?

「He’s always opposing『Takeshi’s』and they’re always fighting. He’s a person that’s pride is him being『Takeshi extermination specialist』we can leave them to him」

Michi said

『Takeshi who infest the world, I will bury you in the grave today!』

The glasses guy standing next to Barbie-san is the『Takeshi hunter?』
Somehow, he doesn’t look that strong though

『That’s bullshit, even though you’re just a Machahiko!』
『Men’s jealousy is so disgraceful. I’m doing chin ups 200 times a day. Fufun. Come at me kid. I’ll take you down. Philosophically』
『…Combat ready』
『I’m feeling a strong stress. It’s a misconception. Please study about me more』
『Anuttara samyak sambodhi』5

Somehow, these old men are having fun.

『MxM combo are also on that side?』

Barbie-san talked to the duo of a petite onee-san and a tall iron faced old man.

『Yes…we’re M after all』
『……。 』


『Well…anyway, we’ll just blow them all up!』

Ruby-san shouts while holding a shotgun.

『Now, come at us bastards!』

Barbie-san’s word starts the fight!
Or rather…
The man behind Barbie-san throws an object about a meter of length from his back to the side of the invaders.
Is that a boomerang?
A big boomerang flies and rotated around the air!
『Different Dimension Warrior』and the『Takeshi’s』the free people escapes but…
The men in black combat fatigues can’t.
The boomerang hits the man in the middle holding the machine gun!

『Guwawa !』

The man’s blown off by the heavy hit of the boomerang!
The machine gun is also damaged.

『Did you see it?! I’m the boomerang user『Naoto Boomerang』!』

The old man cries trying to look good but at the next moment he’s attacked by『DD warrior』

『…Ryumun! Shupapapapapa!…dodododomuu!』

The『DD warrior』talks with an unpleasant onomatopoeia…move unpleasantly and approaches the boomerang user!
That’s so disgusting.
It’s a strange movement you won’t think of it as a human’s…he shortens the distance.

『You don’t like moving a lot don’t you…!』

Saying that『DD warrior』swing his hand like a sword on the neck of the boomerang user!


The boomerang user’s blown away.

「Though it looks like it’s not an unavoidable attack in the video…」

Michi said.

「When you’re actually fighting…Oji-sama’s attacks are all critical hits…Oji-sama’s attacks isn’t only one attack. It’s as if you’re fighting at a different dimension… 」

There’s three more people who were taken down by『DD Warrior Dai Grepher Oji-san』

『Kyururiin! Bitanko!!』

Meanwhile…『Takeshi Hunter』is fighting the『Takeshi’s』

『…Philosophy! Philosophy! Philosophy!』

『Takeshi Hunter』avoids splendidly the karate technique of one of the『Takeshi’s』

「The one attacking right now is Hikagi Takashi-san…his codename is『Gakki Soldier』」

Michi explains.

『…No way that attack would hit!』

『Takeshi Hunter』beats Higaki Takashi with the butt of the big rifle he holds.

「『Takeshi hunter』is a master of Juukendou6」


「It’s a martial arts where you fight with the sword at the tip of the gun. But, 『Takeshi Hunter』doesn’t use a sword. He hits his opponent with the entire rifle as a weapon」
「But…isn’t it dangerous if the gun makes an accidental discharge when he beats people with that?」

When the machine part is damaged from the shock of hitting…it won’t be usable as a rifle anymore.

「Yes…therefore it doesn’t have any bullet in it」
「Since it’s dangerous…that gun welded all of the machine parts so it won’t move. To improve strength, metal bars are embedded in the barrel. It’s completely a rifle to beat people up」

…Does that mean.
Do they need to use a rifle for it?

『Don’t underestimate me kid! I’m the best guard in Japan when it comes to Karate!』

『Gakki Soldier shouts』

『That’s just self-proclaimed! Show me the source if you want me to believe!』
『Men’s jealousy is so ugly!』
『I won’t be fooled by your words! You’re always muttering things that would make yourself amazing!』

『Takeshi Hunter’s attack bursts『Gakki Soldier’s』throat


『Gakki soldier』faints in agony

『Hmm…well done beating Higaki Takeshi』
『However, he’s the weakest among us!』
『A disgrace of Takeshi’s』

…Guys, that pattern

『…Who cares, come at me!』

『Takeshi Hunter』holds is non-movable rifle…

「Uhm…the black guys at the back aren’t fighting at all」

It’s all the free guys fighting since a while ago

「Even though they have a pistol…they’re not shooting it at all」

Everyone’s just loitering around with a gun at hand.

「The machine gun guy has collapsed but nobody’s picking up the machine gun」

Margo-san smiles.

「Can’t be helped…all of them are amateurs」


「You can tell it from first machine gun shooting. Those people aren’t used to guns at all」

Margo-san said, Reika and Michi nods.

「Did you know? People who haven’t received proper shooting training can’t easily pull the trigger even if they have a gun Even they don’t know where the bullets would fly」7

…They can’t shoot because they’re scared?

「If you approach the distance where you’d be hit by a bullet and apply pressure to them then they will pull the trigger but if you’re far away, they won’t shoot」

Banbarubie 3 ladies know that those in black clothes are amateurs who aren’t used to shooting guns.,
Therefore, they make sure to keep their distance and don’t stimulate so they don’t shoot at desperation.
The machine gun guy who was first taken down by the boomerang was enough of a check…

Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 275. Second Negotiation ー 3

1. Yoshi, sapphire isn’t pink ↩
2. If I pull that off, will you die? ↩
3. It’s not. I just referenced YGO here. the original text translates to Different Dimension Warrior 『Dadadomu Oji-sama』 ↩
4. Original text translates is read “Takeshiizu” “Inazuma Hito M” and “Shoujo M” ↩
5. Supreme perfect enlightenment ↩
6. Form of modern martial art using Bayonet ↩
7. And then there’s Yoshida ↩
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