Chapter 356. Hugging sex

Chapter 356. Hugging sex

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Editor: Blaze

「Will that really change something?」

Ruriko asks.

「In my case, I changed. When Danna-sama first embraced me, I had yet to know him, but…Danna-sama’s kindness filled me. I think I was the same as Ruriko back then… Troubled by my own circumstances…but in reality, I stopped thinking. I just entrusted everything to Nagisa-sama. Therefore, Nagisa-sama pulled me towards Danna-sama」

Misuzu talks to her cousin gently.

「My relationship with Nagisa-sama is just me relying on her, but…now I don’t only depend on Danna-sama, but also want to support him. I want to be of use to Danna-sama, who’s doing his all to protect the family… I would like to work actively for Danna-sama and for the family. I’m not alone anymore]


「Danna-sama gave me his love…because I’m aware that I’m being loved, I also want to love Danna-sama as much as he does. I’m in love. I’m very happy now. I’m feeling fulfilled. I know what to do for my Danna-sama and for the family. I don’t feel such accomplishment if I only live for myself. I have someone to live along with, so I have changed. I want Ruriko to understand this feeling too…!」

Ruriko’s baffled.

「…But, Onii-sama」

She looks at me worriedly.

「Do you really like me?」


「I do. Ruriko’s cute」
「Yeah…I think you’re cute. Not just your appearance but your heart too…」
「I’m not such a beautiful person」

You’re still saying that?…

「Listen, Ruriko…your ideal is too high」
「There’s nobody in this world whose heart is completely pure. I think Ruriko who’s convinced that her heart is ugly has a much more beautiful heart」
「…Is that so?」


「Hey, Yo-chan…what do you think is Ruriko’s problem now? Why do you think this girl is so stagnated?」

Nei asks me.

「Well…isn’t it obvious?」

I answered.

「…It’s the Kouzuki house」

Kouzuki house…she’s strongly conscious that she’s a lady of Kouzuki house, therefore;
Ruriko always thinks from a high point of view.

「The『Daughter of Kouzuki house』binds Ruriko in a bad way…that it can’t be helped」

I saw that in the theater yesterday.
Because she’s the daughter of Kouzuki house, nobody in the audience praised Ruriko’s wonderful dance.
Kouzuki house…A special existence that makes them hesitate to praise carelessly…
The distinguished Japan family representing Japan…A house with both the long tradition and mighty power.
Ruriko’s been that symbol since infancy.

「Ruriko…is still prepared to take over Kouzuki house directly, right?」

I said.

「Ruriko didn’t know that Jii-chan’s eldest son was murdered. Because Jii-chan hid it thoroughly…」

Kouzuki Shigeharu was killed by Cesario VIola in Los Angeles.
Yoshiko-san’s father.

「But, Ruriko thought that her father…Kouzuki Shigeaki is the heir of Kouzuki house. In short, if Jii-chan dies, her father will be the next head. Then next…Ruriko would be inheriting Kouzuki family…]

She’s prepared for it since she was a child, therefore Ruriko lived with the pride of the『heir』
Last night, Ruriko knew the truth in the worst possible way.
The one who planned the assassination of Kouzuki Shigeharu…was her father.
Jii-chan knew that…and he executed his second son for the honor of the house.
In short…Kouzuki Shigeaki had no qualifications to be the head of Kouzuki house.

「Ruriko’s father turned like that so Ruriko’s confused about the meaning of her own existence? You’re worrying about not being qualified to succeed the Kouzuki house. Therefore you began saying something incomprehensible like『Blood』…」


「I think Onii-sama is right…I’ve lost sight of myself」

She mutters softly.

「Ruriko had been living with the thought『I must become a person worthy, to succeed of Kouzuki house』 『Therefore, I must endure various things』, suppressing her heart… And yet, suddenly, you suddenly start to question『Am I not qualified as the successor?』…and you don’t know what to do from now on, you stopped thinking」
「Yes…I think so too」


「Ruriko…abandon Kouzuki house」

Ruriko looks surprised.

「I want the naked you. Abandon the Kouzuki house and come to me naked…!」

I think that’s the only way to save Ruriko.
Ruriko is being imprisoned by the weight of Kouzuki house.

「I-I…I don’t have anything but the backing of Kouzuki house. I’m just a helpless girl…!1」
「That’s good enough. It’s okay. Me and my family will protect you forever…!」

Argh, this is frustrating.

「I’ll do what we planned last night…Misuzu」

I look at Misuzu

「Yes, Danna-sama」
「We’ll be kidnapping Ruriko. I’ll make her my『woman』even by force」
「When do you think is the best time to kidnap her…?」


「After the funeral ceremony tomorrow…I think that the time after cremation would be the best. She will have a proper farewell with her father…Nobody would wonder if she decided to go home earlier because she’s feeling unwell」
「Okay, then we’ll scoop Ruriko away at that time」

I made the decision

「Then, the specifics would be planned by Margo-oneesan and me…okay?」

Nei and Margo-san reacts right away

「Then…I’ll be restraining the Kouzuki security service」

Michi who’s still sticking on my back speaks.

「We’ll have Reika move tomorrow too. Should we have Seki-san move with us too?」
「Well, that depends on Grandfather」
「Yeah…I’ll talk with Jii-chan I’ll say that we’ll kidnap Ruriko」

Jii-chan is also in our family.
This『kidnapping drama』has to be approved by all means.

「…Are you serious, Onii-sama?」

Ruriko asks.

「Obviously. I won’t hear Ruriko’s will anymore. I’ll be kidnapping you. I’ll make you my『woman』by force. Forget about Kouzuki house」
「…But, I’m Kouzuki’s」
「It’s okay. Even if they lose you, Kouzuki house won’t collapse. Kouzuki Souji and Kouzuki Satoshi from branch houses are there right?」
「Those people can’t protect the house!」
「That is why Jii-chan entrusted the management of Kouzuki group to Shiba-san right? It’ll be fine with Shiba-san. He’ll raise the group well without the interference of Kouzuki house’s branch houses」
「Even the students are like those today…there might be capable people in the branch families someday. In that case, that guy can be the next top of Kouzuki group after Shiba-san. Even if each and every one of them is weak, if the students gather together, the group will be strongly united. Jii-chan saw that, so he’s been making preparations for 20, 30 years」

I’m able to gradually read Jii-chan’s intentions.
Thinking of every possibility…making efforts for the house to survive.

「Ruriko or Misuzu succeeding the Kouzuki house and bringing the Kouzuki group is only one of Jii-chan’s plans in his multiple assumptions. Jii-chan’s exploring all the possibilities. Among them…I think that he would make the best choice observing the flow of time」

Perhaps that’s the case.

「Therefore…Ruriko doesn’t need to endure everything, you don’t need to force yourself to take over Kouzuki house at all」
「Or rather, I’m going to take away that possibility. Ruriko doesn’t need to think about Kouzuki house anyway」
「Then…What should I do in the future?」

Ruriko looks at me.

「Ruriko only has to think of making Yo-chan happy!」

Nei said.

「True. Since Danna-sama’s going to make Ruriko happy…Ruriko must make Danna-sama happy as well」

Misuzu too…

「Happiness is…being embraced by Master…!」

Michi too speaks bashfully

「Let’s become a real family. Ruriko」

I said.

「Yes. What Ruriko needs now is a family…come to us」


「I-I have a family…Yoshiko」

She holds Yoshiko-san’s hand
Yoshiko-san also embraces Ruriko from behind.

「Sadly…your master-slave relationship is not a family」

Nei said

「Yoshiko-san merely protects Ruriko…you don’t speak harshly to her, do you?」

Yoshiko-san looks down.

「Besides…what Ruriko needs now is a man who can protect her. The men in Kouzuki house are all undisciplined…I think Ruriko can’t be safe unless you’re protected by someone like Yo-chan」

Nei says so but I’m not that kind of guy…

「Anyway, I’ll protect Ruriko. No, I’ll take you away from the Kouzuki house to protect you. Tomorrow, your mind and body will be mine…!」

Ruriko’s body trembles.

「It feels thrilling, doesn’t it! Ruriko!」

Nei said.

「Yo-chan’s going to kidnap you!」

Ruriko’s eyes opened wide…

「It’s not just an empty promise…Yo-chan will always put himself and act for us. Therefore it’s thrilling! I love Yo-chan!」

She hugs me tightly

「I also love you Danna-samaaahn~!」

Misuzu clings to me.

「Me too…I love you master」

Michi also hugs me from the back


Ruriko’s wavering.
Okay…then let’s finish this

「Anyway, that’s how it is!…Jii-chan, you’re listening aren’t you?」

This perverted old man…
There’s no way he won’t be eavesdropping if he knows that we’re here.

『…Yeah, I’m listening』

I hear a voice from the speakers.
…I knew it.

「It’s as you heard. I’m going to kidnap Ruriko and make her my woman…do you mind?」


『Do what you want. However…I won’t tell Kouzuki security service anything. You must go through the guards with your own power. I don’t mind if you take Seki-kun to your side』
「Okay…I didn’t think Jii-chan would easily let Ruriko get kidnapped」
『If you want it then open a path with your own power. It’s worthless unless you have the courage to fight and win』
「It’s not winning…I’m stealing her. We’re『Black Forest』after all」
『Hmm…I’m looking forward to it. However…I will be watching Ruriko’s virgin sex』
「Yeah, you have my word on that」


「Oh right…do you have cameras in here?」
『There’s a picture on the front wall, isn’t there? There’s a camera in the frame there…』

What…he’s been watching all this time.
No, he might just be worried about Ruriko.

「Jii-chan…are you free?」
『I’ll be having a meeting with the funeral company. I have at least ten minutes time…』
「Then…I’ll show you something good」

I speak to Michi…

「Michi…let’s have sex. We only have ten minutes」

Michi’s face turns red.

「I’ll support」

Misuzu reaches for Michi’s skirt.

「Then, I’ll help Yo-chan!」

Nei removes my belt.
Taking off my trousers…

「Ah, Yo-chan’s already erect!」
「Michi’s also wet」

Misuzu said, Michi…

「Thinking about being embraced…it doesn’t stop from overflowing…!」

Nei takes off my underwear…and shows my erect penis.

「Look, Ruriko…this thing will be piercing you tomorrow!」

Ruriko looks at my erect penis fearfully.
Yoshiko-san behind her too.

「Ruriko will be doing this too!」

Nei sucks my penis.
She licks it with her tongue in a way that Ruriko could see.


Michi threw her away uniform and got naked.
The love nectar is dripping to her thighs.
It’s waiting for insertion already.

「…Come, Michi」

Michi kisses me.
Our tongues twine.
I lick the pink bump on her flat chest.


Michi shivers.

「I love it…I love Master licking my nipple!」
「I also love it」
「Let me lick as well」

Misuzu licks the other nipple

「Michi…so cute!」

Meanwhile, Nei takes off my clothes.
I’m also naked now.

「Michi…get on top of me. I’m going to carry you」

I sit naked in the Japanese style room…
Michi rides on top of me.

「Oh wait…I’ll lead Yo-chan’s penis to Michi’s inside!」

Nei grabs the root of my penis and guides it to MIchi’s slit.
The tip of the glans come in contact with her hot and wet meat.

「Michi…it might still hurt though」

This is her second time having sex
Furthermore, Michi’s 15-year-old body is petite…

「It’s okay, my second time felt good already」

Misuzu smiles brightly at Michi

「I’m fine even if it hurts. I love the pain after all」


「Push your waist towards Yo-chan like this」

Nei instructs Michi as she holds my penis.


Michi and I look at each other…


My glans penetrate Michi’s insides.
Michi who’s on top…seems nervous, her body’s stiff.

「Michi…loosen up. It won’t come in if this goes on」
「…Yes, I know, but」

I grab Michi’s butt.
Yeah, she’s tightening up her muscles.
It won’t enter at this state.
I massage Michi’s cute butt.


Okay, it’s loose now

「Michi…let’s have a staredown」

Michi looks surprised.

「There’s no need to make strange faces…let’s just look at each other. The one who laughs first will lose…!」
「No questions…let’s start」

Saying that, I glare at Michi with a serious face.
Michi stares at me with a serious face as well.
Yeah…Michi’s serious face really is the best.
This dignified beauty.
I’m sure she’ll become even more beautiful.
This small girl…


Michi mutters in a small voice.
Michi seems to be thinking the same thing as me.


Then…she laughs.
It’s a happy smile without any bad intentions.

「…Master, I love you!」
「Me too…Michi!」

Michi’s stiff body gently softens.


My penis invades Michi’s insides.
Before long…it’s buried till the root.


Sitting face to face…I hug Michi once again.

「I’m able to swallow Master’s everything」
「Yeah…it’s in」

I pat Michi’s back.


Michi’s body twitched.
Her vagina tightens.
…It feels good.

「Michi…I’m moving」
「Yes…please do as you like Master」

Michi looks at me with moist eyes

「Hugging while having sex…feels very good」

I grab Michi’s butt from below.
Then make a piston to hit her with my penis.

「Haaa, aaah…aaah…!」
「Michi…does it hurt? Are you okay?」
「It hurts…it really hurts…please make it hurt more」

Lubricant overflows from Michi’s slit.
It’s wrapping my penis.

「There…I’m going to pierce higher!」

I use my waist to poke even deeper inside Michi!

「Aaah…that’s good! It hurts! The pain feels good!」
「Michi too, move your waist…wiggle it! Make my penis hit the good spots by yourself…」
「Aaahn~…aaah…L-Like this?!」

Michi moves her waist lewdly…

「T-That’s good…Michiii!」

Michi dances lewdly on my lap.
She asks for my tongue.
We kiss each other and entangle our tongues.

「I love it, I love this, I love it…I love you…Masteeeer!!!!」

Michi’s completely intoxicated in sex.
…Me too

「I know…I know it…」

We look at each other’s lustful eyes.
Then, we breathe together…
Sex with Michi…goes to the mysterious『Shingetsu』


Michi feels the arousal inside me.
An explosion will happen in her womb soon.
Michi’s heart gets exited from that feeling…

「Auaaaaa…aaaah…it’s coming…Masteeer!」
「Uuuuuu…Uuuuu…Here I come, it’s coming…Michiiii!!」
「I know…I can tell…Is Michi delicious? Master…Is Michi’s body tasty?!」
「Yeah, it feels good…it’s warm, wet, and tight…it’s delicious, Michi’s body is very delicious!」
「Please eat it…I’ll give my all! Michi is Master’s!!!!」
「…Michi, Michi, Michiiiiiii!」
「Cum, let it out…please release the warm thing inside Michi!」
「Cumming, Cumming…Michiii!!1」

I blow it out in Michi’s womb.
My semen spouts like a fountain!

「Aaaah…It’s hot! Master’s semen is coming out!」

Michi clings to me while her body stiffens.
I also hug Michi tightly…not letting go.
I’m going to pour everything in Michi’s womb to the last drop!

「It’s coming in…it’s reaching to my deepest part…!」


「…Haa, haa, haa」
「Did you let it all out?」

Michi smiles at me.

「Haa, haa…yeah, I came a lot」

Michi kisses me…

「Sorry…I came ahead of you」
「It’s fine. Master looks like he felt really good」
「No…If I held back a bit longer, Michi would’ve cummed with me, right?」

With our hearts connected through『Shingetsu』I can understand Michi’s state very well.

「I don’t get it. I still haven’t clearly experienced the state of『cumming』」
「No, if I held back a bit more…Michi would’ve cummed. I can tell」

Michi kisses me on the check…

「Then that’s for next time…」


「I’m looking forward to it…I feel a new experience when I’m embraced. I can feel that Master is polishing me as a『woman』」

Michi kisses me again…

「Please embrace me a lot. Let’s learn it slowly. It’s a waste to reach all the mysteries at once」

Michi smiles cutely

「I want to learn things slowly with Master!」
「Yeah…you’re right. Let’s do so」

I answered

「There’s no need to rush」

We will stay together forever.

「Yes, Master…!」

What a cute girl.
My penis becomes hard inside Michi’s vagina again…


Misuzu whispers to my ear…
Misuzu is comforting herself as she watches our sex.

「That looks very good. I want to do it too」
「…Eh, Misuzu?」
「Misuzu also wants to have sex while hugging Danna-sama!」

1. but that’s what’s good! ↩
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