Chapter 326. Barbie girls

Chapter 326. Barbie girls

「But still, those enemies aren’t afraid of friendly fire at all…」

Michi says as she look at the monitor.

「I wonder…」

Kudou-papa mutters…


The five men surrounding Barbie-san shoot their guns calmly, not caring about their allies at all.


At the moment the muzzle faced her, Barbie-san moved her body…!
The two knife-wielding enemies rush towards her!
Barbie-san mows down the knives with the black shaft…
Again, she has a pistol aimed at her.


This time, two fire at the same time.
But still…Barbie-san lightly dodges.

「Amazing…Those are some great reflexes」

Reika’s impressed.

「That’s not all…Barbie-chan is fully aware of the movements of all five of the people attacking her. She foresees the next actions of the other party, so she can make her moves at the last minute」

Neko-san explains.

「But, why are those guys shooting so much?」

I asked.
They’re not minding that the stray bullets will hit their allies, but…

「Those five people are quite trained. Since they know each other’s position in the formation, they can shoot without worrying」

Margo-san said.

「The male Cesario Viola has a poor image, but his subordinates all have first class skill.… Their power is what maintains Viola’s organization. Romeo Montague is a big name executor among them. Your life is forfeit if you underestimate them」

I see… that’s why
Barbie-san had Banba-san back down.

「Up until now, they’ve only been half-amateur Russian thugs…it’s like playing baseball with kindergarten children, then suddenly a major league fastball ace comes out. If you get used to fighting those Russians, you’ll gbe killed by Romeo Montague. Of course, that’s one of the enemy’s tactics though…」
「In short…Banba-san, who’s been fighting the Russian thugs brought in by Viola, wouldn’t be able to follow with her eyes or bodies when Romeo Montague’s team appeared suddenly?」

I asked, and Margo-san smiles wryly…

「It’s not just speed and combination. First class professionals’ blood thirst is completely different. If you’re inexperienced in the battlefield, you’d be intimidated by those professional teams…」
「I see…that’s why Barbie-san hasn’t been participating in the fights until now…! They leave the low-rank Russian enemies to Banba-san so they can deal with a high level enemy immediately when it appears…!」

So they don’t get used to the low enemy levels…

「Nope, that’s not the case. It’s just the simple age difference. Those girls’ hips hurt after they’ve fought for a long time…」

Kudou-papa pokes fun.

「But, this situation is just bad. If it takes too much time, then it would be worse even for Barbie-cha…」

Neko-san says anxiously.

「Besides, she can’t keep that speed up…even her」

On the screen, Barbie-san continues to dodge sharp knives and bullets.
She’s been keeping that speed up for five minutes without stopping.

「Don’t be ridiculous…if the enemy’s a first class executioner then Barbie-san is a first class guard. That’s how she is. She’s already thinking of her next move…!」

Kudou-papa believes that Barbie-san will counterattack…

『Ahaha…you guys are good! I praise your combination and concentration. It seems like you’re trained with five people…but!』

Barbie-san’s eyes shine.

『What is she thinking in this kind of situation…?』

The man with a knife slashes at Barbie-san again!
Barbie-san dodges at the last second.
Then, a shot!
…She avoided this as well.
The first man, holding the knife, suddenly fell.
Looking at it…Barbie-san’s fishing rod hit the man’s foot.
She hooked the needle on the man while dodging…

『Look…the combo collapsed』

Barbie-san pokes the stick into the neck of the fallen man!
The man faints in agony.

『Okay, one less person!!』

Romeo Montague says something in English…!
One man with a handgun throws his gun to Romeo Montague.
Then, he pulled a combat knife out from his waist.
Two knives and two pistols…Romeo Montague has two handguns.
Their formation shifts into four people immediately…!

『I see, they’re also trained for when there’s a missing member…!』

Barbie-san smiles wryly and attacks the enemy again.
Her physical strength is getting exhausted…
She’s sweating severely…breathing heavily.

『Uhiii…we’re gonna be in a bad spot if this continues』
『Barbie-san, I’ll cover you!』

Banba-chan says, but…

『Don’t be joking! Your movement is so bad that even a two man team could take us down!』

Barbie-san shouts.
True…swinging her long and heavy flail won’t be able to match the speed of the enemy

『You just watch from over there! Okay!』
『But, Barbie-san!』
『Do as Nee-san says…Banbaaa!』

Ruby-san shouts.

『If Nee-san tells you to watch then just watch!』

Ruby-san replaces the rifle’s magazine…
She can’t shoot because of the possibility of stray bullet right now but…
She believes that there’s a chance to reverse the situation.


Then…in the end, Barbie-san’s legs get tangled and she’s about to fall!

『…But that’s just a prank!』

Barbie-san rotates before hitting the floor and throws something at the knife wielding man approaching!


Is that the poison needle at the end of the black rod?!
The man with the knife falls in agony

『Okay…that’s one less person』

Three people remaining.
Barbie-san smiles but…she’s already dizzy.
Romeo Montague orders his men to do something again…
The two with pistol holster their weapons.
Then…they pull out knives.

『It’s about time they had less bullets, so everyone’s taking out knives…!』

Barbie-san says while breathing roughly…

『Isn’t that better? If there’s no guns then it’ll help us…!』

Barbie-san throws the black rod and raises her fist.

『If there’s no pistols, then I’m going too…!』

Then, Banba-san jumps out of the shadow, flail in hand…
At that moment…!
Romeo Montague and the three guys with knives retreat…
At the same time, two men who shouldn’t be there jump in, armed with machine guns…
This is bad…!!!
Barbie-san and Banba-san will be shot!
At the moment I thought so…!

Bika!! Bomu! Bomu!!

An intense flash and an explosive sound come from the feet of the machine gun men!

『There you go』


With her automatic rifle, Ruby-san mows down the men with machine guns who had stopped moving after the sudden dazzling light!
At the same time, Barbie-san kicked Romeo Montague’s head…


Following that, the remaining two receive a fist to their vitals while their eyes are dazzled.
Her movements are faster than a while ago.


Barbie-san throws shuriken down at the two machine gun wielders who’d collapsed!


The men faint in agony
This reaction…are the Shurikens also coated with fast acting poison?

「Haa, haa, haa…」

Barbie-san confirms that all of the enemies are silenced…and then gets on all fours on the floor.

『…Ruby-chan, good job』

Banba-san jumps out.
Ruby-san stands up slowly, holding her gun.

『Either way, I know that it’s body armor or a bullet proof vest…it’s the right answer to make it a rubber bullet with strong striking force』

I see, since the enemy can’t be beaten with live ammunition…
Ruby-san prioritized knocking down the opponent…so she changed the magazine to rubber bullets?
Also, Barbie-san noticed it, therefore…
She threw poison shuriken at the machine gun guys who’d fallen down.

『Yeah. Thanks to Ruby-chan chan knocking them down…I’m saved』

Barbie-san’s not standing up yet.

『Uhm…why did the floor suddenly flare up?』

Banba-san asks Ruby-san.

『Oh? We knew that there was going to be an ambush, so I set up a wireless flash mine』

Ruby-san smiles wryly.

『Secretly, so Banba-chan wouldn’t notice…』
『Eh, why didn’t you tell me?!』
『Because…if we tell Banba-chan, you’d just say『let’s use the landmine over there』even in front of enemies…!』
『Muu…I wouldn’t do that!』
『…Hmm, really?』

Ruby-san stares at Banba-san.

『Err…I might. Yeah…』

Banba-san’s face turned red.

『But…how did you know the enemy would form an ambush?』
『Well, of course…I’m a pro』

Barbie-san said.

『Those guys are professional executioners, and yet they came at us directly you see? Well, they might have been underestimating us, but…that’s an unworthy action for a genuine professional』
『Banba-chan, remember this…on the battlefield, only amateurs pick a sink or swim fight. A genuine professional tries to make a situation where they’re at an overwhelming advantage, by all means. Even if it’s cowardly…even if you’re just crushing an ant, you take out a tank. Overkill is acceptable, but never try to take a position you could lose…』
『At first…the professionals hid themselves among the amateur Russians…that was to get our guard down. That’s how they think. Showing their pistols, trying to convince us that they don’t have a more powerful weapon. Then, they put away the gun because they’re out of bullets. Therefore, Banba-chan earlier believed that『there’s no more shooting now』and jumped out without thinking. That’s when…the ambush with the machine gun jumps in…It’s a very cowardly but well planned move…』

I-I see…
The first team of five were a decoy.

『However, with this strategy…they have to put out a useful guy in advance. Everyone who fought directly had combat abilities, but the two machine gun guys were inexperienced fighters. Therefore, they got caught by the flash mine and I took them down with the poison shuriken』
『If the enemy had arranged a skilled person for the ambush…Banba-chan would’ve been full of holes when she jumped out!』
『Noo…please don’t say scary things, Ruby-san!』
『Well, the other side is short of people. The commander was the type who wants to go out』

Barbie-san said.

『Anyway…Banba-chan’s still half-baked. Listen, you can’t graduate from us until you become qualified on your own!』
『Yes…please teach me from now on! Barbie-san. Ruby-san!』

The straightforward Banba-san lowers her head to the two ladies.

「Saying that much…even though you don’t intend to let her go」

Neko-san says as she look at Banbarubie 3 on the monitor.

「…Is that so?」
「That’s right. Barbie and Ruby love to raise honest girls like Banba-chan But, they don’t want them to be independent They meet a good man, retire…always. Banba-chan is still young, so she’ll be staying with the team for a couple of years more」
「What about the girl before Banba-chan? If I recall…Gan-chan, was it?」

Kudou-papa asks Neko-san.

「Yes. They were『Ganbaruby-3』back then Gan-chan is now the wife of a grape farmer. I got their new year’s card…」
「I see」
「Before Gan-chan, they didn’t have a code name like now; they were just a『female group』team」
「Wasn’t it『three musketeers』?」
「That’s way before」
「Even though they’re『three musketeers』it was four people」
「Yeah…they got two newbies back then」
「In the first place, Barbie-san and Ruby-san were originally a two woman team, right?」
「Yeah, at first, they were『Rinrin』and『Ranran』 Speaking of which…」
「Then, a newcomer came in…」
「Yeah, she was『Kankan』chan」

…Rin rin, ran ran, kan kan.

「There was a girl who didn’t get along with Ruby and quit immediately, right?」
「There’s a lot of them. 『Feifei』and『Tonton』 There’s also a child called『Yuuyuu』」
「Since when did she call herself『Barbie』?」
「From『three musketeers』 『Barbie, Ruby, and Great Muta』was the combination back then」
「Yeah, they’ve got a history…!」

Reika shows a gloomy face.

「I was invited to the team by Barbie-san, but…」
「Oh, isn’t that because they thought you were a straightforward worth teasing?」

Neko-san said laughing.

「…Am I worth teasing?」
「Oh well, Barbie-chan only picks girls who have good character…I think that you should be proud that you were recognized by that person」

Reika’s expression is complex.
Her character is recognized…Reika herself is a top elite of Kouzuki security service…
She’s already a full fledged guard.

「I look like a half-person to Barbie-san」

If it was the old Reika, she would’ve opposed violently, but…
Reika right now admits her immaturity obediently.
Reika’s also changing.

「With this…Cesario Viola’s main troop has decreased by 7, making it 13」

Kudou-papa calculates.

「With that said, Cesario VIola himself and Lorenzaccio Bandini don’t have much fighting ability…there’s only eleven people we need to be careful of」
「Kudou-chan…but there’s still Giuliano Jenka, a big figure…I think that they’re hiding trained executor teams like Romeo Montague」

Neko-san says.

「Well, I guess…the enemy’s that famous criminal organization in Los Angeles. It’s possible that they’ll throw out some absurd『hidden ball』…!」

Really…as far as I can see, the male Cesario Viola is an idiot and a vulgar, perverted old man, and yet…
Viola’s organization’s men…miss Cordelia, Romeo Montague and his team…are all first class executioners.
What’s with this gap…?

「…What’s wrong?」

Margo-san asks me.

「No…I wonder why these guys are putting up a small time villain like Viola on top of the organization」


「As expected, the male Viola’s just a pretext boss」


「Even when fighting with Dai Grepher san…the orders came from Lorenzaccio Bandini」

Nobody’s following the male Viola.
And yet, why did everyone come to Japan…?
Didn’t the male Viola come to Japan because of his personal grudge against Nei-san…?

「Anyway…Barbie’s got to rest」

Kudou-papa said…not caring about the swirling suspicion in my mind.
On the screen, Barbie-san is still down.

「It’s been a while since she’s kept her top speed up for that long, it can’t be helped」
「It’s the age…AGE!」

Kudou-papa laughs.

「But, it can’t be helped now that it has come to this. I’ve got to go down and directly command the decisive battle with Viola’s main troops. I’ll leave this room to Neko…」

The rest is only two units.
The decoy troops are heading upstairs…
And Viola’s main troops head to the lower floors.

「Now then…it’s the climax!」
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