Chapter 282. Cheers!

「Wait…Jii-chan, wait a moment!」

I call out to Misuzu and Michi…and Jii-chan and others who are about to go to the other room.

「What’s wrong, Danna-sama?」

Misuzu asks me with a curious face.

「No…you see Mineral water will do but let’s have a toast together」

Jii-chan’s also surprised.

「That’s right, a toast! Anyway…let’s have a toast for everyone in the『family』coming here safely. Also…let’s take photos. A commemorative photo. Katsuko-nee, you got a camera?」
「If it’s a camera then I’ve got a shelf on the back」

Jii-chan answers.

「…Back when my sexual function was active. I bring a woman in here and Tanizawa usually takes care of it so he leaves one
「Wait…is it only chief Tanizawa who knows this『emergency evacuation room』?」

Katsuko-nee asks Jii-chan.

「Well…yeah. Tanizawa…and my only full time guardians Ootoku and Choumoto knows」
「When I was elected as a full-time guard, I was taught about the existence of this room but it’s my first time coming here」

Seki-san said.

「Those who bring food here are Tanizawa, Ootoku, and Choumoto only. There’s no other people who have touched it」
「I’d like to ask…」

Minaho-neesan speaks

「Can you completely trust those three?」

Just what if…
What if those three were connected with the enemy…
Then running to here would backfire.

「I can tell what Minaho-kun is saying… But, humans are beings that can’t live in secrecy with others. You must a person you can entrust everything with. It’s true that if those three betray us then we’re ruined. But that’s why we can only trust them」
「…Would it benefit chief Tanizwa, Ootoku-san, Choumoto-san to be supporting Shirasaka house or even Cesario Viola?」

Misuzu asks.

「I can’t think of anything in particular. There’s no point following Shiraska Moritsugu on betraying me…I don’t think that those three will cross over the US to be allies of criminals. However…it’s hard to see the circumstances on people’s behind. It’s possible that unexpected things happened while I don’t know」

Jii-chan answers.

「Well, we’re prepared for that…life always have their bad times」

Everyone in the room fell silent.

「Well…we also have our last resort. First, we can cut off the power of the direct elevator from this side. The power can’t be turned on from the upper room. For the time being, the box will be left down」

Jii-chan operates the elevator’s panel and turned off the power.

「With this, they can’t come from above」
「Can’t they just come through the space of the elevator?」

Nei-san asks.

「With it making a complicated left and right turns…could you come down hundreds of meters of dark space with just a rope? Even if a special forces soldier can’t do that. Above all, even if you get down here…the elevator box will get in the way. This elevator’s ceiling is made of steel. You can climb up and go back with a gas burner to set it on fire but you can’t go down」

I see. That’s why they keep the elevator down.

「This elevator is our only way of escape?」

Margo-san asks.

「No…you can only come here from the upper floor elevator but, there are two secret routes underground」

…Secret route?

「There’s a lot of doors in the middle of the route. All of those doors are made to open only from the underound side. If they forcibly open from outside, the alarm will ring

…I see
it’s not that we’re trapped in here.

「But…does chief Tanizawa know where you come to the ground?」

Reika said.

「Yes…it might be an ambush where we escape. In that case…it’ll be yours and Seki-kun’s turn」
「Margo-oneesama and I are here too…!」

Michi replies.

「Umu…we can bet on you two on the very last moment」

Jii-chan smiles.

「Umu…it is as you say. We should toast even with just water. Let’s take some commemorative photos too. It’s true that it’s a necessary event for the unity of the『family』」

Jii-chan looks at me and laughs.


Megu who’s been gloomy all this time reacts in surprise.

「Give glasses to everyone and pour in mineral water」
「Ah, me too!」
「I will help out too」

Nei-san and Yoshiko-san tries to help but…

「No, let Megu do this. Megu’s our class chairman」
「…Class chairman?」

Megu looks at me with a surprised face.

「That’s right. Up until now, hasn’t it been Katsuko-nee who’s been taking care of various things in our everyday life? But, Katsuko-nee’s going to be busy from now on so Megu should do it from now on. Ah, of course you don’t need to do all by yourself. It’s fine to ask for people’s help but, Megu’s the center, please look after the『whole family』」
「…Look after?」
「Whether everyone has glasses on their hands…or they have the drink poured in. If there’s someone that’s not looking energetic, try to talk to them… Megu can just do how she usually do as a class chairman」

Megu’s a very attentive and gentle girl.
As a class chairman…she treats everyone with a smile.
Then she should do it among her family too.

「Megu…when you entered high school and was nominated as the chairman…most of it are girls but weren’t you trying your best to make friends with everyone in the class?」
「That is…because I thought I would only be in high school until the end of Golden week」

Megu’s scheduled to become a prostitute after the holidays by Shirasaka Sousuke.

「Who cares about the reason. Megu’s definitely a good chairman. Therefore, be the chairman of the family」
「Before you were called『Onee-san』or『Imouto』…Megu must make friends with everyone in the family」

Megu right now is dependent on the kindness of everyone in the family.
She must actively keep in touch with the family by herself.

「…But, I」

I use my trump card.

「Don’t argue with me. I’m telling you to do it…so just do it」

Megu’s startled

「I’ll take all of the responsibilities. Megu just have to think of following me without thinking anything else」

Megu stares at my eyes.

「I’m jelly of Megu-chan…Yo-chan’s taking all the responsibility!」

Nei-san tells Megu with a bright smile.

「Megu-chan always speaks a lot of『buts』and『however』 You always think too much. Also…you always think so dark!」

Yeah. That’s right…Megu

「Therefore…before thinking of dark things, you should just move your body as Yo-chan tells you!」
「…Move my body?」
「Right. For the time being, it’s important to work more than think. If you just think, the situation won’t change…!」

Margo-san follows up.

「A class chairman on the『family』?…Isn’t that great? That’s very like you」

Margo-san gently smiles.

「Well…it’s Megumi’s bad habit to just stand and think. I think it’s a good idea to have a habit of moving before thinking. Don’t argue with him for a while and do as he says」

Minaho-neesan tells Megu.

「Well, I think that it’s fine because it’s Yo-chan…but, tell me if he gives out an unreasonable order. I’ll scold him a lot!」

Nei-san said…Megu.

「No…I don’t mind if it’s unreasonable. Got it, Yoshi-kun. I won’t bother nor think anymore. As long as Yoshi-kun needs me then I’ll do anything he says…」


「Megu…come here」
「Eh what?」

I embraced the Megu who came close.

「W-What’s wrong…?」
「I thought that was cute. Therefore…I’m kissing you」

I covet Megu’s lips.
Pushing my tongue in deeply…I lick Megu’s mouth.
When I release our lips…Megu’s eyes are melting.

「Look…do your job as the chairman. Give glasses to everyone. Then pour in water. After that…」

Megu’s looking at me with enchanted eyes.

「Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san, Reika-san and Seki-san, Michi too…Megu’s still haven’t talked to them that much, try to actively talk to them. Tell them what kind of girl you are and what you like. Know what kind of people they are and like it. Be friends with them. Okay?!」
「…Yes. Yoshi-kun」

I slap Megu’s ass.

「Go now」
「Megumi’s going!」

Megu restarts

「…The glasses are on the shelf over there」

Katsuko-nee calls to Megu with a pleasing smile.

「There doesn’t seem to be enough glasses for all」

Misuzu follows up.

「Ah, there’s paper cups in here…what to do, Megu-chan?」

Nei-san asks Megu.

「Then, prioritize giving glasses to Kouzuki-san and the seniors…let’s use the paper cups」
「Ah, want to write a name on the paper cup?」
「Let’s see, Nei-san…is there a pen available?」
「We have some here」

Nagisa tells them.

「Then, turn the paper cups and write on it…Yoshiko-san, sorry but could you please be in charge pouring in water with me?」

She’s originally a wonderful class chairman who’s attentive.
Megu who’s given a role will life like a fish that got on water.
Yeah…this is good for Megu.

「…It looks like it worked fine」

Margo-san goes to my side

「Yes, thanks to Margo-san’s advice. Thanks」

I speak my gratitude.

「You have to be thorough for a while. I think it’ll be troublesome for you but…you’ve got to help Megu-chan in her daily life」
「Everything…for example, if you want a drink then you should ask Megu-chan instead of doing it yourself It’s fine to be a domineering husband. You must not give her the opportunity. If she doesn’t realize that she’s needed in your daily life then she’ll fall into the spiral again」

With Katsuko-nee and Nagisa who are rich in daily life power and broad-minded around…Megu’s spiral of trouble accelerated.

「If you look from the outside, it feels like you’re just the bad guy dominating Megu0chan but…I think that you must bind Megu-chan so her desire to monopolize you can be removed. I think it’ll be troublesome but…that girl will break if she’s not loved as such」
「…Got it」

Megu brings a paper cup to me.

「Here, Yoshi-kun’s cup. Write your name with this pen」
「…Do it for me」
「Write my name on the cup」


「Okay…got it」

Megu writes『Yoshi-kun』on the paper cup

「You know, you should hurry up pouring in the water for everyone…talk to those people you haven’t talked that much while pouring in」
「Un…got it」
「Don’t talk back」



She happily answered.
It’s really as Margo-san said.
Since she’s a classmate…she’s once a pretty girl he can’t speak with normally
I’ve been trying to have an equal relationship with Megu but…
It seems that Megu’s comfortable with me being a bit intense as a domineering husband.
This is Megu’s personality and her problem in her nature…I’m not a domineering husband so it makes me feel fatigued but…
If this is the best for our relationship then I’ve got no choice.

「…The world is a huge stage and humans are just actors」

Margo-san said.

「What’s that?」
「Shakespeare…in the end, humans are always playing the role that is required of them. A person who doesn’t know their role are only alienated from the population. Acting is the power to live in the society you see」

Margo-san smiles.

「You’re right. I’m ready for it」

I can no longer manage by myself.

「Mana…come here」

I call out Mana


Mana’s coming close with a gloomy face.

「You…aren’t you my『sex slave』?」
「U-Un…that’s right Onii-chan」
「And yet…aren’t you a bit too cocky earlier?」

Mana trembles.

「S-Sorry…Sorry, Onii-chan. I apologize…please don’t abandon Mana」

I embrace Mana…

「You…keep your body clean all the time」
「If I want to have sex with you then I’ll do it anytime. I don’t care about your mood. If I want to embrace you then I will, anytime, anywhere」
「Inside your pussy, your mouth…you’ll serve me until I’m satisfied」
「…Mana’s needed?」
「If I didn’t then I would’ve already abandoned you long ago」
「Because…Mana’s not as beautiful as Misuzu-san, I don’t have big breasts like Nei-san or Katsuko-san」
「That’s not for you to think!」

I grab Mana’s ass tightly
This girl can only appeal her existence only through sex.
Therefore, I have to show that I hold sexual desire to Mana more than needed.

「Mana…you know that I like to rape you, right?」
「Eh, Onii-chan?」
「Our first time was rape wasn’t it?…Mana’s a charming girl I want to rape」

Mana’s face turns red in shame.
Right, I forced myself in her.
She only thinks that she can detain me through sex…
She’s playing as the bitch to blow away her shame.
Mana’s trying to run to the pleasure of sex often but…
The real Mana isn’t still feeling pleasure from sex.
Mana’s still an immature 14 year old girl.

「I don’t like how Mana’s seeking sex from me」
「Is that so…sorry」
「From now on, I’ll rape you when I want to…okay?」
「Un…does Onii-chan like to force to have sex with girls who don’t like it that much?」
「Not for other girls but…I want to have that kind of sex with Mana」
「…only me?」
「Yeah…I want to rape Mana all the time」

Mana looks up at me.

「Got it…then I’ll keep my body clean all the time. So Onii-chan can rape me anytime anywhere. In exchange…」
「…What is it, Mana?」
「Be sure to do it everyday. If you don’t do it everyday then Mana would get worried」
「…Got it」

I lick Mana’s ears.
I bit her earlobe.

「Also…cooperate so I can have fun」
「I want to do Ruriko and Reika too」
「Ah… got it Mana should just talk about how amazing sex with Onii-chan is so they can hurry up and have sex, not fear of it」
「Mana’s clever」

I pat Mana’s head.

「Err…What about Seki-san and Yoshiko-san?」


「Mana…are you a child who don’t understand unless I explain everything?」
「…Sorry. Got it. Mana will do her best for Onii-chan’s sake」
「Get along with everyone. Strive to be cute. I’d be troubled if Mana disturbs the place for being rude」
「Un, you’re right. Mana will take care so Onii-chan can have a fun sex with everyone」

Am I that lewd person inside her head?
…Must be
I’ve only connected with Mana through sex.
But still, that’s good as long as Mana makes friends with other『women』

「Take your time telling me about yourself too next time」
「…About Mana?」
「What kind of girl are you, what do you like…I’ll ask you questions in bed after sex」
「Oh, that’s the situation. Got it. Mana should be tied in the bed? You’re taking videos?」
「Of course, I’ll do that but…you can’t lie. I want to embrace the true Mana」
「Un…got it」
「Also…I think you’ll become even more beautiful so do it for me」
「Right. If I don’t become beautiful then Onii-chan will get tired of me!」

Mana smiles
Yeah…for the time being, this is fine.
Really, life is decided with your acting skills

「Gonna have sex with Michi afterwards?」
「Yeah, I’ll do Michi」

I’m ready for it

「Then, Mana will help out at that time. Mana will lick Onii-chan’s penis before it enters Michi-san」
「Then please」

I gently pat Mana’s back

「Okay, everyone…do you have water?」

Megu checks if everyone has water with them

「Looks good…then, Minaho-san, speech」

Megu looks at Minaho-neesan who’s the『head』

「Wait…! Yukino still don’t have one!」

Hey hey, Megu…you didn’t hand Yukino a paper cup.
Yukino’s very, very depressed looking though

「But…that person’s not in the『family』」

Megu argues

「We’re all in the verge of living and dying together! Don’t you think that it’s bad to be left out on a time like this?」
「No buts!」

I shut up Megu

「You’re right. At such times, if you become shallow then your luck will only turn worse」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Megu, hand her a cup and pour in water」
「Megu’s the class chairman right? Don’t cause trouble to others…!」

I must not spoil her at these times.

「…Okay, Yoshi-kun. Understood」

Megu pours in water to the paper cup and hand it to Yukino.
It seems that she doesn’t want to give Yukino the paper cup and pour in water.


Yukino looks at Megu…

「I don’t need this!」


「Yukino, just accept it…and have a toast with everyone」
「No! Don’t order me…」

Yukino looks at me with eyes of hatred

「Then, get out of here!」
「If you can’t toast with us then Yukino’s our enemy. We’ll shove you to the elevator and send you back on the upper floor!」
「…I-If you can do it then try it. I’ll tell the people attacking here where you’re hiding!」
「…I’ll cut your tongue so can’t speak」
「I still have my hand…I’ll write and tell them!」
「…We’ll cut both your hand tendons, Even your fingers」
「…You’re joking?」
「I’ll do anything for the survival of my『family』 If there’s no choice then I’ll kill Yukino…!」

Yukino trembles in fear.

「S-Stop…that’s! I-I…!」
「Then accept Megu’s cup! Everyone’s waiting because of you!!」

I scolded Yukino violently…

「Megu, hurry up and give it!」
「U-Un…Yukino, here」

The two girls with the worst relationship…passed the paper cup

「Okay…Jii-chan, a word please」

I leave the toast to Jii-chan

「Sure…anyway, I hope this isn’t our parting exchange. What, as long as we’re united as a『family』nothing is scary…!」

That’s right…we should unite even more.

「Let us believe in our happy future…Cheers!」
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