Chapter 328. Encounter

Chapter 328. Encounter


Yukino’s speechless.

「Right…those who can’t fight shouldn’t go」

Neko-san said

「Since I know that you’re from a prostitution organization…I’ve been ignoring her looking like that all this time, but…」

Yukino’s wearing only my T-shirt and nothing underneath…
You can only think that something happened to her.

「I’m not interested in what kind of relationship you have with Kuromori house before coming it, I won’t ask it either. But…just imagine what kind of eyes would you encounter looking like that if you’re heading down!」

Yukino shivers.
There’s still ten more enemies left…

「That’s right. That’s why you have to stay here」

I said, Neko-san then;

「You too, boy…!」


「I don’t know why you’re naked on your upper half, and not wearing any footwear but, it’s just absurd to go on the battlefield exposing an untrained body. Don’t you know that there’s a homo among the enemy?」

O-Oh right.
The male Cesario Viola’s a homo, right.

「It’s okay! Viola’s only interested in cute boys. I don’t think that Yo-chan’s his type」

Nei-san said, but…

「Though you say that…you should also stay here. You’re not a combat staff, aren’t you?!」

Neko-san’s pursuit is harsh.

「Kuromori’s…Margo-chan, right? If you say that it’s your job from now on…then leave the children and go with only the professionals. Even if Michi-chan’s skilled, she’s still a middle school girl. You shouldn’t bring them along knowing that it’s a trap…!」

Yukino, me, Nei-san…Michi

「Even if I look like this…I’m a mother of one child. I can’t allow children to be involved with adult circumstances. No, even Margo-chan is still a child in my eyes but you’re already a professional guard」
「Yes…I’m a pro」

Margo-san answers

「If so…then don’t take these young non-combat people, who you should guard, to the battlefield…I’ll take care of these children. I’ll never hand him to Tanizawa-san. I’ll protect them with my life…!」

Neko-san says.

「I have to go!」

Nei-san smiles

「Cesario Viola’s aim is me after all」

Margo-san immediately follows up Nei-san.

「No, it’s not just Nei. The people who have hindered Cesario Viola three years ago in Los Angeles…and those people involved with the death of Viola’s sister, Rosalind Orlando are targetted」
「But…it doesn’t change that I’m the center, you know?」

Nei-san sighs.

「If I doni’t go…Viola and miss Cordelia won’t be convinced.」 Surely」


「If Nei-san’s going then I’m going too」

I’m already prepared for it

「If I’m a drag then let me die…I’ll be Nei-san’s shield…!」
「If Master’s going then I will accompany him」

Michi responds immediately

「If something happens to Master…then I must die on the same place at the same time. Misuzu-sama won’t allow me to take my own life, but… But still, we can’t chose to『not fight』here」

Then, she looked at Neko-san…

「We’re very glad that you are worried but…we’re a team. We will confront the enemy as a team」

Michi bows to Margo-san, Seki-san, and Reika.

「Margo-oneesama, Seki-sama, Reika-oneesama…please take care of us」

Seki-san smiles…

「Right. We’re already a team. I’ll blow them away…!」

…What? Blow away?

「No matter who it is…they shouldn’t underestimate a professional guard’s work」
「Yes…we’ve got our pride as a guard. I can’t allow this to go this way」

Reika also speaks

「I’ll make Chief Tanizawa regret making fool of women…!」

The two have already decided to stand against chief Tanizawa even if they get fired from Kouzuki security service afterwards…!

「Okay. I won’t say anything then」

Neko-san tells us.

「Do your best so you won’t regret anything. If you survive…then I’ll take care of everything for the free guards’ work…」
「Yes, thank you very much!」

Seki-san answered Neko-san on behalf of everyone

「Then, Neko-san, please take care of Yukino」

When I say so…Yukino

「Hey…wait a minute!」


「I’m going with you too」


「I’m also a member of the team right? Didn’t you say that you need my eyes…!」

True…I definitely said that when we’re forming the members down the basement

「Yukino-san. I’m sorry to say but we’re not at that stage anymore…」

Margo-san said…

「The place we’re going only has enemies. Your eyes that distinguish who are suspicious are no longer needed」

…That’s right.

「But, I want to go! I think it’s better for me to go with you people than stay here! I’ll definitely come! I’ll follow even if I die!!」


「Are you that worried being away from Yo-chan?」

Nei-san asks Yukino.

「T-That’s not it! I just think that it’s safer to be with you people!」

Yukino denies.

「We’re going to have our hands full from now on. I don’t think that we can protect even Yukino-san」

Margo-san answered.

「Who cares! Anyway, just bring me with you!」

Shirasaka Yukino is a person that would spark her emotion at the moment instead of thinking logically.

「Neko-san…we’re bringing her」

Margo-san said as she look at Yukino.

「What do you mean?」
「This girl has a strong independence on him. I think that she’ll show panic symptoms if we leave her here. It’s dangerous for her to be away from him now…」
「I’m not dependent on this man!」

Yukino shouts loudly

「Even if you say that…Yukino-san He’s the only one you can trust in this place right now…am I wrong?!」

Margo-san said…Yukino looked at me.

「No…not only in this place. Yukino-san’s family has already abandoned her. There’s even a request to kill you. You have nowhere in your school. That was broadcasted in front of all students. Besides…even your real sister is treating you as evil…right how, the only one who is making company with you decently is only him, wrong?」
「That’s not…true」

Yukino said.

「I still have my Papa」

For Yukino…the man named Shirasaka Sousuke seems to be an absolute existence.

「Hmm…would your father come to save you? Or rather…you already know in you head that Shirasaka Sousuke is the source of all this?」

Margo-san pierces Yukino’s heart.

「Enough. Even if Yukino-san doesn’t know it with her head…you need him in your heart. Therefore, when you separate with him, you’d feel tremendous fear…」
「I-I don’t need him in my heart! Body… just body! My body feels good with him! That’s all!」

Yukino desperately denies what Margo-san says, that her『heart depends on me』

「Anyway…if you’re coming then you’re welcome. However, don’t leave his side so you won’t become a drag」
「I-I get it…」
「Michi-chan. I’ll leave guarding him, Yukino-san and Nei to you」
「Leave this to me, Margo-oneesama. We’ll be heading with the same position as before…!」
「Yeah, let’s go as the usual team…」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「Neko-san, please take care of the rest」

Seki-san tells Neko-san as we head out to the corridor.

「Don’t mind it…Sorry, I can’t support you with anything」
「No…we’re grateful for your concern」

Margo-san said
Once again…we take a formation and depart.
After the first corner…I asked Margo-san.

「…What do you mean by concern?」
「Oh, you see…」

Margo-san approach my ears so she can whisper in my ears so it won’t be heard by the hidden microphone.

「Neko-san noticed sister Edie」


「No…don’t turn around. It’s okay, she’s following us」

Oh…if I look behind carelessly, they’d see it as suspicious when they look at the monitors.

「No, sister Edie completely erased her presence so Neko-san didn’t notice her at first. But, when the fire walls closed suddenly, Michi-chan called her, didn’t she? That was exposed. But…Neko-san pretended not to notice until the end. Even now, she didn’t come to see us off the door…!」

True…she stayed in the room and didn’t try to go outside.

「Sister Edie’s presence is an important last resort in this kind of situation…」

Miss Cordelia and chief Tanziawa too.
They don’t know that sister Edie became our ally in such short time…

「But, will she be okay alone…?」

We’ve been talking with Neko-san for very long.
She’s alone…furthermore, we’ve been talking in Japanese which she doesn’t understand.
Her concentration isn’t down, is it?

「I don’t think that there’s a problem. Since she’s educated as an assassin…she’s been trained to aim for an opportunity to take down an opponent for hours」

…I see.
An assassin like sister Edie has to stay focused on the target until the opportunity comes.

「It hasn’t been an hour since we parted from sister Edie, right? That’s not enough time to break her concentration yet」

Margo-san smiles.

「Don’t walk with that person…come over here!」

Yukino calls me.


Margo-san pushes my back


I go to Yukino.
Yukino clings to my body.

「What’s wrong…are you scared Yukino? You’re trembling!」
「I-I’m not scared! I-It’s just cold! I’m only wearing a shirt so it’s so chilly!」

Yukino said then she glued herself to me.
Her breasts under her shirt sticks to me.

「Oh, nice…I’m cold too! Yo-chaaan~!」

Nei-san clings to me too.
Two girls take my sides.
Nei-san’s also trembling.
These two are bad at exposing their true feelings.
The hotel’s temperature is sustained.
Even me who has the upper body naked, I don’t feel cold.

「Here, here. it’s not cold…it’s not cold…!」

I rub the back of the two with my best…
That’s all I can do for now.

「Uwaa, that’s warm…Yo-chan, thanks!」

Nei-san kisses my cheeks.
Yukino saw that and she snorted her nose looking sullen…

「If you don’t take down at least one of Cesario Viola’s executives…your reputation won’t be able to stand」

Seki-san who’s walking on second row tells Reika who’s ahead.

「Well, I’ll take them down…but, if chief Tanizawa becomes hostile, what would you do, Seki-san?」

Reika shows a dark face.
Reika who has promise in high school Kendo was scouted by chief Tanizawa of Kouzuki security service.
She must have some various complex thoughts regarding chief Tanizawa’s betrayal.

「I am a guard. I’ll take away all the sparks flying on the people I protect…I will go with that simple idea」
「You’re strong…Seki-san」
「I’m a guard before an employee of Kouzuki security service. That’s all. What about Fujimiya-kun…you can easily make clear distinction, can’t you?」

Seki-san smiles at Reika.

「You’re already family with these children, aren’t you? As an『Onee-san』isn’t it natural for you to protect your『little sister』and『little brother』?」
「Fujimiya-san…I think that you’re more suited as an『onee-san』than a guard」
「Do you think that I don’t have the talent as a professional guard?」
「I didn’t say that. Your striking and rushing power is outstanding. I think that you’re the best as a team’s vanguard. You’re under a competent commander after all…you’re not good at analyzing the situation and planning strategies」
「Sorry…I’m dull at those」
「Stop belittling yourself. People have things they’re suited and not. It’s better than Fujimiya-san than when you were so conceited about your combat ability, but…」
「I’ve caused various troubles」
「It’s fine…I was also bumping into your recklessness. We’re the same. Sorry. I also apologize…」
「No…it’s all my fault」
「That’s not true…I was at fault too」

Were these the two who were so bad with each other?
People…change. They change steadily.
People, and people’s relationships…

「Let’s return to the topic…you can combine being the first class guard and everyone’s『onee-san』 What I want to say is…Fujimiya-san who played as a lone wolf, dressed as a guy until now wasn’t that good. I think that the『cute onee-san』character you’re doing right now as a guard is suited for you」
「I wonder…I still don’t know yet」

Reika answered bashfully.

「But now, I will cherish what Seki-san said…the feeling of protecting the younger siblings as an『elder sister』 Right…we can’t lose this fight」
「Yes…we’ll win. Definitely」

That wasn’t the top elite guard of Kouzuki security service…
She’s becoming our ally from the bottom of her heart…

「I’m dull so I’ll follow Seki-san and Margo imouto’s instructions. I will turn this body to a sword and charge to dangerous places…!」

Reika said

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Before long…we arrive at the staircase leading to 19th floor…

「…Watch your feet」

Margo-san’s worried at Nei-san and Yukino who are trembling and called them out from behind

「It’s okay! I’m clinging to Yo-chan!」

Nei-san, me, and Yukino descends the stairs sticking to each other.
This is a high-rise hotel so the stairs between each floor is long.
Even so…we arrived at 19th floor.
The stairs heading downstairs are closed with fire walls.

「…I’m opening it」

Reika opens the iron door leading to the 19th floor.



The 19th floor’s state is completely different from the other floors.

「What’s this…it’s different from the floor map I remember…?!」

Seki-san is at loss.
There’s nothing on the 19th floor.
Only thick concrete pillars and walls…
The ceiling’s pipes are exposed…
You can see the opposite wall several hundred meters away.
All the four walls are gray concrete…no windows.
This is more like a parking lot in a basement more than a luxury hotel.
It’s dim except for the lights on the wall.

「Yo…you guys are late」

The strong light illuminates the floor.
There’s a large round white table around 20 meters away from us.
There’s two people sitting there.
Chief Tanizawa and miss Cordelia.
Chief Tanizawa’s on a three-piece black suit.
Miss Cordelia changed her dress into a pure white pants suit.
A black and white woman.
Both of them are our enemy

「…Where’s Minaho?」

Margo-san shouts at chief Tanizawa from the iron door on the stairway.
She inserts a cardboard that had fallen under the door…
She’s trying to keep the door open

「What are you doing there?」
「Isn’t that obvious? In this kind of location, one must secure an escape in advance」

Margo-san answered.

「It’s useless…once you jump into the stairs, we can just drop the walls at the upper floor. I can do that in this terminal you see…!」

Chief Tanizawa points at the terminal on the white table.

「Is that so? But, I’ve been taught to do anything that would increase my survival chances. Kyouko-san did…!」

Margo-san’s real reason to leave this door open is…
For sister Edie’s sake.
If ever the door can be locked remotely…sister Edie can’t jump into this floor.

「Yeah, this looks good」

Margo-san confirms that the door is fixed…

「Let me ask once again…where is Minaho?!」

Our ranks are already prepared for battle.
Reika’s holding her cane of death…prepared to jump over chief Tanizawa.
Seki-san also pulls out her pistol, ready for support.
Michi’s standing in front of us.
She’s hiding the red whip in her back…

「Reika-oneesan…don’t narrow down the target yet. We don’t know where miss Cordelia’s subordinates are hiding」

Margo-san instructs…Reika doesn’t charge towards chief Tanizawa but change her stance to be able to step in any direction.

「Well trained…! To think that you could make a team play with Fujimiya-kun」

Chief Tanizawa’s impressed.

「Nei, check the perimeter…they should have erased their presence. There’s no other way but to search with your eyes」

Right…Miss Cordelia and the two attacked with Michi unaware of their『QI』
There’s no choice but to look up with one’s eyes to find the white Viola

「Yukino…look for them!」

Yukino bit her tongue. Perhaps, she was trying to say「Roger」I think.

「There’s no need to rush…just say when you feel『something’s strange』or『this feels bad』…!」

Margo-san said

「My…I wonder if you can find them easily. My cute kittens love hide and seek…!」

Miss Cordelia smiles suspiciously as she sit on the white table.

「Reika-oneesan, you don’t need to search…leave it to Nei and others…!」

Reika might unconsciously look for the enemy without thinking from what miss Cordelia said.

「Reika-oneesan…follow my instructions, concentrate so you can move at the max acceleration anytime. You don’t need to think of anything else!」

Reika cuts off her thoughts.

「…Mr. Tanizawa knows where they’re hidden, but」1

Miss Cordelia speaks to chief Tanizawa who’s sitting on the next seat.

「What happened to Kuromori Minaho? I want to see her soon…!」

Chief Tanziawa…

「My men are taking her in right now…she’ll be coming soon」
「Don’t forget that she’s also included in our contract…」


「I know…Kuromori Minaho, Margo Starkweather, Natou Nei, your condition is to hand them over」
「That’s right. I don’t really care about the other children coming as a bonus but…if you don’t hand over Kuromori Minaho, then I can’t fulfil the contract on my side」
「Don’t say that…she’ll be here soon. Believe me」

Chief Tanizawa promised to hand over Minaho-neesan, Margo-san, and Nei-san to miss Cordelia?

「Rather than that…aren’t you people a bit late?」
「They’re already here…」

On the right wall from where we are…
The door that’s about 15 meters apart opened suddenly


《…Hurry up!!》

Miss Cordelia shouts towards the door.
From the other side of the door, men in black combat clothes come in
I count with my eyes…
…There’s 13 men in black combat clothes.
Cesario Viola’s main team…

「…Reika-oneesan, Seki-san!」

Margo-san changes the team’s position from the sudden appearance of the enemy

「Nei and others, jump back to the stairs when I tell you…! You can hide from the bullets with that…」

On this floor with only pillars and walls… there’s no shield against guns.
Viola’s main troops are also confused?
They look around the strange floor.

「Listen. I’m calling you…Cesario Viola!」

Miss Cordelia laughs

「…What the hell is going on!」

One of the men in black combat clothes screams in Japanese.
This thick accent…Cesario Viola.
Nei-san’s enemy

「Sorry but I want you men disarmed…」

Chief Tanziawa pushed a switch as he says so

…Bika! Bika bika!

The dark floor’s filled with dazzling light


From the doors around the floor’s wall…
Men in black suit comes in one after another.
All of them have big machine guns at hand.
The number’s approximately 100 people

「That’s the information members of Kouzuki security service」

Reika mutters

「If the security department, the uniformed team under director Yamaoka is the surface of Kouzuki security service then…the『information department』is in charge of the underground」

Seki-san said, I…

「That information department is also the top…?」
「Yes…they’re under chief Tanizawa」

These 100 black suit men with machine guns hhead to us and Viola’s troops.


There’s another 20 black suits people appear from another door…
Who are these guys?
There are giants, petite people, and even women…
Their『qi』is completely different from those of information department.
They have a heavy atmosphere

「…Even this?!」

Reika’s speechless

「Could it be that they’re Seki-san’s colleagues?」

Margo-san smiles wryly

「Yes…they’re all from the top elites」
「To think that everyone that’s supposed to be guarding other houses would come!」

Chief Tanizawa’s subordinates…the strongest guard group…
All of the members have been gathered.

100 machine gun people…and 20 top elites.
On the side are Cesario Viola’s main troops, 13 people.
Furthermore, the hidden white Viola.
In front…miss Cordelia and Chief Tanizawa.

We’ve got nowhere to run to…!

1. The actual TL of Tanizawa was Yazawa, but I’m already too invested in Tanizawa so I’m not going to change it ↩
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