Chapter 294. Lesson

Chapter 294. Lesson

「…Does the three of you have anything to say?」

Minaho-neesan speaks to the microphone
The line must be connected to the room on the other side.


As representative, the naked dogeza Misuzu speaks…

『We’ve been spoiled by the thought that Danna-sama would respond to everything we want…』
『So…we’ve thrown all our anxieties to Yoshi-kun』
『By having Onii-chan deal with us…I thought I could calm myself』

Megu and Mana said bowing their head.

「No, it’s not that I…」

Minaho-neesan signaled me to stop speaking.

「Stay silent for now…」
「It is as Ojou-sama says…if you easily forgive them here then it won’t be good for them」


『I never knew that Danna-sama is also doing his best so we won’t hate him…』
『Yes…I believed that Yoshi-kun would just accept me…』
『Because Mana and others are being cared for so I thought that I could just be pampered as much as I want』

The three’s apology continues.

『Nagisa-sama and Katsuko-san and others have kept moderate contact with Danna-sama to avoid giving too much burden to Danna-sama…』
『That’s true. The older ones only push their own desire when they really want to help out Yoshi-kun… I always depend on Yoshi-kun to wet my thirsty heart…』
『Yes. Nei-san has never flirted with Onii-chan in front of us… She’s been holding back』

No…Katsuko-nee and Nagisa were doing it with moderation but…
For Nei-san’s case…
I don’t know how to explain this anymore.

『…For me, it’s only Danna-sama. Forever. I won’t go with any man other than Danna-sama. If it’s not Danna-sama then I’m no good!』
『Even I am the same…Yoshi-kun! It’s no good unless it’s Yoshi-kun!』
『Even Mana is the same…I’d feel disgusted doing it with people other than Onii-chan…!』

The three say it all at once…

『If you’re worried about it then please tattoo Danna-sama’s name in my stomach just like Yukino-san. To make sure I can’t be with a man other than Danna-sama. You can even take embarrassing photos of me』
『Do it with me too…make me embarrased unable to show my body naked to any other man but Yoshi-kun』
『Mana too…you can write Onii-chan’s name in my body… !』

The three speaks to Minaho-neesan.

「Don’t you know that making such an excessive demand just makes him suffer…?!!」

The three tremble…

「In the first place…are you that weak of a woman that you can’t protect your own chastity if there’s no name carved in your body? Are you below Yukino-san? 」

Yukino barks at what Minaho-neesan said.

「I’ve got nothing to do with this!」

Minaho-neesan snorts…

「What is this girl who tried to have sex with Endou-kun, hiding the fact that you were raped by him saying…?!」

Yukino fell silent.

「Isn’t it time you notice it? The true nature of Shirasaka Yukino is a nymphomaniac, a pervert…!」
「No…I’m not a nymphomaniac nor a pervert…!」
「Is that so? But, your body can’t be satisfied unless it’s perverted sex. You know that you won’t have a high school student like fresh romance…or even having sex with a lover, don’t you?」

Yukino’s eyes have tears accumulating

「Really…you’re easy to cry easy to scream」

Minaho-neesan looks down on Yukino with an amazed expression.

「Well fine…next time, you’ll be kneeling on the ground and begging『have sex with me』」
「…I’ll never do that!」
「You will. Yukino-san’s weak to pleasure. He’s the only one who can have sex that can pleasure Yukino-san. He’s really thorough or rather…he’s rubbing the most pleasant places…!」

Minaho-neesan provokes Yukino.

「I don’t want that. I…hate this man so much…!」

Saying that…Yukino spills tears


I call Yukino


Yukino glares at me

「No…somehow, it feels like It’s been a while since Yukino did something Yukino-ish…」

Yukino takes off the black and yellow stripped comedian dress and changed to her sailor uniform.
I don’t know which school that uniform is but it’s an ordinary white and dark blue sailor uniform.
Her hairstyle is usual and her strange make up is taken off.

「Yup…Yukino’s really a beauty」

I speak my impressions honestly

「W-What…are you making fool out of me?」

Yukino throws her anger at me while shedding tears.
Oh…it’s the usual conversation with Yukino.
There is a huge and deep gap between Yukino and me.
We will never understand each other and we can never be lovers or friends.
No matter how much sex we have…our hearts will remain on parallel lines.
This sense of distance…the gap of our hearts where we can look at each other from a distance away…
It’s very pleasant.

「Look, while you three are bullying and forcing him…it seems that he’s feeling easy being with Yukino-san」

Minaho-neesan said…the three naked girls on the screen shakes.

「Can you tell? Right now, you’re just increasing his burden. He’s always taking care of you three when you’re with him, he can’t rest easy his mind」
「No, it’s fine, Minaho-neesan. I’m really happy being relied on by everyone, I want to be useful to everyone」

I say but…

「But, your mind and body would be overwhelmed if this continues. These girls are selfish and egoistic. You’ve always been taking care of those three…!」

The three on the screen are trembling.

「…We’ll talk with him about your treatment. You should talk with the three in that room」

Saying that…Minaho-neesan switched off the voice line.
There’s a『Under Deliberation』floating on the screen of that room
We can see the other room from here but…
They don’t seem to see the state of this room.
Ah…the three starts to consult with Misuzu as the center.

「That room has Margo…I think that the if the three of them discuss it’ll go to a strangely serious direction」

Minaho-neesan speaks while looking at the screen

「Sensei…should we go there too?」

Nei-san says so…

「No. Those girls will just be spoiled if it’s Nei, Nagisa, or Katsuko. if it’s Margo, she can combine both kindness and strictness, and she’ll be able to connect with those girls…」

Yeah. Margo-san is『family』but…she’s not my『woman』
She can draw a clear line in response to those three.
Nei-san, Nagisa, and Katsuko-nee are too kind with their『little sisters』

「But still…Michi-san has grown up」

Minaho-neesan looks at Michi that’s behind the scene.
Michi continues with the meeting about going on the upper floor with Margo-san, feigning ignorance.

「If it was Michi-san before…she’d go with Misuzu-san and kneel naked together right?」

For Michi, Misuzu is an absolute master…

「But, this time…she understood that it’s better not to get involved so she goes to the back」

Right. If Michi joins in the naked dogeza…it’ll get confusing.
Megu’s feeling inferiority complex towards Misuzu…
Misuzu’s trying to become the boss of the young group.
Mana keeps drawing close to me every time something happens…
If Michi who’s Misuzu’s vassal joins in…the balance of the three would collapse.
Michi shouldn’t be there in order for the three to talk honestly.

「She seems to have gained confidence in conformity of losing her virginity to you. I think that she’s feeling a clear bond with you」

Katsuko-nee said

「She feels her heart is connected to you more than those three. Therefore she’s not worrying about anything」

Nagisa says.

「Well…we’ve already in been that path long ago」


「In the end…It’s all about what you think. Whatever Yo-chan heart’s say, I won’t betray Yo-chan even if I die. I have decided that on myself so there’s no need to worry about anything…!」
「Yes. You can’t do with the mind of the other party after all. Those girls think they want to make your heart theirs so they’re going on a strange direction. Your heart is yours so they must respect it. If they understand how to treasure it then it’ll get easier for them」


「Nagisa and I were prostitutes. We control our own hearts and often do it with people we don’t like… It’s important to decide with your own mind above all, we know that well, Before you could do strange activities on the other party’s heart…」
「Right, Katsuko…!」

Nagisa looks at me.

「I love you. I’m okay with it no matter how much you have sex with women other than me. I don’t care if you abandon me someday. Because, I love you. I’ll accept anything…I’ll do anything to make you happy」
「I’m the same as Nagisa」
「I’m the same too! Yo-chan is my『little brother』after all! I’m fine as long as Yo-chan’s happy!」

Nei-san’s been confined by Cesario Viola for many years.
Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Nei-san…everyone had their freedom taken away from them, endured their miserable situation…
Therefore…they have the strength to suppress their desire and think about the happiness of the other party first

「Yo-chan’s the same as us right? Therefore you always suppress your own heart and respond to Mii-chan, Megu-chan and Mana-chan’s demands right?」
「I…simply didn’t want to be hated by them. I’m just scared of being abandoned…」

Minaho-neesan grasps my hand then said

「No…That’s not all. We understand…」

Then…looking back at the three on the screen
The three are talking about something with a serious face…
Sometimes, Margo-san gives her advice.

「But, it’s about time they become self-independent」


「If this continues…they’ll look up to you to solve even the most little anxiety in their mind…they’ll become people who can’t grow」

…People who can’t grow?

「Just like Yukino-san…!」

Hearing Minaho-neesan, Yukino glares at me.

「…It’s useless even if you look like that. You really are helpless」

Minaho-neesan tells Yukino.

「Normally…you’re the victim here. Caught up in the『revenge』against your father…raped, kidnapped, made pregnant. Even though you didn’t do anything wrong」
「…That’s right, I didn’t do anything wrong!…And yet!」

Tears spill out of Yukino’s eyes again.

「Look, here you cry again… Yukino-san is really easy to cry, easy to scream…therefore, there’s no one to sympathize with you…can you tell?」

Minaho-neesan…does that mean?

「Actually, the most pitiful one here is Yukino-san and yet, that attitude is too annoying so nobody’s sympathizing with you. It makes them want to bully you even more…isn’t this all your fault…?!」
「…Why me!」
「Look…you screamed again Then, you’ll cry again…!」

Minaho-neesan ridicules Yukino.

「Not accumulating the feelings rising up, venting it out immediately using tears or anger. Therefore, no matter how harsh your experience is, Yukino-san quickly changes. It’s because you vent it out every time. Without pulling your emotions…your level of emotion go back to zero. In a sense you might own a strong spirit but nobody sympathizes with that. Before they could sympathize with you, you have already ended spitting out all of your emotions self-contained. Furthermore, you don’t care about the surroundings when your emotions spring up that you let it all out anytime anywhere so it’s just noisy…!」

Yukino gasps.

「You’ve never been told about this, have you?」
「As the lady of Shirasaka house…you were raised to be selfish. It’s inevitable for you to have that kind of personality but…as of now, you’ll never have someone on your side for the rest of your life」
「T-That’s none of your business」
「If you could stay as a lady of a noble family then that’s good but…Yukino-san can no longer go back to Shirasaka house」
「…I know that already!!!!」
「Look…you’re screaming reflexively again」

Minaho-neesan smiles wryly

「Try to accumulate your emotions inside a bit more. If you do that, you might become a person who can talk in consideration of the situation…!」

Yukino shuts up frustrated.

「However…it’s also troublesome if you accumulate those feelings too much」

Minaho-neesan looks at the three on the screen.
True…Megu quickly builds up emotions. Then, it just explodes later.
Mana’s the type that accumulates inside but, she clings to me, vent out her anger on Yukino, it’s okay since she lets it out.
The problem is Misuzu.
Misuzu’s too smart so she thinks of various possibilities too much.
Being burdened by that…she would try to make various conspiracy work.

「Yukino-san…I’ll give you an example because I don’t think you understand it well」

Nagisa speaks to Yukino.

「I’m teaching on flower arrangement class but sometimes I go with my students to eat lunch on a French restaurant」

Wow. Since Nagisa is a teacher of flower arrangement that even Misuzu is under, then surely everyone are rich ladies or wives.

「There’s a time when one of the students, in around her 20s…there’s a beautiful woman there.
That person said『I broke up with my boyfriend last night』then began crying.」


「At first, everyone was『My, that’s hard』or『Cheer up』but…after a while, they left her alone. She cry out by herself. She catches a weak girl and force her to listen to her story for a long time but we look at her with eyes saying『what’s with that girl?』」

…I see
Nobody’s going to take care of a person who’s just crying out all their emotions.

「After a while…when the students gather, there’s a girl who seems to be less energetic than usual, they ask『What’s wrong』…then that girl said」


「『I broke up with my boyfriend last night, but my head is completely empty…So I wanted to make a lot of cream stew so I was boiling stew all night. I made a large pot but when I thought about it…there was nobody to eat together with me…』」

…A large pot of stew?

「At that time, everyone had already sympathized with that girl…everyone listened to her story, cried, opened up an expensive wine and drunk! Everyone talks about their heartbreak story and it was very uplifting. The members at that time got along well!」

S-So that’s what happened.

「In short…『It’s sad so I’ll cry and scream』is the lowest level of human emotion expression. Nobody would deal with it properly. The『sad』feeling sublimates to another and it’ll reach the heart of others for the first time…!

The feeling sublimates to another?

「That time, another girl talked about her anger because her boyfriend cheated, then she mentioned that she broke all of the music CDs her boyfriend liked…it made us impressed. She scratched each of it with a cutter…broke it into pieces with both hands. Dozens of them」


「Normal people aren’t allowed to cry or scream in front of others so the emotions accumulate that they switch to another action. It won’t end with just『I cried』『I screamed』 It’s the emotion itself If the sorrow is too deep…there are people who『laugh』instead of『cry』…There are people who get『angry』because they’re too happy. When the accumulated feelings exceed a level, it switches to another emotional expression Expressing that far…for the first time, you’d be able to communicate with others’ hearts」

Nagisa said,

「Yukino-san…as long as you repeat『crying』or『screaming』you won’t become an adult!」

Nei-san laughs.

「And…those three as well. Those girls immediately throw the emotions that rise within themselves. It’s okay to feel uneasy but…if they accumulate those emotions inside yourself and don’t have the ability to endure…then they’ll become girls that are dependent on you…」

Isolated me from those three…
And gave them time to consult themselves…

「Afterwards…you have to go upstairs so you have to decline the anxiety in here, right?」

If those three show their determination to become independent without relying on me…
Then I can go up without worries.

「This is something that has to be done now」

I thank Minaho-neesan’s thoughtfulness.

「Yukino-san too…it is as said. If you don’t change here then we’ll abandon you this time」

Minaho-neesna looks at Yukino…

「…I-I don’t know. I am myself…!」

Yukino still refuses.

「Is that so? That’s Yukino-san’s reply…very well」

Minaho-neesan answers coldly

「Kuromori-san is really serious yet gentle…」

Ruriko said.

「You’ve thought a lot about Misuzu-oneesama, Onii-sama and even Shirasaka-sama…and gave them guidance…」

It seems that she completely admires Minaho-neesan’s actions so far.

「It’s as if you’re a school teacher…!」

She’s really a teacher though.

「I thought so too」

Seki-san said

「Now then, it’s about time we go to that room? Those girls seems to have finished their consultation」

Right…I feel sorry if we don’t go now

「By the way, Ruriko-san…」
「I know, Kuromori-sama It’s about grandfather, right?」


「I’ll watch over grandfather so he won’t leave alone」

Oh right.
Jii-chan’s plotting something.
He’s letting us retreat to this safe space and about to go back to the dangerous upper floor.

「Anyway…I understand that everyone’s a person I can trust from the bottom of my heart. I accept everyone not with grandfather nor Misuzu-oneesama’s opinion, but my own judgement」

I see…Ruriko’s a polite girl so if Jii-chan and Misuzu trusts us then she’ll follow for the time being.
However… that’s not Ruriko’s judgement.
She didn’t believe us from the bottom of her heart.
Minaho-neesan knew that so she made an opportunity to talk with Ruriko.

「Onii-sama…please never think of dying」


「I’m starting to think that it’s okay to accept Onii-sama regardless of Misuzu-oneesama’s will」

Ruriko’s cheeks blushes.

「…It seems that I have grown up too much comfortably in Kouzuki house. I understood it well from the talk just now」

Ruriko looks at me with her big eyes.

「I would like to be kidnapped by Onii-sama…!」
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