Chapter 384. Disgraceful adult

Chapter 384. Disgraceful adult

Margo-san’s on the driver’s seat.
Nei didn’t take the passenger seat but instead she took the backseat with me.
She’s sticking closely to me.

「Geez…I never thought of Nei as such a spoiled girl」

Margo-san smiles wryly

「It’s fine! I’m a spoiled girl after all!」

Nei leans on me.
She’s holding my hand.

「Sorry but, it seems to be like that so…please look after Nei」

Margo-san tells me.

「It’s just for now…when we get there, I’ll let Misuzu and Michi have the priority!」

Nei said while looking at me with upturned eyes.

「I’m the Onee-chan so I can hold back properly!」

Nei really treasures being the『elder sister』

「Therefore…just for now!」

Nei smiles.

「By the way, Margo-san…」
「Oh, the matter about kidnapping Ruriko-san?」

Margo-san answers.

「Well, Jii-chan already gave his permission so it’s actually just a『kidnapping play』but」
「But, we have to outwit the Kouzuki security service, right?」

Yeah…Jii-chan said that he won’t tell Ruriko’s guards anything at all.

「Well…it would be worth seeing what happens to the security department now that director Yamaoka’s dismissed」
「Eh, won’t chief Tanizawa be watching over it?」

Margo-san laughs a the surprised me.

「Tanizawa-san’s the top of Kouzuki security service. The hotel the day before yesterday was in a state of emergency…the site would’ve been out of control if not for Tanizawa-san’s on the field leadership, but…Tanizawa-san doesn’t stand up on the scene on his usual work. Besides, that guy’s basically on the『underground department』 He has no choice but to leave someone to the uniformed group. In the first place, the uniformed guards’ specialty is to guard VIPs…he’s the supervisor of the top elite guards so that’s why he’s『Chief』Tanizawa」
「I see…the uniformed group has someone else on top?」
「Yeah, guess they would be announcing the person during the funerary? I’d like to see what kind of person they are before anything」

MArgo-san’s eyes through the rear mirror are smiling.

「We’ll have a relationship in the future after all…!」

Now, the mansion is being watched by two organizations…Kouzuki security service and the public police.

「It’s a common thing to have a person at work site doing extra things and give personal judgement. What they think of us or something…well, doesn’t matter if we’re disliked or something but…we have to respond in appropriate ways. I want to know it just in case」

Margo-san starts the car
Going through the garden…opening the door via remote.

「Ha…that’s interesting. The police are on the right and Kouzuki security service are on the left」

It is as Margo-san says…in front of the gate, about ten minutes away, there’s a few cars parked.

「How do you know their affiliation by just looking at them?」

I ask.

「Well, I guess it’s the difference between the private and bureaucratic? Kouzuki security service people feel like the people in there have money?」

True…they look more classy.

「Well, Kouzuki security service is a company specialized in guarding the rich people…if they don’t spend money on their appearance, it won’t be a business」

…I see.

「On the other hand…the public security have a fixed budget…it was just suddenly decided that they would be watching us, right? I think they prepared in a hurry with the free vehicles and people. Nei…wave your hand to the policemen over there」

Margo-san tells Nei.

「You’ll be monitored from now on so it’s better to make it fancy」
「You just happen to be going to school…and yet they would apprehend you for some stupid reason you know? Arresting you from just having scissors or cutter」
「Do the police do that?」

I ask in surprise.

「…They will go that far. They’d purposely fall down and say『how dare you push me』」

I see.

「We’re a criminal organization after all…we’re fundamentally the enemy of police. They’d use anything to get in」
「Nei too. Even if it’s not Nei herself, it’s possible that he or Megumi-chan get caught.」 We shouldn’t gather antipathy of people on the field as much as possible.

If they get angry…we’d get arrested unfairly.
They only think of us as a group of criminals.
To make sure that there’s no friction on the field.


Nei forges a smile and waves to the observers inside the car.
Ah…everyone’s surprised by Nei’s beauty.

「Okay, done…let’s go!」
「Yeah, well done」

Margo-san steps on the accelerator…
Ah, Kouzuki security service and the police sends one car each.

「Is it okay not to show courtesy to Kouzuki security service?」

Nei asks.

「That is because I want to see the face of the new security director. If it goes badly, the other party underestimating us, it would give the opposite effect. Besides, we want the police and Kouzuki security service as hostile to each other」

Margo-san said.

「If they get along and share information…that would be troublesome. The police does what they want depending on the mood but…Kouzuki security service’s monitors have to make a difference with our response」
「Yeah. The policemen’s pride is quite difficult. If Nei waves on both sides…they might be jealous saying『They’re treating us as the same as private security guards』」


「But you see, on the other hand, the people from the Kouzuki security service would just『Showing a good face only on the police』」

Nei said.

「That’s fine. Unlike the police…Kouzuki security service people has no power to arrest and detain us」

I-I see…

「However…everything might just be turned over as a result of Kyouko-san’s actions for today」
「If Kyouko-san teams up with miss Cordelia…do you know how dangerous would that be? And they’re going to show an example…」

Oh…Kyouko-san said that they’re going to crush a criminal organization today.
I don’t know what they would do at all though…

「It’s possible that the surveillance watching us would be doubled starting now…」

Margo-san said.

◇ ◇ ◇

We arrived at the funerary just like yesterday.
But, we didn’t push through like with the Maserati from yesterday…
We contacted Seki-san from the outside without suddenly going to the entrance where the security guards are standing.
Seki-san instructed us to get from the parking lot of the back office.
Of course, there are guards standing there too…
We came in as it seems they received a message from Seki-san.
Going to the designated parking space…Seki-san comes.

「Good morning…everyone」

She smiles towards us

「Good morning」

I get off the car and greet Seki-san

「You seem to have come in plain dress today」

Seki-san said…looking at the white business van and us in uniforms.
Ah, by the way, Margo-san’s wearing black pants suit.

「This is our usual clothing. We’re pushing the limits back at the hotel」

I answered.

「I see. But, you looked cool wearing that suit. That uniform is cute too though」

Seki-san laughs

「Look, have you heard of it? When a man wears a suit, his appeal increases by 30%」

No…I have never heard of it

「Seki-san, you seem to be talking to him quite casually…!」

Margo-san said, Seki-san’s『Eh?!』, Surprised

「T-True. I wonder why. I guess, because we crossed the verge of death together…I feel familiar with him?」

Seki-san blushes.

「Seki-san, you should join our family soon!」

Nei invites her.

「Nei, don’t force her. That is for Seki-san to think and decide for herself」

Margo-san said

「Yeah, true! Sorry, Seki-san!」

Nei apologized smiling.

「I-It’s fine…anyway, let’s go. Misuzu-sama and others are waiting」

Seki-san said…then she guides us.
Nei whispers to my ears.

「…It feels like it’s going good」
「Seki-san will definitely join our『family』!」

I-Is that so?

「Just one more push…!」

Margo-san asks Seki-san

「What’s the funeral schedule?」
「The farewell ceremony is at 10 o’clock. After that, the procession…heading to the crematorium. Then, waiting for two hours there , finishing the memorial services of the first seven and forty nine days, and then the abstaining」

I ask.

「Everyone will be dining with the deceased one hidden」

I-I see.

「That would be a replacement of lunch?」

Nei said.

「Let’s see, it’s two hours past the plan, but…」
「How far can we follow them?」

That’s what I want to know?

「Hmm, the only people who will move from the funeral ceremony to the crematorium were the relatives, especially those close to the deceased. There’s two large busses prepared, however…」
「No, Uhm…I thought that Misuzu and Ruriko might be lonely.」

「Uhm…『Kakka』has a separate car prepared for Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama of course but…I think it would be impossible to hide Kuromori-sama with them… Especially Ruriko-san…she will have to seat in front, holding the portrait of her dead father」

True…it would be strange for me and Nei to ride the cars where only the parents and daughters of the dead are riding.

「You might be able to ride the large bus but…Kouzuki house’s members would be there」

Oh…the『private school』people and their parents are there.
If we come across them without Misuzu or Jii-chan…we don’t know what they would say.

「I understand the feeling of wanting to comfort Ruriko-sama and Misuzu-sama but…I think that you must not accompany them after the farewell ceremony」
「Yeah, true…」

I have to think of another way.

「Then…those people are here already? The young guys from the private school…?」

Nei changes the topic

「No…currently, only the relatives and staff are gathered. It’s about time they arrive but, they won’t be allowed to pass through Misuzu-sama’s room so rest assured」

Seki-san answers.
We enter the building as we did yesterday

「…Hey, who allowed this man here?!」

I got scared by the sudden voice.
I turn to the voice in panic…
…It’s chief Tanizawa.
Shit, is it exposed that we’re going to kidnap Ruriko…?
Chief Tanizawa’s not looking at us.

「This man’s already an outsider!」
「But…Uhm, he said that he wants to meet chief Tanizawa by all means…!」

Kouzuki security service’s security guard tells chief Tanizawa.

「This is a strictly guarded area! It’s not a place to take in outsiders! Get him out!」
「P-Please wait…!」

There’s a man with a good body kneeling in front of chief Tanizawa.
I didn’t notice him until now as he was like a shadow of a person.

「Please! Please let me work under Tanizawa-san once again!」

…That is.
ex-Director Yamaoka.
The last time I saw mr. Yamaoka was at the hotel the day before yesterday, wearing a suit.
No, his suit is all worn out.
His face is pale.

「You’re already fired. Do you know why that happened?」

Chief Tanizawa asks Yamaoka.

「Yes…after cooling my head and thinking about it, I realized how much of a naive man I am…U-Uhm…I…!」

Mr. Yamaoka looks up at chief Tanizawa with desperate eyes.

「I decided to break up with that woman」

Chief Tanizawa glares at mr. Yamaoka.

「No…thinking about it carefully, I already had a family…it’s impossible to live with that woman from a temporary feeling. No, she also has a family…children…in order to end it all, I concluded that I have to break up with that woman」
「…I don’t understand what you’re talking about at all!」

Chief Tanizawa says while suppressing his anger.

「T-Therefore…I don’t think that I can be reinstated as a security director. A chief clerk…or even group leader treatment is acceptable. Please, allow me to be reinstated as an employee of Kouzuki security service!」

Mr. Yamaoka rubs his forehead on the floor.

「I desperately beg you! I, after all, this road…can only work as a guard!」

Chief Tanizawa…

「Etsuko’s not convinced with that, right?」

Etsuko…Kudou Etsuko
Michi’s mother…and mr. Yamaoka’s illicit affair partner.

「No, I can’t convince her at all…」
「Then, what happened?」
「I ran away…」
「…Ran away?」
「Where is Kudou Etsuko now?」
「…T-That is, uhm」
「Like I said, where did you run away from…left Etsuko behind?」

Pressed by chief Tanizawa…mr. Yamaoka answers

「…In a love hotel at Shinjiku」
「No you see…I, she can’t go home. Having such a disgraceful look…our affair exposed by the company and we got fired…it was impossible for us to talk with our families…」
「You…get this over with」

Chief Tanizawa said.

「I’m not interested in your affair! The reason you were fired was because of breach of command and abandonment of work! I told you that properly!」
「No, uhm…I know that was the reason. No, uhm…true, back then, our heads were in a mess…I admit that we had a problem with our work but…that」

Ah…this is no good
…This person is.

「Tanizawa-san, didn’t you tell her back then?! Because she’s sticking with me…she’s interrupting my work」
「…Yes, what about it?」
「That’s right! That’s why I broke up with her…I parted with her so please…please let me work again!」

No…don’t say that you broke up with her when you just left her at the hotel…
Chief Tanizawa…

「Yamaoka, I’ve already made my decision. I would put up with someone one time no matter how bad they are…!」

Mr. Yamaoka sees that positively…

「Then…you’re giving me a second chance?!」

Mr. Yamaoka looks up with a smile on his face.

「…You idiot!」

Chief Tanizawa kicks Yamaoka’s face!!!


Raising a strange voice…Yamaoka’s huge body is blown away!!!
He bangs into the wall behind him and faints.

「…I will put up with it on the first time. The second time, I will strike you down with my fist obviously!!!」

No, that wasn’t your fist…it was your foot.

「Hey, take him away. Don’t bring him to me again! Okay?!」

The uniformed guard…drags Yamaoka’s body while still shivering.

「…I’ve shown you something bad」

Chief Tanizawa heads to us.

「What, Ojou-chan…you stopped being blonde? Yes, yes, you look cuter that way. As expected, girls are best when black haired」

He said while looking at Nei…

「I’m natural blonde though?」

Margo-san said smiling.

「I’m talking about Japanese. You look good with blonde so it’s fine…!

Chief Tanizawa said.
Ah, this person knows that Margo-san’s an American, but…
He doesn’t know Margo-san’s trauma on her own blonde hair.

「Don’t tell Kudou Michi-chan what happened just now」

Chief Tanizawa said.
Her mother who abandoned the father and left the house…and her affair partner escaped from her right away, true, it’s not a story you want to hear.

「…I don’t know what you’re talking about」
「By the way…about Tanizawa-san’s men camping in front of our house」

Margo-san changes the topic

「Thank you for your consideration. Thanks to those guys keeping the police in check…the police can’t make a move on us」

She purposely thanks only on the good part of Kouzuki security service’s monitoring.

「Spare me that sarcasm. I have no choice but to watch over your guys’ situation now. It’s not just Kyouko」

We can’t talk about miss Cordelia here.

「There’s a guarantee that they’ll be quiet in Japan but, that’s a different topic…!」

Chief Tanizawa looks into Margo-san’s eye.
He’s really crafty man.

「That kind of negotiations shouldn’t go to me…but instead Kyouko-san herself or Minaho, our boss. I’m just a field representative」
「Hmm…true. Telling Margo-ojouchan that illogical」

Chief Tanizawa laughs.

Oh right…speaking of field representative, is it already decided who’s the next director?」

Margo-san changes the topic naturally

「Yeah, I’m taking command of the site today」
「Since it’s a big chance, I would like to say hello to the site rep」
「Not now. This funeral is her first job as the top of the uniformed group. Kouzuki security service can’t disappoint Kouzuki house with their guards. They’ll work at the headquarters」
「Should I say hello to the headquarters?」
「Hey hey…our『headquarters』are for the『surface』 Can’t let the『underground』you walk through the headquarters like that. Unlike the hotel the day before yesterday, the headquarters here are fully exposed…」

People from the branch families of Kouzuki house area already at the hall.
It’s not good to see people of『Kuromori』enter and exit the『headquarters』

「I’ll introduce you to them later」
「It’s a rare chance today so I thought of showing up at the funeral service, but…」

Margo-san said.

「Is it bad for me to be in the ceremony hall?」
「I don’t mind. We have no choice but to accept everyone as a general audience. After all, it’s the funeral of『Kakka’s』child…in fact, there’s a lot of people from the『underground organizations』coming」
「I see…got it, thanks」

Margo-san thanked laughing.

「Hey boy」

Chief Tanizawa looks at me.

「You’re going to Misuzu-sama and everyone else?」
「Yeah, I am」
「…Sorry but, take care of Ruriko-sama. She’s completely in low spirits it seems」
「I know…I’ve come here yesterday too」
「Right. I don’t know why is Misuzu-sama so much in favor of you, but…」

Chief Tanizawa looks at me, and shorts his nose.

「Anyway…get it done」
「It’s fine, I’m here with him!」

Nei said.

「Now, let’s go…please, Seki-san」

Margo-san said.

「Excuse us, Tanizawa-san」
「Byebye, see you later!」

Nei and I bow to chief Tanizawa.

「Seki-san, do you know who’s the new security director?」

Margo-san asks Seki-san when chief Tanizawa can’t be seen anymore.

「I know her face but…I’ve been on the top elites since I joined so I don’t know the people from the security department that well」

We arrived at Misuzu’s waiting room right away.

「Then, I will be waiting here again」

Seki-san says in front of the entrance.
Making sure that nobody enters while we’re inside.
Even if Kouzuki branch families come over.


When I knocked…
The door opens slowly

「…We’ve been waiting for you Master」

Michi on her mourning figure appears.

「Good Morning. Nei-sama…Margo-sama as well」

Michi greets politely…

「Yes, good morning! Michi!」
「Good morning, Michi-chan」
「Michi! What are you doing! Hurry up and let Danna-sama in!」

Misuzu’s voice comes from the room.

「…Come in」

We enter the room.

「Good morning! Danna-sama…Nei-oneesama! Margo-oneesama!」

Misuzu’s wearing a different mourning dress from yesterday.
Today’s a wafuku?

「Ehehe…this thing is good sometimes」
「Yeah…it’s beautiful, Misuzu」

I said.
Somehow…the black wafuku looks fresh.

「Good morning, Misuzu-san. Yeah…it’s my first time seeing a young girl wearing a Japanese traditional clothing. Looks good」

Margo-san said.

「Good morning, Misuzu!」

Nei greets too.

「By the way…Misuzu, have you not done morning kiss with Yo-chan?」
「We all did it already…Katsu-nee, Nagisa-nee, Megu and Mana, even Reika-oneesan…」


「Want it…Misuzu?」
「Ah, yes…please」

I kiss Misuzu…

「Ufu…I love you, Danna-sama」

Misuzu said happily.
Oh right, I have to give Michi one too.
But…Michi, you


A voice comes from my back.

「What are you doing since a while ago…?」

Since I entered the room…
Michi’s clinging on my back.
Her cheeks and chest pressed against me…
The other parts are holding my hips from behind.



「Master’s giving me energy」

…I see
Then it can’t be helped.

「Then, you don’t want a kiss?」

Michi goes to my front…

「Rather…overlapping our lips would charge me efficiently」
「I see, then let’s do it」

Michi and I overlap our lips…
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