Chapter 277. Next move

「Let’s talk about World War 1」

Margo-san said.

「Among the soldiers who went to war from America to Europe, the number of people who actually shot their gun against their enemies actually isn’t that many. Most of the soldiers held their guns with bullets don’t pull the trigger even if they confronted the enemy」

They didn’t shoot the gun?

「Well, in a battlefield…in the crisis of surviving or not, you will shoot. As long as you think that if you don’t do it you’d get killed. But, even if fighting their enemy…if they can just withdraw from each other anytime , then they won’t shoot seriously. There’s data about it written in history」

Reika speaks.

「Yes. If it’s soldiers on the 19th century forming a line and ordered by a commander then you can’t avoid shooting but…soldiers on the battlefield, on the era where they can hide and exchange fire, it’s left to the individual judgement of the soldier if they shoot the enemy or not」
「Thinking that a person may die with the bullet they shoot…normal people can’t easily pull the trigger. If they’re an honest person with proper imagination…」

The guy who becomes a hero on the battlefield…if he sees an enemy he quickly shoot without hesitation, as expected that guy’s broken.

「Therefore, the current US army…is training the soldier to shoot reflexively when they see something move on the battlefield. To let their body pull the trigger automatically before thinking. If not, they can’t do a suppression operation like they’ve done in Middle East. However…there’s a lot of mistaken fire in it. They shoot a local civilian who’s not an enemy…or shoot a soldier on their side」
「Anyway…a gun is a difficult weapon to handle. Even if a normal people holds a gun suddenly, they can’t just shoot it to a person right away」

Reika said

「But look…isn’t random shootout a common thin in the US? A student who’s not a soldier shoots people without problems you know?」

Mana asks

「Those people who cause such incidents are ytoung people who are accustomed to guns. A person who’s a bit mentally ill would have the image to behave one-sidedly slaughtering people who don’t have weapons don’t they? They feel overwhelmingly strong shooting until the police who have weapons come as he doesn’t think he won’t be countered. They only want to massacre, not fight」

Margo-san answers
True…I’ve never heard an indiscriminate firing of a gun on a military or a police facility.
It usually happens on a peaceful location like parks or school.

Margo-san looks at the screen once again.

「Those people are definitely amateurs when it comes to guns. It’s unknown where Viola had brought them from but…you can tell that they’re puzzled as they’re given pistols and machine guns suddenly」

True…the black combat fatigue guys aren’t participating, just holding their guns.

「But, wasn’t there someone who shot the machine gun?」

I asked…

「『Shoot outside once the car stops』If it’s a simple instructions, a easy to get in the mood guy will follow.」 I think that they left the machine gun to the guy with the most momentum among the group. But…that person shot only at locations where there’s no people」

True…No one was shot among the security guards or the hotel men dressed people from Kouzuki security service when they came close to the car.
Afterwards…the guy in charge of the machine gun was taken down by a boomerang in one hit…
The machine gun is lying on the floor and nobody’s picking it up.

「Why is nobody taking it…?」

Megu mutters.

「That’s obvious…if you pick it up you must use it. Everyone doesn’t want to do that. Won’t you feel horrified if you shoot a machine gun towards a group of people?」

Margo-san smiles.

「Besides…I think that machine gun is out of ammo」

Reika said

「Michi-chan…how many times did they change the magazine of the machine gun?」

Reika asks…

「Twice. After replacing the last magazine, shooting it all out…they didn’t replace it」

Amazing, they saw it.
Margo-san nods at Michi’s reply.

「Right. Then that means that there’s no replacement magazine anymore? If they have a spare then they’d replace it. An empty machine gun is just meaningless」


「Then that means that those guys in black clothes don’t have that much ammo as well right?」

Nei-san asks Margo-san

「Yeah. I think so too…they don’t have any spare bullets other than those inside the pistol. That’s also another reason why they’re not shooting. If it’s a pro familiar with guns then they’ll have the composure of shooting the threat no matter how many they are…but those guys are thinking that they can’t waste a single shot」
「Yes. As long as they keep distance and don’t approach carelessly to stimulate them…they’ll just stand still there. That’s how they are」

Reika analyzes.

『Barunbarunbarunmbaruyrururun! Ryumoyoyoyoon!』

On the other hand…those who are divided to free guards and enemies continue their fight.
Releasing strange screams『The DD Warrior Dai Grepher』attacks Banba-san of Banbarubie 3!

『Uwawan! Please don’t come over here, Oji-samaaa…!』

Banba-san flails her long stick with a steel ball at the end.

『Yes, Oji-sama is here! Furifuraran!』

Making unpleasant movements『DD warrior』jumps into Banba-san’s bosom.

『Don’t come!』

Banba-san swings her flail but…it doesn’t hit the『DD warrior』

『Uwawawan! It should’ve hit but it didn’t!』
『Aryaran! Koryayan! Taryayaaan!』

Shit,『DD warrior’s』coming in a dash

『Banba-chan, move!』

Ordered by Barbie-san, Banba-san flies backwards!

『Now! Ruby-chan!』
『Sure, Nee-san!』

Ruby-san takes a stance with her shotgun!

『Eat this Riot suppressing shot!』


A small black rubber bullet flies towards『DD Warrior』!

『Ouch! Ouch! No way! This is a surprise!』

『DD warrior』gets up immediately and says so.

『You see, this thing can repulse you in the face!』

Ruby-san pumps the shot gun and shoots for the second time!


『T-This is unavoidable! Tamarimasheen! Pigarigari! Piigarigari! I’ll withdraw for the time being! Yousorou!1』

『DD warrior retreats towards the entrance of the hotel.』
The men in black clothes holding their pistol are on the way.

『Let me pass through!』

While the men are surprised…he goes through the gap.

『Let’s meet each other again! I’ll definitely move better by then!』

Making a pose…『DD warrior』runs away

『Yes, Oji-sama! Stay strong!』

Banba-san waves her hand.

『Next time, I’ll kill him…I hate that guy』
『Nee-san…I agree』

Barbie-san and Ruby-san looked at each other and nods.
On the other side…
『Takeshi Hunter』 took down the second Takeshi

『Dammit, Uesugi…you liar! I don’t know the meaning with you continuing as a Bounty Hunter! Lying that you’re the representative of the bounty hunter of Germany in Japan』
『That’s because ******* and ****** puts political pressure…I just』
『Shut up liar!』

『Takeshi hunter』stabs Uesugi Takeshi with the butt of the rifle.

『Which Takeshi is next?! Murakami Takeshi, Takeshi Pomu?! Or Gouda Takeshi a.k.a. Takeshi Gigantian Buton Punch Aniki…You?! Takeshi Over the Rainbow, Yamato Takeshi…you’re coming?!』

『Takeshi hunter』glares at the『Takeshi’s』

『…I’ll take you on』

A big man with a beard and glasses comes in front.

『My modern artistic techniques have their reputation…!』
『Who’s reputation?…Either way you’re just selling yourself at high price because of your self evaluation』
『Do you hate Murakami Takeshi…!』

The fight of the two begins!

『Aaaaaah! Teruyakun, Teruyakun, Teruyakun Teruyakun Teruyakun!』

Murakami Takeshi recites some mysterious chant…and is taken down by『Takeshi Hunter』in one hit.

『You don’t get it!』
『…It’s a misunderstanding! I feel strong malice! You should read my book more and study about me!』
『The world doesn’t even care about you!』

Murakami Takeshi crumbles on the floor.
『Takeshi Hunter』tramples on his face with his shoes…!

『Who’s next…!』

The battle that started with almost the same number…
Since the guys in black suit who rushed in aren’t involved in the combat…
The defense side is at an overwhelming advantage.
Or rather…those black clothed amateurs would only be stunned if they watch the free guards with.
What’s with this people.
Ah…looking at it, both the enemy and allies…Neko-san’s subordinates are recovering them. They’re carrying them to the back room…is it a rescue room or something?

「Now then…it’s about time」

Margo-san said

「Margo-chan thinks so too?」

Reika laughs

「…What’s about time?」

I asked…

「They let the amateurs go in first…but the guys shot the machine gun and threw a tear gas…right now, there’s not a regular security guard on the first floor.」

Right…Director Yamaoka withdrew his men.
Right now, it’s only the free guards brought by Kudou-papa on the first floor.

「Then…the free people were divided among enemy and allied and fought a brawl. Don’t you think it’s about time they feel fatigued?」

True…Banba-san on the screen seems to be moving slower than the start of the battle.

「It’s about time Cesario Viola’s main team coming!」

Those guys just now were all bait?

「How do you think Viola’s main unit would come in?」

Misuzu asks Margo-san.

「Could it be that they’d come down the rooftop using a parachute?」

Mana speaks in excitement.

「The situations of the airplanes and copters are always checked. If a flight plan isn’t properly submitted, there’s no plane nor copter that can fly off and on Tokyo. Once there’s a violation, it can be seen right away」

Yeah…they’ll only be traced if they chatter to the airlines.
It would be hard to steal it somewhere. Or rather, it’ll be exposed right away.
The foreign criminal, Viola wouldn’t be able to carry his men with airplanes or helicopters.

「Then, are they going to fly using hand gliders or something?」
「You see, Mana-chan. Hand Gliders are usually entrusted to the wind. Besides, this is the tallest building outside of Odaiba. It’s impossible to jump off on a considerably high building in order to get to this hotel with a hand glider but…there’s no place close by」
「What about Rainbow Bridge?」
「Don’t you think it would make a big fuss if you fly from that place with a hand glider?」
「Oh right」

Margo-san carefully explains to Mana.

「In the first place…even if you get off the rooftop of the hotel using a parachute or a hand glider…it’s impossible to descend dozens of people. Besides, we also have an interception force on the rooftop of the hotel…」

Reika said

「Then, how about they climb up the hotel wall like Spider man?」

Mana asks further.

「Do you think they would still have enough strength remaining after doing a climb like that?」

Margo-san gently shrugs.

「Oh right.」
「I think that they’d just come from the hotel front」

Hotel front?

「We know…Viola likes to force his way. I don’t think that they would use rooftops as alternative routes which is used by special forces」
「Yeah, I think so too」

Nei-san who’s seen Viola’s crimes for years…nods.

「Yes…it seems that he’s here」

Reika’s voice put our eyes back on the screen


The hotel’s external cameras caught a figure outside.
The one’s coming are…
Are a three huge sightseeing limousine buses.
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