Chapter 377. The end of love (Sequel)

Chapter 377. The end of love (Sequel)


Holding the chopsticks lightly, Yukino looks down.

「Anyway, eat that…Megu and Mana made that specially for you」

I tell Yukino.

「Or rather…It’s unknown when would be Yukino’s next proper meal」

I intentionally threaten her.
If I don’t do this, since it’s Yukino, she may just tantrum and throw the dish away.

「I-I know!」

Yukino starts eating again…as if she’s biting her emotions.

「Really…what a pitiful one」

Mana said.
Yukino ignores her and just eats the bacon and eggs.
She chews crispy on the lettuce salad.

「If Mana was in Yukino-san’s shoes…I’d prostrate naked and ask for forgiveness. 『Please don’t let me suffer anymore. I’ll do anything』…」
「…Don’t say selfish things. Maika doesn’t understand my feelings!」

Yukino ignores her sister’s words.

「Or rather…I did that. Again and again, pushing my head on the floor, naked…asking for forgiveness, again and again…!」

Mana clings to me.
I hug her small body.

「And I’m finally forgiven…that’s why I’m in here」
「What should I ask forgiveness for! It’s not like we’re doing anything wrong! And yet these people!」

Yukino glares at me.

「…Raping me again and again, messing up my life! I! I was raped ten times in one night! I was a virgin that time!」


「If that’s all…I was the same. I had sex more than ten times in a day…even though I was a virgin」

Mana laughs sadly

「Why does Yukino-san always think of herself as a tragic heroine?」
「…Maika, you?」

Yukino’s speechless at the Mana who’s completely courageous.

「Though, I think in Yukino-san’s case, she’s very good as a comedy heroine」

Minaho-neesan speaks ironically.

「She thinks that it’s natural for other people to favor her at any times, right? She thinks she’s a special person so Yukino-san has turned like this!」

Mana said.

「Don’t make a fool of me! I’m your sister!」

Yukino shouts at Mana.

「…That’s right. That’s why I’m saying this!」


「I was also an idiot… I’m just like Yukino-san. I thought that being a member of Shirasaka clan is a special existence. I thought that it’s natural to be preferred…so…!」

Tears come out of Mana’s eyes…

「I was such a bad person…so I was punished, a lot. I was also supposed to be disposed just like Yukino-san!」

Yukino’s dumbfounded.

「That’s right…the first plan was to have Yukino-san get pregnant, give birth, then sold overseas…and Shirasaka Maika’s planned to be killed」

Minaho-neesan speaks in a low voice.

「Onii-chan didn’t abandon me who’s cunning, selfish, someone who looks down on other people…so that’s why I’m here. Onii-chan…has helped the idiot me again and again. Sacrificing himself…!」

I hug Mana.
What thin and small body..
Her temperature feels cold.
Her complexion is also pale.

「Mana…it’s fine. You’re already in our『family』…!」
「Un…thank you, Onii-chan. I love, love you! I’ll only serve Onii-chan for the rest of my life. I’ll do whatever you want…please stay by my side forever! Please, Onii-chan…I beg you!」

I pushed the crying face on my chest.

「…That’s wrong. Mana」

She looks up at me surprised…

「Doing something or serving me…that doesn’t matter」

I look into Mana’s eyes and said:

「Mana’s already on my side…so it’s normal. You belong to my 『family』after all…!」

Mana’s eyes are lit up.

「If you want to stay then do. I’m happy just having Mana by my side…」
「Un…then I’ll stay by your side. I’ll never let go. Love you lots. I love you…Onii-chan!」

Mana asks for a kiss…
I kiss Mana in front of Yukino.

「What are you doing, Maika?…Aren’t you still in middle school?」

Yukino’s shocked as she see her sister repeat such a passionate kiss.

「I’m already a『woman』! I’m a『woman』of the man I love!」

Mana looks down on her sister with a triumphant smile.

「Yoshi-kun…me too」

Megu asks for a kiss too…


Our lips overlap

「I’ll stay with you forever too」
「…Everyone too!」

Me, Mana and Megu huddle up.

「You people have gone really crazy! That man is…!」
「Yes…Yukino-san doesn’t know how wonderful Yoshi-kun is, right?」

Megu said while hugging me.

「Yukino-san isn’t interested in anyone but herself…!」

Mana said.

「Minaho-san…I have a request」
「What is it, Megumi?」
「It’s still possible that Yukino’s not pregnant, right? Miscarriage as well」

Minaho-neesan looks at Yukino.

「Though I aimed for the ovulation period of Yukino-san…we don’t know that until time passes」

It hasn’t been a week since she lost her virginity.
Actually, we don’t know whether she’s pregnant or not at the current state.

「In case Yukino’s not pregnant…I don’t want Yoshi-kun to have sex with Yukino again」


「At that time…I’ll get pregnant, and give birth. I’m also Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter. I can give birth to a child for Minaho-san’s『revenge』」

Her sister, Naomi-san was killed by Shirasaka Sousuke.
The baby in her stomach was aborted.
With the reckless surgery at that time…her body can never bear a child again.
Minaho-neesan’s revenge was to have Shriasaka Sousuke’s daughter give birth to a replacement baby.

「…Mana too. Mana’s also that person’s daughter」

Mana declares.

「You two…do you hate him and Yukino-san having sex that much?」

Minaho-neesan asks the two.

「Yes, Mana too…!」

…You girls.

「If he has sex with Yukino more…then Yoshi-kun would be corrupted!」
「I don’t want Yukino-san to touch Onii-chan anymore!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.
Then, she looked at me…

「What about you? Are you okay not being able to have sex with Yukino-san anymore?」

I look at Yukino again.
Yukino’s eyes shine an anger.


Ah…this one.
She doesn’t understand what Megu and Mana were talking about.
She doesn’t intend to understand either.

「I don’t care either way! Who cares about you!」

Saying that…she eats her food again.

「Hmph…all of you are crazy! You all got some loose screws! There’s no way I would go out with you! Are you an idiot?!」

Yukino now…
Is just reflecting the anger she feels as her existence is being denies.
Shirasaka Yukino only lives on the moment.
It’s impossible for hears to interact with Yukino…Logically.
Yukino just shouts loudly if her feelings are harmed…
She demands for her to be desirable…
That’s right…just demanding.
Yukino would never make an effort from herself…
She thinks that she’s a special existence and it has to be given to her as a matter of course…

「The taste is too thin! Does this not have pepper?! Geez!」

Therefore, she can say this…
She continues to eat the meal Megu and Mana made.


Megu and Mana are looking at me.

「I’ve had enough of Yukino」

I look at Minaho-neesan…

「I can’t do it with her anymore」

Megu and Mana’s face gets brighter.
Yukino…she just ignores it and continues to eat salad

「I see…」

Minaho-neesan said

「We’ll continue to monitor Yukino-san…you three can go back to sleep」

Minaho-neesan said, Margo-san nods in agreement…
Yukino would be confined again after this.
This time, she can’t run away anymore…

「…Yukino, put the dishes in the sink after you finish eating. You can do that much at least, can’t you?」

Megu said.

「Good bye, Yukino-san. I don’t think we’ll see each other again but, I feel refreshed! If we ever come across each other in the town, don’t talk to me…I’ll call the police」

Mana’s cruel to Yukino even in the end.

「Anyway, let’s go…Onii-chan!」

The two grab my arms.


…I won’t.
Megu, Mana, and I…left the room silently

「…Thank you, Yoshi-kun, for choosing us」
「Thank you, Onii-chan…!」

The two hug me from both sides.
I walk down the corridor for a while.

「…Yoshi-kun, what’s wrong?」
「…Onii-chan, are you crying?」

Tears overflow from my eyes.
I wonder why…?
Why do…tears?

「…Hey, are you okay, Yoshi-kun?」
「What’s wrong…Onii-chan?!」

Aah…I can’t hold it anymore.
I kneel on the corridor.
The tears…
My tears don’t stop…

「Why? There’s nothing to be sad about though?!」

Mana’s voice echoes in my ears.

「…It’s all Yukino-san reaping what she sow!」
「That’s right. Besides, she avoided the worst ending thanks to Yoshi-kun…!」
「Un. Yukino-san won’t be killed or sold overseas! It’s okay, Ichikawa-ojiisan is a good person…」
「That’s right. Yoshi-kun doesn’t need to mind about Yukino anymore!」

The two desperately try to talk to me, but…
My tears don’t stop.
What’s wrong with me?
Why am I crying?

「Yes, yes, leave this one to me!」

Nei’s voice comes from ahead of the corridor.

「Sorry girls…in this occasion, it’s the big tits Onee-san’s turn!」
「…What do you mean?」

Megu and Mana are surprised.

「It’s fine, it’s fine…open up the way!」

Then…Nei comes in front of the crying me.

「Here, cry on me…!」

Nei pulls my body and pressed my face on her chest.
My face is filled with Nei’s soft and warm breasts.

「Okay go on…cry as much as you want in my chest!」

I kept crying.
Nei’s breasts get wet from my tears…

「You really liked her」

Those words pains my heart.

「…Wrong…that’s not it. What I liked…was the illusion of Yukino I created in my own head…not that Yukino!」

Words spill out of my mouth.

「Yes…I know…. Yo-chan…!」
「That woman…isn’t even human…!」
「That’s true! If not…it would just accumulate!」

Nei pats my head and back gently

「But…I…but, but, but…!」

I remember the entrance ceremony day.

「It’s…it’s not Yukino’s fault! She just called me out when I was depressed…!!!」

『What’s wrong?…Are you feeling bad?』

Yukino speaks to me gently…

「Un, I know…Shirasaka Yukino’s not a bad girl…\!」

Nei said while hugging me.

「But…that kind girl…never existed…!」

Just the first words from our first meeting…
Made me feel close to Yukino all this time.

「Because she looks a good girl on the outside…I’m sure that it’s not just Yo-chan, other people also think that she’s a good person」

That’s right.

「But…that girl is fine to throw anything if it becomes troublesome, whatever it is, whoever it is」

If during the entrance ceremony…
I wasn’t trembling in shock from my father’s disappearance…
If it was really a sudden illness…
Even so, Yukino would call me out, asking『What’s wrong?…Are you feeling bad?』
But, afterwards…
She’ll leave me to anyone that’s close by…and she’ll walk away.
That’s Shirasaka Yukino.

「Here, cheer up! We’re here for Yo-chan!」

Nei hugs me tightly.

「…That’s right, Yoshi-kun」


「I love Yo-chan! Like and love you so much!」
「I also do…I love you Yoshi-kun」
「Mana too…I love Onii-chan!」
「We’ll never abandon Yoshi-kun. We’ll stay by your side forever…!」
「That’s right…Yoshi-kun!」
「We’ll stay here until Onii-chan stops crying…!」

The tears calm down.

「We’re a『family』!」

Nei said.
That’s right…we’re a『family』
I am never alone…

◇ ◇ ◇

「In reality, my role…has Nagisa-oneechan qualified for it. I’m no match against Nagisa-oneechan’s breast’s tolerance…」

Nei said on the way back to the basement.

「But look…Nagisa-oneechan can’t leave Mao-chan’s side right now」

Nagisa’s concerned as when Mao-chan wakes up in the middle of the night and don’t find her, she’d feel lonely.
Therefore, they’re sleeping on the same bed now.

「Then…it’ll be Katsu-nee or my breasts’ turn right? As expected, breasts are the best way to heal a man’s heart…!」

Mana looks at her small chest.

「Being told that…feels a bit painful」
「Well, well, it’s only at this occasion so don’t mind it! Yo-chan doesn’t get depressed to the point that he’d cry!」

Nei said…then hugs Mana.

「Rather than breasts…『Elder-sister-power』is what’s necessary. In this kind of cases!!」

She tells Mana…smiling gently

「When Yo-chan needs the『little sister power』, then we can leave that to Mana…」
「…『little sister power』?」
「Yes, yes, it’s the same as role play…the effect is different on whoever does it!」

Role play…what?

「There’s fire and ice based attributes, right? Torrid won’t have any effect…!」

I don’t get what Nei’s talking about

「Got it…there are times when『little sister power』works, right?」

Mana…did you understand the explanation just now?

「I’m the same age as Yoshi-kun…will I have my turn?」

Megu asks timidly

「Well for Megu-chan…there’s the『classmate power』and『girlfriend power』!」

Nei smiles.

「There’s quite a lot of things『elder sister』or『little sister』can’t solve!」
「T-That’s right…thank you very much!」

Megu happily answered.

「Yo-chan…when we get back to the room, have Katsu-nee comfort you」


「Katsu-nee conceded the『elder sister power』to me…because she thinks that she doesn’t have enough tolerance!」
「No, but…that’s not true. Katsuko-nee’s…」
「Yeah, Katsuko-oneechan’s got some amazing breasts…!」

Mana’s surprised.

「The size of the breasts doesn’t matter…Katsuko-nee thinks of herself as a thorny woman」
「That’s not true at all though?」

Megu said.

「Yeah I see…both of you only know the kind Katsu-nee…!」

That’s right.
Katsuko-nee was a『sexual beast』until earlier.

「The previous Katsu-nee…is messed up crazy from despair. Somehow, she fears inside her heart that in some instance, the thorns come out of herself…」

Everyone’s got their own complex.
Some person…to others.
Some person…to oneself.

「Got it…I’ll do something about it」

I promised.

◇ ◇ ◇

The entrance room is left open…we returned to Agnes’ room

「…Welcome back」

Reika’s awake.

「How was it?」
「Yeah, Mana successfully caught Yukino. Margo-san’s monitoring so there’s no more problems
「…Is that so?」
「What about here?」
「There’s no problem…that girl seems to have woken up again…」

Edie’s eyes are shining in the darkness.
Really, she’s sensitive to other people’s presence.

「Besides…Agnes-san seems to be unable to sleep」

She’s confused as Edie has sneaked into her bed.
It must be her first time having someone sleep on the same bed as hers.
No…even sleeping with everyone in the same room…
Even spending so much time together with so many people.
Nei tells Edie something.

「『The problem’s solved, we’ll sleep. You sleep too』」

Mana translates
She hugs Agnes like a small pillow…then slept.
Agnes is still nervous…her whole body’s stiff.

「It’s okay…she’ll be sleepy later and fall asleep」

Nei said.

「Edie’s completely open to Agnes…so once she understands that she’s not scary, she’ll fall asleep right away」

Yeah…I guess.
Looking at the two…I come up with something.
I lie down next to Katsuko-nee.

「…Katsuko-nee, you’re awake, right?」

…As expected.
Katsuko-nee won’t sleep alone if we’re outside.

「Katsuko-nee…you’re my dakimakura now」
「Ah, no, it’s the opposite…I’m your dakimakura now」

Katsuko-nee’s eyes are blinking

「…You don’t want?」
「That’s not…true」

Katsuko-nee spreads her arms.
I bury my face in Katsuko-nee’s breasts.

「Ooh…it’s soft, warm, and it smells good. Katsuko-nee」
「Let’s sleep」

Katsuko-nee hugs me gently

「…Dear, it’s about Agnes」

She whispers to my ears gently

「What’s up?」
「Earlier…everyone ate on the same plates, same dish…and she had experienced eating with everyone, right?」
「Then, I think we should next show the process of making dishes」

…I see.

「She should be taught on who and how her meals are being made」
「Yeah…I think that’s a good idea. Should we bake bread in front of Agnes tomorrow morning?」
「Bread takes time to prepare so it’s impossible to do it right away tomorrow morning. But, let’s do that someday. We’ll prepare the equipment in this room」
「Kyouko-san said that they’ll take down the walls and have this room continue to the other by tomorrow」

If the size of the room doubles…we can do various things.
Reika and Margo-san can train here.
I want Agnes to see various people’s lives.

「Then, tomorrow morning…I’m thinking of making pancakes. If it’s that, you don’t have to ferment it」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Yeah, I think that’s a good idea」
「Then, we have to get stuff down from upstairs…」

Then, Katsuko-nee told me her plan.
Making the corner of the room a cooking cente …

「Yes, then you see…」

While she’s talking about it…
I fell asleep…
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