Chapter 344. Tiger soul

Chapter 344. Tiger soul

「Oh, 『Super model development project』?…sounds interesting」

Kyouko-san said as Mana talked about it.

「You need to manage all your meals and exercise, right? If you put too much muscle your body’s growth will be hindered. However, the stimulation by moderate exercise promotes growth hormone secretion. The goal is only to have a body of a super model so I think that novel training programs would do? A college professor I know has a lot of knowledge about that so ask them for help」

Kyouko-san seems to have participated in the plan.

「I’m short but, can I grow taller?」
「How old is Mana-chan right now?」
「Fourteen years old」
「Oh, you still have a lot of time. You have a good foundation so I think you’re going to be quite the beauty」
「T-Thank you very much」

Mana’s happy from Kyouko-san’s praise.

「The meal program would be me and the exercise program would be Margo-san」

Katsuko-nee tells Kyouko-san

「The mental level backups are you, Nei, and Megumi. I’ll be doing psychological checks however」

Minaho-neesan tells me.

「When becoming a supermodel, you need something that would make an appeal at the moment they see you but…I think you’ll be fine? You’re still 14 but you got a good twist」

A good twist?

「A person who solves problems straight away are not interesting. People are bent by the burdens they take on their own lives. It’s better to have a bit of darkness」
「That’s why…Onii-chan, do it a lot with Mana. Everyday!」


「Because Mana believes in Onii-chan’s love…Mana can do whatever it is. I’ll be fine even if I get hungry. I’ll do my best in exercise too. If Onii-chan embraces Mana every day…」

Mana’s only affirmation of love is sex.
And I’m the one who implanted that thought on her.
Therefore…I must take responsibility for this.
I hug the body of Mana who crawled to me and pat her head.

「I’ll be with you. I’ll cheer as much as you want. Do your best…Mana」
「Thanks! Onii-chan!」
「Do your best on studying too. In addition to English, you should be able to speak French and Italian well. If you want to become a supermodel that is…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Yes…I’ll do my best!」

Looking at Mana who spoke that, Yukino…

「Are you an idiot? There’s no way a brat like you could become a super model! Maika, you’re being deceived by those people!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「What about you Yukino-san, what do you plan after this? I’ve told you last night…I’ll be taking the baby but I don’t care about you afterwards. You should think of how to live alone as a woman…」

Shirasaka house…will no longer come to help Yukino.
Her father remains abducted…the maternal relatives have also given up on Yukino.

「Maika and I don’t need your help!」
「Mana-san’s already in our family! We’ll be taking care of her」
「That’s right! Yukino-san is an enemy!」
「Maika, you need to stop!」
「…You’re the one who need to stop being so spoiled」

Mana flatly tells Yukino.

「Megumi…you’re happy that you take away Maika from me?」
「You really don’t get it. Mana’s not yours」
「She’s mine! She’s my little sister! It’s natural for her to listen to me!」

Yukino has been a princess in Shirasaka house.
She has bullied Megu a lot.
But now.

「This girl’s interesting. It’s my first time seeing a hostage be this arrogant. She also has a strong appetite to keep munching food」

Kyouko-san laughs with interest.

「She has to eat for the child in her stomach too after all…」

Minaho-neesan says sarcastically


Yukino cries again
Ranting, crying, screaming…this triple triangle is an endless waltz
This personality probably won’t get cured.
Then…the phone room rings.


Nagisa who’s nearby answered the phone.

「For you…it’s Misuzu」

Looking at the clock…the time’s already past 9:30
It’s two hours later than the usual morning call.

「Thanks. Nagisa」

I receive the handset from Nagisa.

「Hello…what’s wrong? Morning pee?」

Is Misuzu holding back?
Her bladder didn’t burst, did it?

『Good morning. Danna-sama…I’m already done peeing. I won’t do something that would bother Danna-sama at this kind of time』
「You did it properly?」
『Yes. Uhm…I’m sorry for peeing on my own』
「No, I’m fine as long as Misuzu’s healthy. I’m a bit worried after all…」
『Misuzu’s worried ass well…I’m relieved to hear Danna-sama being energetic』
「I’m fine. What about there…?」

Ruriko who’s father suddenly passed away.

『The wake would be today and tomorrow will be the funeral service』

…I see.
Jii-chan intends to finish his son’s funeral in a hurry.
While the public eyes are focused on Shirasaka house’s scandal.

『Ruriko’s behaving bravely. Yoshiko-san and I are here with her…Seki-san and Michi are also with us』
「Yeah, I’ll go there later. It might be at night but…I also want to go to Ruriko’s father’s funeral」
『Yes, I’ll be waiting. I tried calling Danna-sama’s phone several times but I can’t connect』

I see.
I haven’t answered the calls on my phone…
So Misuzu called me through the hotel.

「Yeah…Err, where’s my phone? I think someone’s taken it but I haven’t got it back yet. I’ll call you when I have it」
『Just in case, I’ll tell you my phone number for the time being…』
「Right. …Nagisa, you got any paper to write on?」

Megu hands over a pen and paper.

「Here, Yoshi-kun」

As expected…she’s really tactful.
I wrote Misuzu’s phoen number…and Ruriko’s father’s funeral location.

「I’ll contact you later…」
『Yes, I’ll be waiting』

The call ended.

「…Where’s Aoyama Funeral?」

I asked, Katsuko-nee…

「Of course it’s in Aoyama. It’s the biggest funeral venue in Japan」

As expected of Kouzuki house…

「I want to go to Ruriko-san’s father’s funeral」

Megu tells me.

「Ah, Mana’s coming too!」
「We can’t go…it’s a place where nobles gather」

Katsuko-nee said sadly
…There’s the possibility of people that knows Kurumori would come.

「Kouzuki Shigeaki-san wasn’t our guest. Kouzuki-sama has never brought his sons to the mansion. But, if we show ourselves in the funeral, some of them might misunderstand」

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa…better shouldn’t show themselves there.

「Margo…take the children there later」
「Sure, Minaho. We can do it at night?」
「Yes. Because it’s a wake. It’ll only be a nuisance if you go too early」
「I’ll go too…!」

Nei-san said.

「We can just go in our uniforms, right?」

Megu tells me.

「Ah, what about me?」

Mana shows a troubled face.

「If I wear uniform…they’ll find out that I’m Shirasaka Maika」

Yeah. Girls from Mana’s school might come.

「Mana-san will have to buy a mourning dress on the way」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Well then…it’s about time we go back to our『dear home』!」

Kyouko-san said energetically

「I still have to get Sousuke」

Yukino’s listening to that word.

◇ ◇ ◇

When we called Kudou-papa through the extension just as he told us…it wasn’t Norma-kun but Tony-san who came immediately

「…What’s this?」

Tony-san brought a number of black cloaks and tiger masks.

「Oh, sorry, but; Please disguise with this. We have to break through the police…」

No, I understand that we have to disguise so we can’t be identified, but…
Why tiger masks?

「It’s our boss’ hobby…!」

This black cloack?

「So you won’t know『who’s the real one!』?」

…I don’t get it
All of it.

「Why am I the only one with a black tiger mask!」

For some reason, the mask handed to Yukino is a black tiger.

「Ah, the true identity of the black tiger is『Rollerball, Mark Rocco』 According to Mr. Takahashi, he’s living in Canary Islands, Spain right now!」

I don’t get what Tony-san is talking about.

「Anyway, everyone…please wear the mask and cloaks!」

I don’t get it but…
I’ll do as told for now

「Wow, everyone’s having the same face!」

Mao-chan looks amused but…Mao-chan is also wearing a tiger mask.
Masks for infants are very common
Sister Edie…
She’s so excited wearing a mask that she started shadow boxing
Margo-san talks in English to calm down Edie.

「Err, boss is in the police zone right now…nobody open their mouth. Also, please don’t leave any fingerprints. Please be careful about your hair. Those guys will be secretly taking samples from you…」

What’s with the police?

「Well then, I’ll show the way…please follow me」

Tony-san goes ahead holding a triangular flag…
The flag says『Tora no ana line』…

◇ ◇ ◇

Going the elevator hall, we the black cloak group in tiger masks walk in line.
Following Tony-san’s flag…Kyouko-san, Minaho-neesan, Margo-san, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Mao-chan, Nei-san, sister Edie, Mana, Megu< Reika, and Yukino…
The thirteen tiger masks walk…
…It’s surreal.
There’s only one black tiger.

「Then, we’ll head down through two elevators. The destination is Basement 2. We’ll be leaving through the underground parking lot. Ah, the elevator is controlled over there so it’ll go non-stop. We won’t be stopped halfway」

Tony-san explains.
Yeah. It would be helpful if we can get down without having to face anyone…
Tony-san waves his hand on the camera in front of the elevator…
The two elevators open their doors at the same time.
Oh…Norma-san in the headquarters is controlling everything

「Okay, please get in」

We ride on the elevator.
We broke up into senior and younger groups.
But, Mao-chan and sister Edie are on the senior group.
In exchange, Nei-san and Reika are on our elevator.
Reika’s our guard for the time being.
Even if we didn’t press the elevator button, the Basement 2 button is already glowing.

「Somehow, it feels exciting」

Nei-san in her tiger mask says happily
No, I’m wearing tiger mask too.

「This looks idiotic…this is truly stupid!」

Yukino…you who wear the black tiger mask looks the most stupid


The door opens at the Basement 2.
Kudou-papa’s waiting ahead.

「Great, everyone’s here. Let’s go!」

The head changed from Tony-san to Kudou-papa…
The large group of 15 people…walks away from the elevator hall.
In basement 2’s parking lot, there are people who are clearly police officials.

「Hey, Kudou! What’s with that group…?!」

A 40 year old high pressure old man calls out Kudou-papa.

「That’s obvious you see. It’s the Tigers」

Kudou-papa answered.

「…Oosaka? Or Detroit?」
「Not that Tigers」

Kudou-papa grins.

「This is 『Julie』, this is『Sally』, this is『Top』, this is『Tarou』, and this guy’s『Pee』 The remaining ones are all 『Kishibe Shiro』」
「Yeah…all of them are『Kishibe Shiro』」

The detective like man laughs.

「Then…what about you who’s leading these guys? Yuya Uchida?」
「The lead of Tigers. It’s obviously Watanabe Misa!」

The two of them laugh…
I don’t understand the talk of the two middle aged men…

「Clear the way. Both me and the Tigers are having a day off. I want to go home and sleep」

Kudou-papa glares at the detective
Before I noticed…the police officers are gathered around us.

「Nobody should go out until the field investigation is over…that’s the orders from above」

The detective tells Kudou-papa

「I don’t think I need to hear that kind of command」

Kudou-papa returns bold words

「Kudou…don’t underestimate the state power…!」
「You’re the one who shouldn’t underestimate the citizens!」
「…A Kouzuki house’s dog seems to have a very bossy mouth」
「Bark bark…what abut you, your salary’s low isn’t it? If you bark badly it’ll come back on you」
「Right back at you… We can crush you even without the help of Kouzuki house」

Kudou-papa and the police standoff continues…

「Sorry to bother the fun but you see…」

Kyouko-san takes off her mask.

「…I’m Kyouko Messer, a Malandro. If you’re a public security officer then you’ve heard of my name, haven’t you?」

The detective’s shocked.

「Malandro?…The criminal organization in South America? The Kyouko Messer in the docs…?」

The police people gathers.

「Wait! The international wanted issue on me is now cancelled. You can’t catch me!」
「We can deal with that later!」

The police officers stand firm around Kyouko-san, following the detective’s instructions.

「You intend to arrest me for a different matter?」
「We’ll be interrogating you for the time being. We’ll have everyone’s belongings inspected…if anyone has even a box knife, you’ll accompany us to the station」
「We don’t have any of those」
「…We don’t know about that. You might be hiding it around somewhere」

…This guy
He’s going to force dangerous goods on us?

「Hmm. As expected, public security on any country are petty」

Kyouko-san laughs calmly

「Say what you want. We’re only doing our job」
「Hey…this is Kouzuki house you’re getting involved with. If you make a bad move then you’re fired」

Kudou-papa tells the detective but…

「It’s her who let out an international criminal organization name. If that doesn’t bother you, we’ll be the one to take actions…!」

The detective’s blood is completely above his head.

「Well then, let me tell you another thing…!」

Kyouko-san said…

「Right now, I’m in this country with a position of a diplomat of Republic of Gamon1 You don’t mind it becoming an international problem do you?」


「The police of Japan puts pressure on the US member embassy staff…I hope you’re prepared for that」


「It won’t end with you being fired. The top of Japan’s public safety…the foreign minister will also be fired. Definitely」

…Is that so?

「Have you read the newspaper recently? The Republic of Gamon and the Japanese government aren’t in a good relationship now. This is an opportunity to sever diplomatic relations…no, it could be a declaration of war. The diplomat who represented the nation is treated unfairly by the Japanese police officers. The people in our country treasures honor more than anything. This might become a big problem…!」

Kyouko-san grins.

「…Do you intend to threaten us?」
「It’s a warming. Isn’t it better if you don’t push on the falling edge too much?」

The police officers are upset.

「If you want, should I call my boss? I think you’ll be surprised. It’s quite hard to meet an international celebrity like me
「…Are you the real deal?」
「…I might be lying though」
「What should we do?」
「But, if we deal with this badly…if she’s really a diplomat, it’ll become really bad」

The policemen whispers to each other.
The detective…

「No, Kudou’s taking him so she might be serious. Okay…I’ll let you pass with my powers」
「It really helps that you know what to do…!」

Kyouko-san said.

「All of the people in tiger masks are my people! Don’t touch a single finger on them! We don’t want this to become an international discord!」

She threatens the policemen…

「The car is that minibus over there?」

Kyouko-san asks Kudou-papa

「Yup, that is」
「Hey, get in everyone…we’re going to withdraw!」

Kyouko-san orders…we enter the buss.
Kudou-papa and Tony-san also goes to the driver seat.
The policemen stare at us from far away…

「Here, boss」

Tony-san hands the tiger mask to Kudou-papa
Then, he also wore a mask.
There’s only one man who’s not wearing a tiger mask inside the bus.

「Keep the mask on. Don’t take it off until I say so…!」

Kyouko-san shouts.
Nei-san translates it for sister Edie.

「Even if Nee-san didn’t interfere…I had Kouzuki-gramps’ seal. I could’ve pushed through…!」

Kudou-papa tells Kyouko-san but…

「Hah! This is why men are…!」

She looks at Kudou-papa unamazed.

「You and Kouzuki gramps are just going to push the police off the edge right? But, when all of the information is crushed by people above, that’s when they get the most impatient. If you don’t let them vent it out…they’ll burst into other people」
「…Vent it out?」
「That’s right, with the case of this hotel last night…with me who’s involved in an international criminal organization, those guys would imagine that they would be removed from the investigation, don’t you think? If there’s one reason why they have to agree, then they’ll give up. If you just pushed through power without letting them do anything, those guys would obviously be rebellious saying『this bastard』…!」

Kyouko-san’s involved in this case…
Furthermore, that Kyouko-san came to Japan with a status of a diplomat…
They’d be convinced that an underling level can’t do anything with it.

「People in the public safety are persistent chasers like snakes…if you feed them information, they’d be satisfied. With this, they’ll concentrate on researching the Malandro’s organization and Republic of Gamon…」

…They won’t notice『Kuromori』?

「There’s romance in investigating an『international criminal organization』…or a『Rogue nation』…」

I-I see.

「Seriously…men don’t even understand other men…!」

Kyouko-san ridicules Kudou=papa.

「…Tony, start the car」
「…Okay boss」

Kudou-papa makes instructions with a face unable to stay any longer.
Our bus leaves from the parking lot in the basement.
Going to the first floor…
The detective have contacted the people ahead.
The hotel checkpoint didn’t halt our buss, it just let us through.
Outside the hotel grounds…are mass media cameras lined up

「Stay calm! You don’t have to hide your face in strange ways!」

The bus carrying a group of tiger masks…passes through the media.
The flashes are too dazzling

「…There’s five tailing」

Margo-san mutters under the tiger mask.

「There’s two police cars and three press」

Kyouko-san wearing tiger mask looks at Kudou-papa in tiger mask.

「You’re ready to shake off the tail, right?」
「…That’s obvious. I’m a pro too」

Kudou-papa answered.

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