Chapter 385. DONNA

Chapter 385. DONNA

「…Then, how’s Ruriko’s doing?」

When I asked, Misuzu and Michi looks at the room behind the sliding door.

「She’s still depressed?」
「Yes…when she talked with grandfather, she got even less energetic」
「Yoshiko-san’s with her?」
「Yes, that’s of course…」

The two of them are at the back room?
That’s a bit worrysome.

「Yes, Danna-sama」
「Yes, Master」

Michi is sticking to my back closely as before…
Misuzu’s hugging my front.
I-I can’t move…

「What are you two doing?」
「Like I said…charging」
「Misuzu is charging as well!」

Both of them are rubbing their breasts against me…

「Kunkunkun…it smells like Master!」
「Yes, just sniffing this smell makes me feel relieved…!」

No…girls. I’m getting embarrassed here.

「Nei-oneesama…do you not want? There’s still a space on Danna-sama’s side」

Misuzu’s being considerate to Nei.

「Ah, I’m fine! I’ve been spoiled by Yo-chan a lot while in the car!」

Nei laughs.

「No way…you had sex in the car?」
「No way I would do car sex in the morning!」

Nei answers Misuzu’s question

「Because…I’ve been sleeping with Yo-chan since last night…and I had the first sex in the morning too」

Nei touches and wraps her lower abdomen with her hands.

「There’s a lot of semen in my stomach right now!」
「I-I’m jealous!…Misuzu wants it too Danna-sama!」

Misuzu tells me.

「No…but we don’t have time today though?」

The farewell ceremony’s about to begin

「Let’s do it next time…Oh right, let’s have sex in the car again. That felt really good!」
「Yes! Misuzu was very aroused as well!」
「Eh…Yo-chan had car sex with Misuzu?」

Nei’s surprised.

「We did. Katsuko-nee drove the car…!」
「That’s unfair! I want to do it! Eh, how was it, how was it?」

「Err…Katsuko-nee was driving the car and…we laid down the back seat and Danna-sama embraced me. Driving through the highway at high speed…Danna-sama embraces me tightly on every sway of the curve…and every time we cross over the seams on the highway, the deepest part inside me is pierced deeply…it feels very lewd, thrilling, I was too aroused!」

Misuzu…you don’t need to talk in so much details…

「Wow, that looks fun! I want to do it too! Dashing through the American highways with an open car!」


「As for me…if Master wishes for it, I don’t mind about the place or the car type…even in the loading tray of a truck or even at the a lap around the imperial palace, I’d gladly do it…!」

Michi…you’re the most extreme here.

「Oh right, Michi…how about we have Danna-sama embrace us within the premise of the school?」
「But, sexual acts in the car…the suspension of the car moves up and down severely, you’ll be seen from the outside」
「Therefore you do it while driving…that way, it won’t be strange you see? Furthermore, you can show up your face out of the window and can say hi to friends…」
「While being ravished by Master…?」
「Yes…do you want to try it, Michi?」

Misuzu tells Michi…tsk

「Nice! That’s good!」

Nei shouts as she’s breathing roughly

「Yo-chan let’s do that…maybe not today but let’s do it tomorrow!」


「Right…let’s run a lap on the ground Megumi practices. I’ll wave my hand on her. Then, she’ll definitely be jelly later! That girl!」
「Ah, that’s good! I want to do that too!」
「Then, tomorrow! Come too, Michi!」
「Of course!!」

Somehow…it seems that it’ll be a car sex tournament tomorrow.

「Margo-oneechan, car! please!」
「Well…I don’t mind it. But isn’t Katsuko-san better for this one?」
「It’s obvious that Katsu-nee would say that she wants to join too! This is only with me, Misuzu, and Michi! This will be a secret to Nagisa-san and Mana!」

Misuzu answers.
Well, fine…Having『Nei ー Misuzu ー Michi』line strengthened isn’t a bad thing.
I just have to think of an event for Megu and Mana too.
Of course, for Katsuko-nee and Nagisa too…
Ah, Nagisa plans to go to a beachfront hotel.

「Ufufu…whenever I’m with Danna-sama, I come up with a lot of fun things…!」

Misuzu and Michi seems happy.
Yeah, then…it can’t be helped.
The sliding door opens.

「…I’m sorry for the late greeting. Onii-sama」

Ruriko appears.
Yoshiko-san’s behind her too.
Ruriko in her uniform…seems to be exhausted.
It’s worse than yesterday

「…Are you okay, Ruriko?」

When I asked…

「Onii-sama…I have a request」

Ruriko bows to me with her three fingers on each hand pressed on the floor.

「Yes, actually…」

At that moment.

『That’s enough…Ruriko』

A voice comes from the speaker.
Jii-chan’s peeping again.

『I’m sorry Ruriko but…I don’t care about your will at all…!』

Jii-chan’s voice is harsh.
What did they talk about…?!

『I will be coming there right away. Wait for me…!』

Then, Ruriko’s body trembles…as if she’s enduring something.
Yoshiko-san pats Ruriko’s back.

「Just what is going on…」

When I speak up…
Yoshiko-san glares at me.
…With hostile eyes.
Just what happened between Jii-chan and Ruriko?

◇ ◇ ◇

「…I kept you waiting」

Jii-chan comes over in less than a minute.
Perhaps, he was preparing to move since he heard we arrived.
Behind the door, I see his guards, Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san.
Together with Seki-san, they’re the three personal guards of Jii-chan.
Of course…the two of them doesn’t enter the door.
Jii-chan closes the door.

「Good morning, Ojii-chan!」
「Good morning. Kouzuki-san」

Nei and Margo-san says hello.

「Err…good morning, Jii-chan」

I greet him as well.

「Umu…good morning」

Misuzu prepares a cushion on the upper seat and…Jii-chan in his mourning clothes sits down.

「Now then…I’m sorry but we don’t have much time. Do you mind if we just go to the topic?」
「Yeah, of course」

I answered.
It’s Jii-chan’s son’s funeral.
I know that he’s busy.

「Last night, I talked to Ruriko…then, I have reconsidered my thought process」

Reconsidered…thought process?

「First…I will take Ruriko away as the successor of Kouzuki house. I will leave my legacy to Misuzu and Yoshiko. I decided to not give Ruriko anything」

D-Does that mean…?!
Ruriko’s having a dark face…her body’s trembling.
Yoshiko-san desperately tries to support Ruriko, but…
Ruriko doesn’t look at Yoshiko-san.

「Ruriko…will be taken out of Kouzuki house. I won’t let her have the Kouzuki name. On the other hand, Yoshiko will be taken by the Kouzuki house. She’ll be my adopted daughter and take the name of Kouzuki house」

Ruriko…will be chased off Kouzuki house…
And Yoshiko-san will be an official member of Kouzuki house?

「The distribution of inheritance would be…Misuzu will hold all of the assets and management rights of Kouzuki group’s and it’s shares. Yoshiko will have mainly land and bank deposits. I won’t give anything to a girl like Ruriko. That’s what I’ve decided…!」

Jii-chan’s face is harsh.

「I was mistaken on educating Ruriko. She grew up believing that she was the legitimate heir of the Kouzuki house and would eventually inherit the Kouzuki family」

She thinks that her father was the heir of Kouzuki house.
Thinking that she, his daughter…would be the successor
Among the three daughters of Jii-chan’s sons…much more acute than Misuzu.
No, not only Ruriko herself.
The people around Ruriko…the branch families of Kouzuki house, the executives of group companies, and all of the other nobles.
Therefore…they have treated Ruriko as a special existence…
She’s been forced to live without a person close to her other than Yoshiko-san, her retainer…

「Last night…when I talked to Ruriko, I was astonished. Ruriko now can’t be allowed to remain in Kouzuki house. There’s no other choice but to drive her out」
「…What do you mean?」

I ask.

「Ruriko…is lacking the proper sentiment as a person. This is helpless. There’s a lot of human lives and future Kouzuki house takes care of」

Jii-chan looks at me.

「I know that I was wrong as a human. I asked to kill my own son. I had no choice but to kill Shigeaki on that spot for the future of Kouzuki house and the group companies. I’m convinced that it is. But…I have the sense of guild about the fact that I had killed my son. I am sure to fall to hell. I killed my own son with that determination…!」


「I sacrificed a whole high-rise hotel…Kouzuki security service itself just to prevent Shigeaki’s escape. I took every means to avoid killing him…to avoid murdering my own son. I used money. But…he tried to assassinate Shiba-kun. He couldn’t allow Shiba-kun to be the top of the Kouzuki group by all means. Then, I have no choice but to punish Shigeaki as the head of Kouzuki family. I, the head of the noble family…has the responsibility as the top of the corporate group…」

Jii-chan’s words are heavy.

「The day before yesterday…I resolved myself for Shigeaki’s murder. He will die…No, he died by my order. I intended to accept my fate. But still…My heart shook. Did Shigeaki really send an assassin towards Shiba-kun?…Did he have secret deals with the executives…I held my decision to the last minute until I know that. As a result, I’ve caused you all a lot of trouble. If I decided sooner… I would’ve never let you experience such danger, I regretted it…」
「Well…we also had an issue with Cesario Viola. It’s not just Kouzuki-san’s responsibility」

Margo-san said.

「That’s right! That was my fight! Ojii-chan has nothing to do with it!」

Nei answers as well.

「Yeah…we fought Cesario Viola by our own will. Jii-chan doesn’t need to feel responsible for us」
「…Thank you for saying that…」

Jii-chan bows his head to us.


Jii-chan looks down on…Ruriko who’s face is gloomy.

「Last night, I talked to Ruriko. I asked her why is she so depressed. And she answered…」

Jii-chan leaks a sigh…

「She seems to be shocked, thinking that she『might not be qualified to be a successor of Kouzuki house』 Shigeaki…his act of insolence disturbing the internal harmony of Kouzuki house…therefore, she thinks that it was natural for him to be disposed of. Then, on top of that…wondering that she, the daughter of Shigeaki, loses the qualification to be the successor by blood…she’s depressed of because some nonsense」

Jii-chan calls Ruriko’s worry as『nonsense』

「…Her own father died! Furthermore, her grandfather ordered his death. How can a 15 year old girl agree with such outrageousness!? She was『convinced as there’s no other option for the sake of Kouzuki house』?! …This is horrifying!」


「Ruriko…is lacking『sentiment』 I’ve failed in teaching this girl sentiment. She should feel sorrowful…the『family love』is much more important than protecting the『house』the『company』! This girl is still 15 years old!」

Jii-chan shouts.

「No, it’s all my fault…I’m the one who made her like this…!」
「No…Jii-chan. If you say that… We to, even though we’re in a funeral’s waiting room…we’re flirting here, laughing, having sex…
「You’re different」


「You always put your own desire as second. You are responding to Misuzu and Michi’s sexual hopes in an effort to cheer them up. Sticking the skin with the man you love gives women a sense of security」

True…Misuzu’s not addicted to sex.
They’re just seeking fellowship from me due to their current anxiety.

「Misuzu too…they tend to be too honest to their desires but…they are considerate to you and people around you. Yesterday, today…I’ve been observing their behavior closely True, they might be deviations in their actions but…they consider you, their partner’s thoughts…there’s a firm『emotion』 That’s for sure」


「But…Ruriko doesn’t have that『sentiment』 She’s acting only according to logical and rational calculations. She thinks too digital. Inside her clever thoughts…she judged that『She’s not qualified as the successor of Kouzuki house anymore』therefore she’s depressed.

Logical and rational…clever thinking.

「Shiba-kun knows that Shigeaki was a traitor. Someday, the executives will discover that I have disposed of Shigeaki. There’s no way they won’t suspect. If that happens…she who’s the daughter of Shigeaki will be gradually eliminated. Even though I treat Ruriko equally with Misuzu…the executives will be taking considerations by themselves and move away from Ruriko. They’ll treat her as a sore object. Then Shiba-kun would be the head of the next Kouzuki group…and I will be of old age. I will die someday. It’s unlikely for Ruriko to be chosen as the successor of Kouzuki house. That is, if you think reasonably and logically…!」

That’s a logical answer.
Whether it’s correct or not, is a different topic

「…That’s a right recognition. If you think calmly fro the situation, that should be the case. Ruriko concluded it that way. Then…she’s convinced that she’s worthless and can no longer be a successor. Therefore, she’s depressed」

…it is as Jii-chan said.

「But…Ruriko doesn’t understand. Ruriko’s conclusion is lacking『sentiment』」

Oh…I see.

「Ruriko, you…don’t know who you are」

I mutter.


Ruriko looks up.

「Ruriko…you’re a very cute and beautiful girl…!」

Ruriko doesn’t get it.

「You see…Ruriko’s an amazingly cute girl! Well, you may be the princess of Kouzuki house but…you’re too cute that everyone can’t approach you」
「Onii-sama…what are you talking about?」
「What your father did has nothing to do with Ruriko! Rather, everyone thinks that you’re a poor child because your father died early. The executives of Kouzuki group isn’t treating Ruriko cold-heartedly!」
「I’m an outsider…the daughter of Kouzuki Shigeaki!」
「Like I said…that has nothing to do with it!」

Ruriko’s sharp when it comes to political matters
But, she doesn’t know people’s『sentiments』…
Humans move according to their emotion rather than the logical and rational answers.

「Rather, if this goes on…someone in the future might use Ruriko to elevate their position…!」

I think so.

「…Why, Onii-sama?」
「Ruriko who doesn’t understand people’s emotions…is easy to deceive」


「That’s hot it is. I will die someday. And if I die…there will surely be a power struggle showing within the Kouzuki group. If Shiba-kun hasn’t taken control of the group by that time…a person with bad intention would try to deceive Ruriko, not Misuzu」

Ruriko’s surprised…

「With her father already dead, Ruriko who has no backing is easier to manipulate. Furthermore…you’re a woman of『logic』so you can be easily deceived by a crafty man who kneads logic」

Jii-chan said.

「Therefore…I have to kick you out of Kouzuki house.」

Jii-chan looks at me.

「You, how much do you have now?」
「Money. Do you have at least 3k yen?」
「Yeah…I do」
「…Take it otu」
「Ah, okay」

I don’t get it but…I take out three thousand yen from my wallet.
Jii-chan takes out something from his pocket…then writes a number with a fountain pen

「…Money, three thousand yen」

Then, he handed the paper to me.

「…Read it」

I read the paper aloud.

「『Transfer Certificate. Kouzuki Ruriko is sold as slave for three thousand yen. Returns of transfer will not be accepted for whatever reason』…!」

Ruriko’s slave transfer certificate?

「Good, give me the three thousand and I will sign the transfer certificate. You must sign this receipt too」

Jii-chan takes away the three thousand yen I took out.
Then, he signed the transfer certificate.

「Ruriko…I won’t let you judge your own fate yourself. That’s my order as the head of Kouzuki house. You’re a slave now. Live as a slave」

Ruriko’s speechless from too much surprise.

「Hey, hurry up and sign this. Once you signed it, you can do whatever you like to Ruriko. She’s your slave now. However…she can’t have the Kouzuki name anymore. Kuromori or whatever, name her how you want」



Nei speaks to me.

「Kouzuki-jiichan’s saying that he wants Yo-chan to help Ruriko and teach her people’s『sentiments』」

…Me? Sentiments?

「If this goes on…『Kouzuki Ruriko』won’t understand what『sentiment』is He’s taking out the Kouzuki name from her and entrust her to Yo-chan」

…Is that so?
But, Jii-chan…

「I’m not thinking like that. I’m kicking Ruriko out of Kouzuki house. This child’s existence would bring disaster to Kouzuki house someday. But, even if I kick her out…if some strange guy picked her up, it’ll be a big problem. It’ll be a damage to Kouzuki group. Therefore, I sold here to him for three thousand yen. Ruriko, what do you think…my decision is correct, isn’t it?」

Ruriko thinks for a while…

「Yes, I think that Grandfather’s judgement is correct. If I am Kuromori-sama’s slave…then I would be under Misuzu-oneesama’s supervision, there are competent people including Kuromori Minaho-sama. People who think of evil things won’t be able to interfere」
「I sold you for three thousand yen…you’re fine with that?」
「Yes, Grandfather…I think that selling me as a slave would be very effective in order to destroy my petty pride」
「You’re already a slave. If you’re going to live as a slave…then leave everything to your master and don’t think of anything unncessessary. Kouzuki house has nothing to do with you anymore…!」

Hearing her grandfather…Ruriko.

「Yes, Grandfather…I think that is truly the correct choice as the owner of Kouzuki house」
「Do you think you would do the same if you were in my position?」
「I wouldn’t come up with the idea of selling one as a slave. But, if someone advises me then I would definitely choose this path. Even if I think about my own personality…this is the best choice to not have any worries about the future」

Really…Ruriko only thinks rationally and logically…
She affirms that she’s sold as a slave.

「Then…hey, hurry up」

Jii-chan hurries me to sign

「…It’s okay, Yo-chan」

Nei said

「…Please don’t worry, Danna-sama」

Misuzu smiles at me too.

「…Master. Please believe in us」

Michi too

「…It’s okay to get on it. This is within Minaho’s assumptions」

Margo-san said.
I resolve myself.
I take it…and sign.

「Umu…Then, this girl is now your slave. Do what you want. Also, girl…I think you know it already but you’re no longer my granddaughter」

Jii-chan said.

「Yes…Kouzuki-sama. Thank you for all the care up until now」

Ruriko bows to her grandfather.
Then…to Yoshiko-san too.

「…Yoshiko-sama too, thank you. Please take care」
「R-Ruriko-sama…what are you saying!」

Yoshiko-san’s speechless.

「Now then, the deal you’ve made with me is of course a secret contract」

Jii-chan tells me.

「Though the payment and delivery of goods is over…the people outside will still think that she’s『Kouzuki Ruriko』」


「She’s already your slave so convince her and take her home. I won’t cooperate. You get it?」

Jii-chan smiles at me.

「…You originally plan to kidnap her, didn’t you?」

Jii-chan’s giving us a trial by all means.

「Yeah, I’ll take Ruriko home…and I won’t return her to Jii-chan anymore」

I return a smile…
The match is about to begin

「That’s obvious…I don’t accept returns」


「Ruriko…for the time being, you’ll be going to the funeral ceremony as『Kouzuki Ruriko』」

Ruriko looks at me.

「Jii-chan, you don’t mind it do you?…we’ll have her act as『Kouzuki Ruriko』」
「Yeah, that would help me…if possible, I’d like her to stay until the abstaining.
There’s people’s eyes around」

Jii-chan said.

「Of course…I won’t allow anything other than an act. Ruriko-kun」

Jii-chan calls his granddaughter distantly

「I know…Kouzuki-sama」

Ruriko answeres clearly

「It’s fine to rely on me. I’m Danna-sama’s pet… Michi is his toy」

Misuzu tells Ruriko.

「No, Ruriko has to follow the order. Misuzu and Michi are my『women』ahead of you. You’re on the lowest position now」

I order.


Ruriko answers.
Misuzu aside…It means big for Ruriko to be under Michi.
Ruriko seems to have not realized it yet though
We have to knock down Ruriko’s reality by all means.
That’s the only way…
The thought of Ruriko’s happiness as not the『successor of Kouzuki house』won’t be born otherwise.

「Now then, I will be going」

Jii-chan looks at his clock…

「Oh, Jii-chan…take Yoshiko-san with you」

I said.

「If Yoshiko-san’s here…it would be hard to educate Ruriko」


「True. Yoshiko, follow me」

Yoshiko-san’s not leaving Ruriko’s side.

「Yoshiko…she’s no longer a child of Kouzuki house」

Jii-chan said coldly

「You will be moving with me for a while…that would tell everyone that you’re my grandchild…I will reveal it today」

Yoshiko-san’s trembling.

「…Yoshiko-sama, please go with Kouzuki-sama」

Ruriko tells Yoshiko-san

「I…will be fine」
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