Chapter 389. Let’s get to work

Chapter 389. Let’s get to work

「…Err, it’s this girl」

Nei operates her phone and looks for images in storage

「She’s not ugly right?」

Kouzuki Satoshi said

「That’s right, would be great if it’s as beautiful as you」

Tsunoda too…

「Ah, got it…it’s this girl!」


「Ooh…That’s good」
「Yeah, she looks like an innocent high school girl!」

It’s the prostitution lover schoolgirl…Iwakura Yukiyo
No, the photos on the phone shows the look of her serious student council president mode though
Ah, is she going to break these guys too?

「She’s the student council president of our school!」

Nei smiles

「If it’s her…I can introduce her to you」
「A high school girl?」

They look at Nei’s phone as if they’re going to eat it.

「I think she’s free today but…Margo-oneechan, can you call her?」

Nei turns to Margo-san.
Why don’t you contact Iwakura-kaichou yourself…?!

「Wait a sec…」

Margo-san takes out her phone.

「…Hello. Number 4? It’s me, number 3… Yes, that. Are you free today? If possible, I’d like you to come」

This is completely a『job』request…
I see, that’s why Nei-san didn’t call but Margo-san.

「The other party is two boys from a noble family…I think it would be great for your future if you get to know them…」
「It’s okay. She’ll definitely come…that girl can’t defy our orders after all!」

Nei said.

「What…no way, are you selling off your classmates to prostitution?」

The two college young masters…look at us anxiously

「No way of course. Iwakura-san is the student council president of our school! We’re just introducing a date for her!」

Nei plays dumb

「Hee, the student council president’s a diligent girl?」
「Hmm, she’s not the hard honor student. She has a contact with a delinquent like me. You know what I’m talking about…」
「Okay then」
「But…that girl’s from a normal house…so if she discovers she’s about to date someone from Kouzuki house, she’d be in high spirits…and she might just agree wherever you take her!」
「What, what…she’s that kind of girl?」
「Yeah, she’s quite the fangirl. But, she doesn’t mess around at all. She’s passionate about her work after all」
「…I see」

True…Iwakura-kaichou isn’t a girl who mess around.
…She’s a pro after all.
For her, sleeping with these guys…isn’t a『game』but『work』
Then…she’s very enthusiastic about her work as a prostitute.

「…Yeah, one of the other party is from Kouzuki house. And the other’s the son of an executive from Kouzuki group. What do you think? It’s not a bad match. If you take this…you’ll be able to make long relationships」

Margo-san speaks to the phone.
『Long relationships』…making this guys customers?

「Yes, yes, if it’s her…I might go out with her」

Tsunoda mutters as he look at the screen.
This photo…is definitely a『business』advertising photo.

「…She said she’ll come right away」

Margo-san said.

「Then, dress up right away…the pure high school girl look will do. Maybe, it’s better to wear uniform. Once you’re ready, call me back…I’ll specify the location and time.」

After saying that…Margo-san hangs up the phone.

「Why did you end?!…We could’ve talked to her directly!」
「That’s right that’s right…call her again!」

Satoshi and Tsunoda both yell out.

「No no, she’s a normal high school girl. Innocent. If you guys talk to her suddenly, she might get scared. Therefore, you should properly meet up instead…」

MArgo-san and Nei said.

「I see…then fine. I’ll leave it to you」
「Yeah, get it done right. Don’t say anything bad about us!」

Kouzuki Satoshi and Tsunoda…they think that we’re a part of a noble family and Margo-san’s our guard.
Because they think she’s a servant…they order her easily

「Yes, yes, we’ll talk with her…even assist!」

Nei said.

「Huh…but…are you guys free today after this?」

The two college students look at each other.

「True…aside from Tsunoda-san, Satoshi-san’s a member of Kouzuki house so won’t there be the abstaining, cremation after the funeral ceremony’s over?」

Margo-san smiles

「That’s fine. It’s bullshit. Once the ceremony’s over, we’ll just escape」

Kouzuki Satoshi said in bad mood

「You seriously saying that? Isn’t your seats where Kouzuki『Kakka』is in? Won’t it be bad if you skip?」

Nei speaks meanly.

「What should we do? She already said she’s leaving her house…then, let’s have Tsunoda-san introduced to her for the time being?」

Margo-san said…Tsunoda looks at Kouzuki Satoshi.

「No…uhm. I can’t just leave Satoshi-san and meet a woman alone…!」

This pick up college boy’s bond is surprisingly thick.
Or rather…
Tsunoda’s father lost his standing so he has to stay with Satoshi.
Jii-chan’s『private school』…if he wants to continue the road to be elite and a candidate for Kouzuki group…

「Tsunoda…you’re worrying about me that far?!」
「Stop that, I’m Satoshi-san’s best bro…!」

Ah…somehow, this is disgusting

「Then, let’s do this. We’ll take Iwakura-san directly to the crematorium or something. We’ll have you meet her up there…」

Margo-san said.

「Eh, seriously?」
「We’re coming by car…we’ll just pick up Iwakura-san at the nearest station and bring her along. It’s fine to take her to another place but here…we also want to get along with you guys after all」
「…What do you mean?」
「He’s in a relationship with Misuzu-san…so we’d like to build friendly relationships with you guys」
「…Oh, I see」

Margo-san said…Satoshi-san’s easily convinced.
This man highly appreciate their value.

「Aside from the crematorium…there won’t be any problems if we went missing and gone home after the abstaining, right?『Kakka』would be busy afterwards」

He has to take the ash and go home after all

「Then, let’s go with that」

Margo-san said.

「Great, then…Tsunoda, stay with me until the abstaining. Where I’m going, Tsunoda’s going」

Kouzuki Satoshi said.
They’re not relatives, but…well, fine.
They’re like a set after all.

「Ah, wait a moment…then that means that we’re not taking the woman to the crematorium but to the abstaining venue?」

Tsunoda asks.

「Well, wait a moment…we don’t know when Iwakura-san will arrive. If possible, we can take her to the crematorium」
「Eh, there’s no meeting place at the crematorium, right/」
「Is that so? That doesn’t matter though」

Nei denies.

「Rather than that…the crematorium has a lot of waiting time. If I recall correctly」

Waiting time…?
Oh, the time it takes to burn the bones.

「You’re free for two hours at least, right? Then, let’s have a meetup at the lobby on the crematorium or something…then we’ll hand Iwakura-san over there」
「True…there’s a shop just right in front of the crematorium right? If so, then Iwakura-san will wait in front of that shop and…you guys just escape and meet her up there?」

Margo-san already knows the location of the crematorium?

「Okay, let’s go with that!」

Satoshi said.

「Then, that’s a wrap…this is my business card, contact me if there’s any changes」

Margo-san hands over her business card with her number on it.

「What, you won’t tell me yours?」

Tsunoda asks Nei but…

「Obviously. There’s no way I would tell mine to people like you!」

Nei sticks out her tongue.

「Can’t be helped. It’s common sense to be in contact with the guards. That’s our world」

Kouzuki Satoshi takes the business card.

「This is our contact information…giving this just in case」
「Ah, here’s mine」

Tsunoda takes out his business card too.
Guys…you’re college students and yet you have business cards?
Both of them presents their business cards to Nei, but…

「Sure…here, have this Margo-oneechan」

Nei takes the business cards…then handed it to Margo-san.
That’s how it is.

「Then, we’ll be waiting for your call…!」
「Don’t screw this up!」

The two goes away with bossy attitude.

「Fufu…this is funny」

Margo-san shows me the two business cards.
What’s written is as follows;

『Intercollegiate Circle Super Freedom Deputy Leader ** University of Political Science and Economics. Second Year. Kouzuki Satoshi』
『Intercollegiate Circle Super Freedom Deputy Leader ** University of Political Science and Economics. Second Year. Tsunoda Fumikazu』

「What’s『Intercollegiate Circle』?」

I don’t get it.

「It means it’s a circle that has students from various universities. It stands for《INTER COLLEGE》」

Margo-san teaches me.

「Look, those boys…are going to a university of smart people you see? Therefore, they not only pick up girls on their university but also on various schools. **Just a college student, also pulls some girls」
「No…what’s a circle?」

I just don’t get it even more

「Oh…it means a club or something. It’s not as strict as a club but it’s a gathering of people or something…」

But…What kind of club is『Super Freedom』

「IN their case…drinking, tennis camp, going to the beach, barbeque tournament…anyway, it’s a group that does anything to get along with girls, I guess? The circle name is meaningless anyway. For proper circles, you can know the purpose of their group by just hearing their name, i.e. 『Broadcast Culture Research Group』 or 『Film Research Group』…」

Speaking of which…Margo-san’s a college student too.
Though it’s just enrolled…she’s not going there at all

「But…both of them are deputy leaders」

Even though Kouzuki Satoshi would seem to take the initiative leading such a pick up circle
No…both of them are second years so being deputy leaders might be amazing.

「This is a guess but…I think that all the boys other than the real leader are『deputy leaders』」
「Well, freshmen would be different but…it would be advantageous when you go job hunting for later」 『I was a deputy leader in a circle back in college』, appealing like that」

I-I see.

「Let’s take our seat…it’s about to start!」

Nei pulls me.

◇ ◇ ◇

But still…this spacious venue is filled with people.

「But…it’s less people than I thought」
「Huh, Margo-san?」
「You see…It’s Kouzuki-san’s son funeral. Normally, there would be three times more people than this」

From the political and financial figures…to people of underground society.

「As expected…it’s a sudden death. Furthermore, it’s hurried funeral…so everyone knows that this is is a misfortune」
「Yo-chan…if you’re a noble like Kouzuki house, normally, the funeral would be after a few days after death…!」

…I see

「Kouzuki Shigeaki…is supposed to have died at his home at the dawn of yesterday. Then it was the wake at the same day and next day it’s funeral ceremony…it’s too rushed. Everyone knows that there was a problem behind the scenes」

Margo-san looks around.

「Therefore…the politicians only handed substitutes. Well, it’s holidays so most politicians go home our away. The business world are in half. Some company executives came by themselves…and some executives passed. The highest attendance rate are from the people of the underground society…」

Everyone knows that Ruriko’s father’s funeral is unnatural.
Therefore…there are tops attending.
There are some who had their subordinate sub for them.
That’s case-by-case on each, I guess.

「Even so, well, everyone will only come to deliver their condolences though」

Margo-san laughs.

「If you’re ungrateful to Kouzuki house…you can’t live in this country」

I spanked the treasured sheltered daughter of that kind of house.
I slapped her naked butt, and showered her with semen.
I’m so messed up.

「Ah, they’re here」

Looking at the family seat on stage…Misuzu and others have come.

「Well, only people from the head family can sit on the stage!」

It is as Nei said…even people from Kouzuki house, Satoshi and other branch families, are seated in front of the stage.
And…there’s relative seats on left and right sides of the altar where the coffin was enshrined…
On the left side…Jii-chan, Yoshiko-san, and a woman’s sitting.
On the right…Misuzu and Ruriko. Then, a good looking couple.
Michi’s standing on the door a bit away.

「The person next to Yoshiko-san is Ruriko-san’s mother」

Margo-san told me.

「Then, the people with Misuzu are Misuzu’s parents, right?!」

…Something’s strange.
Shouldn’t Ruriko and Yoshiko-san’s position be swapped?
It’s Ruriko’s father’s funeral, so…
Shouldn’t Ruriko be lined up with Jii-chan and her mother?
And Yoshiko-san…shouldn’t be sitting next to Misuzu? She’s the cousin

「Kouzuki-ojiichan’s really thourough…this is showing effect」

Nei whispers to me.

「If you see that, you’d think『something’s strange』…but nobody would complain. But…this is painful to the parties concerned」

Really, Ruriko will realize now that she’s been kicked out from the『successor candidate』of Kouzuki house.

「Her butt must be hurt…she’s rubbing it!」

Ruriko’s ass been hit by me and Michi until it’s swollen…furthermore, she’s got no panty worn.
It must be painful for her to sit on the table.
Her face is pale…she looks she’s about to cry any moment.
Ah…Misuzu whispers something to Ruriko’s ear.
Then, Ruriko starts crying.

「Yo-chan…do you know what Misuzu said?」
「Yeah…the general part」

Misuzu perhaps said;

『Ruriko…this will be the last opportunity for you to be in public as the daughter of Kouzuki house…take a good look of the view from this stage』

Ruriko’s crying because she believed that she’s still a『daughter of Kouzuki house』
The truth, the sorrow she can’t tell anyone.

「My, poor girl…Ruriko-sama’s crying!」

The elegant looking old lady said in a loud voice.

「True, what pity」

Another old lady said.

「During the last night’s wake, she was stunned by the sudden death of her father…she was just looking down with a gloomy face…」
「Yes, it had me worried…」
「Rather than being depressed…it was expressionless」

Ah…as expected, Ruriko last nitght was like that
Judging that her father’s death was a matter of course…she was only worrying about herself…

「But today」
「Yes, Ruriko-sama…also cries in sadness」
「Well of course, she lost her father at just age 15」
「Poor girl」
「True…poor girl」
「But…it’s my first time I saw Ruriko-sama show such an honest expression」
「…Speaking of which, you’re right」

The other attendees were on the same opinion.
Ruriko’s tears…
Everyone misunderstands that it’s from the sadness of losing her father.

「Kouzuki-ojiichan’s plan is going well!」

Nei whispers to my ears.

「Therefore, Yo-chan…you didn’t go easy on Ruriko too, right?」

In order to let Ruriko know about people’s『sentiment』…I thought that I must let her know both physical and mental pain.
Well, I imagined that it will go this way, but…
Today’s farewell ceremony’s like last night’s wake…Ruriko’s not mourning over her father’s death but depressed about herself…
All of the attendees…witnessed that strangeness.
Perhaps, there are people who noticed Ruriko’s lack of『sentiment』
Jii-chan felt that as dangerous.
Therefore, last night…after coming home, he interrogated Ruriko.
Thus…he judged the current Ruriko to be dangerous.

「Misuzu seems to know it too…she whispers something to Ruriko again」

Ruriko…is only feeling sadness from being forced out of Kouzuki house.
The pain in her ass…the humiliation deprived of underwear amplifies her sorrow.
The hate from the letters written on her belly…the shame from reaching climax from the tongue of a man who did such a thing.
Furthermore, from now on…she must live as that man’s slave…the reality of it.
The pain in both her body and mind fuse together…attack Ruriko.
Furthermore, she can’t call for anyone’s help in front of this big audience.
Jii-chan, Yoshiko-san, her mother are all on the other side.
Misuzu’s attacking Ruriko with words…if she does something, Michi will beat her.
Ruriko’s surrounded…
She has no choice but to cry.

「…Poor… Ruriko-sama」

Those tears send different message to the audience.

「I thought that she was always a lady from a high place, but…」
「Yes, I thought that she was living in a different world than us」
「Ruriko-sama’s also a normal girl…」
「…Everyone must protect her」
「Yes, she’s our princess…」

Now that she’s expelled from Kouzuki house…
Ruriko’s now accepted by the people as the real princess of Kouzuki house.

「Hey…give me the thing Seki-san handed to you earlier」

Margo-san tells me.

「If it’s now, it won’t be weird if we check it…」

Margo-san takes out her laptop.

「We have quite a lot of time to check phones or laptops before the ceremony begins you see.」

True, there’s a lot of people around…

「Here you go」

I take out the small thing from the pocket and handed it to Margo-san.
Then…Margo-san connects it to her laptop.

「…Crematoriums have to be authorized by the local government in Japan so there’s only limited locations. For example, if it’s a member of Kouzuki house…they can’t use the same crematorium as the ordinary people.

Margo-san speaks to me in small voice.

「Last night, I got the location from Seki-san. The venue for end of abstinence too. It has to be close to the crematorium by all means…since they’re moving as a group, the room and food has to be reserved in advance. So that’s how I knew it last night…!」

I-I see.
That’s why she knew…

「The problem is the security for today. We don’t know who it is until the last minute. The number of people…who’s responsible for the site…」

That’s written on that drive and Seki-san handed it to me secretly?
Margo-san looks at the screen…

「Huh…but. Earlier, Seki-san said that she didn’t know the person in charge of the uniformed group today, right?
「That was a lie. We were being monitored there」
「Back at the hotel, Seki-san was working with us you see…there are people who think that she’s connected to us. Therefore, Seki-san said『I don’t know』on purpose. To make an alibi…!」

In short…she knows it in reality?!

「Those people can’t eavesdrop inside Misuzu-san’s room. That’s Kouzuki house’s private room after all. If they’re discovered doing that…Kouzuki-san will punish them. But, starting from the parking lot, to the corridors of the funerary we’ve passed through have some bugs I think」
「Please wait…when we came yesterday」
「There was none…therefore, I think the new security chief took office from yesterday instructed it」


「Seki-san told me with her gaze…so I realized…I tried to ask her about the new security manager」

Is that so?

「Eh, so it’s okay now?」
「Well, aside from the corridor around the waiting room…it’s meaningless to set up a wiretap in a place that’s stupidly wide. Besides, we’re whispering now…」

I see, if it’s whispers then it won’t be heared.

「Err…Oh, this」

Margo-san mutters.

「The new security manager…Is Asami Asami-san 1…!」

Then, from the stationed guards…Margo-san looks at the wall on the right side.

「…It’s her」

That is a woman in late twenties in Kouzuki security service uniform…

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