Chapter 307. Dark Clouds

Chapter 307. Dark Clouds

「…Yeah. Take a little rest. I might make you work on the last one. Of course…I’ll pay a separate reward, and there’s 102k yen hourly rate during breaks…!」

Chief Tanizawa communicates with old man Dai Grepher.

「Therefore…no more betraying」

I see…in his case.
There’s a possibility of him still sticking on Cesario Viola’s side in this situation…
Therefore, we have to keep him on our side until the fight is over.

『Very well. I’ll accept your terms』

Old man Dai Grepher consented readily.

「Then…the waiting room for guards on the west side of the hotel should be safe. Use that. There’s a shower and you can eat and drink anything from the fridge」
『I don’t need a break, I don’t mind if you send me as Banba-chan’s follow-up』

Old man Dai Grepher proposes, but…

‘「The other two of Banbarubie 3 are still alive and well…you sure about that?」
『…Tell me when Barbie and Ruby drops out. I’ll be coming right away』

Sure enough…old man Dai Grepher isn’t in good terms with the other ladies of Banbarubie.

「That’s impossible…those ladies are veterans. They won’t be retiring earlier than Banba-chan」
『…You’re right.. That’s what I think too』
「Take a rest for the time being…I’ll forward the progress of the battle in the waiting room on the first floor」
『…I hear and obey!』

Old man Dai Grepher in his wafuku replies like a samurai then switched off the line.

「…Dai Grepher, he’s strong but…anyway…he’s too perverted that we can’t have him as an ally at all. He makes strange moves even if he’s on our side. That’s why I can only make him work alone」

Chief Tanizawa speaks disappointedly.

「When he’s fighting an enemy…it’s okay to shoot him from behind. Just shoot him along with the enemies…!」

Seki-san speaks her disgust to old man Dai Grepher.

「There was an organization that did it before but…even when they were using ten machine guns, Dai Grepher was okay for some reason…and the organization that betrayed him seems to be annihilated」

As expected of a different dimension warrior

「He can also read『Qi』 Once he feels blood thirst, he can take initiative and react…」

Michi said.
I see…he’s reading their『Qi』so he can move on a different dimension from those unexpected attacks from enemies.

「Then that means…Dai Grepher-san’s skills are close to Kudou style?」

When I asked…Michi shows a displeased face…

「It’s not rare for martial arts to read the enemy『Qi』during fights. Kudou style is characterized by erasing one’s own『Qi』and beating down the『Qi』of others, but…Dai Grepher-sama’s technique is establishing a bumping『Qi』with one another」


「That person’s『QI』is…anyway, very uncomfortable and disgusting. Therefore, the other party will try to avoid him without being conscious of it」

It’s too much of a『disgusting existence』…that their body unconsciously avoid him?

「The essence of his skill is to get into the bosom of the opponent at the speed where the gap between the consciousness and unconscious is made. I think that it’s a feat but…there’s no other warrior that would make the other party feel so uncomfortable as him」

Yeah…I can understand Michi’s feelings.
It’s true that it feels unpleasant to have old man Dai Grepher approach you.

「The only one who can endure fighting with him is mostly Banba-chan」

Chief Tanizawa said

「Right…that girl’s head is a bit of a fairy tale」

Seki-san sighs.

「She’s too innocent she doesn’t doubt any people… If Barbie-san and Ruby-san aren’t looking after her…I’m sure that she’d be swindled by the bad guys already. Just recently, in front of Akihabara station…it seems that she bought some incomprehensible high priced printmaker」
「Well…It seems that the gallery which sold it to Banba-san was crushed by Barbie-san and Ruby-san’s assault. They’re vacant right now」

Wow…that’s trouble.
Ah, rather than that…

「By the way…Michi」
「Yes, Master?」
「Michi can read『Qi』right?…Then could you tell the state of Cesario Viola’s command unit earlier?」

The command line of Viola’s unit is a mystery.
The leader of the men are managed by Giuliano Jenka.
Then Giuliano receives instructions from Romeo Motague…Lorenzaccio Bandini is said to be Viola’s manager.
Then…it’s confirmed that Cesario Viola himself is in the unit.
And yet…
Cesario Viola, the boss of all…doesn’t show any indication of instructing Lorenzaccio Bandini at all
What does that mean?
From what we see…Lorenzaccio Bandini is the top of the unit…
Cesario Viola is following a few escorts and doesn’t seem to be following the command.

「Actually, Viola’s instructing Lorenzaccio Bandini in some way or something? Can you not read that with the『Qi』?」

I ask Michi…

「Sadly…I can’t read『Qi』through screens. I won’t be able to judge it unless it’s on the same space…」

…I see
So Michi’s『Qi』reading has that kind of weakness?

「Either way…we’ve got to investigate that problem…it’s a mater of Cesario Viola and the foundation of his organization」

Margo-san says

「At first…they sent out a fake Lorenzaccio Bandini ahead, making us think that Bandini isn’t a big shot in the organization. But this time, he’s acting as if he’s a bigger boss than VIola. Including the existence of the female『white Viola』…there’s still many mysteries in their organization」
「…We can just take them all down」

Reika said.

「If we annihilate them all then we can ask questions later」
「You can’t go that way…Reika-oneesan」

Margo-san smiles at Reika.

「The center of the organization changes in the situation. If『the situation you see now』is correct, and we take down Lorenzaccio Bandini and Giuliano Jenka…the chain of command will be lost. It would be easy to reap the men who lost their commander and just became a crowd. But, if…『the situation seen now』is a fake…」

Everyone’s eyes concentrate on Margo-san.

「What if you wanted to focus all of our attacks on Lorenzaccio Bandini and Giuliano Jenka?」

Why is the boss, Cesario Viola not taking the command?…The reason’s unknown

「We don’t want to take too much risk. If possible, we want to detain them without taking so much damage here. Then…we should think of the process on how to destroy the enemy troop in a reasonable way. Should we take down Cesario Viola first or Lorenzaccio Bandini?…This is a huge problem」

Yeah…even if we forcibly defeat Lorenzaccio Bandini first…
Then Cesario Viola becomes the leader and the troops function normally, then it’s meaningless to force ourselves.
In contrary…if we try to take down Cesario Viola first then the solid command line will be able to stop our attack.,

「But, the enemy’s main troops were reduced by Dai Grepher-san to 20 people. If you make an all out attack on this number…」

Reika tries to force a push

「The enemy unit stopped at 14th floor」

Norma-san shows the image of the surveillance camera on the monitor

「The two units are retreating on the same route It seems that they’re aiming to group up at 14th floor」

That’s bad.

「How many people are there in the units?」

Chief Tanizawa asks Norma-san.

「The first team engaged with the team under Kudou-san on each floor so they’re reduced from 30 to 15 people. The unit behind are still intact with 30 people」

If the two preceding units join up…Viola’s main troops would be 15+30+20=65 people

「The troops that are invading another routes all began ascending to the lower floor.」 It looks like they intend to withdraw on the first floor and join with the main troop」

The hotel is separated by fire walls and shutters…it’s not possible to go up to the upper floors unless you go up in several different routes.
Therefore, Viola and others divided the troops and started invading the separate routes.
Kudou-papa and others don’t know which one of the divided troops was Cesario Viola’s main troops so they intercept all invading units on each floor, collecting information bit by bit while scooping out the number of enemy soldiers.
But…Now with Nei-san’s announcement, and old man Dai Grepher’s reconnaissance, Viola’s main unit comes out.
Then, if we take down the remaining 20 people in Viola’s main force, this fight will be over.
Viola’s feeling threatened by that so he hurriedly decided to regroup with the troops

「…Kudou, can you hear me?」

Chief Tanizawa heads to the radio.
It’s the same type on the thing we brought from the underground emergency evacuation room.
It has less risk of being eavesdropped because we’re using it inside the hotel.

『We’re checking the situation here』

Kudou-papa’s voice come out of the speaker.

「Don’t let the enemies group up…take down the enemy units withdrawing!」
『…Roger! We’ll make those who are close attack in sequence!』

Chief Tanizawa’s expression is steep

「…I hope the attack team is sent in time」

Eh…what does that mean?

「Since it was a system to ambush and intercept on each floor…it’s too hard to chase a retreating enemy」

Seki-san explained to me with a strange face…

「Even now, the hotel is a maze, it’s difficult to move from the point of interception」
「…How about opening the fire doors and letting the interception team head straight to the enemy?」

Kouzuki Kenshi says grinning

「If we open up the fire doors to make the shortest distance…do you think we can move our unit while controlling the movement of the enemy」
「…If it’s Kouzuki security service’s top elites then they could use that move」

Seki-san smiles wryly…

「We’re familiar with the internal structure of the hotel…since we have several patterns of the labyrinth state in our heads…even if they release some of the fire doors…we can manage to do something. But…Kudou-san’s teams won’t」

When an emergency happens…the maze inside the hotel is supposed to be the a top secret among Kouzuki security service.
Seki-san knows to some extent where to change the maze, to open, to go…
Kudou-papa’s subordinates…the free guards don’t know.

「But…everyone has an electronic device such as phones, right? If you show them the route…」

Kouzuki Kenshi says further…

「What would you do if that map you presented is known by the enemy?」

Seki-san answers with a disgusted tone.
Right…if the free guards are to be knocked down by enemies and their electronic device shows the maze diagram on each floor is passed to the enemy.

「Anyway…it’s better for us to beat only the 15 people troops that’s ahead. The second 30 people team…I think we have to give up on them」

Margo-san said while watching the enemy troops appearing on the large monitor on the wall.

「Besides…can’t we lock up the troops that invaded the other routes so they can’t go down to the lower floor? We know that they’re not Viola’s main troops, just Russian baddies…so there’s no need to take them down, is there?」

Margo-san said, Chief Tanizawa…

「Right…When they come down 2-3 floors, cut down their passage」

Yeah…with that, we can block their merging with the other teams.

「When it comes to this…we need all the force even if it’s just a bit. Seki-kun, and Fujimiya-kun, join up with Kudou-kun’s team and intercept with the enemy force」

Chief Tanizawa orders the two
The two look at each other…
Reika nods at Seki-san
Seki-san responds with a smile

「Chief…we can’t accept that order」
「…Why, Seki-kun?」
「We’re ordered to guard these people」

Seki-san and Reika look at me and Nei-san

「Well, you can leave them to Margo-ojouchan and Kudou’s daughter. Besides, this is the『HQ』 I’m here, and the other guards are from the top elites」

Chief tells the two with strict eyes.

「But…it’s an imperial order」

Seki-san retorts

「Fujimiya-kun thinks the same?」
「Sorry, but…」

Reika also refuses to leave our side.

「…By all means?」

Reika looks at me…

「Yes…I promised to protect these people no matter what happens…」


「No, but…it is as Tanizawa-san said, we’re short on people so it’s not that I mind. Margo-san and Michi are here too…」


「It’s not good to break this team…!」

Yukino looks at me.

「I wonder? Rather, I’d have the team dismantle so we can move lightly」

Kouzuki Kenshi says smiling

「No…not now Because…」

Yukino who’s been silent all this time since coming to this room speaks

「I can’t trust these people…!」

Yukino’s eyes look at Chief Tanizawa and Norma-san and others.
What…you can’t trust them…?
Nei-san says as she look at Margo-san.

「Maru-chan…I want to rest in a room」

Margo-san looks at Nei-san’s eyes…

「Right…we would be obstructing if we stay in this room…」

Chief Tanizawa tells Margo-san.

「Tanizawa-san…could you lend us a room to rest? As you know, Nei is one of Cesario Viola’s targets. I’m mentally tired because of the broadcast earlier so I’d like to rest」

Chief Tanizawa looks at Norma-san.
Norma-san pushed some keys…

「I’ll open up room 2505」

Then…she takes out a card key

「We’re going to the 25th floor using this room. Room 2505 is the room just across this room…!」
「…Thank you」

This room’s a whole elevator
I feel the room rising up

「Well…true, you should take a bit of rest. Leave the fighting with enemies to us」

Chief Tanizawa tells us.

「Tanizawa-san…of course we would like the information inside the building to be transferred to room 2505 so we can understand the progress of the war…!」

Margo-san said smiling.

「If we know the situation then we won’t be afraid…!」

Chief Tanizawa

「Of course…Norma-kun, lend me a terminal. Make the line able to communicate with room 2505」
「…Are you sure, Chief?」

Norma-san asks Chief Tanizawa…
Norma-san is a person who don’t make small plays at such times.

「Yeah, of course」

Chief Tanizawa’s smile is stiff

「Ah, we’ve got a computer for the terminals here so take whatever you need to use.」

Tony-san who can’t read the atmosphere even more than Nroma-san tells Margo-san

「…The terminals are the same aren’t they?」

Chief Tanizawa says, but…

「No, after all, it’s best to use the one that suits oneself」

Tony-san says lightly.
This guy’s Kudou-papa’s subordinate, and he worked with『Kuromori』so…
He’s completely thinking of us as friends.

「What equipment do you recommend? What’s the most useful to extract info?」

Margo-san asks Tony-san.

「If it was me then, this…!」
「Then I’ll borrow this…is that okay, Tanizawa-san?」
「…Yeah. Take it」

Chief Tanizawa answers expressionlessly.

「The line is connected to the writing desk…」
「Un, please. Please deliver the information properly to us」
「I know」

Tony-san answers with a smile

「Then, Tanizawa-san…excuse us」

Margo-san gives her thanks.
I, Nei-san, and Michi bowed together.

「We’ll be continuing to guard these people」

Seki-san and Reika also bows.

「Yeah…take care」

Chief Tanizawa answer with only that.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「Then…why are you coming with us too?」

Yukino asks Kouzuki Kenshi as soon as we moved into room 2505.
This room is a normal room.
There’s two beds.
But, me, Nei-san, Margo-san, Michi, Seki-san and Reika, Yukino and Kouzuki Kenshi.
With eight people inside…it’s somewhat narrow.

「Isn’t it better for you to stay in that room?」
「Well…it seems more interesting to be with you people」

Kouzuki Kenshi says nonchalantly

「…Yukino, what was that about?」

I asked Yukino right away.

「What about?」
「The part you say you can’t trust Tanizawa-san and others」


「Well…isn’t it strange?」
「…Like I said, what is?」
「Why did that person let us into their headquarters? Aren’t they being open to us about everything? In the first place, are we people he could trust that far?」

We…『Kuromori』is a criminal organization with prostitution as main profit.

「Well…isn’t it because Seki-san and Reika were with us? I think that Margo-san is also trusted by Tanizawa-san…」
「I know that. But you see…he won’t normally let the two of us in you know? Those people know about us」

Chief Tanizawa is far from trusting Yukino or me.

「Showing everything in their fully confidential headquarters because his subordinates are with us…even letting a group of strange children in the mix…isn’t that strange?」
「Yes, but…then why did Tanizawa-san do that?」

Yukino says.

「Isn’t that obvious?…It’s to throw us off guard!」

…Throw us off guard?

「They purposely let us in their secret place to show that they’re opening up to us that much」

…That’s just

「I think so too」

Margo-san said while connecting the computer terminal

「Of course, they’re not our『enemy』…not bad people either. But, there’s no doubt that they’re hiding something from us」

…Is that so?
The radio I put in my pocket rings!
Is it a contact from the emergency evacuation room?
Everyone who has a radio listens to their earphones.

『…Hello, Danna-sama?!』

…This voice, Misuzu?

「What’s up?」
『It’s a big problem…Danna-sama!』

Misuzu’s voice is tense.

『Grandfather and Kuromori-sama is gone!』

Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan?!
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