Chapter 361. Wound

Chapter 361. Wound

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「I’m such a horrible woman, don’t you think? I crippled my own father…」

Minaho-neesan mutters weakly

「You’re not…」

I answered.

「…There’s no way that’s true」

Minaho-neesan doesn’t look at me.
She’s staring at the room where her father is sleeping, standing still.
She’s looking at her own sin.

「But…Minaho-neesan is my Nee-san」


「For the rest of my life…forever…Nee-san is Nee-san…」


「Minaho-neesan’s sins are my sins. I’ll carry it with you…!」

Minaho-neesan slowly looks at me…

「I need a family. The head of that family is Minaho-neesan, right? Therefore…」
「…I’m the one who needed a family」

Minaho-neesan interrupts me from speaking.

「Therefore, I couldn’t treat Katsuko and Nagisa as just a prostitute. I picked up Nei and Margo. I can’t overlook Megumi becoming Shirasaka Sousuke’s prey…you too」
「…You made everyone your family, didn’t you?」
「Wrong…I only did it for my own sake, because I am lonely. It’s my own selfish ego… It’s not kindness nor compassion. I approached you people for my own sake…!

Minaho-neesan expresses her thoughts…

「So what? Isn’t that fine anyway? Thanks to Minaho-neesan holding her hand out, no one reached the worst situation. Everyone is thankful to Minaho-neesan」
「I’m not someone to thank for. I’m a woman with an ugly heart. I’m a cruel person」
「But, you’re still my Nee-san」

I hug Minaho-neesan.

「Even if I die…I won’t stop being Minaho-neesan’s『brother』…」

Minaho-neesan’s body is really thin.
Turned to a prostitute by age 12…forced to undergo an unreasonable abortion surgery.
Her body can never have sex again.
The girl who wasn’t able to grow up her secondary sexual characteristics…is as thin as a wire, a thin woman…


If I hug her tightly…it feels like she’ll shatter and crumble.

「…Is it really…okay, for me…to be your family?」

Minaho-neesan whispers in my ear.

「I’m already Minaho-neesan’s family…family is something you can’t quit once you signed up. Isn’t it?」

Minaho-neesan looks into her father’s room again…

「That person may be my biological father, but… He’s not family. I never felt like that person was my family」
「I’m the same. The only family I had in my house was my late Grandma…My father and mother weren’t my family. Just being『connected by blood』isn’t enough for a family. There’s something more important」
「…That might be true」

Then…a person calls us from behind.

「…Ojou-sama. I’ve had a meeting with the person in charge of Kouzuki security service」

It’s an old man’s voice.
Turning around…Morimoto-san in his black suit is standing there.
He’s the brothel’s clerk back in the era of『Kuromori tower』
He was expelled by Shirasaka Sousuke and brought back by Minaho-neesan…

「…Ah, hello」

I greeted him in a hurry.
I haven’t met Morimoto-san since the first day I came to this mansion.
At that time, I thought of him as a butler of this mansion…
It’s our first time speaking properly.
No…When Yuuka-san came and we had Yukino’s『pregnancy party』I met him.
But, anyway…I hardly see his figure in this mansion.

「…Sorry. Uhm…I」
「…Please don’t worry. I know everything」

Morimoto-san said softly

「I’m also watching via the surveillance cameras」

I see…he’s from the original『Kuromori』
He’s seen all of my action since I first raped Yukino.

「You’re Minaho-ojousama’s『younger brother』?…Please take care of her」
「…No, uhm, I’m the one who should say that…thank you」

I bow my head to old man Morimoto

「Morimoto…had always been taking care of father all this time」

…I see.
Kuromori Koichiro is in a coma…

「If it’s in this room…He can be taken care of along with Agnes… Katsuko and I are always in situations where we can’t stay in the mansion」

Normally…Katsuko-nee looks after Agnes and makes her meals.
But, these past few days…she has to go out of the mansion by all means…
『Kuromori』originally had a shortage of people…Katsuko-nee’s a very capable woman.
She can’t stay in the mansion just to take care of Agnes.
Morimoto-san had been watching over these two rooms lined up.

「『Obouchama』would be carried to Kouzuki-sama’s hospital by evening」

I see. Morimoto-san had been serving Minaho-neesan’s grandfather…
Kuromori Koichiro, her master’s son is an『Obochama』

「…Is that so?」
「Yes…it’s before the『police solidify the surveillance of this mansion』」
「I understand…thank you」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「Shirasaka Sousuke’s custody is secured…therefore, it’s no longer necessary to lock up father here」

There’s no need for the false setting that he’s in Australia.

「Although I believe in Kyouko-san’s power…I had assumed that Shirasaka Sousuke’s going to be rescued by Shirasaka house」

Shirasaka house’s head, Shirasaka Moritsugu sent men to Australia to rescue his beloved nephew, Shirasaka Sousuke.
If in some kind of trouble…Shirasaka Sousuke escaped from Kyouko-san’s confinement…
But still…Shirasaka Sousuke’s purpose is the customer list of『Kuromori』in Kuromori Koichiro’s hands.
Assuming that Kuromori Koichiro is in Australia…he’ll stay on site.
If it’s Kyouko-san, she’ll find a chance to catch Shirasaka Sousuke again.
But…if he finds out that Kuromori Koichiro is in Japan, Kuromori mansion…
Shirasaka Sousuke would return to Japan instantly
That means Shirasaka Sousuke would have an ironclad guard.
『Kuromori』which is a small organization would lose their grip on Shirasaka Sousuke.
Furthermore, Kuromori would have to take the attack from Shirasaka house and the gangs Shirasaka Sousuke’s associated with upfront.
It’s that gang who wanted to have the customer list.
On top of that, if a group like Cesario Viola joined the attacked…it’s impossible to protect all.
Therefore, the location of Kuromori Koichiro is thoroughly hidden until all issues are settled.

「Father will be heading to the hospital…and then he’ll die at the hospital」

Minaho-neesan said.

「I’ll do the preparations for『Obochama』 After changing clothes, I’ll bring him to the first floor from this room」
「Yes…we can’t show this underground room to Kouzuki security service」
「Therefore…could you allow me to have some time alone with him?」

Morimoto-san bows his head to Minaho-neesan.

「I have been serving Kuromori family even before『Obochama』was born 『Obochama』hadn’t received his training from Odanna-sama…I feel that it’s my responsibility『Obochama』had such a personality…」
「Nowadays, I’m the only one who has served Odanna-sama. It’s necessary for me to be the one to send『Obochama』away I feel. This is to repay Odanna-sama’s kindness…」

Morimoto-san who knew the son of his master since birth…expelled from the mansion…
Minaho-neesan who’s the granddaughter of his master…called him back to the mansion.
Therefore, he thinks that it’s his job to see off the son from the mansion.
…Kuromori Koichiro, will never come back to this mansion.

「Understood…I’ll leave this to Morimoto」

Minaho-neesan answered.
Then, she looked at me…

「Sorry but…let’s put Agnes after my father’s transport. Okay?」

◇ ◇ ◇

Minaho-neesan and I come back from the underground passage.
When we’re at a distance Morimoto-san can’t hear us…I asked Minaho-neesan.

「…There’s a surveillance camera in the confinement room of Agnes, isn’t there?」
「…Yes, there is」

Minaho-neesan answered expressionlessly

「Then, there’s no need to bring me on that room…we can just check through camera, right?」

Or rather…I went to the room though.
But since Agnes is in a blind spot of the peephole…I can’t see her.
There will be more than one camera anyway…there’s no blind spots there.

「…You’re right」

Then, the reason she brought me underground…

「Minaho-neesan…you want me to see not Agnes but Kuromori Koichiro?」


「What I want to show you…is me. My own…ugly heart」

…Speaking of which
Minaho-neesan has always been the one peeping through Kuromori Koichiro’s room.
I haven’t seen Kuromori Koichiro at all.

「I want you to see my scars」

I have seen Minaho-neesan’s scar on her body before.
It’s a big surgical trace under her abdomen.
It’s the proof her body can never have a baby again.
A wound as big as that…is also in Minaho-neesan’s heart.
…The wound isn’t healing.
…Even now it still pains, spout red blood.

「Yes…Minaho-neesan’s filled with wounds and scars…」

…I stopped walking.
Minaho-neesan also stopped and looked at me.

「But, I like it…Minaho-neesan who’s filled with scars…」
「I love you…Minaho-neesan」

I have to embrace this wounded soul…
I hug Minaho-neesan…
I kissed her lips softly

「I…it’s my first time kissing a boy…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「As a prostitute…I’ve done it with men multiple times, but」

Minaho-neesan…was assaulted all this time.
Her mind…her body

「Minaho-neesan isn’t a prostitute anymore…!」

I stare at Minaho-nesan…

「…You’re right. I’m different now」

This time…Minaho-neesan kisses me.

「It’s my first time in my life kissing someone I like」

We exchange kisses over and over again.

「This is good…I never knew that kisses are this good」

Just how many times she’s been forced to kiss people she doesn’t like?…

「Don’t make that face…it’s all in the past」


「It’s finally in the past…!」

She spent a long time refining her plans for revenge.
Minaho-neesan can’t be saved unless this ends.

「We’re already done with father so Agnes is the only one left」

The daughter of Shirasaka Sousuke born to satisfy is desires.

「True, it’s only Agnes…」

I answered.
I’m going to take Agnes away from Shirasaka Sousuke.
Shirasaka Sousuke’s remaining daughter.
Then, it’s over.

「I’m going to do my best.」
「Sorry…I’m really sorry… !」
「It’s fine. It’s for Minaho-neesan after all…!」

If the wounds of her heart could heal even for a bit…
Then I’ll do anything.
I ask a kiss from Minaho-neesan again.

◇ ◇ ◇

Going up back to the first floor.
Minaho-neesan’s usual expression has returned.

「Take a rest until evening. You’re tired aren’t you?」


「The next appointment will be coming after the people from Kouzuki security service have come. I’ll also take a small break…」

Minaho-neesan takes a distance away from me.


Even though I want to feel Minaho-neesan’s warmth a bit more…

「Sorry…it’ll only hurt me if go further」


「The depths of my body aches…even though there’s no more organ that should hurt anymore. It seems to be pain that won’t go away forever…」

Minaho-neesan can’t have sex.

「Therefore…forgive me」

Saying that…Minaho-neesan tries to leave.

「Wait, Minaho-neesan…I」

It’s not that I wish to have sex with Minaho-neesan.

「I understand your feelings…this is my own problem」

What does that mean?

「When I was 12, I turned to a prostitute…my body is forcibly opened…various medicines were used. Drugs that amplify pleasure…」


「I’ve climaxed from sex. I’ve reached climax multiple times from being violated by people I don’t even like」

…I see.
Minaho-neesan only knows the sexual pleasure with her body.
It’s engraved in her head.
Minaho-neesan is the one wanting to have sex with me.

「But, My body is like that you see?」

Yet…Minaho-neesan can’t have sex anymore.
The wounds in her body still ache.

「Thank you. Thanks to you…my heart warmed up. I can rest easy. I’ll sleep for two hours. You do so too」

Minaho-neesan looks at me with kind eyes.

「Don’t make that kind of face…I love you」
「…Me too, Minaho-neesan」

Minaho-neesan smiled
Then…she disappeared on the other side of the corridor.
Stood on the same spot for a while…
Why am I so powerless…


Suddenly…Megu in her maid clothes appear.

「…What’s up, Megu?」
「Katsuko-neesan told me to go」

Katsuko-nee sent over Megu?

「You see…Katsuko-neesan said this」

Megu comes closer to me.

「There are times where men feel irritated…at that times, women should actively serve him」


「It’s okay to release it inside Megu. I want to be Yoshi-kun’s sexual outlet」
「No…that’s…not good」

Megu grasps my hand and placed it on her chest.
It’s small but…the breasts are firmly self-assertive.
This feeling of a resilient high school freshman.

「…Let’s do it」


「…Should we go to a bed?」
「Let’s do it here」
「But…this is the corridor though」
「I don’t mind…it doesn’t matter if someone’s watching」

Megu looks around.

「Then, let’s go to that room」
「There…what room?」
「Anything will do. As long as I can be alone with Yoshi-kun…」

Megu opens the door.
Inside is a small reception room it seems.
There’s a sofa and a low table placed in it.
There’s external light coming through the window.

「This one’s good I guess」

Megu pulls me in and closed the door…
The lock clicks.

「With this, Yoshi-kun and I are alone. Even if Yoshi-kun violates me here…I can’t run away from this room…!」



I jump on Megu’s chest.

「What…is there anything wrong, Yoshi-kun…?」

Megu smiles.
It seems that Katsuko-nee’s the only one watching my exchange with Minaho-neesan.
Megu doesn’t know anything.

「Sorry…it’s not about me so I can’t talk about it」

Katsuko-nee probably doesn’t want Megu to know about what Minaho-neesan did to her father.
Katsuko-nee, Margo-san and Nei…the old members of『Kuromori』probably knows the truth.
These three people were involved with Minaho-neesan’s revenge plan from the start.
Nagisa…I don’t know.

「Sure, I got it…I won’t ask then」

Megu accepted it smiling.

「Embrace me…blow all of Yoshi-kun’s gloomy feeling with my body」

I suck Megu’s lips wildly.
Twining with Megu’s tongue…it responds with my desire.

「It’s okay…you can rip my clothes. Katsuko-neesan said you can do as you want…!」

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