Chapter 301. Find the Traitor!

Chapter 301. Find the Traitor!

「Hey…wait a moment」

Tsunoda’s father said, but…

「Sadly, we don’t have much time. If we don’t get rid of the traitor as soon as possible, everyone in the hotel would be in danger now…!」

Michi gazes at the executives with sharp eyes.
Seki-san supplements what Michi said in panic.

「The enemy has blended in with the uniformed guards of Kouzuki security service. In addition, the information here is leaked to the『enemy』, the checkpoints are cancelled arbitrarily, and they were easily allowed to invade the hotel premise. We can only think that there’s a traitor among us executives」

The executives look at each other.
The young men makes noise.

「But…we don’t know any illegal or criminal organizations!」

Kouzuki Souji and Subaru’s father shouts.

「…Just who the hell are attacking us right now? 『Kakka』said that it was Cesario Viola but」

Natsuki’s father asks, Seki-san answers.

「The enemy’s boss is a criminal organization on American…Cesario Viola. But, most of the enemy forces are thugs coming from the far east region of Russia. It’s been identified that they came to Japan through Niigata port」
「The one who has connection with Russia and grounds of Niigata is…Kouzuki Noboru-sama?」

Said by the father of Oohari from the prince faction.
Really…both the parent and child, the prince faction just keep speaking without hesitation.
On the other hand, those who just stay silent and watch over the situation…is a feature of the rising faction it seems.

「Speaking of which…Noboru-sama isn’t here?」

Tsunoda’s father said.
Though he’s in a branch family…Kouzuki Noboru is a member of the rising faction, not the prince faction.
His son, Kouzuki Kenshi has come to this place but…
His father, Noboru ignored Jii-chan’s summon without making any contact.

「Then, the traitor is Noboru-kun…」

Kouzuki Souji’s father said displeased.

「No, Noboru-sama isn’t the only one who ignored the urgent summon of『Kakka』」

Tsunoda said.

「Shiba-san…he’s not here as well, is he?」

The most powerful among the rising group…Shiba Okitachi, a capable executive who’s considering to be independent from the Kouzuki group, has lost contact after informing that he had left Haneda airport on his way back from China.

「After all, the most suspicious people are the ones aren’t here. That’s what I think…!」

Tsunoda strongly insists.

「Well…『Kakka』said this」

Saying that it’s from『Kakka』…the eyes of the executives concentrate on me.

「Using russians or leaving too much evidence of entering from the Niigata port…is a bit too much. It might be a trap to point at Kouzuki Noboru…」
「…I think so too. Noboru-san isn’t someone who would do such a destructive thing」

The one who said that is…
Err, the rising faction…Takagi Fuuta’s father?
Takagi Fuuta hasn’t talked in the『private school』neither so I don’t know the personality nor the position of his father that well.

「Rather…if the traitor is in here, the executives and their children would be in danger, Jii-chan…no,『Kakka』is worried」
「Why is it dangerous?」

Natsuki’s father asks me.
The other executives are dumbfounded.
These people don’t have any imagination.

「As I said…what happens if the traitor invites the enemy into this place and kill the other executives but himself? He can just manage to say that he survived with a few scratches…」

The traitors who survived will automatically manage the operation of Kouzuki group.

「Hmm…it’s a very interesting imagination but I don’t think that there’s a person here that would think that much. We may have different opinions but…we admire『Kakka』and love the Kouzuki group. There’s no such fool who would surrender to such desire

Kouzuki Souji’s father says so but…

「That’s not a fact but your own imagination isn’t it?」

I said.

「It’s a logical guess. Based on my experience so far…! Isn’t it often said long ago that you’re innocent until proven guilty…right?」

Kouzuki Souji’s father says confidently
Oh, they inherited the conceit and idiocy from their father.

「That’s right!」

Tsunoda’s father follows, as expected.


Michi’s whip slaps the floor violently…

「There’s no time, Master…when it comes to this, let’s just get rid of them quickly?」

…Wait, you, could it be?

「Does everyone know that you will faint in shock if you experience severe pain?」


Michi whips her ring!

「No way, you…with that whip?」

Natsuki’s father asks Michi fearfully

「…Yes. With this, everyone will faint in pain. That way, no matter who is the traitor…they won’t be bothering to cooperate with the『enemy』in the future…!」


The red whip slashes the air!

「I’ll say it just in case…those who have a weak heart may die of shock. In addition, if it hits hard, it would interfere with the flow of nerves and blood, it may leave some handicap so please understand」

Michi’s cold eyes pierces the executives.

「Hey, wait…you」

「Everyone…if you’re an executive of Kouzuki group then please prepare yourself…!」

Michi holds her whip…approaching the directors.

「S-Seki-san…stop her」

One of the executives call out to Seki-san.

「That’s right, you’re from Kouzuki security service aren’t you? You have a duty to protect us」


「…Sorry to disappoint. I am『Kakka’s』full-time guard…『Kakka』has left all the dealing with this matter to him…I can’t do anything」

That said, they look at me.

「…T-This kid」
「Yes. He is the one who received『Kakka’s』imperial order after all…!」

The attention gathered to me.

「Hey, you…stop this girl. To use a whip…!」
「This is unbearable to do such a thing!」
「That’s right…!」

The executives all say to me.

「In the first place…who are you? What’s your relationship with『Kakka』?」

Kouzuki Souji’s father ask…the young one, Tsunoda speaks up.

「Aah, you see, this guy is…Mi」


Before he would say 『Misuzu』, the red whip hits Tsunoda’s feet!


Tsunoda who was beaten by the whip on the tip of his foot…jumps up!
The skin of the solid and heavy leather shoes was torn.

「I’ve knocked it on a place that’s protected on purpose…!」

Michi mutters.

「You seem to have a very light mouth…next, I’ll tear up your mouth…!」

Michi holds her red whip.
Michi, seriously…?

「Dammit, try it if you can! You bitch!」

The angry Tsunoda tries to rush to Michi…!
Everyone in the room focuses on the two people…At that time!!!


Suddenly, Michi’s whip flies diagonally!
Michi’s not looking at the whip.
Though…the tip of the red whip…
Definitely hit Takagi Fuuta’s father’s arms!!!



Takagi Fuuta’s father puts his hand on the inside pocket of the suit then topple over his back!

「…Don’t move!」

At the next moment…Reika jumpes in and thrusts the cane to Takagi’s father.

「…Take out that thing in your pocket slowly」

Reika gazes harshly…Takagi’s father draws out his hand from the pocket.
What’s held in his hand is…a mobile phone.

「…Hey, isn’t he just trying to take out a phone?」


「At the moment where the people in the room were paying attention to those children…?!」

Michi speaks up.

「Even though all of the other people’s『Qi』were focusing on me and yet…your『Qi』is the only one heading to another thing…!」

Michi’s ability to sense human’s『Qi』is amazing…
Pretending to confront Tsunoda(Child)…Michi’s mind is always been exploring the director’s『Qi』
Seki-san takes Takagi’s father’s phone…
She look at the screen.

「It looks like you were trying to mail without looking at the screen in your pocket. 『Emergency State Rescue Please』it’s not even converted to Kanji, you were just hitting Hiragana」
「…The recipient?」

Reika asks, Seki-san…

「It only says『Mr.』…we would immediately know if we call it」

No way…is it directly to Cesario Viola?

「Either way…Takagi-san, you’re the traitor」

Seki-san said…Takagi’s father hangs his head.

「…No way」
「No, but…」
「If the sentence of the mail is true then there’s no question」

The executives turned noisy


The son is also shocked dropping his shoulders behind his father.
Speaking of which…
Indeed, Takagi’s father belongs into the rising faction but he tries to get involved in a conversation with us…
That’s a strange indication.
I see…so it was him?
Jii-chan said that too.
The traitor would be in the rising faction…

「Of course, we won’t let you faint…Takagi-san will be interrogated in a separate room」

We have to ask his connection with Viola somehow.

「Anyway, take her away from the other executives…Kudou-san」

Seki-san looks not at Michi but the mother.


Kudou-mama’s completely shocked.

「I’d like you to contact chief Tanizawa and tell him to prepare a room for interrogation. A floor that’s not on this room. Also…it’s better for the executives to move away from this room.」 This room’s position has already been identified by the enemy」

Kudou-mama hurries to the wall intercom.
Chief Tanizawa seems to be in touch with the hotel’s business line.
Meanwhile, Reika pulls up Takagi’s father.

「If you run then I’ll crush your limbs one by one. Okay?」

Pounding the cane of death to the floor…Reika restrains Takagi’s father.

「Uhm…can I go with father?」

Takagi Fuuta asks Seki-san

「I can no longer stay with everyone else…!」

If his father is the traitor then he can no longer be with the other students.
He have judged so.

「…Right. You’re going to come too」

Seki-san answers.

「Now then…for the time being, our mission in this room is over.」

Seki-san smiles at me.
Michi nods…
Reika also smiles at me.
Somehow, I feel it’s lacking.
My heart is still restless.

「…What’s wrong?」

Feeling worried from my reaction…Seki-san peeks at me.

「No…somehow I feel unpleasant」

Hearing my words…Michi searched the『Qi』inside the room again…
Reika also looks at the director’s faces while holding Takagi’s father.

「…Something’s not refreshing?」

Looking back…Margo-san and Nei-san smile at me.
…Did both of them notice something?

「…I feel like something’s lacking」

I answered.

「Hmm…what’s lacking?」
「…I don’t know」

I answer Margo-san.

「I don’t know why but I feel like I haven’t solved anything yet. I feel like we’re overlooking something big…」
「Well, it seems that your intuition’s come to work…Yo-chan’s made some progress!」

Nei-san smiles brightly
As expected…there’s an oversight.

「What? No way…You can’t even notice something so simple?」

Yukino who’s at the back laughs at my troubled face.

「Yeah, then tell me」

When I say that…Yukino

「…Since when did you assume that there’s only one traitor…?!」

…I see
There’s still a possibility that there are more traitors.

「It can’t be helped. Kouzuki-san deliberately made you believe that」

Margo-san said.

「But…think again carefully. Kouzuki-san made you see a lot of things today…」

Kouzuki house…
The『private school』
The inside of Shirasaka house…

「Using what you’ve gained from those…think once again」
「What to think?」

Margo-san smiles.

「…The traitor’s purpose」


「What is the ultimate aim of the traitor? Do you think they’re trying to kill Kouzuki-san?」


「I don’t. If the traitor is among the executives, then he knows the firmness of chief Tanizawa and the full time guards…besides」
「…Besides what?」

Margo-san laughs happily

「If the top dies right now…Kouzuki group’s framework would collapse」

They may aim at Misuzu or Ruriko but…
There’s no single attack targeting Jii-chan directly

「Then…what’s the traitor’s aim?」

…That is

「To kill all of the successors other than himself?」

That idea comes to me.
The executives other than Jii-chan aren’t as protected as him.
If I can kill only the executives, then I will kill
Then, if only one survives…
He’ll clearly take the top spot of the Kouzuki group from Jii-chan…
Jii-chan is needed to inherit the position.

「In short…the traitor’s target is?」
「The executives other than himself…Jii-chan’s successors, Ruriko and Misuzu and their parents…and the people with Kouzuki surname in the『private school』」

He should be thinking of cleaning up all of those who can possibly be at the top of Kouzuki group other than himself.

「Now then…Do you think that only Takagi-san would think and act that way by himself?」

Nei-san’s word shocked me.
I know the cause of discomfort.
With Takagi Fuuta’s father…I can’t see that he has a backbone to contact Cesario Viola to take over the Kouzuki house.
Anyway…he’s very like a small guy.
He’s not the type that plans and act according to his will…he’s the type that moves by someone’s instructions

「You see…I’ve noticed something, can I say it?」

Yukino said.

「Yeah, say what you want. Everything is welcome」

I said, Yukino…

「You see, I’ve been watching these people from far away, having a bird’s-eye view. These people aren’t the same as the group of their children」

That’s right, Yukino…
She’s been watching the state of people inside the room from near the door.

「And yet…since earlier, that old man there and that old man over there have been exchanging eye signals occasionally They’re making strange eye contacts. Even though they’re from different groups…」

Yukino points at the two people…
One of them is an already discovered traitor…Takagi’s father…one belonging to the rising faction.
And the other one is…prince faction’s Tsunoda’s father.

「…Tsunoda, you?!」
「T-This is a misunderstanding…There’s no way I would oppose Kouzuki house! Right?!」

Tsunoda’s father desperately tries to dodge the suspicion.

「Tsunoda-san…lend me your phone」

Seki-san said.

「I’ll look at the contact history and addresses…I will check if Takagi-san has tried to send a mail to the same『Mr』as Takagi-san」
「…That is」

Tsunoda’s frightened.
…There’s one!
The same recipient…
Or rather…he knows the man named『Mr.』

「…Then this means」

The lines connect inside my head.
Tsunoda is someone who’s also used by people.
There’s no strong intention to become the ruler of all…
The traitor’s boss…is another one.

「…I see」

There’s a conclusion that comes up inside my head.

「Jii-chan said that didn’t he…people who try to stand on top of the organization don’t dirty their own hands…」

Seki-san looks at my face then asks.

「…What do you mean?」
「The traitor’s boss doesn’t need to bother coming here. He’ll just let his minions do everything and stay in a safe place」

Leaving this place to Takagi’s father and Tsunoda…and he’ll be absent himself

「The traitor’s boss is…Kouzuki Noboru」

I said.
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