Chapter 359. Break time

Chapter 359. Break time

Translator: Pun

Editor: Blaze

「Then…did Misuzu felt good?」

Nei asks Misuzu…

「Yes, it felt really good. I’m completely filled!」

She answers with a smile and then holds her belly.
“I’m completely filled up”…refers to the semen inside her womb.

「Un. You look completely refreshed! compared to that…」

Nei looks at me.

「Yo-chan looks quite tired!」

…Even though you know it.
Isn’t it Nei who made me cum three times before coming here?

「…Misuzu-oneesama, does sex really feel that good?」

Ruriko asks.
Ruriko’s wavering.
She’ll be kidnapped by me tomorrow.
Of course, she knows that I will be violating her afterward.
Therefore, she wants to know about sex.

「It’s not the sex that feels good…what’s good is doing it with Danna-sama」

Misuzu answers with a beaming smile.

「…What do you mean?」
「When having sex with Danna-sama…he’s always looking at me. It’s because he’s looking on how to make me feel good. Not as a daughter of the Kouzuki house…he makes love to only me, the naked me!」

Misuzu leans to me…

「Therefore, I also only look at Danna-sama during sex. My body…isn’t a title, it’s just me. I’m very happy that Danna-sama’s feeling good with my naked body. It makes me happy that I was born a woman…!」

Misuzu answers her beautiful cousin.

「Lastly, when Danna-sama pours in his『Baby seed』into my womb, my whole body feels numb…looking at Danna-sama’s eager face, it’s so cute and lovely that it makes me want to hug him and give it my all!」

Ruriko’s dumbfounded
And Yoshiko-san behind her too.
Margo-san speaks to the two…

「To be honest, he’s a rare type among men. When normal men have sex…there’s a lot of them who don’t care about the woman and just seek their own pleasure. Therefore, a lot of women close their eyes, not looking at their partner during intercourse…」

Margo-san who watched the prostitutes have sex through a surveillance camera makes a comment.

「My, is that so?」

Misuzu’s surprised.

「Oh right…Misuzu has never done it with anyone but him. He really concentrates on his partner…so the women also concentrate on him unintentionally. Not everyone has sex like that」
「I thought that sex is normally done with the partners staring at each other」

Misuzu said.

「…Me too」

Michi speaks up.

「Master always checks my condition…try to match with me. It’s very dedicated… I’m always grateful. Without Master’s consideration, I won’t be able to reach『Shingetsu』…!」

Is that so?
I’m not aware of it.

「True. Yo-chan always prioritizes the woman more than himself. That’s why he’s always matching with them」

Nei says as well.

「Young boys now don’t feel like trying to match with others and yet they say『Why aren’t you matching with me?』, a bunch of spoiled brats. I think a man like him is very precious」

Margo-san concludes.

「Now then, we have to get going. Nei, Michi-chan…!」

Margo-san calls the two.
Since they have an appointment with Ikeda-sensei, the female doctor that’s acquainted with『Kuromori』they have to leave soon.

「Yeah. We have to go. Misuzu…then, we won’t be coming to the『wake』tonight I’ll call you back tomorrow…!」
「Yes, I’ll be waiting…Danna-sama」

Then, Misuzu looks at Nei…

「I’m sorry, Nei-oneesama. Michi and I were the only ones given love by Danna-sama…」

She seems to think that Nei’s turn didn’t come due to the time constraints.

「Ufufufun! Sorry…actually, I made love with Yo-chan before coming here! Therefore, there’s no problem at all! Don’t worry about it!」
「My, is that so?」

Misuzu’s surprised.

「Or rather…I’m going to flirt with Yo-chan while Misuzu’s not with him! Like tonight!」

Nei deliberately stimulates Misuzu’s jealousy…!

「Danna-sama, please keep note on how many times you have done it with Nei-oneesama!」


「I would like to do the same number of times!」
「Eh? You’re okay with the same number?! Then I’m going to spend a lot of time with Yo-chan! We’re going to hug each other naked all night long!」
「Nei-oneesama! That’s unfair!」

Misuzu’s caught seriously by Nei’s teasing.

「Misuzu-san, it’s okay. The mansion has Katsuko-san, Megu-chan, and Mana-chan. Those people won’t let Nei monopolize him, don’t you think?」

Margo-san intervenes kindly.

「Uuuu…there’s too many rivals! Danna-samaa!」

Misuzu buries her face in my chest.
I hug Misuzu…

「It’s okay…I won’t forget about Misuzu. I’ll make time for other girls too…okay?」
「…That’s a promise」
「Yeah, I promise…!」

I kiss Misuzu’s lips.

「Ufufu…I love you Danna-sama!」

Misuzu brightens up.
Getting bright then gloomy…what trouble.

「Michi, you will also have your time…!」
「Yes. Thank you in advance」

Michi is good since she’s understanding…
Or rather, if Michi really gets frustrated, I feel like she’ll attack me by force.
This small girl’s true nature is a beast.
In order to conceal her original inner energy, she acts like an obedient girl.

「Ruriko…it’s tomorrow」

Ruriko doesn’t reply
…She’s at a loss.
She’s not looking at me…just looking down.
Yoshiko’s shaken up too.

「I don’t care about what you want. I’ll definitely kidnap you anyway」

I told her exactly that…

◇ ◇ ◇

Going out to the hallway with Margo-san, Nei, and Michi…
Seki-san’s waiting for us just like earlier.
It seems that nobody came to Misuzu and Ruriko’s waiting room all this time

「Thank you very much. Seki-san」
「Are you done?」
「Yes…we’re done talking for the time being」

I move ahead in the hallway.
Yes, there’s nobody close to us.

「…Seki-san, there’s something I want to talk about」
「Tomorrow…I’ll kidnap Ruriko during the『funeral』」

…Seki-san’s surprised.

「I’ve got Jii-chan’s permission. But, it seems that he won’t be contacting Kouzuki security service. We’re going to outwit Kouzuki security service and take out Ruriko using our own power」

Seki-san thinks for a while…

「Why do that…?」

I look straight at Seki-san’s eyes.

「Ruriko should live a life away from the asylum, which is『Kouzuki house』 I have to release her from the spell of Kouzuki house or else her life won’t start」

Seki-san stares at my eyes as well.

「…Okay. I just have to support, right?」

Seki-san acknowledged it.

「For details, I’ll contact you tonight」

Margo-san tells Seki-san

「Roger…send me a mail here」

Seki-san takes out a paper and write her mailing address
She tore the page and handed it to Margo-san

「That’s a personal address…nobody in Kouzuki security service knows this」
「Understood…then I look forward to working with you」

Margo-san looks at the paper…
Immediately after…she heads to the smoking area of the corridor…
She ignites the lighter on the ashtray.

「Huh…you’re burning it?」
「Yeah…I’ve remembered it already」

Margo-san smiles at me.
The note burns away

「As expected. Is that Kyouko Messers teaching?」

Seki-san asks, Margo-san…


The burned note turns to ashes.

◇ ◇ ◇

Going back to the original path and to the parking area.
We returned to the Maserati.

「Wait a moment…!」

Margo-san checks the car before getting in

「Yeah…just as suspected」

She found three suspicious devices in a flash

「Is that, uhm…」

Jii-chan’s instructions?
Or could it be chief Tanizawa?

「Don’t talk for now. Both of these are transmitters but this one’s a wiretap…」


「Though there’s no bombs or anything set up here as expected」

Margo-san said laughing.

「Okay…it’s fine, get in. You’re in the passenger seat. Nei and Michi are on the backseats」

I don’t get it but…anyway, I’ll do as Margo-san says.

「Well then, let’s go」

Margo-san starts the engine and goes to the exit checkpoint.
Uniformed guards from Kouzuki security service shows up…

「You there, sorry to ask you but return these…!」

She handed the transmitter and wiretaps she found earlier to the security guard.

「I think it’s your company’s equipment…」

The security guard panics.
Then, he puts his face out of the window, to the back of the car…

「Hey, what are you doing!」

Looking at it…another uniformed guard was creeping unnoticed and tries to touch the back of the Maserati

「…Do it and you’re dead」

Margo-san’s bloodthirst frightens the guard and stopped him from moving

「Open the gates!」

Nei shouts

「Yes, right away」

The first uniformed guard opens the agte.

「Un…well done」

Margo-san starts the maserati suddenly…

「…That was dangerous」

I said…

「No, they stuck a transmitter」
「The guard on the back pretended to be scared but he properly attached the transmitter. He emphasized his right hand so we can see it better but he put his left hand under the car body」

…Is that so?

「Could this be Jii-chan’s work?」
「No. Kouzuki-san won’t do this. It’s Tanizawa-san」

…Chief Tanizawa?

「Tanizawa-san is scared of Kyouko-san Well, it can’t be helped…it’s like having a cannibal Lion unleashed in the streets of Tokyo Kyouko-san’s linked with miss Cordelia now. If you’re Tanizawa-san, you’d want to monitor on their movements, don’t you think?」

I-I see…

「Then, is it going to be hard to kidnap Ruriko tomorrow?」

If they’re constantly watching us then we can’t take out Ruriko through their surveillance…

「No, we’ll manage somehow. As expected, it just pisses me off slightly. Knowing that Tanizawa-san wants to put bells on our neck feels suffocating…!」

Margo-san says.

「Margo-oneechan…there’s two cars tailing!」

Nei said

「White and blue cars」

Michi seems to know the tailing cars too

「Hey…I’m going to take responsibility on bringing Nei and Michi-chan to Ikeda-sensei so take half of the tail」

Margo-san tells me…

「It’s okay. You can just ride the train and head to the mansion. Those guys won’t make a move on you. We’re not hostile against Kouzuki house after all」

If they hurt us then Jii-chan would be angry.

「Anyway…they’re just annoying. Don’t mind them and go straight home without stopping. Once you’re at the mansion, Kyouko-san will do something about them」

Margo-san said

「Either way…we’ll wait for the examination to be done when we’re at Ikeda-sensei. Afterwards, we’ll send Nei to the hairdresser…and return Michi-chan to the funerary. I’ll do those」
「No, I can wait anyway…」
「I just want you to take half of the tail. If the pursuer is halved…I’ll be able to move around them」

I see. Then…

「In case anything happens, contact me by phone right away. I don’t mind if you contact me or Katsuko-san」

Err…the phone handed to me earlier…I have it. Okay.

「Nei and Michi-chan, are you okay with that…?」
「Yeah, I feel sad that Yo-chan’s going away but…I don’t want him to wait for us for long」
「…It can’t be helped」

The two are convinced.

「I’ll park my car in front of Aoyama Itchome station…do you know the way home?」
「I know the rough details」

The Tokyou subway is complicated but…if I look at the route map then I’ll manage somehow

「Yo-chan, do you have money?」

Looking at my pockets…there’s still the envelop given by Minaho-neesan.

「I’ll only bring 10k yen. I’m scared to have so much money…」

I pull out one 10k yen bill then left the rest to Nei.

「Take it, Nee-san」

Nei takes the envelope.

「When you get off the care, look at the back of the Maserati…I think the transmitter would be under the bumper so peel it off」

Margo-san tells me.

「What would I do after peeling it?」
「You can just throw it away. There will be a pedestrian that would chase you anyway」

…I see

「Okay…I’m stopping」

Margo-san stops the car at the big intersection on the main street.
No, she just stopped normally in accordance to the signal

「Then…good luck!」
「Yes. Michi…make sure to have yourself checked up」

Michi nods with a serious face.

「Nee-san to…see you later」
「Sure. See you later Yo-chan!」

Nei smiles at me.

「Margo-san…take care of the rest」
「You too, take care…」

I get off the car.
Go at the back of Maserati…
I look under the car.
…There’s one.
True, there’s a small machine sticking in.
I grabbed it and took it off the car.
I show it to Margo-san and others through the back window.
Nei-san waves at me.


The Maserati confirms that the signal has changed…
And it drives off, leaving me.
I run to the side walk in a hurry…
I stick the transmitter to the guardrail.
I look around…
Oh…there’s a Honda Showroom.
There’s a banner saying『Congratulations for victory!』
I don’t get it but it seems that the Honda’s car won the race.
I turn around…
There’s a car tailing us…
The blue car parked on the side.
Three men in suits come down from the inside.
Oh…those guys are in charge of tailing me.
…Well fine.
With the Honda building behind…I go down to the subway entrance.

◇ ◇ ◇

I bought tickets and head to the subway home without any problems.
It’s holiday so there’s not a lot of people.
Ah, there’s a mirror here.

I pretend to casually peek into the mirror and look at the back.
Yeah…the tail’s following.

I’ll guide them to the mansion.
They’re chief Tanizawa’s underlings anyway.
They know『Kuromori’s』mansion so there’s no problem if I take them there.
I didn’t make stopovers.
Still…I take care not to meet any acquaintances.
Chief Tanizawa hasn’t confirmed my identity yet.


Such words float in my mind…
…Huh, huh, I thought.

My true identity?

I look at the mirror again.
The mirror reflects me.

It looks a bit tired.
There’s only been hardships since last ngiht…
A forced a distorted smile…

Ha…it’s the usual dull face.
Yeah…but, this is…my face.
This is…me


I leak a big sigh…

Get yourself together, me…
Don’t misunderstand.
There’s a lot of girls around me now.
Everyone wants me.
All of them are beautiful, talented and charming girls.
People like Minaho-neesan and Margo-san and others help me.
They’re truly people with abilities.
Just because I’m surrounded by those people…
Doesn’t mean that I’ve become amazing…

I’m much weaker than Margo-san or Michi.
I’m dumber than Nei and Misuzu.
I’ve got no charm like those girls…

Look at the mirror…
There’s a miserable face of a miserable boy.

This is me.

I was abandoned by my parents, a normal high school boy.
A worthless existence.
Remember that you’re weak.
Don’t forget it.

I am myself…

『The train will arrive shortly…』

The broadcast announcement comes from the platform…
Reconfirming of how small I am, I felt relief.
I don’t care about the tail anymore.
I’ll sleep on the train home…
Speaking of which, I’m a bit sleepy…


Entering the subway to home.
Oh…it’s empty. I can sit anywhere.
When the door opened, I sat at the corner of the wagon.
Then…I closed my eyes.

◇ ◇ ◇

From the subway to JR.
Then, to the private railway.
From the private railway to bus…

On the way back to the mansion, I was asleep most of the time…
Once I get to the desired station, I get off in a hurry.
I was ignoring my tail…

From the bus stop all the way to the mansion…
Then, I noticed.

They tail has no blood thirst.
There was a sense of urgency when I was chased by Viola’s subordinate.
I don’t feel that fear.
Therefore, I was able to doze off.

Then that means…?!

Ah, Margo-san fooled me?

The people behind me aren’t tail.
…They’re escorts.
Chief Tanizawa’s being fussy with Jii-chan…
He ordered his subordinates to escort us.

I was Misuzu’s partner after all.

Of course…it’s a big help.
The transmitter is out of the question, but…
Chief Tanizawa’s not doing anything offensive.

…Then that means.

Margo-san didn’t let me off the Maserati to reduce the number of the tail.
…She made time for me to be alone.
A time to spend alone, slowly…

I had been with someone all this time.

If ever I encounter any trouble…Chief Tanizawa’s subordinated would help me.

Ah…That’s no good, me.

I’m still dressed up in front of the girls.
I can’t sleep unprotected in the car earlier.
In front of them…
I’m always nervous when I feel their gaze.

Margo-san knows that…
So she let me alone to have some time to refresh.

I’m still not good enough.

Beyond the street, I see the small hill where the mansion is.
When I arrive there…I’ve got to concentrate once again.

Yeah…I feel like it’s not enough.
I stopped for a moment.
I bought a cola from the roadside vending machine…and drink it.
The carbonic acid cools off my eyes.


I slapped my cheeks.

Get yourself together…me!
Now, let’s go!

I start walking to the mansion once again…

I have to go back as the man of Kuromori…
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