Chapter 304. Nei and Yasuko

Chapter 304. Nei and Yasuko

「How’s the enemy movement Tanizawa-san?」

Margo-san asks Chief Tanizawa.

「Umu, there’s a change…the group that’s been waiting from behind starts climbing up forcefully」

Wow…is that Cesario Viola’s main team?
In that case, what an easy to understand guy.
Chief Tanizawa puts the surveillance camera video of the hotel to the monitor.
There’s a group of 30 people walking in the hotel corridor.

「From their appearance, you can’t identify them since they all wear black combat clothes just like the other teams…」

Chief Tanizawa shows another image of an enemy unit on a different floor to compare.

「But still…this team has a leader. You can tell that this is a unit trained on a regular basis」

True…the other teams aren’t assembled well, falling apart, walking poorly.
The team that seems to be Cesario Viola’s troops are gathered neatly

「That said…they’re not people who received proper military training. As expected, it’s just the sense of unity from a crime group. There’s someone among the leaders with military experience, and he’s forming the group based on his knowledge. It’s no big deal」

Chief Tanizawa judged.
The surveillance camera shows the person who’s instructing the subordinates on the rear unit.
That guy has a red armband along with the black combat clothing

「He’s the leader of the troop」
「Then, that means that he’s Cesario Viola?」

Seki-san and chief Tanizawa reviews the screen.

「Nah…that guy’s Giuliano」

Nei-san said.

「One of Cesario Viola’s staff, Giuliano Jenka?」

Chief Tanizawa confirms it with Nei-san.

「Nei’s been kidnapped by Cesario Viola when she’s a child, so she lived with them for a while」

Margo-san said.

「That’s why I can tell…that body shape and way of talking」

Nei-san gazes at the footage of the surveillance camera.

「Ah…that guy has a blue armband right? That’s Romeo Motague. Then, there’s the guy with the silver armband…that guy’s…」
「Cesario Viola?」

Chief Tanizawa speaks ahead.

「No…that guy’s…!」

Nei-san’s surprised.

「Lorenzaccio Bandini!」

Lorenzaccio Bandini?!

「Wait, If I recall that guy’s…?!」

He was around the baseball ground trying to snipe us…didn’t Kudou-papa and Neko-san capture him?
Furthermore, a bomb was planted in his body…I felt like it has gone serious…

「Oh, if it’s Lorenzaccio Bandini, then we’re holding him down…though, he’s not spitting out any information…」

Chief Tanizawa answers.

「I see…it was a fake」

Margo-san said.

「The Bandini that was caught is a fake」
「Why would they do that?」

Seki-san asks.

「Who knows, I don’t know what’s going on the other side but…maybe they want us to think that Lorenzaccio Bandini isn’t important for Cesario Viola?」

Making us think that he’s just a small guy that can be disposable as a bomb before the fight?

「But, why is he showing on the screen imposingly right now?」

I wonder.
If we have the fakes captured by us then they should hide it all the time.

「I don’t know…do they think that we can’t tell through the surveillance cameras alone? Are they not thinking that Nei would be checking this way? No, that’s not the case…」

Margo-san is also confused.
We just had Nei-san provoke Cesario Viola via broadcast.
They know that Nei-san, our center should be familiar with the enemy…

「Lorenzaccio Bandini’s holding a rifle」

Nei-san said.
Wow, it’s true.
Oh right, he was a 6th at Ohio state tournament…
We must pay attention to snipers…

「Anyway, Giuliano Jenka, Romeo Montagu, Lorenzaccio Bandini. So, where’s the main, Cesario Viola?」

Chief Tanizawa looks at Nei-san.

「…I don’t know」

Nei-san desperately looks at the screen but…

「I think that he’s one of those black clothes that don’t have any armband…」

Cesario Viola’s blending with the general combatant?

「Won’t you be able to tell if you check the behavior of the executives? Cesario Viola’s going to instruct them sooner or later , right?」

Seki-san says, but…

「No…Giuliano is good at commanding the troop…so Mr. Viola would leave it to Giuliano and never come out」

Nei-san answers.

「Could it be that they’re fooling our eyes with this troop and that Cesario Viola is in another unit?」

Kouzuki Kenshi who’s been listening all this time has spoken.

「I don’t think that’s the case…Viola himself isn’t a man with high fighting ability. If the leaders are in this unit then Mr. Viola should be here」

Nei-san answers.

「I think so too. Perhaps, this 30 people group is the only people Viola had brought from America. I don’t think that Mr. Viola would be blending with the Russian thugs he can’t communicate with words alone」

Margo-san judges.

「Nei…Tell chief Tanizawa, Seki-san, Reika-oneesan and Michij-chan about Mr. Viola, and his men Giuliano Jenka and others」

Margo-san tells Nei-san

「In fact, only Nei has met them…even if it’s trivial, it might become a hint…anyway, try to talk it over」
「Yeah, it’s precious information. I would like to ask but…it doesn’t matter if it is already covered by the file our information department has compiled. Tell us what you know」

Chief Tanizawa urges Nei-san.

「Y-Yeah. You see…」

Nei-san begins to talk

「…Come here」

Margo-san calls me taking that as a chance.

「…What is it?」

Margo-san whispers to me at the corner of the room.

「Don’t ever leave Nei…make sure Nei stays as Nei」

…Nei-san as Nei-san?

「Don’t let her go back from Natou Nei to Najima Yasuko」

Margo-san speaks to me with serious eyes.

「The bright personality of Nei right now is made up. After her twin brother, Kei has died…Minaho, Kyouko and, Nei herself took a lot of time to make a『different personality』that’s different from her original personality. It is to cover Nei’s sadness, hatred, and self-destructive impulses… 」
「…Self destructive impulses?」
「Nei…no, Yazuko…thinks that Kei’s death is her own fault. She thinks that she should die on the same gruesome death as Kei」


「Yasuko is a mentally weak girl. From the day her parents were killed, kidnapped by Viola…she’s been living in fear all this time」

Kidnapped…lived her days with murder criminals.

「Furthermore…Viola’s aim was the twin brother so Yasuko was left as a worthless woman」

Viola’s a homo so he kidnapped Kei-san as a sex pet.
Nei-san…a woman has no worth for Viola.
Rather, Kei-san succumbed to Viola’s rule in order to guarantee Nei-san’s life.
That’s what’s gnawing to Nei-san’s heart.

「Though it’s a made up personality…a personality is a personality1 I like Nei. Aren’t you the same?」

Margo-san asks me.

「Yes…I also like Nei-san」

I want Nei-san to smile like always.
Last night, when Nei-san was talking about her past in America…she reverted to Yasuko.
I don’t want to see that weak and crying Nei-san anymore.

「As long as you’re by her side…Nei can stay as Nei」


「Nei…is looking for potential partner she can depend on. Furthermore…it has to be a『brother』」

Nei-san wants a『brother』

「You’ve already become a huge presence in Nei…furthermore, Nei also acknowledges that you’re a different『brother』from Kei Therefore, as long as she feels you as her『brother』…Nei can remain as Nei. Yasuko won’t come back」

Margo-san looks strongly at me.

「Understood…I’ll never leave Nei-san’s side」

I promised.


Margo-san said.

「It’s psychologically possible but… Nei might try to become Kei in front of Mr. Viola」


「Because they’re twins…Nei has always felt her own brother in the mirror」

Yeah…Nei-san feels her face is the shadow of Kei-san’s image.

「Coming on a male pants suit today as well…acting like Kei in the broadcast earlier…I think her fear of viola and the feeling of wanting to clear up her regret with Kei are mixing up」

I think so too
By acting as Kei-san…she can feel Kei-san close to her and she can overcome her fear of Viola.

「If Nei-san becomes a full swing Kei-san…what should I do?」

Margo-san thinks for a while…

「…It’s better than her returning to Yasuko’s personality. Yasuko’s heart is too delicate and weak…when she confronts Viola then her heart would break. If she can keep her mind by becoming Kei…then it’s better to leave her like that」

Therefore…Margo-san let Nei-san act as Kei-san during the broadcastl

「But…Nei is Nei. She’s not Kei. Nei is a woman…!」

…That’s right.
Nei-san’s mind and body are of a woman.
She can’t become a man

「Sorry but…I want you to stay by her side and watch out for her」

Margo-san tells me.

「I have to concentrate on fighting from now on. If not, everyone won’t be able to survive…!」

Margo-san’s also desperate.

「Leave Nei-san to me. I’ll do my best」

Margo-san looks warmly at Nei-san who’s talking to chief Tanizawa.

「That girl’s my precious『little sister』…!」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「Umu…the information is roughly the same as the reports. Is Romeo Motague the only one with military experience? But, Giuliano Jenka has a better skill at commanding subordinates?」
「…He’s also brutal」

Nei-san answers Chief Tanizawa’s question

「But…I heard that Cesario Viola’s hobby is disguising, that even his family won’t know him」
「Yeah…only Lorenzaccio Bandini and his dead sister knows the real Viola」
「You don’t know as well?」

Chief Tanizawa stares at Nei-san

「If I hear him speak on the same room, then I might find it out. But, it has been years already…」

Nei-san might not discover him at the moment.

「Then how do they work? If nobody knows who Viola is then there’s a lot of trouble in the behaviors right/」
「Well…Lorenzaccio Bandini is the person that speaks and receives instruction from Viola…」
「Hmm…Then, Lorenzaccio Bandini can control who is Viola」

Chief Tanizawa’s surprised from that.

「Could it be that they put some Viola imposters in the troop…Lorenzaccio Bandini who’s pretending to be ordered by Viola is actually the one commanding the whole troops?」

There’s that possibility too.

「But, I know Bandini and he’s not an intelligent man. He’s just vulgar, crude, and flashy…though he’s the manager of Viola, I think he’s not a person who can command a combat unit…」

Nei-san answers.

「Tsk…we won’t know it from there then., Just thinking about it won’t give results. Should I tell Kudou to send a unit to recon?」

Chief Tanizawa said.

「When it comes to actual combat…the command system is made clear. More than anything…I want to shave off a number from those 30 people」

But…that’s Cesario Viola’s main team.
Won’t Kudou-papa be in danger is he goes directly like usual?

「It’s difficult to attack from the upper floor. Should I deploy two troops on the route? If we don’t crush them first, we won’t bump into Viola’s corps」

The route from the first floor to the upper floor is divided into several routes by closing fire doors and shutters.
Viola’s main troops are now in seventh floor.
On that route…there’s another team on the 11th and 15th floors.
In order to attack from upstairs, you have to defeat the two groups that are ahead.

「Can we not go from below?」

Kouzuki Kenshi asks.

「…From below?」
「Yes. From the first floor…if I recall, the ordinary uniformed guards should’ve evacuated outside the hotel. We can recall them and send them from below. The enemy would never think that they would be attacked from behind…」
「That’s an interesting idea but…it’s impossible for the uniformed men to compete with Viola」

Chief Tanizawa said.

「Can you do something with the numbers? If we rush in around 200 people…then even those American group can’t respond」
「Perish the though…are you going to cover Kouzuki security service with death threats?」
「If we want to take down the『enemy』then we need to sacrifice that much. I believe that all the employees of Kouzuki security service have the resolve to die at their duty…」

Oh…this guy’s a son of the rich.
That kind of reason won’t go through

「I’m not a demon who would throw people knowing they would die」

Chief Tanizawa looks at Kouzuki Kenshi with eyes of scorn…then said

「That’s right…should we try using that?」

Suddenly, he came up with something?…Chief Tanizawa takes out his phone

「Speaking of which, there were talented people who are good for reconnaissance…」

…Is that?

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