Chapter 342. Breakfast table

Chapter 342. Breakfast table

「Have sex with Onee-chan」

She was kidnapped by Cesario Viola along with her twin brother, Kei-san…
Viola who’s a homo who likes good looking boys raped Kei-san…thus they were allowed to live.
Nei-san is also an amazing beauty and yet…Viola completely ignores her value as a human…
Viola used her as a tool to torture Kei-san.
That has turned to a bottomless trauma in Nei-san’s heart.
Nei-san tried to give her virginity to Kei-san…
The confined Nei-san had nothing else to offer him.
But, Kei-san doesn’t want to embrace Nei-san’s body…
Viola’s little sister, Rosalind died along with him.
Nei-san’s helplessness…remained as is.

「I feel like my time won’t move if I don’t have sex with Kei」

Nei-san said smiling wryly

「Does Kei not want to do it with me?」


「Of course…I don’t hate it but」

Nei-san looks at me with serious eyes.

「…I don’t want to do it here」

I answered.
After a moment.
Nei-san starts to laugh out.

「What’s that…Kei? You sound like a woman!」

Nei-san laughs…

「But, you’re right…there’s no need to hurry. Shall we go back to the mansion and take it slow?」
「…Uhm, Nee-chan」
「What’s up?」
「There’s a place I want to take Nee-chan to」
「Eh, where?」
「…Does Kei want to have my first time there?」

Nei-san smiles.

「Okay. I’m fine anywhere…if that’s where Kei wants」
「Then…where’s that place?」

I answered in a small voice.

「…My house」
「It’ll be the last time I will return to Yoshida house. I’m never going back to that house…so I want to show Nee-chan my house」

The house where I grew up…
The shabby sofa which was my bed…


Nei-san looks at me…

「I…I’ll give up my past up until now. From now on…I’m going to live by thinking only my future with Nee-chan」

Therefore, I want only Nei-san to see.
My past…the world I’m throwing away

「Got it…Kei」

Nei-san’s hand pats my face.

「…Onee-chan will go with you」

Margo-san who’s been observing us until now opened her mouth.

「Now that’s decided…Nei, go wash your face. You might also take a light shower. Katsuko-san’s preparing breakfast and everyone’s waiting for you」

Margo-san smiles.

「The family’s waiting for Nei to show up with a cheerful face…!」
「That’s right, Nee-chan! Hurry up…here!」

I pull out Nei-san from the bed.

「I get it, I get it already…!」

Nei-san gets up laughing.

「The bath and shower room is that door.」

Margo-san points out smiling.
This suite has a bathroom for every bedroom.

「Yeah…I’ll be back in five minutes!」

Nei-san disappears behind the door…


Margo-san leaks out a huge sigh…

「Thanks to you…it somehow went well…」

She looked at me then said.

「I think that it’ll be hard but…I’ll leave Nei to you」
「Yes, I’ll stay with her forever」

I’ve made my resolve.

「I think that it’s a good idea to make Nei call you『Kei』」

Margo-san said.

「Nei puts『chan』on nicknames on people she get acquainted with」
「That looks like she’s trying to make friends but actually, that’s different」

…It’s not to show intimacy?

「By approaching the other party yourself and using『chan』as the guise of getting along…in fact, it’s a sign for herself to not step further from that. Nei refuses to have someone step into her heart…」

…Does that mean?

「Yes, she calls me『Maru-chan』 Even against me, Nei’s making a firewall in her heart」

…Is that so?

「Minaho as well, Nei’s calling her『Sensei』doesn’t she? Katsuko-san’s called『Katsun』, I think she’s more close to them than me」
「Katsuko-san’s been a prostitute…always oppressed by Shirasaka Sousuke. For Nei who’s been confined by Viola all the time, she thinks of her as a closer existence. Kyouko-san and I who have the power to protect oneself…is on a different type than herself, that’s what she thinks」

Margo-san who’s been watching over Nei-san all this time…makes a lonely analysis.

「Now that you have succeeded to make Nei adress you without any suffix…I think that you’re the first person to become the closest to Nei. You’re a relative, or rather… you’re directly linked to her heart.」
「I didn’t mean to say it like that though…」

Margo-san laughs.

「I know. I understand…you’ve always been open minded to Nei」
「I just want Nei-san to become happy. No…I want to make her happy. No…I’ll make her happy. I!」

I’ll use my whole life.

「…Yeah. I’m sure you can do it. No…I’m sure you’ll be happy」


「…Haa. I wonder if I’m already relieved from my post now. Nei have always wanted a『brother』…if it’s you, you’d never do anything to make Nei sad…」

Margo-san said sadly.
Margo-san is going to part with Nei-san?

「No…Margo-san is still needed by Nei-san」

Those words come out of my mouth.


Margo-san’s surprised.

「If Nei-san’s life can’t settle down without a brother like me then…she’ll surely consult to an elder sister like Margo-san」
「…An elder sister like me?」

…That’s right

「Yes. Margo-san is our『Onee-san』after all」

I said clearly

「I’m younger than Nei-san…and I’m a man. Of course, I’m a younger man so I can be helpful however…without an older woman, I think there’s a lot of things I can’t understand…」

Everyone must have their share.

「Therefore, I’m counting on you…Margo-oneesan」

Margo-san looks at me with a dumbfounded face.
…Then, she laughed out loud.

「…You’re getting stronger aren’t you?」

Margo-san smiles.

「I have no other ways but to go forward after all」

I don’t have the room to stop and look back…
There’s a lot of things that has to be done for the family.

「You’re right. Then, I’ll bring Nei with me…you can tell everyone that Nei’s better. I think they’re all worried…」
「Okay. I’ll be going then…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

Returning to the room where everyone else is…
Huh? Nobody’s here.

「Onii-chan, this way…!」

Mana shows up on the door next room.
It seems that they’re in the living room.
I head to the next room…
Looking at the table…there’s bacon, eggs, salads prepared on the table.
Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Megu, Mana, Nagisa, Mao-chan, Kyouko-san, even sister Edie…are waiting for us to come before eating.
Minaho-neesan is talking with Kyouko-san.
Katsuko-nee’s making tea, Megu brings the tea to me.
Mana and sister Edie join up with Nagisa to play with Mao-chan.
Yukino’s the only one watching the TV with a serious face.
When I enter…Yukino, Mao-chan and sister Edie looked at me.

「It’s fine now…Nei-san’s coming right after」

Everyone’s relieved.

「Take a seat as well…if you’re hungry then go eat first」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「No…I’ll wait for Nei-san」

I answered…

「Look, you’re the only one who can’t hold until everyone starts eating…!」

Kyouko-san calls out under the table.


Under the table…Kudou-papa’s sitting cross legged…
Kudou-papa’s eating milk with plenty of cereals with a big spoon.

「I’ve heard that I could eat breakfast if I came here after all…」


「…But, that’s just a lie. Kouzuki-pops asked me to escort you people. Thus, I came here and there was food…」
「His stomach is already growling so I let him ate first」

Katsuko-nee laughed, then said.

「Sorry. I haven’t eaten at all since last night…!」

Kudou-papa throws in the cereals to his mouth like coal to a steam locomotive.

「All the ingredients were taken from the kitchen of this hotel…it’s all good stuff. I wanted to make bread if I had time but…I can’t afford to borrow their oven so bear with the cereal this morning」

Yeah…can’t just use the kitchen equipment like one owns it.
Currently, the hotel is closed so the cooks are absent.

「By the way…you said about escorting us?」

Why is that needed?
Viola’s threat is already gone…
Shirasaka house also withdrew their kill request.

「No, it’s nothing big. The police are on the lower floors you know? I’m needed so you can get out without making any contact with them」

I see…they were doing on the spot investigation.

「There’s a lot of media in here too」

Megu turned up the the volume of the television matching with Kudou-papa’s words.
The morning show…
Yeah…it’s this hotel.
The weather today is clear…the high-rise hotel built along the Odaiba sea is shown.
The telephoto lens from the outside shows the first floor lobby turned to a mess.
The headline written on the screen…

『Shirasaka Moritsugu’s on wild rampage?! Hiring terrorists to murder his own relatives?!』
『Russian Mafia attacked a first class hotel?!』

Jii-chan’s orders last night are executed.
Viola’s 120 combat troops invaded this hotel…
『Shirasaka Moritsugu requested to murder his relatives opposing him』is what’s being reported…
Us and the owner of the hotel…Kouzuki house are all kept confidential…

『Shirasaka Moritsugu’s career in mass medias is over. To think that a representative of the people’s voice resorted to terrorist acts against his relatives…furthermore, it’s Russian mafia! A foreign criminal organization! Far from outrageous…this is an absolutely unforgivable act!』

The commentator speaks appropriately.

『Shirasaka Moritsugu was suddenly hospitalized…made to resign from the position of the chairman of the newspaper company…and is announced to retire』
『No, that’s natural. Rather than that, I think that Shirasaka house itself should be separated from the management of group companies. It’s unhealthy to have that family itself be nesting in the press industry…it’s truly deplorable!』

Manipulating the public opinion…Shirasaka house will be chased out of their own media companies soon…
Yukino’s the only one watching that broadcast seriously.

「…What happened to the contractors Kudou-san summoned?」

I asked.
If I recall, chief Tanizawa dropped the fire doors of the hotel to isolate everyone?

「All of them are home already…!」

Kudou-papa answers while eating.

「Is everyone all right?」
「Well of course. They’re all professionals after all…!」
「That’s not it…weren’t they trapped in the middle of their job?」

On the final stage of crushing Viola’s main force…
Chief Tanizawa confined them without giving a reason why…
Miss Cordelia went home laughing earlier…

「Kudou-san…weren’t you trapped in as well?」

Kudou-papa looks at my face.

「Oh I see…you know a lot of things behind the scenes that I don’t?」


「Don’t tell me those. I don’t want to know…and If I do, it’ll only fill up my mind…」


「Things that shouldn’t be known should stay as that…that’s the core of our work after all…!」

Kudou-papa gobbles the spoon.

「True…we were suddenly trapped, and when Tanizawa Pops released us, he gave『operation end』as instruction. We don’t know what was going on. There’s no explanation so…there are some that are annoyed. But you see…we’re employed people. If Kouzuki graps or Tanizawa Pops say『end of operation』then it’s the end. What’s left is to take the reward…go home and sleep」
「…Is it the same for Banbarubie 3 and Dai Grepher?」
「They all happily went home. They earned additional money from the initial promise, and even given special bonuses

…I see.

「It’s not that we’re fighting Cesario Viola and his funny Russian thug friends because of hate. We’re fighting because it’s our job. So, as long as the employer gives us the promised reward…we’re totally not interested in the details, the progress, or the result of this incident. There’s no need to bother to look into what the employer is hiding. Everyone withdrew without having any big injury, isn’t that merry for all?」

That’s the contractual guard.

「Oh, only Dai Grepher was the one carried by an ambulance」


「THat guy was punished by Barbie for trying to touch Banba-chan’s butt. For some reason, Barbie’s the only one who’s able to go through his different dimension fighting strategy. He was blown away by Barbie’s phoenix phantom fist, and soaring wings combo」

Thus…he got to a hospital?

「He’s also in bad luck…or rather, he’s an idiot」

Kudou-papa resumes eating once again.
Or rather…he’s eating only cereal

「Once I take you out of the hotel, my work for today is done. I decided to take a day off. I’ve got to visit Haruka in the hospital…」


「I don’t know the details but…she got injured after fighting Michi in the theater, right?」

Oh right.
Michi has taken down her sister, Haruka-san with Kudou style techniques.

「I still have to do something father-like at least. Besides, I have to talk to my son, Shinishi. Etsuko too…」

Michi’s mother, Kudou-mama…is fired along with the Kouzuki security service’s director Yamaoka.

「Shinichi is a permanent employee of Kouzuki security service…I think it’ll be hard to stay in the company with her mother causing scandal but…I’ll let him decide what he wants to do in the future」
「You already know about director Yamaoka?」
「The company is a bunch of people so that kind of talk is being passed on right away. What’s more important is that they’ve done something that’s absolutely unacceptable for Kouzuki security service employees」
「…What do you mean?」
「Kouzuki security security service is a company for guarding VIPs you know? The company knows that it’s not just Kouzuki gramps who’s here but also most of the executives of the Kouzuki group last night. A security personnel for emergencies got fired due to abandonment of work and order violations during an enemy attack. Won’t they be evaluated as worthless scums?」

…I see.

「Shinichi has no position as he’s a son of a『worthless』 Even Haruka, she’ll no longer be hired by Kouzuki security service. In the end…Etsuko didn’t understand what influence her actions would bring to her family」

Kudou-papa says frustrated.

「I don’t care about her affair with Yamaoka at all. If she wants to divorce with me then she could’ve just said it and I’ll slap in the seal. But, above all that…she violated orders and abandoned the workplace?! Those guys are too idiot for their age. Seriously!!!」

Kudou-papa speaks angrily.

「No…I know. I was sloppy…this happened because I’m not a reliable man. I know that it’s my fault. But…but you see…!」

Kudou-papa seems to be unable to lament.

「Do you know where those people are right now?」
「I only know that Yamaoka got out of the hotel…I don’t know anything ahead of that and I don’t want to know either. Instead of the『family』that got away, I must follow the family I have for now. I have to think of their future」

Then…he looked at me.

「I’ll leave Michi in your care. I’ve already given my permission to you…」


「Yes. Leave this to me No…to us」
「Michi is a member of our family」

Before I noticed…everyone in the room is already listening to our talk.
Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Megu, and Mana…
They nod looking at me.

「We’ll all protect Michi-san…」

On behalf of the『family』, Minaho-neesan speaks to Kudou-papa

「That’s how it is…you don’t have to worry anymore!」

Kyouko-san smiles.

「That girl has good qualities…if she pairs up with that girl, they’ll be good warriors」

For Kyouko-san, Michi and sister Edie is a set.

「No…I’d be troubled if she becomes a warrior like you. That’s just my opinion」

Kudou-papa replies with a bit of scared tone.
Kyouko-san’s overwhelming fighting power is also a threat to him it seems.

「Well of course. It’s not good to become like me. But…I don’t want her to end up with half-baked abilities like you I’ll be educating her tightly…!」

Kyouko-san laughs happily

「It’s fine. Margo-san is also with her…I won’t let them do the unreasonable」

I followed in between.
Sister Edie who’s playing with Mao-chan suddenly speaks to Kyouko-san

「You see…Edie-chan seems to have taken a liking to Mao-chan」


「You can understand English?」
「Isn’t that obvious? I learned it at school…」

No, I started learning English from first year middle school though…
I didn’t get what Edie just said.

「Mana’s school is different from the norm」

Megu tells Mana.
…Oh right.
Mana’s school has a lower status than Misuzu’s school, but…
It’s still a pretty famous girls’ middle school…
The English conversations…is practically on a different level
Meanwhile, sister Edie continues to talk.

「You see…Edie-chan knows that Mao-chan is Nagisa-san’s daughter…then, she seems to have heard from Michi-chan that she’s a『imouto-bun』of Nagisa-san Then, for Edie-chan, Michi-chan is the same as a sister right? Therefore, by putting it all together…she asked if she’s going to be Mao-chan’s『Obaa-san bun』!」

It’s all about 『** bun』

「Hey, Mana-chan. Could you translate what I’m going to say?」

Nagisa asks Mana.

「Sure, I can!」

Mana talks to sister Edie in English.
It seems that she’s telling what Nagisa’s telling her.

「Edie-san, thank you for liking Mao. But you see…you don’t have to mind the relationship hierarchy. If Edie-san wants it then she can be Mao’s『onee-chan』directly!」

Mana translates, then…sister Edie’s face turned brighter.

「『Sure, I’ll be Mao-chan’s Onee-chan』! She said…」

Mana said, Nagisa looks at Mao-chan…

「Mao, this lady will become Mao’s『Onee-chan』too」


「Yay…I’ve made a lot of『Onee-chan』today too! Kishishi!」

She happily smiled…
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