Chapter 287. Mystic Art talk

Chapter 287. Mystic Art talk

「Haa, haa, haa…M-Masteeer…!」
Michi who’s whole body is sweating looks up at me with teary eyes

「I did it…I…have grasped the mystic art…!」

She grasps my hand tightly
I’m melting with Michi
My mind and body is melting


I release another blow of semen…
It feels like the floodgates of my body has collapsed…
The sperm produced by the testicles are being poured into Michi’s womb

「I-I can’t stop ejaculating」
「It’s fine…you can release as much as you want inside me…!」

Michi’s expression is also melting from the pleasure of being impregnated…

「I am a part of Master. I exist only to accept Master… We are…!」

I embrace Michi tightly
Michi does too…
We’re one
Our mind and body are becoming one
I’m sinking inside Michi…

「D-Don’t, Mii-chan…!」

I hear Nei-san’s shout in my ears!

「If you continue…Yo-chan will weaken and die!」

My long ejaculation continues…
The ejaculation doesn’t end…

「Stop right away! if this continues, the two of you will completely drown!」

This voice is…Reika?

「But…it’s wonderful. I’m becoming one with Master…!」
「No! Come back Michi!」

Misuzu panics as well.
But, their voices feels like somewhat from a distant world.
I’m completely melting with Michi

「…Excuse me then!」

Reika stands up

「Wait…what are you going to do, Fujimiya-san!?」

Seki-san sounds surprised…!

「S-Stop…no way, you’re!」
「Fujimiya Reika…entering the field!!!」

Reika holds the cane.

「Stop, Fujimiya-san!!!」

Unconcerned of Seki-san’s restraint…
Reika swings down her cane with an intense fighting spirit…!

「!!…Master, danger!!!」

Michi realized it immediately…she twisted her body sideways while embracing me!


The sofa bed we were lying down on just a few seconds ago is pierced with a steel cane!!
The sheet with Michi’s virgin blood…

「W-What are you doing!」

Seki-san shouts at Reika, but…

「I judged that if she doesn’t feel genuine bloodlust…Michi-imouto and Lord’s heart tuning won’t be broken.」

Reika answered with a calm tone

「But…isn’t it dangerous to just beat them up! If you hit them then his spine would crumble to pieces!」
「Michi-imouto is a genuine warrior. I know that she would protect Lord’s safety no matter what…」

Reika answers Seki-san seriously…

「…Haa, haa, haa. Yes, thank you very much…Reika-oneesama」

Michi answers while embracing me

「This mystic art seems to be hard to control」

Then, she looked at me…

「Are you okay, Master…?」

The sweet sensation of blending until a while ago…is interrupted
The ejaculation also ended

「Anyway, get off for now you two」

Katsuko-nee tells us

「Un, right…Michi, let go」
「Yes. That’s regrettable…」

I pull out my penis from Michi’s pussy


It seems the pain of losing Michi’s virginity came back…
She frowns in pain.
When I pull out the glans from her vagina…a large amount of white liquid spill out like flood.
That liquid is also mixed with Michi’s virgin blood.

「Michi-chan…spread your legs, good. Then look at the camera!」

Katsuko-nee presses the shutter as if she just remembered it.
Nagisa also records the naked body of Michi that just became a woman


Megu hands me glass of water

「Thanks…give Michi water too」

I drink the water…
Aah…I’m completely sweaty all over

「Michi…explain what just happened」

Misuzu asks Michi

「It’s mystic art…or so you said…」

Michi answers after drinking a glass of water.

「Yes Kudou style ancient martial arts, mystic art…『Shingetsu』 It’s a skill that was taught by my grandfather…a technique I wasn’t able to master, used for the first time」

…A mystic art you weren’t able to master?

「The essense of Kudou style ancient martial arts is to…『ward off』,『bend』the enemy’s『Qi』 Without confronting the『Qi』upfront, pushing it aside like a stream of water, piercing the gaps of their『Qi』…!」

I know that.
I saw it during Michi’s fight with her sister, Haruka.

「Humans are a creature of crowd. Therefore, people tune their『Qi』with others in their everyday life. And, forming a『collective mentallity』…humans run a society as a『group』」

Japanese people love to『read the atmosphere』
Or rather…those who can’t read the atmosphere of the『group』are hated by the surroundings.

「Therefore…Kudou style’s technique of『bending』the『Qi』deviates them from the『Collective mentality』 Without being swallowed by the atmosphere of the location…incidentally, they’re always required to keep a solid『ego』…」

I get now why Michi and Kudou papa are doing things at they own pace…
The people of Kudou school absolutely avoid being suited with the pace of the surroundings…
Not joining the flock…looks cool but…
They always feel out of place to others…

「However, as the result of repeated research to counteract with the『Qi』of other people…The fifth generation Kudou Yasushi on the other hand had developed a technique to combine『Qi』with others」
「…Combining『Qi』with others?」

Misuzu ask michi

「Yes. By completely combining your『Qi』with the enemy…you can manipulate them as you wish. That’s how the fifth generation thinks」

Yeah…earlier, Michi and I.
I was completely in sync with Michi.
If Michi ordered me at that time…I would’ve done anything

「However…actually, the fifth generation wasn’t able to use it in actual combat」

Nei-san throws a question

「Looking at Yo-chan and Mii-chan earlier…it looks like your mind is synchronized and it looks pleasant though…」
「This mystic art needs to have both minds connected… You have to be in a very close relationship with the other party you’re synchronizing with…! Being able to see through the other party’s mind means your heart can be seen through as well…」

Oh, I see.
Those who exchange with experience in which both their mind and body becoming one…can’t be hostile anymore.
The other party is a part of oneself…and oneself is a part of the other.
People who share the sense of blending…can’t fight.

「But still, this mystic art was effective in solidifying the unity of the Kudou family clan…the experience of blending enhances the ability to read the『Qi』…which increases the original ability of Kudou style which is to『bend the Qi of others』」

I-I see…
True, when you experience this…you’d feel more sensitive to『Qi』

「I have learned this mystic art from my grandfather but…I have never grasped the essence of this technique until now」
「Eh, Mii-chan and your grandfather?」

Nei-san’s surprised.

「No, uhm…this mystic art isn’t intended to be done during sex…」

Michi was a virgin too…

「Originally…we face each other in meditated state. There’s no physical contact…」

Ah, as expected…

「Just observing the other party…and synchronizing the breathing and heartbeat. The breathing leads to the movement of the『heart』…the heartbeat leads to the movement of the『body』 If these two are perfectly synchronized…it reaches the point where the mind and body melts together…that’s the mystic art『Shingetsu』」

It’s easy to say in words…
But it’s actually tough to do…

「I have attempted to synchronize with grandfather multiple times but I have never succeeded before」
「And yet…why do you will be able to do it with Danna-sama this time?」
「That is…Master opens up his heart to me completely」

Michi smiles embarrassed.

「I thought I could open up my heart with this man. Also…my body too」


「Doing the act of sex for the first time in my life… If I have exposed my everything to Danna-sama this far, then I’m no longer scared of anything. I believe that Master will accept me no matter what happened…」

Michi looks at me.

「Also…I am able to understand the difference between the body of a man and woman through sex…」


「According to the fifth generation… 『Pour a sacred wine into the up and reflect the full moon. Drinking the full moon reflected in the cup is the same as drinking the full moon floating in the sky…』From those words, the fifth generation originated the name of the mystic art『Shingetsu』」

The sky’s full moon reflected in the cup.

「I never understood it all this time. However, tonight…with Master’s embrace, I have finally cleared up the doubt I had all this years」

By having sex with me…?

「The moon in the night sky and the moon in the cup are different. After knowing the difference…drink the moon with the mind. If you do so…you can reach the stage where you swallow the moon」1

I don’t get it at all but…

「When I trained the mystic art『Shingetsu』with my grandfather…I didn’t understand the difference between my body and grandfather’s body. Grandfather is a man…of old age. And yet.


「That’s right. Even if we try to keep our breathing and heartbeats synchronized…there’s no way to match. The base of our bodies are completely different…」

I see…
It’s the same as a normal bicycle and a large bike for racing.
If you don’t know the difference between the two in the first place then there’s no way you’d match.

「On the contrary…if you know the difference then it’s not hard to synchronize. Master is very honest…easy to match, and has an easy to understand mind」

I see…Michi matched with me

「That’s right…knowing the difference, and matching it together. When I was with grandfather, I didn’t understand that difference. I’m dependent to grandfather…and grandfather thought that the immature me can’t be fully trusted yet. However…with Master, once he ejaculated inside me, I finally understood the mind and body…!」


「I understood more by『synchronizing with』mystic art Master’s mind and body as well…does Master understand me too?」


「Yeah. I know so well. What kind of girl Michi is…what Michi’s body is like… Michi’s body is so delicate…soft…but very strong. I know how far can Michi’s body bend…!」

Un. As a result of the synchronized experience…I know everything about Michi’s body.

「Also…the timing. I know the rhythm Michi’s living with」
「Me too. I know Master’s preferred rhythm」
「It was the rhythm I moved with earlier…it felt really good」

Sex with Michi feels addicting

「Yes, if you wish…then we can do it anytime!」

Michi smiles

「Wait a moment…Michi」

Misuzu interrupts

「Yes, Misuzu-sama?」
「Uhm…could you teach the『Mystic art』you just did earlier?」


「Michi and Danna-sama looked very pleased…it really felt like you two were melting together」

Misuzu…is a bit excited

「I also want to do it with Danna-sama that way…!」

Misuzu speaks with bright red face.

「Right, I also want to experience that…!
「Un. It looks very pleasant. Also, it’s an attractive offer to be melting together with him」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa look at each other then said

「Un un! Mii-chan, teach us too!」

Then, the virgin Nei-san also says that.

「Yes, I can teach it however…」
「What…is there a problem?」

Misuzu asks

「No, there’s no problem in particular. If Misuzu-sama is formally introduced to Kudou style martial arts…then you probably can learn it within ten years…!」

…Ten years.
Well…it’s a mystic art after all

「Eh, what about me?!」
「Nei-sama…starting now, it would be a bit…」
「Is it impossible for me?」
「…If you shut yourself in the mountain and learn desperately and repeatedly, you can learn it in 20 years」

Nei-san shutting herself in a mountain…?

「Then that means…」
「It’s no good with me too?」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa sighs

「…I’m very sorry」

Michi bows her head

「Uhm…am I going to a mountain too?」

Mana mutters.

「That’s right. For Mana-san, you can reach it in about seven years. If I teach it one-on-one…」」

Kudou style ancient martial arts is amazing.

「Uhm…I just think about it but…」

Ruriko speaks up

「Onii-sama didn’t do any training in particular didn’t he?」


「Oh. I didn’t do anything」
「Then that means that Onii-sama and Michi-san melting together, that kind of mood…is all thanks to Michi-san’s ability?>」
「Yeah…I think so too」

Ruriko looks at Michi

「Michi-san…could you not use that mystic art aside from one-on-one?」


「For example…Michi-san and Onii-sama then Misuzu-oneesama makes love…what happens?」

Misuzu looks at Michi in surprise.

「What about that Michi?」
「I think it’s the first time this mystic art is used for sex so…I can’t say anything precise」

Michi answers with a serious face.

「But if I expand my ability…I think it’s possible」

We’re having sex with three people and Michi as mediator?

「…How can Michi’s ability expand?」
「That is…to have more sex with Master…and able to control the blending sensation…」

The rampage earlier didn’t stop…

「The mystic art can’t be used for a while unless someone’s monitoring it」
「I’ll monitor it for always」

Misuzu said.

「I think that it’s better to do it when Maru-chan’s with you! Maru-chan knows about psychological things so if you go to a rampage, she can stop it like Reika-oneesan did so it won’t turn to a dangerous situation…」

Nei-san said.

「Yes. I’ll also ask for Margo-san’s help

Misuzu said.

「Instead…when it’s 3P, I’ll be the first one. Okay…Michi!」

Michi smiles to Misuzu

「Is it okay for me to be next?」

The one who said that is…Ruriko!?

「I’m very interested in the『blending sensation』…!」
「Sure…right, Danna-sama?」

Misuzu acknowledges it without permission…

「Also…can Michi-san do it with four people?」


「If I continue studying…then someday」

Michi answers clearly

「I’m glad…then by that time, let’s blend together Yoshiko」

Yoshiko-san looks at Ruriko in surprise

「I want to blend with Yoshiko, does Yoshiko don’t want to?」
「T-That’s not the case…!」
「I’m glad…then, that’s a promise. Yoshiko」


「Uhm…should I pull out and have Michi, Ruriko and Yoshiko do it together?」

I tell Ruriko.

「I want to blend together with Onii-sama…I would like Yoshiko to understand that too」


「Therefore…we’ll do it with the four of us」

Ruriko smiles

「Eh, what abuot me? I want to join in too!」

Mana shouts but…

「I don’t mid but…Mana-san has to completely open up her mind to me…」

Michi said

「If you’re not ready to open up all your body and mind…you won’t reach the blending stage」


「Uuu, I’ll do my best」

She mutters

「Ufufu…before we noticed, Michi has overtaken us」

Misuzu said laughing

「Misuzu…don’t say that unconditionally」

Nagisa smiles

「There’s still a lot of things you’ve got to teach Michi-san, don’t you?」

Misuzu’s startled.

「Michi-san was a virgin until a while ago…!」

She says while looking at Misuzu and Michi.

「Michi…I’ll teach you how to serve Danna-sama after sex」

Misuzu smiles

「Then, first clean Danna-sama using Michi’s mouth…!」

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