Chapter 357. To the toilet (Part 1)

Chapter 357. To the toilet (Part 1)

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「I want to do it too…Danna-sama!」

Misuzu’s totally in heat…

「…Let’s switch. Misuzu-sama」

Michi separates from me…
My penis withdraws from her opening.

「What is it? Does it hurt?」

I pat Michi’s body…

「I feel a bit lonely that I can’t feel Master in my stomach」

Michi said bashfully

「But still…there’s the lingering feeling inside」

Michi says as she rubs her belly


I pull Michi once again and kiss her.

「…I’m happy. So happy. Thank you for making me happy. Master」

Michi said happily

「Danna-sama…please make Misuzu happy as well」

Switching with Michi, Misuzu comes and hugs me.


Forcibly kissing me.
Misuzu’s kiss is rough.
She seeks my tongue intensely

「…Please carry Misuzu too!」


「Having sex in this posture is quite a burden and it hurts my waist」

I’m very sorry, but…
Doing it in succession is physically demanding.
Besides…I can’t tell Misuzu but…
I could have sex with the small Michi by lifting her ass, but…
Misuzu’s much taller than Michi.
I think it’ll be nothing but heavy.
It might be hard for the current me to lift Misuzu.

「Therefore…I want to be spared from doing this position twice in a row」

Or rather…
I’ve ejaculated Three times with Nei…and I just came now.
Even I have my limits too…

「…I-I’m sorry. I haven’t considered burdening Danna-sama」

Misuzu apologizes to me.

「No, I don’t mind but…let’s do it when I’m better. Okay?」

I’ve got to add more arm muscles by then.
I need to train lifting barbels.
No…Misuzu’s fine.
She’s got a slender body if you ask me.
If it was a taller and more plump like Katsuko-nee and Nei…1
If they ask for the same thing…What would I do? What will happen to me?

「Then…I’ll be moving on top so Danna-sama won’t get tired!」

Her need to have sex now doesn’t change.

『Now then, unfortunately…I have to go back to work soon. You can enjoy your free time as you want』

I can hear Jii-chan’s voice from the speaker.

『Nobody can enter that room for a while…of course, Seki-kun will be guarding outside the room』

Jii-chan seems to have judged that it’s good for Ruriko and Yoshiko to have us here.

「…Grandfather, I」

Ruriko calls out to her grandfather.

『Sorry but I can’t listen to anything you say currently. There are people who are waiting for my approval queued up in this funeral』

Wow…that looks trouble.

『Last night, I have declared Shiba-kun to have the top position of Kouzuki group but…I can’t easily do delegation of real power right away. The busy days will continue for a while longer…let’s see, the fall general meeting would be the『unveiling of Shiba-kun』』

Jii-chan will remain as the chief executive for the remaining three months.

「Please wait, grandfather…I…!」
『Ruriko…I entrusted you to that family over there. I won’t do anything. Assume it as such』

Jii-chan refuses Ruriko.

『Yoshiko too…I’ll only watch over you. I won’t send help. I’ll let Kuromori family decide on everything. I myself is a member of the said family…!』

Jii-chan’s words made Yoshiko-san tremble.

『Hey, you…take care of the rest』

Jii-chan tells me.
I have to meet Jii-chan’s expectations.

「Yeah, I got this」
『Then…Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko, later. Let’s eat before the wake ceremony』
「We’ll be attending too」
『No, come to the funeral ceremony tomorrow. Tonight will be crowded. Kouzuki group’s employees and trading companies will be coming…mass media as well』

…I see.
『Kuromori』might cause problems if they hang around…

「Sure. Then we’ll be coming tomorrow」
『Try to come with an inconspicuous outfit if possible…』
「Yeah, I’ll consult Katsuko-nee about that」
『That would give me relief. Then, It’s about time I go…!』
「Yeah, thanks, Jii-chan」

Then, the voice from the speaker is turned off.


Ruriko sighs.
Yoshiko-san also shows a pale face.
Both of them feel abandoned by Jii-chan

「Now then…go and have sex with Misuzu」

Nei said

「Eh? Like, now?]

Are we going to do it with everyone in this room watching?

「Does Misuzu want to have sex with Yo-chan alone? Without anyone watching?]

Nei asks, Misuzu…

「Well, that is…I want to, but…where?]

Oh, there’s a lot of people preparing for the funeral outside this room.
If we hide somewhere and have sex, and someone found us…that would be Misuzu’s ruin.

「What are you saying…Misuzu’s favorite place is available, right?]

Nei grins…and points to the door at the corner of the room.

「Since this is the largest funeral facility in Japan…only presidents of big companies, celebrities or politicians can use this! That’s why there’s a restroom in each waiting room」

This waiting room’s restroom.

「Together with Danna-sama in the toilet…!」
「That’s right! Misuzu loves the rape-like situations don’t you?」

Nei smiles.

「Err…Uhm…I do love it」

Misuzu said with her face blushing.

「Then do it…Ah, you’ve got to ask Yo-chan nicely!」

Misuzu looks at me as told by Nei.
Her face is blushing…her eyes are moist.

「Danna-samma…P-Please violate Misuzu in the toilet. Please…!」

Misuzu bows her head to the tatami mat…

「O-Okay…let’s do it」

It can’t be helped.
I’m not that confident if I can get erect properly

「Yo-chan, don’t worry. Margo-oneechan, Michi and I will be taking care of these girls…」

Nei tells me.

「It’s okay, isn’t it, Michi?」
「Yes, Nei-oneesama…I’ve been satisfied completely」

The naked Michi smiles at me.
Love nectar and semen are dripping from her slit…

「Un, then go ahead!」

Misuzu holds my hand and stands up.

「Now, let’s go! Danna-sama!」

We head towards the restroom…

「Please wait!」

The one who called out is Yoshiko-san

「…What’s wrong?」

I ask gently…

「Please give me a hint」


「What should I and Ruriko-sama do? Please tell us what you think, Kuromori-sama」

Yoshiko-san’s been troubled all this time.
Well, that’s of course.
I and Jii-chan completely push Yoshiko-san aside.

「What does Yoshiko-san want to be for Ruriko?」

I ask her.

「What?…I’m Ruriko-sama’s attendant」
「Then, neither Jii-chan nor I have anything to talk with Yoshiko-san about」

Yoshiko-san turned pale.

「If Yoshiko-san doesn’t recognize that Ruriko is your sister…no at least as a blood-related cousin properly, we won’t help Yoshiko-san」

I harshly declared.
Then, I look at Ruriko.

「Ruriko…if you say that Yoshiko is your retainer then you have to take responsibility and look after Yoshiko-san」

Ruriko’s startled.

「We will only look after Ruriko. That’s for your lifetime. Because Ruriko’s already in our family. We’ll never let you feel hungry, we’ll make you happy. But, Yoshiko-san is different. Yoshiko-san isn’t in our family」

I have to warn them thoroughly.

「If you cancel your master-slave relationship with Yoshiko-san…Misuzu, the successor of Kouzuki house is responsible for Yoshiko-san’s future. But, if you keep your master-slave relationship, you’ll take responsibility for Yoshiko-san as her master. Am I wrong?」

Ruriko looks in pain…

「But, Yoshiko’s been…always…since childhood…」
「You can’t just bind Yoshiko-san for that reason alone, can you? Your master-slave relationship is in fact Jii-chan looking after Ruriko and Yoshiko-san’s lives isn’t it? Ruriko hasn’t fulfilled any responsibility as Yoshiko-san’s master」

I said meanly on purpose.

「That’s too much. Kuromori-sama! Ruriko-sama has always been kind to me…!」

Yoshiko-san glares at me in rebuttal.

「Being kind is a norm for a master! Don’t spoil Ruriko! If you do that Yoshiko-san, she won’t be able to grow!」

I beat Yoshiko-san with forceful words…

「After kidnapping her tomorrow…I’ll be paying for Ruriko’s living expenses. Minaho-neesan will be paying for it for a while but I will repay it without a doubt in the future. I’ll be keeping Ruriko’s daily life. But, Yoshiko-san won’t have any share. Yoshiko-san will be following Ruriko on her own decision, and Ruriko might order that. But, I’ll never take care of Yoshiko-san. If you really want to be together then Ruriko will have to split her meals with Yoshiko-san. Be sure to have that kind of resolve」

Ruriko glares at me.

「Why…Why are you saying such horrible things! Onii-sama!」
「…Are you an idiot?」

Nei speaks from the side.

「You girls…you should be aware that you’re alive thanks to various people. That’s what Yo-chan’s saying. You girls who have lived as an Ojou-sama all this time won’t become an adult if you keep thinking that it’s normal for people to give everything to you…!」
「Being able to take responsibility for the life you choose is what it means to be an adult. You girls have been protected by Kouzuki-san since childhood…so you assumed that it’s natural. But that’s not true. Without Kouzuki-san’s backing, your master-slave relationship won’t be established」

Margo-san said.

「Anyway, I’ll be kidnapping Ruriko tomorrow. Yoshiko-san has to think about her own future by tomorrow」

I tell them.

「I won’t be kidnapped…!」

Ruriko rebels against me.

「If I’m going far away from Yoshiko…!」


「Nah, you will. I will be kidnapping you. I’ll make you my woman…Ruriko!」
「I…I’ll scream out loud. I’ll cry and call for help…!」
「Sure, do it. You can cry and rampage but you’ll still be kidnapped…!」

We glare at each other
Yoshiko-san’s all shook up.

「Well guys, that’s a waste of time! Hurry up and go have sex!」

Nei said.

「We’ll be looking after these blockheads!」

Misuzu and I enter the restroom.

◇ ◇ ◇

The restroom is a small room with only one western style toilet.
We have no choice but to hug each other.

「…Was that for the better, Danna-sama?」

Misuzu asks me worriedly.
I kiss Misuzu’s lips…

「That’s okay. It’s healthier if they’re angry than being limp and depressed」
「Anyway…stubborn girls must be dented thoroughly. If this goes on, she’ll become a bent screw. Ruriko will become worse if she knows that someone like Yoshiko-san will be on her side always… We have to stop her master-slave relationship with Yoshiko-san」

Misuzu says while licking my lips.

「I hope that Yoshiko-san that she has to become Ruriko’s sister…」
「Yeah, if not…I’ve got to think of separating the two seriously」

Misuzu asks for my tongue.
I suck on her cute tongue.

「…I don’t understand the current Nei-oneesama」

Misuzu said.

「I thought that she’s going to be harsh on me, yet she allowed me to be alone with Danna-sama…」
「『Nei-oneesan』is just worried about Misuzu」

I decided to call Nei as such in front of Misuzu.

「Uhm…what does that mean」
「Nei-oneesan had been observing our situation up until last night so she can see what’s the most important problem now」
「Misuzu’s taking the initiative to become the leader of the young group right? Of course, it really helps us that Misuzu’s dedicated to it. But, there are bad things about it too」
「…Which is?」
「One is that Misuzu’s forcing herself to carry everything by herself」
「I’m not forcing myself」
「Hmm…rather than forcing, you’re putting up with it」
「…Putting up?」
「Have you thought of enduring things for me and for the family?」
「That’s…I’m aware of it」

Misuzu admits.

「That kind of endurance isn’t good for Misuzu’s heart…Nei-oneesan stirs up Misuzu’s heart」
「…Is that so?」
「If not…then Misuzu won’t be asking to have sex with me before Ruriko’s father’s funeral, right? Misuzu was just riding on the atmosphere Nei-oneesan made」

Misuzu blushed.

「When I saw your face today, you were as pale as Ruriko and Yoshiko-san. You didn’t have the mood to have sex at all, did you?」

Misuzu’s convinced.

「Second…If Misuzu is the leader then Misuzu’s patience is conveyed to the other children. Somehow, it would become an atmosphere where everyone has to hold back their feelings as they worry about me, don’t you think?」
「…There’s that possibility as well」
「But, in that case…Everyone would just accumulate the emotion in their mind…if it’s Megu and Mana, it’ll explode」
「…Yes. That’s true」

In fact, I’m most afraid of Misuzu being unable to hold back and explode, but…
I’ll keep quiet about that.

「Nei-oneesan has resolved herself on being involved with us actively. So she thought of the position that’s most suited for the current situation」
「Thus…she declared me as a rival」
「Nei-oneesan is your rival」
「Actually…Nei is much older than Misuzu. Rather, she’s the youngest of the senior group and the oldest of the young group.」 That’s her position」
「Certainly, that’s true…」
「Nei-oneesan comes down to Misuzu’s level. Thus, by competing with Misuzu, Megu, Michi, and Mana, she’s trying to revitalize the young group」

I can’t tell Misuzu about this either but…
If Misuzu remains the leader of the young group then it would be painful for Megu and Mana.
Michi or Ruriko, the girls from Kouzuki house won’t have any resistance, but…
Megu and Mana both have a complex towards Misuzu.
If Misuzu’s the leader, then they’ll shrink against her.
The dissatisfaction would be on the inside, and it’ll explode.
Nei’s invasion is effective on shuffling the current situation of the young group

「I’m not good at all. I didn’t understand Nei-oneesama at all」

Misuzu reflects on herself

「Don’t mind it…Misuzu is doing her best in her own way too. I know since I saw it all」
「You’ve done your best…it can’t be helped. When you realize that you’re wrong then you can immediately reflect on it and fix it. Whatever happens, while repeating to make mistakes, fix it little by little and move forward」

I smile at Misuzu.

「I’m the one who knows best that Misuzu’s a good girl. That should be enough, isn’t it?」


「…I love you, Danna-sama Aaah!」

Embracing my body tightly.

「I’m glad it’s you…I love you!」

Misuzu calls me with『you』when she’s really overcome with emotion.

「Misuzu…I want to lick Misuzu’s breasts」

I fawn on Misuzu.

「Yes, right away…!」

Misuzu takes off the button of her mourning clothing

「Your underwear today is black…」
「Yes, I wanted Danna-sama to see it…」
「Yeah, it’s cute. It’s wonderful and mature」

I massage Misuzu’s chest on top of the black bra
Ah, I can feel her nipples are erect under the fabric.

「Danna-sama…do you love my breasts?」
「I do…it fits perfectly in my hands. It’s soft and bouncy」
「…More, touch me more」

I put my hands on Misuzu’s back and unhook her bra.
Her breasts jumped.

「Danna-sama, please take a seat」

Misuzu let me sit on the toilet.

「Here…have some breasts!」

The raw breast jumps out of the mourning dress, presented in front of me…
I lick up her pink nipples.

「Aaahn…It feels good. My nipples feel good」

After the right, I go to the left nipple…
I rub the vacant one with my thumb.

「…Danna-sama, I love you」

I touch Misuzu’s legs.
Misuzu today is wearing black stockings under her mourning dress.

「…Danna-sama, I have brought some reserve stockings」


「Please rip it off…」

Breathing heavily, Misuzu’s already aroused.

「I want to be violated here」


「Look, we’re reflected in the mirror」

Inside the narrow toilet, is a mirror and a small sink.
Misuzu looks into it.

「…Misuzu, do you want to be raped?」

I ask her…

「…Only by Danna-sama」

She looks at me with passionate eyes

「This morning…I had a dream. A dream where I’m forcibly raped by Danna-sama…!」
「Me, raping you?」
「Yes, Danna-sama. Misuzu can’t do it unless it’s Danna-sama…」

I touch Misuzu’s secret part on top of her stockings…
Panty and Stocking…even though there’s two layer of clothes, I still feel moisture.

「What kind of dream is it, Misuzu?」
「No…it’s embarrassing」

Misuzu’s face is blushing

「It’s fine, tell me…I want to know」
「Geez…Danna-sama you pervert」
「Misuzu’s the perverted one though」

I suck Misuzu’s nipples while stroking her slit.

「Aaahn…Yes, I’m lewd. I’m a pervert!!! Misuzu becomes so lewd when she thinks about Danna-sama…!」

Misuzu confesses as her body trembles…

1. Imagine Yoshi lifting the very plump Katsuko-nee, manhandling her ↩
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