Chapter 360. Two confinement rooms.

Chapter 360. Two confinement rooms.

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Editor: Blaze

Thinking about it, isn’t this my first time to enter the『mansion』through the entrance?
I always come in via car…
When I go to school with Megu, it’s always on the backdoor.
How do I get in?
Since I’m being tailed, I want to come in right away, but…
For the time being, I head to the front of the iron gate.
Oh…there’s a doorbell in here.
Anyway, I pushed the switch.



I hear Katsuko-nee’s voice from the speaker.
That alone makes me feel relieved…

「Oh…it’s me」

Somehow, that’s uncool but I can’t think of any other reply.

『Yes…I’m watching』

I don’t know where but there’s a surveillance camera.

『I’m opening it now…okay, come in』

The iron door clicks and automatically opened itself.

「Ah, thanks」

I enter the ground and the door closed automatically.
It’s farewell with the tail from Kouzuki security service.
Should I wave my hand to them…?
No, it’s better if I ignore them.
There’s no need for both of us to be overly considerate.

I walk in the greenery and head towards the mansion.
I know it well since the cars go through here.
…Yeah, the weather’s nice today.
The sky’s blue…it’s neither hot nor cold.
It’s an ideal May holiday.
…My body feels quite fatigued.
I want to lie down in the backyard and take a nap while sunbathing.

When I arrive at the entrance of the mansion…
The door opens.

「…Welcome back!」

Appearing is Megu in a maid dress.
She looks at me bashfully.
Katsuko-nee in matching maid uniform appears from her behind.

「What do you think? Does it suit Megu-chan?」

Katsuko-nee speaks proudly

「…How is it, Yoshi-kun?」
「Yeah. It suits you amazingly…!」

Megu’s tall, and she has thin and long legs so that costume fits her.

「Un. As expected, I’m not an Ojou-sama so this kind of work clothes suit me more than expensive dresses]

Megu humbles herself.

「That’s not it…that’s amazingly cute! Megu!」

I look at Megu’s body and observed carefully.
Yes, a healthy and fresh body…good!

「Yoshi-kun…do you like it?」
「Of course!」

I replied…

「Look, didn’t it go as I told you? Okay…Megu-chan, greet him」

Katsuko-nee urges Megu.

「…But, I’m embarrassed」
「It’s fine, he’ll definitely be pleased…!」

Hearing what Katsuko-nee said…Megu picked up her skirt and thanked me…

「Megu…is going to be a maid only for Yoshi-kun from today onwards. Please take care of me」
「Wrong, it’s『Please take care of me, Master!』Right?」

Katsuko-nee says, but…

「But…it’s embarrassing…Michi-san’s already using『Goshujin-sama』」
「Then, how about calling him in English?」

…No no

「Stop that, Katsuko-nee. Calling me Mastah feels like a rural cafe」

Yeah…spare me from that

「Yes…Yoshi-kun is Yoshi-kun」

Megu answers

「You’re not a maid in reality…Megu’s my wife so you don’t have to change the way you call me」
「Let’s see…then『Maid-bride』is fine?」

Katsuko-nee’s convinced.

「Then, I’ll be the『Chief maid wife』…!」

She smiled in good mood.

「Please guide me, chief Maid!」

Megu respectfully bows to Katsuko-nee…

「Leave it to Katsuko-neesan!」

Katsuko-nee taps her own side…!

「Anyway…come in. Have you eaten lunch yet?」
「No…I had late breakfast this morning and I only drank canned juice」
「Then, I’ll prepare something」

I enter the mansion along with Katsuko-nee and Megu.
Going inside the building…we head to the courtyard terrace.
In there is Minaho-neesan operating a laptop while drinking tea.

「Oh, welcome back」
「I’m back, Nee-san」

A natural greeting among the family.

「You must’ve been tired? Tailed as you go home」
「Not at all…I slept on the way back」

I answered honestly

「After all, those guys are escorts, aren’t they?」


「That’s right. Well done noticing it…」

She smiles.

「The people of the information department of Kouzuki security service…recognizes us as a『Special and confidential protected group』by Kouzuki-sama’s orders」

…『Special and confidential protected group』

「It’s not a special group for『Kouzuki group』…We’re a『Top secret』in regards to Japan as a nation」

…J-Japan confidential?!

「The incident this time seems to have caused a shock for those elderly in political and economic world. In short, the『Customer list』and『Recorded materials』we have. Everyone in the post-war political and financial world of Japan knows the『Night Friends’ list』 you see? It’s that kind of world, there’s a lot of them who were working during 70’s and 80’s…Even those who took over, it’s mostly their sons taking over the grounds of business and politics. We who have that kind of『record』can cause a big scandal anytime…」

Shirasaka Sousuke is an idiot so he tried giving it to an organized crime syndicate, but…
Back in the golden age of『Kuromori tower』where Minaho-neesan’s grandfather was operating…big shots of Japan are frequenting this mansion.
Not for just a brothel but as a first class social gathering…
Then, the politicians and businessmen would’ve done a lot of backroom deals here.

「What should we do? Should we expose all of it? Both the opposition and the administration parties, those called big shots would have a big damage to them. Far from the change of government, all the political parties in the history would be crushed. Even the big companies are the same. The heritage chairman and presidents across the board would have to take responsibility by resigning…!」

Minaho-neesan says cruelly.

「Don’t. I’m not interested in those…!」
「…Me too」


「I’m fine as long as I can protect your place to live happily」


「For the time being…we’re supposed to be under Kouzuki-sama’s umbrella in a formal sense. Therefore, the records of『Kuromori』will be managed by Kouzuki-sama…that’s what would be told to the people in political and financial circles」

Meaning, we’ll be protected by the power of Kouzuki house?

「Thus…Kouzuki security service will guard us?」
「Yes. If you don’t show that Kouzuki house is working properly, someone would appear stealing the march you know?」

It’s widely known that『Kuromori』was the spark of the scandal…
There’s a possibility of someone forestalling Jii-chan and coming here to make contact with us.

「From today forward…Kouzuki security service would get rid of any strange guys coming for us before they make contact. Even after Kouzuki-sama retires, this stance will not change…that is the reason why Kouzuki-sama summoned Shiba-sama there…」

Jii-chan will let Shiba-san take over our care as the next top of Kouzuki group…

「Shiba-sama’s a sharp person. He knows that he better keep the cause of this scandal confidential…! He can make debt to people of various organizations…he can even make threats」
「…Are we really okay?」
「It’s fine. Kouzuki-sama hadn’t told Shiba-sama that we’re an independent organization, had he? Shiba-sama thinks that we’re under Kouzuki-sama’s control. If the Kouzuki group is completely in control of the『Joker』then he should think there’s no need to make a bad match with them. It’s a card that works effective when you have it」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Rather…once he uses it, it’s a card that can’t be taken back. If the current political and financial situation of Japan …it won’t do anything good for Kouzuki group or Shiba-san you see?」

I-I see.

「Therefore, it might be cramped but there’s no choice but to live with Kouzuki security service. Well, they won’t enter the mansion nor the school… Besides, if Kouzuki security service people are with us…they’ll keep the other organization under control
「…Another organization?」
「It’s the Japan’s police」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Yesterday, Kyouko-san exposed her identity, didn’t she? Tonight, people from the public safety police would come to watch over us in addition to Kouzuki security service」

Kyouko-san was a member of a famous international criminal organization

「Perhaps…in the end, a police box would be parked in front of our mansion. Then, the policemen would be watching us 24/7 The security here would be better, but…」

It goes that far?

「Of course, Kouzuki-sama has given notice to the Japanese government. Therefore, we’ll be recognized as a『Special and confidential protected group』 Even if the police are here…they’re going to be guards in the end. But, since the officials at site would like to capture us and Kyouko-san secretly…」

Minaho-neesan smiles wryly.

「Really…the police are the only ones completely out of control. We need Kouzuki security service guards to remain around the mansion in order to keep constant pressure to the police monitoring us」

By keeping the police and Kouzuki security service at a constant standoff…
Both sides would weaken…

「Haha…it’s become troublesome because Kyouko-san exposed her identity to the policemen」

When I said that…Minaho-neesan.

「No…that was what’s needed」


「When Kyouko-san revealed that she’s a member of an international criminal organization, 『Malandro』…the policemen acknowledged that. Then, it’ll spread that we have『Malandro』backing us. There’s no one who would try to intervene us. Even if some businessman or a politician tries to make a move on us…there’s no organization of a scale that would cooperate with them. Everyone knows that it’s dangerous to approach the name『Malandro』or『Kyouko Messer』 Kyouko-san purposely exposed her name. In order to protect our family…」

…Is that so

「Kyouko-san’s a physical type, her guts are amazing, but…the greatest impression she makes is her head. She pretends to be playing around, leading you to the situation that’s advantageous」

Minaho-neesan said.

「…Speaking of which, where’s Kyouko-san?」

If I recall, she and Minaho-neesan brought Shirasaka Sousuke…?

「They’re at school now. It’s decided that we’re confining Shirasaka Sousuke in the confinement room under the principal’s office」

Oh…the room where Yukino’s been confined before?
The ceiling’s low and it makes you feel down.

「…It’s a simple meal but, here」

Katsuko-nee and Megu brings me a meal.

「Pancake, bacon and eggs, and then Salad…I’m sorry that it’s like a breakfast」
「No, it’s fine. Katsuko-nee’s meals are always delicious」
「That pancake was made by Megu-chan」
「Un…eat up, Yoshi-kun」

I sliced it up and eat it.

「Yes…it’s delicious, Megu」
「…I’m glad」

Megu smiles

「Katsuko-nee and Megu, don’t just stand…take a seat. There’s no need to be maids for now. Did you two finish lunch already?」
「Yes, about an hour ago…」

Megu answers
I think about the other girls while tossing the eggs to my mouth…
Nei, Michi and Margo-san would eat something along the way.
Misuzu and Ruriko…it’s fine since Jii-chan said that they’ll eat together.
Mana and Reika…Nagisa would let them eat something.
Yes…there’s no problem.
I chew the salad leaf…and got surprised.
…Speaking of which.

「Uhm…how’s Yukino?」

Where is Yukino right now?

「Yukino is on the second floor. She’s confined for the time being. After she ate, she said『Sleepy』then fell asleep」

Megu tells me.
So she ate…then it’s fine.

「How about you take some rest after eating? It’s been harsh since yesterday」

Katsuko-nee’s concerned about my body

「Thanks…but, I」

I look at Minaho-neesan.
Minaho-neesan’s facing her laptop.
She’s concentrating on her work.


Minaho-neesan replies with her eyes still on the screen.

「…I want to see Agnes」

I said calmly

「I heard about it from Margo-san. Minaho-neesan’s revenge won’t end unless I do something about Agnes」

Minaho-neesan closes the laptop silently.
Then, she looked up at me…

「I’ve been worrying all this time about how should I talk to you about it」

She exhales.

「We’ll go once you’re done eating…I’ll let you see Agnes」

◇ ◇ ◇

Minaho-neesan and I head to the stairs to the basement.
Katsuko-nee and Megu declined since there’s still much work left in the kitchen.
Right now, it’s only me and Minaho-neesan.

「The underground corridor is connected to the back of the garage. Have you been behind the garage?」
「Err…I think I haven’t」
「If you go then there’s a skylight just above the confinement, you can see it right away, but」
「Human body gets unwell if you don’t bathe in sunlight. The confinement room in school is only used for short period confinement but…this underground confinement room is for long term use. Therefore, it’s designed to get sunlight directly.」

…I see.

「Rather than that…it was Shirasaka Sousuke who made the basement a confinement room. It’s originally an Atelier room」
「Since grandfather’s『Kuromori Tower』time, there’s a lot of customers with oil painting as a hobby so…it’s a room used when painting a prostitute as a model. Do you know the painter named Klimt?」
「…I don’t」
「It’s a painter active in Vienna at the beginning of the 19th century…Klimt had a secret atelier. He lets a naked woman loiter around there…and when he felt it, he’ll paint the pose on the spot」
「A young painter named『Egon Schiele』saw Klimt’s atelier and thought of trying to make a young lady wander around the Atelier naked」
「The neighbors found it and he had a trial for public shame, and he lost…」

…My, my.

「Well, that’s all for Egon Chiele…then, Grandfather wanted to create a space like Klimnt’s atelier here. A naked woman wandering around, draw a painting…when you get tired from it, then sex…」
「It’s normal for the models back then to sleep with the painter」

Are there customers who prefer such an artistic thing?

「…It’s here」

Minaho-neesan stops in front of a door at the end of the corridor.

「In reality, it’s a big room but when Shirasaka Sousuke refurbished the room into a confinement room and divided it into two」

She inserts the key to the door’s lock…and open it.
Beyond the odor…are two doors lined up to each other.
That door is newer than the entrance door.
It’s obviously a postfix door.
There’s a peephole on the door.

「Look at the right room…Agnes should be there」

I look through the peephole.
Inside the room…is light from sun is directly coming in.
Yeah…this room is actually a room with the size of a basketball court.
Putting a plank in the middle…the room’s separated into two halves.
Oh…there’s a shower at the corner of the room.

「Hot water comes out there」
「Yes…it’s there when model puts on make p. Now, Agnes is using it to shower everyday」

Or rather…the toilet’s also sticking out.
What’s going on here?

「The toilet and shower room were surrounded by walls originally. Shirasaka Sousuke got rid of that wall. Just to humiliate the confined girl…!」

I see…the woman kidnaped would be confined in this room…
Then he enjoys watching girls who can’t endure it and excrete on the exposed toilet bowl…
The shower is also used the same way.
Therefore…he took down the wall.
But, where’s agnes?
I look around the room, but…
I can’t see her in the visible range of the peephole.

「I can’t see Agnes」
「Then, I think she’s on the bed. It’s a blindspot on that peephole…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Then, it can’t be helped…should we enter the room?」

I separate my eye from the peephole then…Minaho-neesan’s looking into the other confinement room.
She’s making a horribly tense face…
…Could this be?

「Minaho-neesan, is someone in that room too?」

The two confinement rooms are divided by a large board…
Does each of them have someone locked up?

「…It’s father」

Minaho-neesan answered.

「Yes…Kuromori Koichiro. My father」

Wasn’t Minaho-neesan’s father in Australia?
Making a move on a Yakuza’s daughter, he escaped as he can no longer stay in Japan…
Shirasaka Sousuke came to Australia to see Kuromori Koichiro, didn’t he?
Hearing that Kuromori Koichiro has the customer list of『Kuromori』…

「My father being in Australia is a lie. It’s just to make Shirasaka Sousuke get out of the country…」

Right. Shirasaka Sousuke back then had a relationship with Japanese gangs, so…
Shirasaka Sousuke was driven out of the country to remove his protection.
Kyouko-san can move freely outside of Japan…
In short…Minaho-neesan’s father has always been here…???!

「Shirasaka Sousuke planned to make Megumi a prostitute by the end of Golden week, do you remember?」

Minaho-neesan speaks gloomily.

「Therefore…I needed to hurry the revenge plan by all means.」

In order to save Megu from Shirasaka Sousuke’s evil hands…

「I used a strong drug on my Father」


「Father will stay asleep for the rest of his life. It can’t be helped. It was my father who was coaxed by Shirasaka Sousuke and took away『Kuromori tower』from Grandfather…」

Speaking of which…
Nobody talked about Kuromori Koichiro all this time.

「Then…it was father who made a lot of girls fall to hell along with Shirasaka Sousuke. Kuromori Koichiro…!」

Just as everyone had spoken their hate towards Shiraska Sousuke again and again…
Everyone’s avoiding to talk about Kuromori Koichiro.

「When I was kidnapped by Shirasaka Sousuke…even when I was raped, My father didn’t help me. Far from that…he was the one who raped me after Shirasaka Sousuke…!」


「Even when with Naomi…My father didn’t save us sisters. Mother was left to die alone as her daughters were kidnapped…and, when Naomi died…!」

Minaho-neesan looks inside the room where her father is while her body trembles.

「『This is unavoidable. I can’t do anything from this』…he convinces himself, he was trying to escape from his sin…!!!」

Oh…I see.
Minaho-neesan can never forgive Shirasaka Sousuke…
Yukino, Mana, and Agnes…Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughters were involved in her『revenge』…
That’s not just a simple hate on Shirasaka Sousuke.

「That person may be my real father, but. For me…for my mother, for Naomi, he’s only a『demon』 He’s not human…!」

Her fierce hatred on her father is unyielding.
The thought of her family fallen to hell because of her father…
The father’s also connected to her hate on Shirasaka Sousuke.

「Therefore, I made him swallow the medicine. Personally…」

Her revenge on Kuromori Koichiro…is already done.

「Unable to wake up for the rest of his life…suffering…inside his dreams…only to die…!」

Therefore…Margo-san, Katsuko-nee, and Kyouko-san too…
Nobody talks about Minaho-neesan’s father…about Kuromori Koichiro.

「I had no choice but to do that on him…! I can’t think of anything else…!」

Minaho-neesan keeps on staring at the peephole to her father’s room.
She doesn’t turn to me.

I hate, hate…hate him so much.
I can’t do any more『revenge』to my father…Kuromori Koichiro but kill him.
Because…Kuromori Koichiro doesn’t have a『family』he loves.
We, the family he’s supposed to love…
Had been shattered to pieces a long time ago…!!」

Minaho-neesan’s shoulder is shaking finely.

「…Therefore, I hate him so much he should just die…」

Her true father messed up his family.
She can’t take revenge on that man’s family.
The hate and anger loops inside Minaho-neesan.
Minaho-neesan’s hate deeply penetrates into Shirasaka Sousuke who have a family…daughters he loves…
Yukino and others


Minaho-neesan’s in tears.

「…Dammit…Damn it…Damn it…!」

She curses herself…
That’s how I see it.


I hug Minaho-neesan’s back…

「Why is that man my father! Why did we have to suffer from such a man…!!!!」

Nobody can choose their parents.
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