Chapter 329. Lorenzaccio Bandini

Chapter 329. Lorenzaccio Bandini

「…Tell them to discard all their weapons」

Chief Tanizawa tells miss Cordelia.
Miss Cordelia stare at chief Tanizawa…

「Oh, I’m not a person who responds well to unilateral disarming」

Kouzuki security service information staff has more than 100 machine guns…
Even with 100 guns pointed at Cesario Viola and the 13 men, their combat position doesn’t break.,
All of them are holding pistols at hand…

「This isn’t disarming…either way, they’ve got some weapons hidden right? I’m not telling them to take those out. For the time being…just hand over the weapons they have at hand」

Chief Tanizawa said.

「If this continues, I can’t talk calmly…」
「Sure…got it」

She smiled…then miss Cordelia told the men in black clothes in English
But…the 13 men in black combat clothes doesn’t move.

「What? Those guys aren’t listening to your orders」

This time, chief Tanizawa laughs at miss Cordelia

「Seems like it… Well, these guys are Lorenzaccio Bandini’s men. They won’t move unless their boss gives orders I think」

It’s not Cesario Viola…
But instead, the boss is Lorenzaccio Bandini…?

「As expected. Then, no other choice」

Chief Tanizawa speaks to the 13 enemies.

「Which one is Lorenzaccio Bandini? Raise your hand. I want to talk to you…!」

What?…Why are you speaking Japanese?!
Wasn’t Cesario Viola the only one who understands Japanese in this unit…?!

「I know that you can speak Japanese. I’ve investigated properly. I’ve identified that you lived in US military quarters in Okinawa 30 years ago. My『information department』is very efficient…!」

…Wait a minute.
Wasn’t it Cesario Viola who lived on Okinawa with American Soldiers when he was a child?
Is Lorenzaccio Bandini the same?

「That’s a very interesting report…!」

Chief Tanizawa speaks while smiling.

「Thirty years ago…two American boys got to know each other at Okinawa base. One is a son of Marine corps officer. The other one was a child of a collapsing hippie working at a laundry at the base. Wandering around the world, washed up in Okinawa…as an American, he lived as a good-for-nothing parasite at the base…!」

Cesario Viola and Lorenzaccio Bandini…
Both of them spent childhood in Okinawa…and are acquainted?!

「Fifteen years later…the two people grown ups met again in the slums of Los Angeles. Their standpoint completely reversed from when they were children…」

Chief Tanizawa continues his story…
The 13 black combat clothes men…just stay still holding their gun.

「The good for nothing son before is now a member of the underground society in Los Angeles…he rose to be one of the bosses. But…」

Chief Tanizawa’s mouth distorts.

「The son of the former officer on the other hand, his dream to become a Hollywood star broke, became a small villain, spending everyday doing small crimes…」

The hidden story comes to light.

「Lorenzaccio Bandini…that’s an interesting name 『Lorenzaccio』…it’s a drama by Alfred de Musset Lorenzino de Medici is nicknamed『Medici’s hamlet』 The assassin of Florence, the best friend of Alessandro de Medici. Aren’t they all names a hippie father give their child?」

Viola was the son of the soldier…
Bandini was the son of the hippie?

「In order to rise up in the underground, you made your hands dirty. But, after going up to a certain extent, the dirty work can be left to trustworthy subordinates. If a person tries to raise their name as a murderer even when getting old…such a human can’t be a big name in the underground society.
Especially it responds to the relationship with the celebrity who requests a big work.
The wealthy socialites in Los Angeles are looking for people willing to commit murder and dangerous work on a daily basis…
Just being a murderer won’t make you a friend of theirs.
They don’t want to shake hands with stinky red blood, a hand that might have killed someone a while ago…
As long as you’re a killer, you’ll be looked down by the celebrities.
If you’re skilled…then work from the celebrities won’t be interrupted…
Only a small person would want to be used…」

Chief Tanizawa happily talks.

「But…Lorenzaccio Bandini is a man who loved the scene of murder. Furthermore, he doesn’t trust others. He doesn’t trust his subordinates from the bottom of his heart. He’s a man who always thinks of standing on site and confirming the progress of the work.
Now then, what to do…?
The work is fun but…he’ll end up as a small guy if this continues.
There’s a possibility for the wealthy socialites to throw him away anytime…
Not wanting to be looked down on forever…the existence has to be equal, no, it has to be beyond that.
…Then, what would he do?
The young Lorenzaccio Bandini came up with one system to establish his position in the underground society…!」

…and that is?

「That is the『Cesario Viola』
Giving birth to the fictional criminal named『Cesario Viola』and making it known that all his crimes were done by Viola…
Then, using the name『Cesario Viola』he dyed his hands on all kinds of crime…selling the name in the underground society of Los Angeles. It was sold.
Then…he decided to make himself the manager of『Cesario Viola』
『Please contact me when you want to request a crime to Cesario Viola…!』or something like that…!
I see…as a manager, he’s not the criminal himself.
The impression of the wealthy socialites won’t be too bad.
Besides, in order to request for a crime…you’re in the position where you directly interview the wealthy socialites.
If you receive jobs several times, you’ll become familiar to them.
The trust can be gathered as a connection to the underground.
Then, Lorenzaccio Bandini has established a firm position in Los Angeles as the manager of a nonexistent『Cesario Viola』
That’s what it’s all about!」

One of the black combat clothes men shouts sharply

「That’s wrong!」

I heard this voice on the communication device.

「I’m Cesario Viola! Cesario Viola is here」

The man strikes his chest…

「Oh right. You’re one of the Cesario Viola’s existing…」

Miss Cordelia said clearly

「Lorenzaccio Bandini doesn’t hold his protégé’s subordinates at hand. Depending on the work…he has to hire a contractor. But, in the site where contractors are called, Viola must exist in addition to Lorenzaccio Bandini. If not…it’ll be exposed that Cesario Viola『actually doesn’t exist』…!」

Miss Cordelia said, the male Viola…!

「…Wrong! I’m Viola! Cesario Viola! The legendary underground criminal in Los Angeles! The worst criminal! The organization’s boss! Cesario Viola!」

Viola shouts…
Miss Cordelia laughs.

「Try saying that in English. Everyone would laugh out loud. The last men remaining here know your true identity and they’re subordinates of Bandini who’s a veteran…!」

Starting with those Russian thugs…
Old man Dai Grepher took ten people down.
With the exception of the seven that was taken down by Banbarubie3
The remaining 13 people are the core members with Lorenzaccio Bandini as center.
In short…they’re Bandini’s subordinates since old days.
They’re all people who knows about the other side of the『Cesario Viola』system…

「When Lorenzaccio Bandini came up with the『Cesario Viola』system, he just happen to see you again. That’s why Bandini decided to use you. If it’s with you…he can speak Japanese where the other subordinates can’t understand. That’s why you became the first『Cesario Viola』actor」

Miss Cordelia said.

「…I-I’m not an actor. I’m Viola!」

Still, the male Viola refuses, but…

「What is the useless guy saying? You can threaten a weak person or kill a helpless man but…when the senior armed group doing a kill job, aren’t you useless? Therefore Lorenzaccio Bandini made you a『Cheap and dirty work Viola』and prepared a different one for a『Viola for big works』…!」

True…The male Viola’s behavior is too cheap…
It’s not fit for Cesario Viola’s legend.

「Wasn’t there a talk about firing you and making another『Viola』is there? However…your sister, the first generation『Rosalind Orlando』has been quite useful Without her connection with you…you should’ve been fired already!」

Miss Cordelia laughs.

「On the contrary…there was a discussion that it’s better to have more than one『Cesario Viola』 After all, it’s really a fictional existence. It’s a problem if the world discovers the real image of Cesario Viola. A man who see Viola as a vulgar, crude, and a talkative foolish man like you…and another man witness Viola as a cunning and reticent man. By spreading the loose images, 『Cesario Viola’s』legend is born…」

That’s why the Viola’s a number of people.
The male Viola spits…

「…I can’t do this. They always tell me to get disguised when going on site…! Furthermore, they’re saying to『make-up so your true face isn’t shown』 I do a different disguise everyday!」

Viola’s disguised as a movie character every time he does his work.
Lorenzaccio Bandini would call out the Viola on location and…Viola would be recognized as the『Cesario Viola ー the boss of the criminal organization』
In other words, the male Viola won’t become『Viola』unless Bandini recognizes him

「And the instructions on the site are only to act…Actually, Bandini or Giuliano will take command. I wasn’t even allowed to speak directly to the underlings at the scene…!」

The male Viola shouts.

「When I’m not working…I’m almost trapped in the mansion. They’re monitoring me for 24 hours…!」

The male Viola’s trapped?
No…with this character.
If he gets out, you don’t know what he would say.
So that’s why…

「Your long standing frustration…created the crack in the『Cesario Viola』system」

Chief Tanizawa said

「Lorenzaccio Bandini allowed you to have boys to play with to vent out your stress. Since childhood, when you were in Japan…you liked to rape Japanese young men. You play as a representative of a Japanese company…looking for prey. Of course…While still being monitored…」
「My little sister is always watching me! That bitch’s a faithful dog to Bandini…」

That’s the role of the dead Rosalind Orlando…

「Then, you have taken Najima Keito and Najima Yasuko…!」

Nei-san trembles.

「Yeah…Kei was the best. He did everything for me in order to protect Yasuko. His face was beautiful, his skin was good…he also tasted the best. I was able to take everything from him」

I embrace the trembling Nei-san tightly

「However…Rosalind Orlando felt uneasy that you got devoted to Natou Keito. You neglected your work since the boy came in」

Chief Tanizawa asks, the male Viola.

「That doesn’t matter anyway! Either way, even if I’m not there, Bandini could do the job himself. I wasn’t needed! If he’s making me go out of my way, then he’s just tormenting a shadow!」
「You think like that so there’s no contractors when it’s not an important job. Even with the role of『Cesario Viola』is absent, it’s a scene without a problem…」

Chief Tanizawa lets miss Cordelia take over.

「But, Lorenzaccio Bandini got angry with that attitude of yours. Rosalind Orlando felt uneasiness seeing that…if you continue to be addicted to Najima Keito, Lorenzaccio Bandini might dispose of you. In that case…it’s not only you but her position as a sister would be at stake」

Miss Cordelia smiles

「That’s right…that’s why she tried to sell Kei and Yasuko secretly」

And the buyer back then was Shirasaka Sousuke.
Then, Minaho-neesan, Kyouo-san, and Margo-san saved Kei-san and Nei-san.

「That was the start of the worst. At that time『Cesario Viola』was working in Tijuana Mexico. You noticed that Rosalind’s about to sell your precious pet, so you slipped through Bandini’s eyes and returned from Tijuana to Los Angeles alone.
Lorenzaccio Bandini never thought that a small guy like you would do that, he was in quite a panic」
「The usual monitor, Rosalind wasn’t there with me. I had the chance to escape…!」
「Bandini didn’t notice that you were obsessed with that boy so much…that’s why it’s a fatal mistake」

Then…the male Viola returned to Los Angeles…
He fought Kyouko-san in the city…

「Bandini himself can’t get away from Tijuana’s scene…if he can’t fulfil his work in Mexico, it would be a problem of trust. Meanwhile, you made a sudden trip to Los Angeles…using your name as『Cesario Viola』you gathered up small thugs and made a fuss. The people underground were watching you fooling around. Rosalind tried to stop you from behind the scenes but on contrary…she was killed by Kuromori people」

Kei-san killed Rosalind.
Kei-san shot back and both of them died…

「To make it worse…Najima Yasuko escaped. When Lorenzaccio Bandini returned from Tijuana somehow, everything’s too late. The legend of『Cesario Viola』he has accumulated for many years was blown off. Especially Rosalind, her death was big. Three years since then…the reputation of『Cesario Viola』hasn’t returned yet. Even now, the only job requests are only second rate…!」

Miss Cordelia laughs out loud.
So that thing happened?

「That’s right, that’s why I came here in Japan. I will pay back my debt by coming to Japan! I will kill Yasuko and those who helped her!!! If I show that Cesario Viola could show absolute revenge…the trust of the underground society will return as well. Even you people came to Japan to confirm that, right?!」

Viola shouts at miss Cordelia
To confirm…?
Miss Cordelia’s not a member of Viola’s organization…?!

「That’s right. I’ve been dispatched by the『council』to audit…」


「In this past three years…there’s a lot of opinions in the『council』to stop investing on『Cesario Viola』due to the decline. That’s why we’re trying to reverse this…and yet, you keep on hindering us! Wasn’t it the『council’s』directive to cooperate with us?! Why are you people…」

Miss Cordelia stops Viola from speaking

「…It’s completely different, you idiot.」

Then, she snapped her fingers.
Immediately after…the door on a wall opens…
And the white female Viola and Rosalind appears.
The two of them are wearing white suit, same as miss Cordelia.

「…Let me introduce to you; The new『Cesario Viola』and『Rosalind Orlando』」

The two white beauties stand up behind miss Cordelia who’s sitting on the round table.
The male Viola smiles

「…W-What do you mean?!」
「Let me tell you the『council’s』decision. The current『Cesario Viola』system will be abolished. But…the『council』has decided to take over the idea of creating a fictional criminal and turning them to a legend」

Does that mean…?

「No way…you intend to kill us?」
「It’s okay…even if you die『Cesario Viola』won’t die It’s a『fictional existence』after all We’ll be taking the name and the legend. These girls are better than you. We’ll be publicly advertising the『second generation Cesario Viola』but I think that they will be more popular than the first generation…」

They intend to renew Cesario Viola…?

「That’s how it is…that’s why you can come die in this Far East Land in peace. Fuahahahaha…!」

Miss Cordelia laughs.
The two new white Viola too…

「Dammit! They got us…! Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!」

The male Viola shouts.

「…Too noisy. You shut up already」

A low voice of a man comes out of the group of black combat clothed men.
Another person speaking Japanese in this American group…

「My, I’m finally talking to you then…Lorenzaccio Bandini?」

Miss Cordelia laughs.

「This is completely different from what I’ve heard from the『council』…miss」

Bandini’s Japanese has a little accent.

「The『council’s』promise is to dispose this guy in Japan. The『council』should need my talent, my permission as the operator of『Cesario Viola』…!」

Disposing him here?
The male Viola’s planned to be killed anyway…

「Mr. Lorenzaccio Bandini…how old are you right now?」
「If you’re in Major League Baseball, it’s about time for you to retire…!」

Miss Cordelia said.

「Samuel Stephenson from the council said『you’ve done a lot of work for the last 15 years』 But, you don’t have the next 15 years. You are getting too old to operate the『Cesario Viola』system in the underground society…!」
「That’s not true!」
「The failure three years ago…made the council judged that you can’t manage properly more than this man’s rampage…!」
「Are you saying that I’m going to get killed here too?」

Miss Cordelia’s been dispatched by the『council』organization to dispose all of the people involved with the『Cesario Viola』system so far…?

「Even if you die, 『Lorenzaccio Bandini』won’t die. The real Lorenzaccio Bandini is now protected by Mr. Tanizawa’s men

I see…the impostor Lorenzaccio Bandini that appeared at school.
Is still bound by Kudou-papa
Even if the real Lorenzaccio Bandini is killed here…
As long as the Lorenzaccio Bandini in custody exists…his death won’t be confirmed.

「I should’ve thought about why you prepared an imposer for me」

Lorenzaccio Bandini smiles bitterly.

「Now…what should we do? I’ve got a contract with Mr. Tanizawa…I don’t need to dispose of you right away」

Miss Cordelia tells Lorenzaccio Bandini

「…Kuromori Minaho’s late.1 How about we watch some attraction until they come here?」

Then she looked towards us.

「How about we have your remaining troops fight to death with Kuromori house?…! I’m sure it’ll be an amazing show.」

Fight with us?

「Isn’t living or death so fun? Margo Starkweather…!」

She smiles coldly at Margo-san…

1. Hint hint ↩
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