Chapter 278. Weigh Don!

With the first machine gun shootout, all of the security guards outside the hotel have evacuated.
The mysterious limousine bus rushing the hotel has no one to hold them back.

『Emergency evacuation! Okay! Everyone go to the lobby’s depths』

Neko-san who’s carrying the injured shouts to the allied free guards

『Roger! Banba-chan! Let’s take a break…let’s change locations!』

Barbie-san instructs Banba-san

『Eh, Nee-san why?! I was just warming up…!』

While blowing away another free guard on the enemy side with her steel ball on the tip of her flail…Banba-san complains.

『Don’t be an idiot! The second wave has that many people. Professionals are in there too! You’ve got no chance of winning against those who can shoot pistols!』

Err…larges busses, if I recall a single class can ride in it and there’s still remaining auxiliary seats.
Then this means…if it’s filled with people, there’s more than 150 people.
Margo-san said that Viola should be taking around 30 people from US, his homeland.
Those guys are used to killing people with guns.
Even if the remaining 120 are amateurs like the first wave of people wearing black combat clothes…
If you include 30 professionals in it…it’s a disadvantage.
The free guards have their numbers cut down already…they’re injured and exhausted

『Banba! Let’s pull back as planned! Drag that too!』

Ruby-san shouts

『Roger! Nee-san!』

Banba-san drags the guard who fainted just now and falls back.
In the depths of the lobby.
The lobby of this hotel has a very high ceiling in between first and second floors but…the interior part of both the first and second floor have many shops lined up.
Furthermore, the corners of the corridor are skillfully arranged so that there’s a pillar, a resting bench sofa that can obstruct, making them unable to attack directly from the entrance.

『Everyone…hurry up!』

While the allied guards evacuate… armed men in black combat clothing comes down one after another loudly from the limousine bus.
They’re all dressed the same as the first people who show up.
There’s combat helmet on their head and a black mask on their face.
With this…you can’t identify the person from their appearance.
Is Cesario Viola blending in among them?

ーDau, dauuun!

From the shadow of a thick pillar, Ruby-san shoots out her riot suppressing rubber bullet shotgun!
Holding back the black suit corps and the free guards on their side…they earned the time to evacuate.

ーDoaun! Douun!!

Several of the men in black clothes that just got down shot towards Ruby-san.
As expected…the professionals from US don’t hesitate to shoot people.

『That’s enough! Ruby-chan! All of the injured are already transported this way!』

Neko-san shouts however…Ruby-san can’t run from the pillar due to shootout

『Banba-chan, use this!』

Barbie-san hands Banba-san a…boomerang?
Neko-san and others have collected the boomerang that was dropped a while ago.

『Roger! I’ll cover you, Ruby-neesan!』

Even though she’s a woman, Banba-san’s muscle strength; which usually wields a heavy flail and a steel ball at end, is amazing

『…Kuon, dammiiiiiiiit!!!!』

The boomerang jumps into the flock of the black combat fatigue men with an amazing momentum.
Several of the combatants try to escape from the direct hit of the boomerang by slipping through the amateurs who stopped their legs in panic.
These people are Viola’s followers?
Ruby-san used that chance and dashed from the big pillar to the lobby with her allies.
At the moment Ruby-san’s supple body jumped into the corridor…!

『Let down the bulletproof door!』

Neko-san shouts to the surveillance cameras!
From the ceiling of the second floor in the corridor…a thick iron plate comes down.
The first floor part of the corridor is completely isolated by an iron door…!
The enemy panics…
Kudou-papa appears from the balcony of the second floor part of the corridor.
Speaking of which, I didn’t see him earlier…

『Welcome, Cesario Viola and his friends. I welcome you!』

Kudou-papa smiles.
One of the black men holds his pistol aiming at Kudou-papa…
Then another man stopped him.
He must be wondering why Kudou-papa come out there.

『Cesario Viola-kun’s an American but…haven’t you been in Japan when you were a child right? Therefore, I think you know it already but…』

Kudou-papa looks down on the army of black clothed men smiling.

『Japan’s skit shows sometimes assemble a large scale set-up…traditionally』

The guys in black combat uniform shows a face of『What is he talking about?』as they look up at Kudou-papa

『Well then, let’s begin!』

Kudou-papa holds up his right fist and take a post.

『…Alice in wonderland, please grant my wish! Would you go to heaven or fall to hell…this is an attempt!』

Then, he pushed his hand up to the sky!

『Explode! Ishiba Ceiling fist!』

At that moment…a crack appears on the ceiling of the lobby!!!

『Heat end!!!!』

A large amount of water spills down from the cracked ceiling all at once!!
Right above the black clothed men…!


The combatants were crushed and swept away by the sudden jet flow falling down.

『Wahahahaha…well then, let’s meet again!』

Kudou-papa left while laughing loudly as he look at the first floor lobby becoming a water hell.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「I thought that he did something strange on the swimming pool on the third floor which is a sports gym but…it became this gimmick」

Margo-san smiles wryly as she look at the video.

「Actually, it’s a fire extinguishing system in case someone sets fire on the lobby」

Reika answers.

「Who’s thought that he’d use it like this…!」

Michi bows her head…

「Sorry, father tends to be short-circuited and likes to do flashy things」
「No, I think that it’s a good plan even though it’s too much. We’re able to shave off the large number of people invading in. With this, it’ll take some time before they can rebuild their state」

Margo-san answers.

「You can’t control the elevator from the first floor. The emergency generators are also on the upper floor so even if they occupy the first floor, it won’t be trouble. From here forward…the offensive side will have to split into groups and go upstairs to invade. Although, they’ll encounter ambushes on each floor from the defense side…」

Reika explains.
I don’t know how much damage the water hell did to the 150 black combat fatigue men…
As expected, it’s quite a number.
If we put on the number of Kouzuki security service uniformed guys, they won’t lose when it comes to numbers.
Actually, only chief Tanizawa’s top elite team and Kudou-papa’s group can hold a battle with them.

「By making the enemy go upstairs, we can separate them and have them exhausted. The enemy might think of this as a mini dungeon quest」

Margo-san smiles.

「They won’t just go up the emergency staircase?」

Mana asks worriedly.

「The passage and emergency stairs of each floors are closed and it’s not possible to pass by the fire doors at several points. Therefore, they can’t go straight to the upper floor. There are six stairs leading from the first floor to the upper floors however…each of them have one people in it and only one route can go upstairs. They have to divide into six groups…find the staircase leading to the upper floors by winding on each」

Reika explains

「But…what if they throw grenades or open a hole on the closed doors?」
「First of all, I don’t think the enemy has grenades…if they ever have one, they won’t waste it on blowing up fire doors」

I see
The passages are closed up by the fire doors.
They can’t just blow up all of them one after another.

「Rather than that, what we should worry about is the four enemies that infiltrated using the tear gas. They should be inside the hotel along with the security guards of Kouzuki security service」

Margo-san asks Reika.

「Yes. But, chief Tanizawa is watching the same video we were watching so I think he’s already making countermeasures」

…That’s good but
The video on the screen changes to the meeting room where Jii-chan is.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

『Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu sent quite a lot of assassins』

Jii-chan tries to make an impression to the anti-mainstream faction of Shirasaka family that it’s Shiraaska house’s request why Cesario Viola is attacking.

『Fukushi-chan…where’s Fukushi-chan…?!』

Shirasaka Ayako seems to be worried about the safety of her own son.

『I think that he’s not killed. He’s a useful card for negotiations to them』

Jii-chan said calmly to reassure Shirasaka Ayako.

『My guards are already moving. We’ll be recovering Fukushi-kun soon. Be at ease』
『But, uhm…if we surrender to them, they won’t do anything to Fukushi-chan right?』

Shirasaka Ayako seems to be impatient.

『The aim of the enemy is to kill the traitors. You and Fukushi-kun are already on Shirasaka Moritsugu’s death list. If you surrender to them, they’ll kill the two of you immediately. The reason why Fukushi-kun is alive now is because it seems you can be lured out using him. I don’t think you can nonchalantly go out at this situation』

Shirasaka Ayako responds yet unable to settle down.

『Should I talk to Shirasaka Moritsugu? If we talk to him he will surely understand It’s just absurd to hire a hitman to erase us』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu said.

『Shirasaka Moritsugu has already made that absurd choice. And, the other party who’s requested to kill is a boss of a famous criminal organization in America. It’s too late to talk about it now』

Jii-chan rejects Hiromitsu’s proposal.

『Anyway, I guarantee your safety. I’ve already sent men to rescue Fukushi-kun』
『P-Please, thank you…!』

Shirasaka Ayako bows her head.

『Now then, let’s move to a separate room for the time being. It’s not good to stay in here』

Jii-chan tells the three anti-mainstream faction of Shirasaka family

『With the fact that Fukushi-kun is caught by the enemy means that the enemy knows that we were negotiating in this hotel tonight. You can immediately understand the interior of the hotel when you look at the hotel’s website. This conference floor should be a target of the enemy』
『Y-You’re Right』

Vice president Yamada nods.

『Let’s prepare a room near the top floor. The enemy shouldn’t be able to rush up when it’s there』

Jii-chan said.

『Tanizawa, please put appropriate guards from the elite team on the room of the three. If possible, you can send my full-time guards…Ootoku-kun and Choumoto-kun with them』
『…Are you sure?』
『I don’t mind, the safety of the three comes first』

The three from Shirasaka house were impressed by what Jii-chan said.

『Certainly…Then, I’ll deploy the best guards we have』
『Umu…you can monitor the situation outside from their room. There’s no need to worry』

Jii-chan told the three.
Chief Tanizawa already gives orders on his intercom.
Then…Jii-chan turned to the vassals behind him…

『Oh yes, you too. As I’ve told you beforehand…I’ve brought your children to this hotel. You must be worried so stay with your children』

Jii-chan looks at the reaction of each individual vassal.
There should be a『traitor』among them
No, there’s still two who hasn’t come yet.

『Tanizawa, show them the way』
『Certainly…everyone, this is an emergency. Please follow my instructions whatever it is. First, please refrain from using mobile phones. It’s possible that everyone’s phone is bugged. Even if it’s a bit, information may leak to the enemy. This is a life or death situation so I expect your cooperation. Then, the room we’ll be going to has a restroom in it so please use that one. It’s already possible that the enemy has already infiltrated so it’s strictly prohibited to use the hotel in the corridor during our move inside the hotel』
『Uhm…Kakka will also be moving with us right?』

One of the executive asks Jii-chan.

『I also brought Ruriko and Misuzu to this hotel. I’m worried for them. I will be going to my granddaughters』

「As expected of Kouzuki-san」

Margo-san said.

「Eh, what do you mean?」

I asked, Margo-san…

「Well you see, if there’s an enemy among the executives…of course the two others who didn’t come are still in doubt but…it’s still possible that the traitor is in that room making an ignorant face」
「Then…it would be bad to be with the traitor all the time you see. The thee of the anti-mainstream of Shirasaka house, or Minaho, or maybe Kouzuki-san can be the target of the enemy」
「The traitor might tell the enemy where the target’s located?」
「Yup. Even if they don’t contact with a phone, they may have something like a transmitter」

…I see

「Therefore…The three of Shirasaka house, the executives, and Kouzuki-san himself will be on separate rooms and separate floors」
「Right…the traitor won’t bring the enemy to where their son is…」

Therefore…they’re bringing the executives to the students?

「We should be moving soon too」

Misuzu said.
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