Chapter 392. Working Seki

Chapter 392. Working Seki

「…I can see it. It’s there」

The car we’re riding approaches the crematorium.
…there’s no huge chimney.

「Recently, it’s structured so the smoke won’t come out」

Seki-san said.

「…The funeral hall is a venue dedicated to known people…so Kouzuki house is able to borrow it, but…it can’t go the same for the crematoriums. Of course, other houses also use it」

Yeah, they can’t just rent out the crematorium.

「But still, they rented a quarter of the facility. There should be some Kouzuki security service guards in their plain clothes on that line…」

…Plain clothes?

「Since it’s a public facility other people uses too…they can’t just put out guards in their uniform without permission…!」

I see.
There are security guards on the premise too…
If a security guard of another company wanders around the premise…the people of other houses get confused.

「Therefore…this crematorium is the most problematic part of today’s security」

Seki-san said…

「It’s hard to seal down the place rented by Kouzuki house with security guards only. Even if other house’s people tries to enter the blocked area, we have no authority to stop them you see? If they say『I want to use the toilet over there』we can’t do anything」

I see…it’s impossible to intimidate with uniforms…
Since its a public facility, Kouzuki house who’s one of the users can’t force the other users out…

「There’s a common space set up in the hallway…normally, we’d have guards in front of the rooms we rented, but. That would mean that we won’t make it in time if we receive a raid, you know?」


「Bomb terrorism or people coming with heavy weapoons. We can’t do bag inspection on other people. There’s no way to prevent if invade the room where『Kakka』is」
「Then…what are they going to do?」
「For now, there are guards in civilian clothes walking around the site with explosive detectors. The toilets too, it’s checked when someone uses it. People with big bags, regardless of age, are being manned. No other choice but to go steadily…this is how VIP guards are.」


「That’s a lot of work」
「Well yeah…if we had a bit more time then we’ll take various measures but…since this funeral is soon after death…we can’t prepare anything beforehand」

Just the day before yesterday…or rather, until the dawn yesterday, nobody expects for Ruriko’s father to die…
Except Jii-chan and chief Tanizawa…

「But, Kouzuki security service is a company of VIP guards…so this case isn’t so unusual. The only worry I have is the division of the newly appointed security director though…」

Asami-san’s strength is unknown.
The car enters the funeral parking lot.
…Unlike the funerary earlier, there’s no check gate with security guards.
Instead, there are many men in black clothes hanging out.
There’s a guy carrying a big machine on his shoulder…is that the explosive detector team?

「Then that means…it’s fine for me to be here dressed up like this?」

I’m now wearing the Kouzuki security service uniform, with a yellow collar.
Though it’s said to be top elite’s assistant’s outfit.

「Yeah, it’s fine. You’re wearing that after all…take off your cap. If you don’t have a hat, ordinary people would only see that as a cosplay

Seki-san laughs.

「Cosplay is an overstatement but…the people would only think that you’re just an ordinary high school student who’s『in a big different school uniform』」

I-Is that so?

「Especially for the assistant’s uniform, there’s no class or chapter attached so, it’s special」

True, there’s no decorations…the security uniform-ness of it is cut in half.
But, the collar’s yellow.

「Recently, there’s a lot of high schools with outlandish uniforms so it’s fine」

Seki-san says calmly

「Rather, with that uniform…the people from Kouzuki security service will be aware of you. Be bold…oh right」

Seki-san takes out a black-rimmed glasses from the car’s dashboard

「Wear this…it’ll make you look a bit more intelligent」

While at it, I split my hair to 7-3

「Okay, let’s go」

◇ ◇ ◇

We get off the car.
Right away, a man with good physique comes…

「Thanks for the hard work…I came ahead of time」

Seki-san’s face is known by everyone in Kouzuki security service
Going this far, there’s no problem.

「Roger. I’m Sekiguchi, leader of the security department on west 3 group…and this guy is?」

Sure enough…the man looks at me with a curious face.

「…That’s not something you have to be concerned about though?」

Seki-san smiles.

「…I-I’m sorry」

The authority of the top elites seem to be much higher than the normal guards.
By just wearing Kouzuki security service uniform and walk with her…Seki-san lets them recognize my existence to the guards on field.

「…How’s『Kakka’s』movement? What’s the ETA?」
「It’s said that the departure from the funerary is 25 minutes late」
「My…that’s quite late」
「The forming of car rows took longer than expected」
「I see…can’t be helped. It’s Asami-san’s first job」

Seki-san turns to me.

「In that case, one must pay special attention to where to take『Kakka』or Misuzu-sama’s car. Even among the assassinations of prestigious people, there’s a lot of cases where they aim at the moment of getting in and off the car. Remember that」

Seki-san tells me as if lecturing.
Then, Sekiguchi, the security guard seems to think that I must be a top elite candidate or something.

「The car lines too…they must make a row to protect『Kakka』 If you’re skilled, you’d arrange an escort car from the start so it’s easy to assemble from the start but as you saw earlier, Asami-san didn’t give instructions. Later, I think she’ll be scolded a lot by chief Tanizawa」

Seki-san turns to Sekiguchi.

「A 25 minute loss is quite bad」
「Yes…the roads would be crowded this time and it’ll become even more losses」
「It’s fine. It’s a holiday so the road going here was smooth. I ran through the scheduled route, there was no problems…」

Though she was talking to me while driving…
Seki-san’s checking the route Jii-chan and everyone else will go through.

「However, this is also another one of Asami-san’s checkpoints. I hope they don’t speed up the car line in order to regain the 25 minute delay on departure time」

Seki-san looks at me again

「…It’s different when guarding other families but…when it comes to guarding『Kakka』, they’re more safety conscious than punctual. If they departed 25 minutes late then, then they’d arrive 25 minutes late too. There’s no helping if they got slowed due to traffic but…arriving earlier is a subject for demerit」

Is that so?

「It would be rude for those who went in advance like you. The arrival time isn’t clear」

Seki-san smiles at the guard,.

「Yes…that’s right!」

The guard gets in high spirits from Seki-san’s smile.

「Tell them my arrival…is the security officer in here Ishii-kun?」
「Yes, it’s Ishii-kachou」
「I get it, thanks」

Seki-san heads to the entrance of the facility.
I follow as well.
We dive into the automatic door to inside.
Oh, here too…there are men with good physique and large machines…
Everyone’s wearing black tie and black suit…
Even without a uniform…all of them have the same physique and hairstyle…

「Thanks for the hard work…Seki-san」

One of the men in black suit comes close.

「Don’t make that face, I’m not an inspector. I won’t make any assessment that affects your bonus or anything. I was just ahead for today」

Seki-san said then smiled.

「Since it’s Ishii-kun, I trust the situation of security…did you arrange it yourself?」
「Yes, some of it」
「Was the placement plans of the new boss not okay?」
「It’s not that bad but…it’s a plan for those who don’t know the site. Furthermore, she’s too stiff…that she hasn’t considered any spare personnel at all」
「True, she’s a bit top-heavy. I thought the same when I saw the plan…hey, Ishii-kun」
「If Asami-san complains on what you’ve arranged on the scene…just tell her that I’ve given approval」
「…Seki-san, that’s」
「It’s fine. I got ahead for that. If Asami-san heard that me changing the site, she won’t complain」
「…Sorry. That would help」

Seki-san’s Jii-chan’s full time bodyguard.
If a full time guard approves that it’s better to change the prior plan to ensure Jii-chan’s safety…Asami-san, the new security director can’t overturn it.

「I’m glad that Seki-san went ahead」
「Why…Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san knows it too」
「No, those two…well」
「They…our young members…」

The two of them likes young men, right.

「They try to arrange good looking young men close to them」
「Oh, I get it…I’ll consult about that with Tanizawa-san later」
「Really…both of them are basically good people though」
「Yes, there’s no harm but…they’re just unpopular with the young guys anyways」

Will that count as sexual harassment?

「Well then, we’ll be taking a look ahead on『Kakka』and Misuzu-sama’s waiting room. Who’s in charge of the site?」
「Oh, that one…okay. Thanks」

We head inside the facility.「」

「…Ishii-kun didn’t ask anything about you, right?」

Seki-san whispers to me

「Yes, that’s right」
「Those with good career knows…therefore they don’t say anything unnecessary」

…I see

「Those who are dull, they just talk…they speak a lot so there’s a greater risk of saying unnecessary things. Therefore, chose as few words as possible…」

After saying that, Seki-san looks at me…

「…You already know that, don’t you?」


「You don’t speak unnecessary things. You’re good at listening other people’s talk…」

I-Is that so?

「Therefore, I come to talk unconsciously. You’ve got me」

Seki-san lowers her eyes

「I love that part of you」

Her steps hasten…

「Oh, from that line over there…is the area rented by the Kouzuki house for the time being」

I see, there’s men in black gathered in front of the corridor.

「Thanks for the work…I’ve gotten ahead. Gather the guards in front of the waiting room. Where’s Koishikawa-san?」
「Yes, I’m here…」

A woman in black suit comes out from one of the waiting rooms.
The person in charge here seems to be this woman.
There’s around ten men in black gathered around Seki-san.
These people are in charge of protecting the waiting room

「Then…how does it feel like?」
「Yes, all of the seven waiting rooms of this block in this building are all rented. 『Kakka』will be on the fifth waiting room and, Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama are on the sixth waiting room. Everyone from the Kouzuki house will be on the second waiting room」


「We’ll change the room schedule. 『Kakka』will be on the second, Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama are on the third, and everyone else from Kouzuki house will be on the seventh」
「Is there a problem?」

Seki-san smiles

「There’s not much time」
「What are you saying…don’t we have 20 minutes?」
「Besides…it’ll change Asami-buchou’s plan」

Guard Koishikawa said.

「You see…when was Asami-san’s plan submitted?」

Seki-san asks.

「This morning…8 o’clock. It was distributed at security headquarters」
「Right…then we better think that this plan is leaked outside…」

Koishikawa-san’s surprised.

「Therefore, we’ll be changing at this timing. After Asami-san and chief Tanizawa arrives here…I don’t mind a post-event report. With this, if someone were to identify『Kakka』or Misuzu-sama’s room and raid in, the raider will be connected to the people here…!」

Only these ten guard in charge know the changes of the rooms.

「But, Asami-buchou instructed…『Whatever happens, don’t change the plan』」

Koishikawa-san said.

「Therefore, we’re going to…!」
「Everyone’s told that Asami-san’s plan is absolute, right? And that’s obviously conveyed to the other parties who will try to attack『Kakka』 What do you think are they going to do if they have an absolute information?」

Yeah, if they know in advance that they’d definitely be here, then…
The attack will become easier.

「Hey, if today’s『division』wasn’t Asami-san’s but Chief Tanizawa’s, think about it」

Seki-san said.

「If it was Tanizawa-san…would he make this rigid plan?」
「No…perhaps he’ll just give a rough outline and direct the details on the scene」

Koishikawa-san answers.

「That is Tanizawa-san’s method…so you know that you’re prepared when the site turns to trouble. But, we’re expert VIP Guards, we shouldn’t spare troubles…!」

Seki-san looks at each of the faces of the guards.

「I’ll take all of the responsibility…I think that it’ll be hard but change it now」



Then, she tells her men.

「Change of rooms, as Seki-san said…the person in charge of the room should check again if there’s any explosives, bug, or cameras in every room. The people around should check any sniper points once again」
「Ah, for the people outside…take your time on checking the room originally scheduled to you so the change of room won’t be exposed. But, don’t check the real rooms…what’s most important for guards is the acting skills…!」

Seki-san supplements.

「Koishikawa-san…I will be doing the final confirmation on Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s room」
「…Are you sure?」
「Ruriko-sama’s very nervous today. I think the relay from the funeral ceremony has reached here too」
「…She in too much grief」
「『Kakka』is also worried…so I will be following Ruriko-sama for today. Koishikawa-san will go to『Kakka’s』room He’ll have the two full time monster guards…so the boys would shy away, right?」

Ootoku-san, and Choumoto-san’s present so there’s no problem with guards in the room.
Rather, in order to reduce the damage they do…she wants to make a woman, Koishikawa-san stand on front.

「T-Thank you!」

Young men speaks up.

「Then…take care of it. Ah, if anyone has an extra incom, could you lend me one?」


「Yes, have this」

One of the guards hands a square radio to Seki-san.
There’s earphones and microphones attached.

「Thanks…I think everyone knows it already but today’s strategy serves as assessment for the new department manager, Asami. When Asami-san arrives, I won’t be instructing you directly. However, could you send me the informatioon?」

Koishikawa replies.

◇ ◇ ◇

Seki-san…enters the third waiting room, where Misuzu and Ruriko would be staying

「Wait a sec…I’ll be checking it」

Seki-san takes out a small machine.

「This is a machine that checks radio waves or bugs」

She goes around the waiting room…

「They might just put in a recording machine and collect it later… so I’ll check inside the trash can and the back of the closet」

Seki-san opens places…and checks inside.

「There’s a possibility of eavesdropping over the wall from the next room so…one room’s going to be unattended. That’s the staple but…Asami-san’s very textbook. 『Kakka』and Misuzu-sama + Ruriko-sama’s room shouldn’t be next to each other. Even the guards…she seems to be unlikely to notice it」

…Then that means

「Seki-san…you’re amazing. Somehow, you’re quite different from back at the hotel」

I’m completely impressed.

「That’s…well, this is my specialty. I’ve told you that I had professional lessons on counterterrorism in Europe, didn’t I?」
「Well, I’m always training to do an actual combat like at the hotel back then but… Those kind of fighting is Fujimiya-san’s responsibility」

Yeah, Reika’s specialized in combat.

「I’m『Kakka’s』full time guard among the top elites…so I also do security plans and conduct on site command. I’m always at places where『Kakka』goes…so I also negotiate with the guards of companies…or when going abroad, I cooperate with the polic there…I need integration power」

Seki-san smiles.

「Well…I’m a jack of all trades…yes, 《OK》」

Seki-san completes checking the room.
Seki-san’s incom beeps.

『…『Kakka』has arrived at the front entrance』

It seems it’s put on speaker mode so I can hear it too.
Seki-san looks at the clock.

「They departed 25 minutes late and arrived minutes late. Asami Mami’s a woman of that degree…」

Seki-san looks at me.

「You’ll stay here…I’ll tell Koishikawa-san」


「I have to show up to『Kakka』and chief Tanizawa just in case. If I show that I’m not with you…then the two of them won’t notice that I brought you in」

…I see.

「Before the other guards come in contact with Tanizawa-san…I’ll show everyone we’re talking closely. If so, nobody would report to chief Tanizawa who’s with me. They’d think that chief Tanizawa already knows…!」


「Let’s see…wait for here alone for 20 minutes. 『Kakka』will be heading to the crematory ahead. Making his last farewell…putting the coffin in the furnace… Then, he should come to the waiting room」

If I wait here…Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi would come.

「…Then, take it easy alone」

Seki-san comes out of the room alone.

「Thanks for a lot」

I bow my head.

「…It’s fine, don’t mind it」

Seki-san leaves with a smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

I’m alone in the waiting room.
I take off my shoes and go up on the Tatami mat.
I lied down.
I feel like it’s been a while since I was alone.
…Let’s take a short break.
I’ve always been so cautious since always.
I’m a bit tired.
I lightly close my eyes.
I intended to take just a small break.
And yet, I…
I completely fell asleep…


I open my eyes startled from the sound of the door opening.
Misuzu, Michi, and Ruriko were standing in front.


I’m in Kouzuki security service uniform…
I’m wearing glasses…
My hair’s 7:3…

「…Danna-sama, why are you here?」

Misuzu immediately figured that it was me.

「No, that…I got ahead and waited here」


「…I’m so happy」


「For Danna-sama to wait for me here…!」

She takes off her sandals in a hurry…then goes on top of the mat.
On the other hand, Ruriko…
She’s having a gloomy face.
It seems that she was pushed down the bottom of despair at one go.

「…Please get in」

Michi forces Ruriko inside the room.

「Danna-sama…I’ll prepare tea right now!」

Misuzu in her wafuku pitter-patters and works.
Ruriko sits at the back of the room…
Michi comes to me.
With a serious face

「Michi…is there any problem?」

I asked…

「That is…a very big problem is in progress…!」


「A surprise, there was a surprise and yet…I…!」

What happened before I came here?
Meanwhile, Misuzu brews the face showing a happy face.

「I failed…I never thought that Master would be in this room…」


「At the moment I saw Master’s figure…I leaked」

…Michi, Michi-san?

「No, it’s not just small water…!」


「There’s a spring coming out of my secret fissure…!」

Michi…you’re in heat?!
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