Chapter 300. With Adults

Chapter 300. With Adults

「Now then…I would like to see the executives…」

Seki-san hurries director Yamaoka

「Uhm…is he with you?」

Director Yamaoka looks at us

「…Of course」
「It’s an『imperial order』Yamaoka-san. If you’re a manager in Kouzuki security service then I think you know what that means…」

Seki-san looks at director Yamaoka with eyes of mockery.

「…Understood. Hey, let these people in」

Director Yamaoka orders the two giants in navy blue suit protecting the door of the inner room.

「Uhm…so, where is『Kakka』right now」

Feeling sorry, director Yamaoka asks Seki-san.

「…I can’t tell you」
「I’m the director of the security department. For me to not know the current location of『Kakka』which is our most important security target…」

I see, that’s why…
Since he doesn’t know where Jii-chan is…director Yamaoka is guarding the executives are less important than Jii-chan
Kudou-papa’s the one fighting the raiders…
In the first place…with the number of guards under director Yamaoka left the hotel, it’s impossible to engage the enemies with guns.
In that case, director Yamaoka can only strengthen the vicinity of Jii-chan.
Or rather…in this situation, if they can’t protect Jii-chan then they can’t stand with the honor of a security guard.
Yet…director Yamaoka isn’t informed the location of Jii-chan.
Unable to do anything…director Yamaoka voluntarily guarded the executives of Kouzuki group as the second best solution

「I can’t tell you」

Seki-san said clearly

「You can’t tell me?」

Director Yamaoka said slightly agitated.

「It’s not just you, be at ease. Kudou-san doesn’t know either. I think chief Tanizawa knows. 『Kakka』has been evacuated to a safe place with Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san as guards…!」

Seki-san lies.
The two men who are Jii-chan’s full time guards aren’t in the『emergency evacuation room』
However, if he knows that Jii-chan is protected by the two of them, he can be rest assured for the time being.
If he’s a normal human…

「Are the full time guards trying to monopolize protecting『Kakka』?」

Director Yamaoka said…Seki-san.

「You can’t be trusted because you think like that…!」
「It’s all『Kakka’s』idea. Us full time guards are always acting according to『Kakka’s』will. You seem to really don’t understand anything…!」

Seki-san glares at director Yamaoka.

「Yamaoka-san…you’re a very shallow man and likes to talk useless things. Besides…you also seem to be lacking the eyes to discern people’s true nature. That is why you can only be given a light position as a security manager…!」

Director Yamaoka’s expression turned stiff.

「Are you making fool of security department?…!」
「You jest…you’re the only one I’m making fool of」
「…You bitch!」

The angry director Yamaoka tries to grab Seki-san but…
At that moment, Seki-san moves at high speed…!


Director Yamaoka’s body turned in the air…
He was thrown down the floor strongly…


Before director Yamaoka’s eyes who’s trying to get up…is Reika sticking her can to him.
The hard tip of the special metal breaks the carpet and pierces the metal floor.
Margo-san and Nei-san…
Michi’s protecting me.
Yukino…she’s left alone.

「…You just saw it now didn’t you?」

Seki-san asks Kudou-mama

「You there as well…」

The two giants guarding the inner door is asked by Seki-san.

「I-I have seen it」

Kudou-mama’s taken aback, she can’t answer…
The two of director Yamaoka’s subordinates answered Seki-san.

「Director Yamaoka is the one who made amove first…it’s a legitimate self defense just now」
「I-I think so too」

The guants responds while worrying about director Yamaoka’s eyes.

「I think I’m in trouble. You’ll have to sign the report later」

Seki-san said coolly.


Director Yamaoka looks up at Seki-san.

「A report…!」
「Though I’m someone from Kouzuki security service, I’m a full time guard…I’m out of the internal command system. I am supposed to prioritize『Kakka’s』imperial order than chief Tanizawa’s order which is my direct supervisor, in fact, I’m direct subordinate of『Kakka』 Therefore…it’s an obligation of a management employee of Kouzuki security service like you to produce a report」
「Are you threatening me?」

Seki-san looks at Kudou-mama.

「Could anyone else teach this dull thinking person? I don’t want to deal with him anymore」

Kudou-mama looks at director Yamaoka who’s having a miserable face…

「…Seki-san has no reason nor merit to threaten director Yamaoka」
「But…this little girl just told me to report this incident to『Kakka』just now. I’m sure that she intends to make Kakka look at me badly!」

Kudou-mama said.

「What Seki-san wants to be reported is the trouble with Director Yamaoka seen by me and those in this room. Instead of witnesses, you have to look for『Kakka’s』decision instead」
「Doing it this way, you won’t make any ill feelings between the security department and the full time guards! You don’t get it?!!!」

Kudou-mama made director Yamaoka fall silent.

「Sorry…he’s not like this usually. Because of his continued failure since the theater…losing『Kakka’s』trust…he felt that he has to do something, so he’s a bit distracted and irritated. I’m sorry. We’re really sorry」

Kudou-mama bows her head for Director Yamaoka.

「Director Yamaoka’s been misunderstanding from the beginning…」

Seki-san said.

「In the first place…『Kakka』doesn’t have any expectations from director Yamaoka from the beginning」

Hearing that…director Yamaoka suffers a deep shock.

「If Director Yamaoka has the ability to be trusted by『Kakka』…then he should’ve been elected to be a top elite long time ago. Top elites are the people who perform the real job of Kouzuki security service」

Seki-san said calmly

「It’s not only excellent combat skills, professional knowledge, and quick judgement you need…you can’t be a top elite unless you’re trusted by『Kakka』 Chief Tanizawa recommends and『Kakka』examines them himself…if you’re dignity as a human isn’t recognized…」

Dignity as a human?

「We’re humans so we want money, we have greed. But, we don’t betray our lord because of that. If I ever thought about turning against『Kakka』…I will first report to『Kakka』to gain permission to break our master-servant relationship. Until that process is over…I will never attack『Kakka』and 『Kakka』won’t dispose of me without saying anything」

Yeah…the trust between master-servant.
That’s not kept by money, status, nor honor.
It is because they mutually trust each other…
You may be betrayed by vulgar low lives but…
Because you know that person isn’t like that…
That is why you trust. There is a bond.

「『Kakka』hasn’t trusted me from the start?」
「Should be. If you were trusted then he would be scolding director Yamaoka about his disappointment for tonight. Did『Kakka』tell you something?」
「None…not only from『Kakka』but chief Tanizawa too」
「Probably…it might be a difficult to take time to scold director Yamaoka. After all…we’re in an emergency where we’re attacked by the enemy. Everyone’s busy…」

Seki-san laughs sarcastically.
In this emergency…the『security department』is removed from the site means?

「T-Then…just what are we…us security department?! Towards『Kakka』?!」

Director Yamaoka raises a heartbroken cry.

「The security department…is needed only when it’s safe. It’s all just their existence that signifies that the criminal acts have to be given up as there are strong looking security guards in their uniform lined up. Therefore, if you have a decent fighting ability, anyone who has a good physique can have a uniform. There’s a need to understand the instructions of the boss and the nature that won’t run towards a crime recklessly but…」

Seki-san explains.

「But…even if there are people who will not give up doing a crime even after looking at the thick wall of security guards…Instead, the top elite will confront those scoundrels who pushes their way through. We fight such scoundrels in every ways…legal or illegal…destroying them. Authorized by『Kakka』to have that much authority emphasizes dignity as the fighting power…!」

Dignity as a person

「Let me tell you at least…Kudou-san is also one of『Kakka’s』top elites. Kudou-san himself doesn’t admit it because he’s enrolled in Kouzuki security service in an incomplete form but…『Kakka』fully trusts Kudou-san」

Kudou-papa’s supposed to be the top of guard department, but…
In documents, he’s someone from 『Kudou detective office』which is another company different from Kouzuki security service and is supposed in business partnership.
He refuses to be a regular employee of Kouzuki security service…

「Now then…is that enough? We’re going in」

Director Yamaoka…

「I…just what should I do from now on?」
「That’s something I don’t know…if you’re an adult man then think about it yourself」
「…Director Yamaoka」

Kudou-mama tries to get close to the depressed director.
Even in this situation…Kudou-mama’s still caring for Director Yamaoka.

「…Leave me alone for a while」

Director Yamaoka rejects Kudou-mama.

「I don’t want you to see my disgraceful appearance more than this…」

He’s quite a selfish man…
This man has made a move on a woman who has a husband and a child.
Then…Kudou-mama has been taken by this unsteady man…


Michi looks at my eyes then whispered


It’s painful to see her mother’s shame.
I also have a memory of it
I touch Michi’s small butt.

「Remember, Michi’s all mine」
「Yes…that is right」

The confusion disappears from Michi’s eyes.

◇ ◇ ◇

「W-What…did something happen?!」

As soon as we entered the next room, an old man in a suit speaks to us.
Yeah, this feeling where he threatens everything…
Tsunoda’s father.
We enter the room in group.
…It’s a bit wider than the meeting room when I first met Jii-chan.
Sculpted bronze statues riding on marble…it’s a bit luxurious room.
Several wooden desks are lined up.
Huh…Kudou-mama who’s told「Leave me alone」by director Yamaoka comes to the room with us

「…I’ve come under『Kakka’s』imperial order」

Seki-san declares gallantly.


This is…he’s with Kouzuki Souji and Subaru so it’ll be the brothers’ father.
In this, he’s the closest to Jii-chan when it comes to blood.

「Yes, they are currently evacuated on a separate room…!」
「I would like to see『Kakka』 No, even just a call. Anyway…I would like to contact『Kakka』…!」

The one who said that is Natsuki Makoto’s father.
I see…their relationships, permutations and roles within the group are the same as the children.

「We cannot do that…」

Seki-san said strongly

「…What do you mean?」

Kouzuki Souji’s father asks.


Seki-san looks at me.
Are you saying that I’ll take it from here?
Jii-chan ordered me to do so…

「Uhm, it seems that there is a『traitor』in this group」

I said calmly

「Therefore…we cannot let anyone meet Kouzuki-san unless we take out the traitor, we can’t tell Kouzuki-san’s current location as well. There is the possibility of the『traitor』informing the『enemy』after all」

My words turned the room astir.

「Don’t be ridiculous!」
「There’s no way there’s a『traitor』among us!」
「In the first place…who are you?!」
「I don’t intend to play with a kid. Hurry and let us contact『Kakka』…!」

The prince faction’s fathers make a noise.
The rising faction’s father are silent, watching over the situation.
The prince faction’s fathers and children begin to make noise…
We can’t make any progress with this.
…Now then.,

「Reika…could you break that bronze statue over there?」

I tell Reika.
We have to make a breakthrough and amaze these people…
Those who wear authority have to be overwhelmed by realistic power.

「Master…that’s not needed」

Michi comes close to me.

「That statue is a fine art so it shouldn’t be destroyed for such purposes.」


「Besides, we can give everyone a stronger shock if I do it instead of Reika-oneesama…!」

True…Reika’s from Kouzuki security service…
Some of them know the power of her cane

「Please leave this to me」

Michi looks at me with serious eyes.
Is she plotting something?

「Yeah…got it」

I decided to use Michi


Michi comes forward.
The executives don’t even bother with this small adorable and cute girl.


Wind blows up in a moment!
Michi pulls out the red whip hidden under her skirt!


The desk in front of the executives…is blown apart!


The tip of the whip crushes the splinters of the desk floating in the air!

…Gua Shuba!

The whip snaps it in to finer pieces!


Michi’s whip destroyed the desk thoroughly…!
The executives and their children…
All of them are stunned by the too much destructive power…


Michi stops her whip and then looked up.
The small middle school girl speaks to the stunned men…

「…The most ruthless and brutal woman in Kuromori house…Michi」

Kudou-mama is surprised at the transformation of her daughter.

「…There’s not much time. The traitor should come forward. If you don’t come after counting ten…」

Michi said…

「We will kill everyone in here…」
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