Chapter 296. Reika and communication device

Chapter 296. Reika and communication device

「Rather…Yoshi-kun, I have a favor to ask」
「Hm, what?」

The three girls look at me

「When Yoshi-kun’s penis becomes energetic」
「We’re ready to be Danna-sama’s partner…」
「Onii-chan doesn’t need to masturbate anymore…!」

Well…that is

「But…boys get sudden erection by chances. Even during classes」
「When it’s during classes then you can do it with me」


「We’re going to slip out of the classroom…」
「Mana’s going to Onii-chan’s school…It’ll be next year but, do it with Mana too」
「If it’s outside school then please call me by my phone. I’ll go anywhere, anytime. I’ll even leave the school early」

No…I’m happy that you’re saying that but…

「We don’t want Yoshi-kun to hold back」
「Rather…we’re worried that Onii-chan’s holding back」


「We’re worried that Danna-sama who’s libido has worked up might be distracted with other women…」
「Ah, of course…Yoshi-kun can look at other girls and feel lewd too」
「It’s fine if Onii-chan have sex with new women more and more but…」
「We simply want you to vent it out to us when you feel horny」
「Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave…」
「Even I am a pet…I want to be loved too」
「Even I want to take care of Yoshi-kun too…」

How should I reply to this?
Katsuko-nee looks at me smiling.

「At such times, just smile and say… 『Got it, then let me do it whenever I want to』」
「These girls don’t want your promise…they want peace of mind」

…Peace of mind?

「It’s about time you fix your habit of promising everything These girls just wants to confirm that you want them, you need them…」

…I see.
I have to look behind what they say and see through their heart.

「Sure. Whenever I feel like I want to have sex then I will say it honestly…at that time, you’ll be my partner even if you don’t like it」

Is that okay?


The three answered satisfied.
Well fine.
Actually…they won’t know if I have an erection unless I tell them…
I’ll just act in match to the situation at that time.

「…Master…you think that we won’t suspect in case that you get a sudden erection?」

Suddenly, Michi speaks

「I’m very sorry but…I have completely grasped the state of mind and body of Master」


「AS a result of the synchronization of『Mystic art Shingetsu』…Even if Master hides it, it would be immediately conveyed to me whenever Master feels arousal」
「Right, tell me immediately when that happens…Michi!」

Misuzu says, but…

「I’m very sorry, Misuzu-sama…at that time, I will serve Master…」
「Misuzu-sama may be invited but…I also want to be loved by Master a lot…」

Michi is trying to become independent from Misuzu’s rule…

「…It can’t be helped」

Misuzu smiles gently
Misuzu and Michi’s bond grows thicker.
From『Master-Servant』…to 『Sisters』

「With this…we can fight confidently」

Margo-san tells me.
That’s right…we’re heading back to a battleground.

「…Be careful, Yoshi-kun」
「…Mana’s going to be a good girl and wait」
「I’ll be waiting for Danna-sama’s return」


「I will protect Master」

Michi tells the three

「Take this」

Minaho-neesan brings a radio like machine with earphones on it

「It was in the monitor room. It’s a machine used to communicate inside the hotel. If it’s a cellphone, it’s possible to be traced…」

When the location is confirmed…there’s a possibility that the conversation would be bugged.

「This communication device uses the hotel’s internal lines…it has a secret line from here to the ground, and the radio waves are transmitted through repeaters embedded on the wall of each floor. With this machine, we can communicate with each other freely without letting the enemy know the existence of the emergency evacuation room…give it to the people going up」
「…Got it」

I distribute the communication device to the members going upstairs.
Yukino tries to take a communication device from me like it’s natural but…

「Ah, there’s no need to give Yukino-san one」

We still have one communication device though
Yukino glares at me.

「It’s fine, leave her be. Okay, look at my hand…here’s the power switch. This is the volume. Push this switch when you want to talk with everyone Keep pressing this during the conversation」

Margo-san teaches me how to use the communication device
Seki-san and Michi already knows how.

「Since this part of the machine is the microphone…well, I think it’ll pick up the voice as long as it’s not a very small voice」

…I see
I pressed the call switch and the red LED lights up.

「Since we want to share information with everyone…we only have one channel. Even if you try to talk with any individual, everyone can hear the conversation. While one person is talking, the others can’t interrupt…at the end of conversation please attach『Done』or『Over』」

Oh…I’ve seen those on TV.

「There’s a possibility that the enemy can see how we are communicating so let’s stop calling each other’s name on the upper floor」

Seki-san proposed.

「Then, I will be 『Spades』Seki-san is『Diamon』, Michi-san is『Heart』Nei is『Ace』and he’s going to be『Joker』1」

Margo-san said.

「…What about Yukino?」

I asked, Nei-san…

「『Old maiod』 It’s obviously『Old maid』right?」

Yukino’s eyes are scary…

「『Spades』, 『Diamon』, 『Hearts』, 『Ace』, 『Joker』…and『Old Maid』 Roger」

Michi responds normally

「During communication, don’t try to say『Mr. Joker』or『Miss Spades』 Even that is a big information for the enemy」

Selo=sam told me

「Uhm…『Old maid』feels pitiful don’t you think? Besides,『Clover』is available」

When I say that…Margo-san smiles.

「『Clover’s』…about time to come out I guess?」

A loud noise comes…and the restroom door opened

「P-Please take me as well!」

…That’s Reika
Reika took off her graceful British Gentleman suit and dressed with a yellow jersey figure.
She also undid the makeup on her face.

「W-What’s with that look…?!」

I asked…

「The closet over there only had these as clothes I could wear」

Well yeah…Reika’s tall, but…

「From what Lord had said earlier…I reflected on myself. I will leave away the aesthetics for a while…and I want to take a look at myself」

So that’s why she took off her British Suit?

「Reika-oneesan, do you still wear the supporters and protectors under the suit」

Margo-san asks

「Yes, as you can see…」

Reika raises the hem of her jersey…
There’s a black supporter on her ankles,
The shin has a special resin protector like those soccer players have…
Her knees and elbows…and her joints are protected well
…In short
Reika intends to fight upstairs

「I’m a warrior. A professional guard. My mission is to stand on the fighting field…please take me with you…」

Reika bows her head to me…

「…What to do? What do you think?」

Margo-san, the leader of the combat group asks me

「But…we should leave at least one person as a guard in this room, right?」
「Well, that’s true but…Reika-oneesan is the attack captain type. In truth, she’s not someone defensive」

True…leaving Reika in this room is a waste of talent.

「Reika-oneesan’s ability to take down the enemy is charming… 」

But…who is going to be left in here?
Margo-san is the leader so she can’t be left…
She also has a hand on the communication device from here but…
As expected, it’s better that she’s on the actual site, giving direct instructions
Since we can’t take Jii-chan above…we need Seki-san, Jii-chan’s full time guard in order to be able to meet the executives behind Kouzuki security service.
Then that means…is there no choice but to leave Michi?

「…Reika-oneesama, please take a look at me」

Sudenly…Michi calls Reika


At the moment Reika saw Michi…!
Michi moves her hand like a beckoning cat…and pulls it in the air!


Reika’s body is pulled one step ahead.
As if she was pulled by Michi’s invisible thread…

「W-What was that?」

Reika’s surprised.

「…Kudou style ancient martial arts, Mystic art『Shingetsu’s』application. Capturing the heart of the other party using one’s eyes and breaking the balance of the body. However, I can only do a step forward or stopping the movement, and it may not work on expert martial artists」

Michi explains

「However, this technique…I think it’ll be surely be useful on the fight in the upper floor…!」

Michi has really changed.
Her small body is now full of confidence
Before…even though she had enough fighting power, she’s a weak hearted girl.
It’s different now. She became a strong child…

「When we encounter Viola’s core troop…Michi-san’s technique may be useful」

Margo-san looks at me.
If we take Michi…there will be no guard left in this room.

「I don’t mind, Danna-sama…please take Michi along」

Misuzu said

「Danna-sama’s safety is the most priority」
「That’s right, Onii-chan…we’ll be watching over here」
「True, if Michi-san is with Yoshi-kun then he’ll be safe」

My『women』says so but…

「But…you’re worried if there’s nobody to guard you…Ruriko?」


「Onii-sama…why don’t you ask grandfather?」


「I think that our safety in the『emergency evacuation room』is more than we think. If not…then it’s impossible for grandfather to be in a place where Tanizawa-san and Ootoku-san aren’t with him」

…I see.
For Jii-chan…
Places where Kouzuki security service’s Chief tanizawa, and Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san, his full time guards aren’t with him…is a place where nobody could defend him.
He doesn’t seem to trust Seki-san and Reika as much as chief Tanizawa…
If he doesn’t recognize that it’s a safe place…then Jii-chan won’t be here.

「Jii-chan…is this room really safe? Even if all the guards are taken down…do you think that this room will be fine?」

…Jii-chan smiles wryly

「It’s fine. The enemy can never find this room…they can never enter this room. We’ll be safe to stay here until morning…they won’t be able to make a move to us」
「…Until morning?」
「The government agencies would start to move in the morning…Cesario Viola can only move freely until dawn」

I don’t get it but…
Jii-chan seems to be advancing several plans I don’t know at the same time.

「Then…it’s fine for everyone to stay here without a guard?」
「It’s up to you to judge at your own risk」

Jii-chan smiles at me

「The escape routes from here can never be opened from the outside, right?」
「As I’ve explained earlier…it’s designed to be only opened from the inside. Moreover, the exit is camouflaged so you won’t know it from the outside」


「Okay…let’s take Reika., There will be no guard left in this room. Is that okay…Minaho-neesan?」
「Yes…I don’t mind」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa nods as well.
Everyone seems to be prepared for it

「Thank you very much…Lord…everyone!」

Reika on her yellow jersey bows her head to everyone.

「Let me ask by the way…Jii-chan」

I ask.

「Do you know who the traitor is among the executives?」


「I feel a couple of possibilities but I can’t make conclusions. However」


「A normal human can’t involve the other executives and even their own children from the『private school』and invite the enemy inside」


「There are various types of executives…the students are a shrunk model. What do you think when you saw my students?」

…The private school guys.

「Err, there’s a faction…and bosses in it. Some of them are minions, others try to undertake coordination…」
「Even in factions, people who have the potential to become a boss won’t defile their hands. They’re a boss that’s good at using people after all…」

I see…those people don’t bring enemies to put danger on themselves.
They would only watch from the safe place.

「Then that means…Kouzuki Souji and Subaru’s father are white」
「That’s how it is…the children and the executives are very similar. If you look at the child then you’ll know exactly what their parents are. You can check thoroughly who is the traitor among them」

Jii-chan said.

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