Chapter 295. Ruriko and Rules.

Chapter 295. Ruriko and Rules.

「Ruriko-san, we’ll talk about that later」

Minaho-neesan tells Yukino.

「It seems that the three’s consultation has settled」

Looking at the screen, the three naked beauties are looking this way anxiously

「Then, let’s go…Yo-chan!」

Nei-san laughs.

「Now then, what’s going to happen?」
「It would be nice if the opinion goes into a good direction」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa look at each other.

「It’s fine, those girls are smart…unlike that high pride lady over there」

Minaho-neesan looks at Yukino.

「Hmph…say as much as you want」

Yukino who changed to her sailor uniform of an unknown school, puffs.

「Come, let’s go to the other room」

Seki-san reached out to me.

「Yes, Onii-sama」

Ruriko takes her hand to me.


Holding Seki-san on the right…Ruriko’s hand on the left, I stand up from the chair

「Hey, show a sharp face. This is for those girls…!」

Yeah…it’s for Misuzu, Megu, and Mana who reflected seriously…
I can’t allow to show an irresponsible face on the other side.

「Then…I’ll open the door…!」

   ◇ ◇ ◇


The three looks at me with a worried face…still naked

「Did the three of you come to a conlclusion?」

Minaho-neesan smiles


Misuzu speaks on behalf of everyone.

「We first decided to turn back to our original positions」

Original position?

「I am Dannas-sama’s pet」

Misuzu tells me.

「For someone with a pet as a position…I think I have pushed my own desires to Danna-sama indescriminately. I’m very sorry」

Misuzu kneels.

「Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave. Even though I am a slave, I’ve been depending on Onii-chan whenever I feel even a bit uneasy…being so loud…I think that I did whatever I wanted. I’ll never do it anymore. So please…don’t abandon Mana」

Mana rubs her forehead on the floor.

「I…I think Yoshi-kun has given me the role of class chairman in the『family』 Or rather…even though Yoshi-kun was desperately thinking how I could make a place in the『family』…and yet, I just cling into Yoshi-kun by myself all this time. I…I think I’m a very heavy woman. But, Yoshi-kun didn’t hate me at all…I’m sorry. I’m really sorry」

Megu also kneels naked.

「No…it’s not that I mind it…raise your heads」

I’m troubled seeing my loved girls kneel.
I don’t know how to react.
In the first place…the three of them are naked.

「Then, the three of us have made a decision」

Megu raised her face and told me…

「First of all…we’ll never be jealous of Yoshi-kun having sex with whoever woman it is…!」
「Danna-sama can have sex with women as he want」
「If you want…Mana and everyone will cooperate」

Seriously, these girls…

「Why are you always going for extremes…!」

I’m a bit angry.

「Up until now…I have embraced all of you with the resolve to treasure you as my『woman』as my『family』for all time…!」

That’s right…I
I’m not a playboy who would just seduce a woman I’m interested in…!


Mana looks up at me.

「…What about Yukino-san?」

…Yukino is
I may have raped her without that resolution.
Though I had a different resolve…
Like being caught by the police and live behind bars for the rest of my life…
Or that I can already die…
Yukino’s glaring at me with scary eyes…

「As expected of Mana-chan…you immediately touched the taboo of the taboos! Kufufu」

Nei-san laughs.

「…Y-Yukino is」

Mana peeks into my face

「…Yukino-san is」
「Yeah…Yukino’s quite an exception…I guess?」
「Yukino-san’s an exception?」

Mana looks up at me with eyes that doesn’t seem to be convinced.

「T-That’s right…She’s an exception among exceptions…I guess?」

Even if I say so myself…it’s all pathetic excuses coming out.

「Anyway…it’s an SRrare item so exclude Yukino out for now」
「…Got it」

Mana backs off reluctantly
Okay…let’s put Yukino back on the shelf for now

「Now that it comes to this…let me tell you clearly…」

Since the atmosphere is going bad…
I’ll use force to manipulate the atmosphere.

「First…if you want to make someone join in our『family』…consult us beforehand. But…it’s not good to invite invite the person themselves suddenly. You’ve got to consult Minaho-neesan and others properly, and once the invitation has been decided by the『family meeting』, that’s when you tell the person. Let’s make that a rule!」

This is a nail stab on Misuzu.
Ruriko, Yoshiko-san, Reika, and Seki-san…and Michi too.
Misuzu’s alone so she invited more people…
Well, Misuzu’s eyes are certain…everyone’s good people but…
With no greetings beforehand, the seniors would get angry…

「…Understood. I’ll never go ahead and decide with my own anymore」

Misuzu tells me.

「Also…I think that it’s just strange that one has to become my『woman』just because they entered the 『family』」
「Eeeh, everyone loves Onii-chan so I think that it’s good to make love with each other though…」

Mana says so but…

「No, even now Minaho-neesan and Margo-san are genuinely my『neesa』…it’s okay that they’re just『family』」

I don’t think a relationship where sex is forced is good.

「Therefore…Ruriko, Yoshiko-san, Seki-san, if ever you become my『family』you don’t need to have sex with me if you don’t like it… It’s more important that you became『family』…」

I look around the room
Wait…there’s one less person?

「Where’s Reika…?」
「Reika-oneesama has gone picking up flowers earlier」

Michi reports to me with a serious face.
…Pick up flowers?
We’re in the basement though?

「Eh…she went above ground? Alone?」

T-That’s bad

「Danna-sama…『picking flowers』is a jargon of『going to the toilet』」

Misuzu taught me but…

「What’s Jargon?」
「”In other words’…Yoshi-kun For example, a clerk on the department store says『I’m going to the seventh for a while』don’t they?」

…Dunno. Who cares.

「Anyway, Reika-oneesan went to the restroom. She didn’t go upstairs alone, be at ease」

Margo-san said laughing.
Well…it’s fine if she’s here.

「Going back to the talk earlier, Onii-sama…Ruriko will have sex with Onii-sama」

Ruriko said clearly


Yoshiko-san’s surprised.

「Because, if I don’t make a baby with Onii-sama…Ruriko-can’t bear a child, am I wrong?」
「Well…it’s fine to do it with men other than me too」

Ruriko smiles.

「My interest in Onii-sama has gotten stronger. Having children of other men will cause various problems for me but…if it’s Onii-sama’s child then it’ll be fine, won’t it?」

W-What do you mean?

「I can get pregnant secretly…pretend to study abroad for about three months and give birth there」

…Ruriko, you?
Do you intend to secretly give birth to a child?

「When that happens…I will be living in the same house as everyone. Misuzu-oneesama is also there so I can live far from the eyes of media. I would like to cooperate with everyone in the『family』…and raise children with everyone…!」

True…at that time.
Yukino’s child would also be born.
Nagisa would have her second child.
The other women might have given birth already.
If the『family』works together…
Even if the children’s increased by one…it’s possible that it might not be exposed to the world.

「You…do you intend to give birth to an illegitimate child?」

Jii-chan asks Yukino.

「It’ll be finer. I will raise it with love every day. It’s just fine to wait until it’s adulthood before we announce it to the public…」


「I’m born as the successor of Kouzuki family so it’s a bit narrow. I feel like instead of being taught by a number of professors from university…I would be polished to grow up as a bigger person by everyone in this『family』」
「Fumu…that’s interesting…!」

Jii-chan thinks.

「Yes…if we stay in the『family』there would be no noisy people following around. I can raise it with the same eyes as common children until he becomes an adult. However…I will tell only the person himself that he’s the successor of Kouzuki house…and teach that he’s born with great responsibility from his birth」
「I see…keeping the secret child from the world, teaching that he’s the heir of Kouzuki house and raise him that way?」

Shit…this is going to the worthless plan path again

「Jii-chan and Ruriko…that’s enough!」

I intervene in between the two of them.

「Don’t go and make your selfish decisions without obtaining consent from the other members of『family』…!」
「Oh, I’m sorry about that」

Jii-chan apologizes by word but…
He’s considering Ruriko’s plans inside his head…

「Onii-sama…are you not going to give me your semen?」

Oh…I get it.
The Ojou-sama with an ignorant and naive atmosphere…is a fake on the outside.
Ruriko’s true form is closer to Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan.
She likes to plan various things in her head and implementing it steadily.
And perhaps…wild things that other people cannot come up with…

「I’ll kidnap you…I’ll tell you everything at that time so wait for now」

I tell Ruriko…
This girl with a strong personality can only be be turned over by hitting her straight ahead.

「Then…I’ll look forward for that time. Onii-sama…!」
「I’m…actually a scheming woman. A woman with an ugly heart. Would you still be affectionate with me?」


「I think that Ruriko should interact with the other members of the『family』…」
「Ruriko’s not a schemer. The real scheming woman is Nei-san」

Nei-san slips down.

「Yo-chan…am I that wicked?」

I look at Katsuko-nee and Nagisa…

「If Nei-san and Ruriko confront each other…which do you think would win? It’ll be a no holds barred, no matter how unfair it can be…」
「I’ll bet all money to Nei-sama!」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「I’m going to Nei-chan too. I can bet even my shop」

Nagisa says.

「…Ruriko-san’s given education on how to be a good leader but, you can’t win against Nei-san who’s trained with the harsh reality」

Margo-san said.

「Ehehe! Am I that amazing?!」
「Nei-san…it’s a showdown of wickedness you know?」
「Oh right…Ahahaha」

Nei-san laughs at Mana’s retort
That magnanimous atmosphere are all made up.
Nei-san’s…smart, has gone through horrible carnages. Her experience is very high.
Then…she’s more gentle and delicate than anyone…

「Ruriko…take a closer look on what kind of woman Nei-san really is…」

I said…

「Once you know the true Nei-san…Ruriko’s loneliness would disappear I think」
「Ruriko…you think you’re lonely, aren’t you?」


「No, I have Yoshiko with me…grandfather, Misuzu-oneesama, Onii-sama is here too. I don’t feel lonely at all」

Ruriko smiles brightly

「RUriko’s acting isn’t very good…」
「We’re always with someone who’s good at acting everyday. That person supports our hearts everyday. Therefore, I can no longer be fooled by Ruriko’s acting」
「I do not understand what do you mean by that?」

Ruriko’s playing dumb.

「This girl’s fate is go be in our family in the end」

Margo-san smiles wryly.

「Jii-chan…we’ll be taking Ruriko. We might treat her roughly but…」

Jii-chan looks at my face…

「Leave her to me. Do whatever you want. However…let me watch over her loss of virginity」
「…I know」

Ruriko stands silently on the spot.

「Grandfather, Onii-sama…did I do something wrong? Did I incur someone’s displeasure…?」

Her face…mouth is smiling but her eyes are serious.
Her hand’s clasped…trembling.
Her forehead…has sweat floating…

「You don’t have any flaws…the one who should be blamed is the one who raised Ruriko…」

Jii-chan said…Minaho-neesan;

「Kouzuki-sama…now is not the time to say such things. Ruriko-san is still young so we can still fix her」
「You’re right. Would this guy, and you girls move for Ruriko?」

Minaho-neesan answered, smiling.

「Yes…Ruriko-san’s already our family We’ll do everything. Of course…it is true for Kouzuki-sama who’s a family as well…

Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan’s eyes match just for a few seconds.

「Yes, grandfather」
「It is as he said a while ago…observe the movement of the girl named Nei over there for a while」
「I’m sure it’ll be a good discovery for you…!」

Nei-san herself laughs…

「I’ve got nothing you know! I’m just an ordinary girl!」



Misuzu talks to me when the conversation ended.

「Our talk is still halfway however…」
「Ah, sorry」

That’s right…it’s still halfway
Err…what are we talking about again

「Uhm…it’s about the talk earlier」

Misuzu said

「I think we’re going to refrain asking sex from Danna-sama for a while 」


「That’s right…Yoshi-kun. Somehow, as it is right now…we just ask and Yoshi-kun does his best to respond, right? We think it’s not good」
「Or rather…we were told by Margo-sana nd others, if Mana and others just ask Onii-chan in the same momentum…he’ll get sick」

Well, true…
If you ask if I’m overdoing it…I am overdoing it.

「Therefore…we decided to endure it as much as possible except when we really want Yoshi-kun to embrace us」
「In exchange…whenever Danna-sama wants us, then we’ll be ready to be your partner」
「Don’t hold back…Mana wants to be wished by Onii-chan」



I say my opinion…

「I want to do it one-on-one as much as possible but」
「Yoshi-kun…what do you mean?」
「Well…I just learned about sex…and it’s not that I don’t improve. I only have one body so if possible…I would like to concentrate on embracing only one girl. When it’s two or three people…as expected, I’d think that I must make everyone feel pleasant」
「True…If that’s what Yoshi-kun says」
「Mana likes doing it with everyone but…」
「Because Danna-sama wants to do it with only one…we must endure」
「You’re right…Misuzu-san」

With this…I can have sex calmly
Really, I’m only a single man so I’m being put under a lot of pressure…


That was…Katsuko-nee

「You must always do it with two girls… Then, there’s also a plan to do it with multiple girls at least once a week」
「…Wait a moment!」

Katsuko-nee looks at me and smiled

「It’s for the harmony of the『family』…it can’t be helped, right?」


「If we have sex together then we can open up to each other right away. We can have a bare naked relationship…!」

I see…If I have sex with two girls that aren’t that close…
I can make them become close…

「Besides…it doesn’t seem you have noticed it yourself but…!」


「Your libido is stronger than a normal boy…! If not for at least two girls dealing with you, the girl would be the one to collapse…!」

…I-I-I-I-Is that so?

「Nagisa and I will join of course…we’ve got to teach you a lot of sex techniques too!」

Katsuko-nee told the younger girls…
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