Chapter 281. Complex (Part 3)

Chapter 281. Complex (Part 3)

After a few minutes, the elevator came back.
I don’t know where the『emergency evacuation room』is in the hotel but…
It’s not near this floor.
The door opens.
Following…Jii-chan, Katsuko-nee and Nagisa…and the sleeping Mao-chan who’s carried by her Then, Reika enters as well.
Waiting for the elevator coming back…
Misuzu, Megu, Mana, Yukino and Michi enters.

「Danna-sama, we’ll be going ahead」
「Yeah, take care」

Misuzu speaks to me but…
Megu, Mana, and Yukino remains silent.
The elevator door closes.
The remaining people are me and Margo-san.
It’s not intended for us to be alone but…
When I noticed it became like this.

「…Those girls are in quite a problem」

MArgo-san said.

「Yes. It’s a bit dangerous」

I’m also troubled.

「Earlier…Jii-chan’s been talking about the future…everyone’s discussing about the bakery and the building…you were trying to cheer us up so we won’t get scared right?」
「Of course…there’s that. Talking about a bright future is also a good diversion」

Right now, the lower floor of the building where we are have a large number of enemies invading inside.
Kouzuki security service and Kudou-papa’s friends are repelling them but still…it’s scary
Four people have disappeared during the smoke…
To be honest, the fear is swirling in our minds.

「Tomorrow will come and everyone will be happy…if you believe that and talk about it, the scary feeling will be countered」
「Yes…everyone know that」

Therefore, Nei-san, Nagisa, and katsuko-nee…are all happily talking about a dream.
Misuzu, Ruriko and Yoshiuko-san also joined in the talk.
Soothing the place and brightening the atmosphere

「Reika-oneesan looks serious but…her airheadedーness is what makes her cute so I think that’s fine」

Margo-san said and laughed
True…Reika’s got the nerves of steel because she’s an elite guard.
She must be completely fine in this dangerous situation.
Therefore, she doesn’t understand how uneasy we are.
Surely Reika can talk about the dinner menu of the day while fighting an enemy.
She’s not assuming that she’d lose to the enemy at all.
She has a strong will to defend absolutely.
The opposite of it is Minaho-neesan and Kudou-papa who prepares all in advance in case it turns to the worst.
However…as a professional guard who fights on the site, I think that this way of thinking has it’s merits too.
As long as Reika’s calm…people around her can be at ease.
…Huh, wait.
Then that means…
She really wants to do a British style cafe?

「The number of shops to do have increased…that’s hard for you」

Margo-san laughs.

「Margo-san will help too right?」

I asked…

「I don’t want to be a maid but I guess I want to dress up as a garcon?」
「Ah, I think you’ll get popular with that」
「No, I think that maid Nei would be more popular with the customers」
「That’s not true. Margo-san is also going to get a repeat customer」
「But are you sure? Won’t it be different from the British cafe Reika-oneesan wants to do?」
「It’s fine. Reika is quite out of sync with the world. Or rather, if Reika herself makes a shop, it’ll be very popular…」

A super beautiful lady who dresses as a British gentleman…
That looks cool.
I think there will be a lot of female fans.

「You’re right. The shop would prosper」

Margo-san happily said.

「By the way…what to do?」

Margo-san asks me suddenly

「The three from Shirasaka house looks depressed」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughters…Yukino, Megu, Mana.
They didn’t join in the talk about the future shops
The three of them look gloomy…

「Well, Yukino-san isn’t in the『family』…so we can leave her alone」


「Megu-chan and Mana-chan though…what do you intend to do with them?」

Margo-san’s beautiful eyes look at me.

「…What to do?」
「What do you think is the problem…?」

…That is

「I think it would be like this. The family’s increasing rapidly」

Michi, Ruriko, Reika, and even Jii-chan…all join in our family

「Then…everyone found their roles in the family」


「For example…Kouzuki-san is committed being the grandfather role of the family」 He’s someone who’s been the center of the house since he’s born…a person who moved everything as he wants. Normally, he’s good to be in the position of the head of the family and yet…he let Minaho become the head, and follows as a role as the grandfather…」

Yeah…it’s certainly true
Our head is Minaho-neesan
Then, Jii-chan always raises Minaho-neesan.

「Nagisa-san and Katsuko-san are the elder sisters of the family. They also double as the mothers of the family」

Right. Nagisa and Katsuko-nee are different types but they’re the gentle elder sisters of the『family』
Katsuko-nee is the type that pulls everyone vigorously…
Nagisa is the type that pushes you from behind.

「Nei…she’s the lone『little sister』of everyone before you came in. Thanks to you, she became a 『middle elder sister』that looks after her brothers and sisters」

Yeah…Nei-san’s kind to us always.
Getting close to us and showing us her bright smile.

「That girl isn’t only protected by me, Minaho, and Katsuko-san…she starts to act to protect her little brothers and sisters herself. I’m thankful to you」
「No…I didn’t do anything」

Margo-san smiles

「If you weren’t that kind of boy…Nei would still be hiding herself in her shell」


「Now then, let’s go back to Megu-chan and others…those girls are in pain as they don’t know their own role in the family」

…Megu and Mana?

「Look, all of the newly members of the family are all from Misuzu-san’s lineage right?」

Yeah…Michi’s Misuzu’s guard. Ruriko’s Misuzu’s cousin. Reika’s an elite from the Kouzuki security service. Jii-chan is Misuzu’s grandfather.

「They’re not overlapping with the members of the『family』until now., Then, Megu-chan is born from the mansion…so she’s close to Minaho. Therefore, Megu-chan is accepted as a member of『Kuromori』but…Mana-chan and Misuzu-san feels like a bit floating from the other members…and you were bridging them with other people」

True…Misuzu and Mana are connected with『Kuromori』with me as a connection.
All of them are carefully dealing with the two…
They’re being careful…so they’re not accepting them as a family member?

「However…the『family』has expanded you see. Kouzuki-san has connection with Minaho and Katsuko-san…Reika-oneesan is open minded so she opened up her mind when she decided to become our『family』 But the shy girls…」
「Ruriko and Michi」
「And Yoshiko-san too」

Yoshiko-san is still on hold but there’s a possibility of her entering the『family』

「In order for those to get in touch with the other family…Misuzu-san is becoming the『bridge』 Just how you were the『bridge』for Misuzu-san and Mana-chan」

True…Misuzu is talking to Ruriko, Michi and others…
She waves at those girls when she starts talking with others…
She’s taking care so they can blend into the family.

「That’s a threat to Megu-chan」


「Doesn’t it feel like Misuzu made her own group with the two and became the boss of that?」
「That’s just」
「No, but…you can see it that way right? If you change your perspective」


「Or rather…Megu-chan and Mana-chan became a group first. She’s been taking care of Mana-chan until she became an ally」
「Megu-chan also knows Mana-chan from before so…knowing that she’s her sister, she’s kind to Mana-chan」
「Therefore…look, the two are always together right?」

Right…Megu and Mana have been a combination since a while.
They’ve always grouped as a two…I think that it’s a bad trend to them.

「As expected…they feel stronger to be in two, than one, to be in group than alone」
「But, strong?…What are they fighting for?」

It’s meaningless to have only the two of them group up in the family

「That is…as expected, they want to monopolize you. Those two have so possessiveness」

Margo-san said.

「They have a strong rivalry sense against Katsuko-san, Nagisa-san, Nei…and Misuzu-san. But, both of them aren’t confident with their charm…so they actively appeal to you as a pair of sisters」

Speaking of which…we’ve had sex with the three of us in the classroom during dawn.
That’s them unable to endure after watching Yukino’s sex with me?

「However…with the『family』increasing, Msiuzu-san’s group is created. Furthermore, Ruriko-san and Michi-san are both cute, Reika-san’s a beauty. They know that Kouzuki-san is a necessary person as a shield behind us. Megu-chan and Mana-chan are in a hopeless pinch」
「Why?…It’s not that I won’t be taking care of Megu and Mana because the『family』has increased」
「Well, that’s not your problem. It’s their heart’s problem」

…Megu and Mana’s?

「Misuzu-san’s smart so she has clearly defined her relationship, position and her role from the start」


「In a position to serve you as a woman…she’ll never rule you from the top. Then, as one of your『women』she declares to the other that she doesn’t intend to monopolize you」

Misuzu’s always humble…never imposing.

「Therefore, everyone learned from Misuzu’s lineage. Michi-san is calling you『Master』Ruriko-san’s『Onii-sama』Reika-oneesan’s 『Lord』… All of them are declaring that they’re under your control」

…I see

「Everyone’s all beautiful and cute right? Furthermore, they’re polite and have elegance too. Smart, considerate…and above all, they don’t want to monopolize you」


「In case of Megu-chan and Mana-chan…they would feel a horrible inferiority complex comparing them to themselves. They originally have no confidence in themselves…those girls only think of wanting to monopolize you

Figure, brains…even in kindness…they think they’re losing…

「Especially Mana-chan…she’s been playing the character that interrupts between you and other people in a frustrating manner, forcibly keeping her relationship with you right? Therefore I think the damage in her heart is huge」
「Eh…that character was just made up?」

I’m surprised.

「You know her when she was Shirasaka Maika right? Was it a personality like now?」

When Mana was Maika…she likes talking but she doesn’t have a personality of forcibly forcing herself into the conversation like she does now.

「Inside them…they’re desperate to show their existence to you」

Oh…that’s why she exposed her ass and come at me…
That’s a desperate appeal from her.

「Besides, Mana-chan. She’s always so intense against Yukino-san right?」
「For Mana-chan now…the only person she can blame on is Yukino, her real sister」 Besides, when Mana-chan speaks horribly to Yukino-san, you come in worry. She hits on Yukino a lot because she wants you to come close to her」

Margo-san sees it like that…

「Well, but still…Mana-chan still has the energy to make an appeal to you. Megu-chan’s the one that shuts inside」

Comparing herself to Misuzu and the new『women』…she feels even more inferior.

「When the negative emotions accumulate…she won’t be able to bear it and explode. That repeated today」

True…Megu’s got a bad chain that continues.

「What should I do?」

I asked for Margo-san’s advice obediently

「…Make the two decide their『role』in their family」


「At the same time, you should rule the relationship in between them and you」

…Role, position

「Look,m earlier…didn’t I decide the combat crew’s formation right?」

Yeah. Margo-san assembled the formation for herself, Seki, Reika, and Michi.

「If you don’t do that…we’ll just have distrust when it comes to battle」

Margo-san smiles.

「For example, if it’s Reika-oneesan…she just takes the vanguard and worry about the enemies in front, eliminating them. Seki-san can follow up from behind and knows when to make a decision, she can concentrate to her only role. She doesn’t have to worry about other things」

True, if their roles are defined, then they can concentrate on that.

「Of course…you’ve got to have the confidence on doing the role well and have to trust other people’s abilities. Also…you have to accept that your role is necessary」


「Yeah. The feeling of needed from the loved ones…you’ll be able to fulfill your own role


「Right now, Megu-chan and Mana-chan…feels that they’re just luggage to the family, that’s why they’re depressed. They’ve just been abandoned as worthless people in the Shirasaka house. At these times, don’t let them brood over it. The more they think about it the more they feel depressed. They have to devote to their own roles and loose the leeway to think about other things. By doing something…they can feel needed , their inferiority complex should be cancelled」

What’s Megu and Mana’s role in the family?

「For roles…you should let them do what they’re used to. That should make them confident in it」

Margo-san says

「Ah…the elevator’s back」

The elevator door opens.
We enter…

「Err…push the『last passenger button』was it?」

Margo-san pushes the switch as Jii-chan taught him.
With this, the elevator will be hidden in the wall like when we first came to this room
It won’t open without Jii-chan’s vein authentication again.
The elevator begins to move


I thought the elevator is going up.
Viola’s army is attacking from below.
Therefore…Jii-chan sent the anti-mainstream faction of Shirasaka house and the executives and their sons above.
There’s no possibility of the enemy attacking from the rooftop with parachute or hand gliders…
I thought that the『emergency evacuation room』we’re fleeing to is on the upper part of the building.
But…the elevator goes down.
On the contrary…

「This is moving sideways?」
「Of course. If it’s an elevator that moves straight up and down, it’s easily exposed by the structure of the building. You can’t tie it on a straight line so sometimes it moves sideways through the floor. Then I think that the elevator moves weaving an invisible space from outside the machine room」

I see…that’s why it took some time coming back.
The elevator descends several floors, move left-right, and then descend again.

「Based from this…Kouzuki-san’s emergency evacuation room is in the basement I think」
「Yeah, like the fifth floor basement…this is a hotel set up in the land fil so I think they dig a hard place in the ground and made it the foundation of the building. I wonder if it’s also a nuclear shelter?」

Margo-san said.
I don’t get it.
Anyway…I think of Megu and Mana’s『role』as we descend in the elevator

「By the way…」

Margo-san looks at me.

「Do you not intend to become a domineering husband?」


「You and Megu are on the wrong buttons…you’re trying to make an equal relationship on all sides」


「The two of your are classmates…originally, you have an inferiority complex towards her, right?」

Me…to Megu?
No…she’s right.
Megu’s the class chairman…she’s got a lot of girl friends in the class.
When I entered the high school, I was unfamiliar with girls…
I couldn’t speak even to Megu.

「On the other side…the relationship of you and Misuzu-san is going well, Misuzu-san humbled herself first. Even though she’s actually older than you…she raised you up」

Misuzu is always using honorifics on me…

「With her entering your control from the start…she can balance with you.」
「Misuzu’s only above you isn’t only by age, right?」

Beautiful, elegant…the lady of Kouzuki house.
Normally…she can’t be balanced to be with me.
Therefore, Misuzu’s the one setting me as her『Danna-sama』…creating a well balanced relationship

「Then, in Megu and Mana’s case…?」
「Don’t you think it pains them because you’re trying to have an equal relationship?」

That might be the case.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「We’ve been waiting…Danna-sama!」

With Misuzu as lead…everyone’s waiting for us in front of the elevator.
Oh, as expected, Megu and Mana are in the corner of the room, depressed.

「…It’s wide」

The『emergency evacuation room』is sized around 20 tatami mats
It’s made like a party room.
The air is stagnated a bit.

「I just activated the air system so it’ll feel better soon」

Reika said.

「Toilet’s there…there’s bathroom there too」
「There’s only canned food and mineral water but it looks like we have food for a few days!」

Katsuko-nee and Nei-san told me.

「How low is this from the ground?」
「When converted to floors, it’s located at the 8th floor underground. However, there’s only two rooms in here」

Jii-chan laughs at my question

「That room is the monitor room. We can check the status of all the surveillance cameras in the hotel. Even get in touch with outside

Jii-chan instructs Seki-san.
Seki-san opens the door and inside is filled with screens.

「I will go to that room. I want to check the situation as I’m the one in charge」

Jii-chan heads to the monitor room

「I’ll join you」

Minaho-neesan said

「I’m going there too」

Margo-san heads to Jii-chan

「I-I’ll be going here too」

Seki-san says and turn to Jii-chan…

「Fujimiya-kun and you will stay here…deepen the friendship with everyone」
「Yes, relax. I don’t mind if you have sex in this room at all」

Jii-chan said and Seki-san got startled.

「There should be a lot of other things on the shelf on the back. Also, that sofa can be a bed」

Jii-chan ignores Seki-san and continues talking

「Ruriko, you can’t do it yet. I want to watch Ruriko’s first time」

Ruriko replies.

「The others are all okay?」

Misuzu asks her grandfather

「…I’d like some photos and videos though. I’ll watch later」

Jii-chan replied and Misuzu turned and said.

「Michi…want to lose your virginity?」


「Yes…gladly, I’ll give my virginity…!」
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