Chapter 337. Gunshot

Chapter 337. Gunshot

「People died! You should go contact the police! You should be in trial! Don’t you think it’s strange that you all decided and consented without permission!? Have some shame you people!」

Yukino snapped.
She seems to be unconvinced of Jii-chan and our actions.

「…Hmm. Lass, why do you think so?」

Kyouko-san asks curiously from a distance.

「Because…it’s not okay to judge the crime you did by yourself. Isn’t there why there’s a law, police, a courthouse who determines judgement from a fair standpoint!」

Yukino answers.

「Hey hey…is your head empty?」

Kyouko-san says win an amazed face.

「Law, police, courts?…Isn’t their fairness just fictional?」
「…W-What are you saying?」

Yukino’s stunned.

「Kyouko-san, this girl only knows Japan so she doesn’t understand that social justice is an illusion1」

Margo-san said

「Oh…you just believe in what liberals say」

Kyouko-san smiles wryly

「The law, police and the court are all arbitrarily used by the will of people of power. Those who are without power are always insulted as they like…that’s how this world is. That said, there are also irresponsible people trying to say make a revolution…in reality, if the revolution happens, the state’s root will be broken and it’ll be chaos The country experiencing revolution takes decades to return to a quiet state」
「I’m not saying about law or country. I’m just saying that everyone’s wrong!」
「What? Are you saying that the law, police, courts and country don’t make mistakes?」
「That’s…sometimes they may be wrong but, aren’t they made to be fair to everyone, thinking about everyone?!」
「Hmm, I don’t know your standards in what’s fair but…if the laws, police, and courts around the world work as you say, then I would still be living happily in Rio, Brazil」
「…What are you talking about」
「I know that the law, police and courts are never reliable. At least, they’re not on our side. They’re not always the enemy but they’re not friendly. Ever since I was a child, I saw how many people around me were sacrificed」


「Therefore…I must protect myself and my friends. If the enemy attacks us with money and power then I’ll fight back with money and violence. An eye for an eye. Power for power. Just rob them money. If the surface use public authority, we will fight with the violence of the darkness. That’s how we lived on…!」

Kyouko-san says heavily but Yukino…

「Don’t change the topic! People died! We can’t just hide it! Isn’t it the norm to come to the police properly!!!」

It’s the same pattern as usual.
If she’s asked with reason, her emotions would explode…

「Sadly…there’s not a single normal person here…!」

Kyouko-san’s voice echoes in the empty floor…

「First, the people here are the same as me…members of international criminal organization…genuine outlawas」

Kyouko-san’s eyes look at miss Cordelia and others.
Miss Cordelia smiles mysteriously

「Then…genuine powerful persons and their subordinates that has the power to compete with national organizations」

Kyouko-san looks at Jii-chan and chief Tanizawa.
Jii-chan’s interested in Kyouko-san and Yukino’s conversation.

「Everyone are people outside the laws of the country. People who has the power they can clearly use for themselves. There’s no need for law or the state’s help…!」

Kyouko-san smiles.

「That said, we’re not always in conflict with the state. As long as we coexist, we can have friendly relationship with both the nation and people in power. That is because we’re neither a socialist, nor a revolutionist. There’s no big deal if we want to make the world our own way. We just want to live happily with the people we love」

Jii-chan adds.

「Unfortunately…the environment we were born and raised doesn’t allow us to live like ordinary citizens. I was born with the huge power of Kouzuki family…The country, Japan had been plotting to take away the power and control of the family many times. I fought with them…again and again. Kouzuki house is in Japan but…I think that its not good to strengthen the power of people who shake the national power further. No, it’s a bad way of saying that I fought with the nation…since there’s no clear intention in things such as the state. Who I fight are politicians and senior bureaucrat who takes away what they want with their power. They’re not as big as the nation. The few number who are vulgar comes to war using the power of the state. Therefore, I crush them with all my power. That’s all there is to it」
「I think that’s the misunderstood point by this lass. Do you think that the country, the law, the judicial system are absolutely《NOBLE and QUITABLE?》? They’re not. The country, law, and justice are only tools and power used by humans. If the person using it is corrupt, justice will never be fulfilled. Furthermore, it’s natural for people of power to rot」

Kyouko-san tells Yukino…

「You people are the ones who don’t know anything!」

Yukino’s unbreakable.

「You’re trying to knead me with such a small logic…I know that…!!!」

She looks at everyone with eyes of contempt.

「You should all be in prison and be hanged! You’re those kind of people! What the hell! Why evil so bossy!!!」

Kyouko-san smiles at Yukino…

「That’s right…you finally figured that out?」


「That’s why you should already notice that you shouldn’t talk about justice on evil people…!」

Yukino turns to me with a look of fury.

「What about you! Are you thinking the same as this woman…?!!」

I look at Nei-san and Margo-san on my side.
Michi and sister Edie too.
Reika and Seki-san.
Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan.
Then, Katsuko-nee, Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san on the screen…

「I’m a member of the criminal organization『Black Forest』 These people are my『family』」

I’ve already made my resolve.
I’m resolved to live and die with this『family』

「…Is that so?」

Yukino said quietly

「Then…I can’t stay here anymore」

Yukino walks towards the door.

「Hey, where do you intend to go?!」
「Home! I don’t want to stay here for a second longer. I don’t want to stay with you any longer…!」
「Home, where?」
「…Isn’t that obvious, my house!」
「Your house is filled with mass media!」

It hasn’t been 24 hours since the discovery of the big scandal of Shirasaka Sousuke yesterday.
It’s just been reported that the head, Shirasaka Moritsugu has been hospitalized.

「I don’t care about that! I want to go home! I want to leave!」

Yukino puts her hand on the door knob but the door won’t open.

「Where’s the key to this door?!!!」
「Wait! Yukino! You intend to go out looking like that!」

Yukino’s naked…only wearing my T-shirt.
Her feet’s barefoot…

「I don’t care!」
「In the first place…this is the outskirts of Odaiba. How do you intend to go home?!」

It’s already night…
Yukino doesn’t have a single cent…

「Shut up! I’ll walk home through the rainbow bridge!」

No…can you even pass through the rainbow bridge with just that T-shirt?

「Just say here for now! At least get a change of clothes. You need shoes don’t you!?」
「I don’t! I don’t need anything! I don’t want to do anything with you people anymore…!」

Yukino glares at me with eyes of hate.

「…I hate you. Don’t come close to me!」
「Don’t ever try to get involved with me again! I don’t want to see your face anymore!!!」

Yukino rejects me.
Of course…
I’ve only been an existence that torments Yukino all this time.
Having sex several times, it looks like our hearts communicate, but…
That is just a misunderstanding.
There’s no way Shirasaka Yukino could like me
…That’s just.
…Obvious from the beginning


Those words leak out of my mouth.


Yukino turns to me looking unlpleasant.

「No…I don’t know what to say. Anyway, sorry. I’m really sorry…!」

…Then, Yukino.
Her heart explodes.

「If you’re going to apologize then do it from the start! You idioooooot!!!!」

I raped Shirasaka Yukino.
Taking her virginity forcibly…raping her multiple times.
I tore her relationship with her lover…
Stole Yukino’s sister…
Exposed her silliness to the students of the school…
Helped out in overthrowing her father.
I took her to this dangerous place…
Right now…Yukino has nothing left.
Friends, lover, family…nothing

「…Sorry, Yukino」

Yukino is now losing her bond with me.
No, there was no bond from the beginning.
I’m a rapist and Yukino’s the victim
That was the only relationship from the start.
…Can do nothing but apologize.


I said, Yukino…

「Give me a break!!!」

Yukino’s fist hits me in the face.
It’s not a slap.
Yukino’s fist hit me.
Since she’s a girl, her punch doesn’t carry weight, but…
It hurts for me.

「There’s no way it can be settled with a sorry!!」

…At that time.


The door placed on the wall opened suddenly…!
Appearing from the door is Kouzuki Kenshi.

「…Oh, so everyone’s here!」

Kouzuki Kenshi smiles like clear sky…very out of place.

「Iyaaa, I finally came down to this floor…!」

…At that moment!


A scream can be heard from behind.
Turning around…Lorenzaccio Bandini attacks one of the top elite monitoring him!

「That’s just…they were frisked, aren’t they?」
「Looks like he was hiding a knife in the heel of his shoe!」

Bandini pushes the top elite and rushes towards the door Kouzuki Kenshi opened!!

「You can’t escape!!」

Kyouko-san and the top elite tries to hold Bandini at once.
Everyone’s concentrating on Lorenzaccio Bandini
There’s no way Cesario Viola overlooks that opportunity.


Viola also flees between the top elites…
Furthermore, he aims to break through ain a different way from where Bandini headed.
In short…He’s trying to take a hostage.
The most defenseless person on this floor in Viola’s sightー
…is Yukino.

「…Come here!」

Viola’s eyes are bloodshot…!
Yukino screams!
I jump in between Yukino and Viola!
Before Viola’s hand catches Yukino…!


Michi’s red whip strikes Viola’s hand!!


Margo-san jump kick from the side bursts Viola!!!


Viola’s body danced in the air from the fierce kick and rolled down on the floor…
He twitched…and lost power.

「…He died?」

Yukino mutters.

「Who knows…I hope he did」

Margo-san answers.
Slowly approaching…
Margo-san stripped of Viola’s mask.
The face under the mask is fainted.
It seems there’s some make up.
The mustache attacked is crooked.

「…Did he have this kind of face? Cesario Viola」

Nei-san mutters」

「The face in my memory was far more frightening」
「Well, the Viola remaining in Nei’s head is just adding more and more scariness. That’s how memory of fear is…」

Margo-san said.
Bandini on the door is caught without problems.

「《Hey》Mr. Bandini, who’s Viola’s disguise for today?」

Cesario Viola has a hobby of disguising as a movie character during work.

「It’s Rhett Butler…!」

Bandini who’s held down by several people answers Margo-san frustratedly

「Clark Gable?」
「That’s right」

I don’t get it.

「Hmm…It’s right on tract but it feels like『A look-alike』」

Margo-san says so so he must be looking similar to some extent.

「Before we reunited in Los Angeles…that guy was in front of a Chinese Theater, winding up small change from tourists dressed as Rhett Butler. However, her sister who’s dressed as wonder woman had better earnings」

The young Viola and Rosalind were doing that…

「He got angry from that…he stopped making costumes and concentrated on stealing the tourists’ luggage as they take pictures with his sister…!」

Then…on the path of evil.
Viola who’s fainted remains lying down…not moving at all.

「He’s dead…killed. You people killed again!!」

Yukino looks at us angrily

「Don’t get closer!!!」

Yukino screams.

「I don’t want this anymore! I’m sick of this!!! I don’t want this! Let me out of here!!!」

Yukino tries to escape from the wall.
That’s where Viola’s body fell.


I turned the pistol Seki-san handed me…

「W-What…Y-You…you intend to kill me too?!」

Yukino’s face distorts in fear.

「That’s not it! I’m telling you to not move!!!」
「Don’t order me!!」

Yukino’s feet falls back.
You can’t go there…!!


Nei-san and Michi calls me.

「…I see, I get it!」

Margo-san rushes.
I noticed that she won’t make it.

「Noooooo, don’t kill meeeeee!!!」

…I thought that something’s strange.
…I felt that it is.


I shot the gun.
The bullet flies straight…
In a moment, it opened a hole in Viola’s body who’s collapsed on the floor…his body jumps up.
Blood, spouts out
The smell of smoke hits my nose…


Yukino’s scream thunders…
Margo-san hugs Yukino-san to protect her.

「Noooooooo, Nooooooooo,. aaaaaaaaaaa!!!」

Yukino’s in frenzied state.
Margo-san slaps Yukino!

「…Calm down!!!」

The people’s gaze concentrates on the floor.
Viola’s body that was shot…
I shot him…


Yukino looks back at me.
Kyouo-san comes in.
She inspects Viola’s body.

「…Well done noticing it」

Kyouko-san picked up a small capsule that’s grasped in Viola’s hands.

「…What’s that?」
「A nerve gas. It’s impossible to take everyone on this floor but it’s the type that can kill nearby people…. It means that he’ll take someone down with him. What a weak willed man…」

Viola’s holding to a poison capsule.

「He was pretending to be dead, and when someone comes near him, he’ll use this capsule…」

Kyouko-san looks at Yukino.

「With your position, you would’ve been surely dead…this boy helped you」



She looks at me dreadfully.

「You’re a murderer」

…That’s right.
I killed.
I shot.
With this hand…
With this gun…

「…I, I」

Huh…what’s going on.
I feel my body’s so heavy.
I’m tired.
…I feel bad.
I feel like my stomach’s flowing backwards.
I feel dizzy.


I can’t stand anymore.

「…Shit. I should’ve noticed this possibility!」

Margo-san’s voice sounds far away

「If he’s not fixated about his life…he won’t feel hesitant to take away other people’s lives!」

Eh…does that mean?
Is that me…?

「…Murderer! Killer! Criminal!」

I can hear Yukino’s voice.
It sounds very far away.


Then lost consciousness…

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