Chapter 394. Friend

Chapter 394. Friend

After letting it all out in Michi’s womb…I feel exhausted.
Michi hugs my head tightly.
Putting strength on her crotch…she tightens up my penis once again.
The semen remaining in my urethra drips down in Michi’s uterus…

「Okay, Michi…I’m taking the gag off now」

Misuzu takes of the handkerchief blocking Michi’s mouth.

「…Haa, haa, haa, haa」

Michi’s shoulders move up and down as she breath roughly.
Her face is bright read and there’s sweat floating on her forehead and nose.
I lick up the sweat beads on Michi’s nose

「…I’m pulling out」
「Ah…not yet」
「We can just do it later again」

I pull out my erect dick from Michi.


When the glans was pulled out, Michi lets out a disappointed voice.
A bit later…semen drips out from her slit.
It creates a white puddle on the tatami mat.
Ruriko’s looking at that absentmindedly

「You seem to be used to sex already…!」

Misuzu smiles.
It was just two days ago since I took her virginity.
And yet, her body’s cumming reliably already…

「I’m not used to sex…」

Michi said.

「I’m getting used to Master. Michi’s womb is already having Master’s shape. It’s only for Master so it fits in perfectly. Only Master’s thing can enter…and nothing else is allowed」

Michi clings to me.

「Well, I’m the same…this part of me has already changed to Danna-sama’s shape」

Misuzu touches her lower abdomen.


Michi fawns on me.

「What’s wrong?」
「Kiss…please kiss me」

I kiss Michi’s soft lips.

「…I’m so happy. Is it okay to be this much happy?」

Michi who’s still lying on the floor looks up at me and Misuzu.

「Master and Misuzu-sama…both of the people I treasure watch me climax…」
「You can」

Misuzu answers smiling.

「We’ll be together forever. We’ll be loving Danna-sama together…be loved by him, bear his child. I will love Michi’s child. Therefore, Michi…protect my child as well」
「Of course…Misuzu-sama I will protect Master’s children with all my life…!」
「Right, everyone’s『family』…your child is my child. My child is your child…!」

Listening to the conversation of the two…Ruriko’s surprised.

「Misuzu-sama…what are you talking about?!」
「Oh, what’s wrong with it?」

Misuzu turns to Ruriko.

「Misuzu-sama is the direct lineage of Kouzuki house. Even if their father’s the same, Misuzu-sama’s child is different from Michi-san’s child…!」
「It’s the same…all of them are children of『Kuromori』house」

Misuzu answers calmly

「…Misuzu-sama, are you throwing away Kouzuki house?!」

Ruriko says, to which, Misuzu laughs.

「Kouzuki house…is absorbed by『Kuromori house』 when Grandfather has expressed his participation to our family」
「There’s no way Kouzuki branch houses will allowt hat」
「It’s a secret to those people. Besides…if they discover it, what can those people do? Grandfather holds down most of the assets of Kouzuki though?」


「I-I…I can’t agree with this」

She glares down on Ruriko.

「Misuzu-sama, it’s your freedom to have relationship with Kuromori-sama, but…I ask you to not deviate from your obligation and responsibility as the daughter of Kouzuki house. We’re a family of special blood」
「Ruriko…you have no qualification to say that now」

Misuzu declares harshly

「Ruriko now is no longer a daughter of Kouzuki house. It’s highly ridiculous for you to say your opinion on the problem of the house. Am I wrong?」

Ruriko falters.

「You’re sold off at that place…you were there as well, weren’t you? You didn’t protest to grandfather. You agreed to leave Kouzuki house didn’t you?」
「…That is」

…That’s right.
Ruriko has no right to argue.

「Back then…I didn’t understand what that meant」
「That kind of excuse won’t work however…」

Misuzu looks at Ruriko with contempt.

「You seem to be looking at it lightly…」
「I…I’m not taking Misuzu-sama lightly」
「What I’m talking about is Grandfather…! Ruriko …what do you think of the decision of Kouzuki house’s head, Kouzuki Shigetaka…!」

Ruriko’s naive but she’s not stupid.
She’s already accepted that she’s come to an irrevocable position.

「…I’m very sorry」

I’m impressed that Ruriko can accept reality and apologize honestly.
If this was Yukino…
She’ll never accept reality.
Blaming everything to someone…rejecting reality thoroughly.
Then she’ll run to even a bit of convenient delusion.
Yukino’s life force who’s never breaking is amazing to be honest.
I don’t want to get involved with her anymore.
She…only looks at herself.

「…Ruriko, your head is too high」

Misuzu said.

「Is that the attitude of a slave apologizing to others…?!」


「…I am, deeply sorry」

She puts her hand on the floor…
Ruriko’s seating posture is very beautiful.
Then…she rubs her forehead against the tatami mat, prostrating herself

「Do you know what you did wrong?」

Misuzu corners her even more.

「I…who was sold out of Kouzuki house…had given opinion to Misuzu-sama who’s the young lady of the head house. I’m deeply sorry」

Misuzu is trying to destroy Ruriko’s logical thinking…her『privileged class thinking』
This isn’t a bad move, but…
But, if this goes on…Ruriko would have『slave disposition』instead.
Now then, what should we do

「…Raise your head, Ruriko」

Misuzu said,
Ruriko looks up.

「What are you to Danna-sama?」

Ruriko looks at me…and hesitates to speak.

「Danna-sama…do you have the『transfer certificate』you received from grandfather?」

It’s important so I have it close to me.
Kouzuki Shigetaka’s signature is in it.
This thing can’t be lost.


I hand it to Misuzu.

「Take a look…Grandfather has signed it. This paper…also has Danna-sama’s signature along with Grandfather’s. You can read what’s written on it…can’t you?」

Ruriko’s pointed at the part of『slave transfer』…

「Let me ask once again. What are you do Danna-sama?」

Ruriko resigns herself.

「…A slave. I was transferred as a slave」

Hearing that answer, Misuzu smiles…

「That’s right. You’re a slave…you already are」

Tears accumulate in Ruriko’s eyes.

「And, I’m Danna-sama’s pet…Michi’s a toy. You do know that, don’t you?」

Ruriko has seen Misuzu and others kneel before me naked in the『Underground evacuation room』at the hotel.

「…That’s just a play, isn’t it? There was no order from Kouzuki-sama just like mine…」

Ruriko’s prioritizing Kouzuki house as first, so…
Misuzu’s『Pet declaration』…seems to think that it was just a 『play』with me
The princess of Kouzuki house…won’t seriously become a pet of a low birth of a man.
Therefore…she believes that Jii-chan isn’t serious about making her a slave.
In addition, she thinks that there’s no way she who had been transferred to me, should be treated a slave, so she made light of it.

「Oh, I’m serious though. I’m Danna-sama’s love pet. I intend to be loved for the rest of my life…to serve him」
「Me too…I’m Master’s toy. I will always make effort to be kept as a toy forever. As Master’s possession, I dedicate my mind and body to him…!」

Michi answers.

「Do you understand, Ruriko? You’re a slave. I’m a pet. Michi’s a toy…in short, we’re almost similar…!」

Ruriko’s startled.

「To me now…I’ll say it clearly. Danna-sama is everything. If ever my presence brings misfortune to Danna-sama…I think I would die」

I look at Misuzu.

「Don’t say that even as a joke…!」
「Yes…I’m very sorry」
「If ever that happens…I’d die first. Michi too, listen」
「You girls…must live longer than me. Even a single day…!」

The two’s eyes opened wide.

「I want to make you girls happy. Don’t die for my sake. Okay?…!」
「As exchange …please be by our side forever」

Misuzu said.

「Danna-sama too…please don’t ever sacrifice yourself thinking that it’s your duty for our sake…!」
「I also ask of you」

Michi too.

「I have definitely received Danna-sama’s order to live longer than Master. Michi swears to live only a minute longer than Master…Whatever happens…!」

…Only one minute?

「…I have no attachments to a world without Master in it」


「Me too. I will follow after Danna-sama」
「You girls…what are you talking about?」
「Therefore…please take care of your life」


「All of us are always worried about Danna-sama」

Misuzu hugs my back.
Michi hugs me from below.

「If Master’s gone…everyone would be lost again…!」

…Both of you

「Now then…Ruriko. How long are you going to be lost?」

Misuzu said.

「Yes. Grandfather chased you out of Kouzuki house…and you look like a lost child who doesn’t know her destination」

Ruriko reevaluates herself.

「But…it’s about time you notice it. There’s a big collar on your neck…and a sturdy chain leads from there. Holding the end of the chain is Danna-sama. You’ve been captured by Danna-sama long time ago. You should be aware that you’re surrounded by Danna-sama’s affection」

My affection?

「Misuzu-sama…what doo you mean by that?」

Ruriko asks.

「You don’t have enough imagination…think about it. Grandfather didn’t sell you to Danna-sama…let’s see, for example, if it was from the branch house…furthermore, it’s Satoshi-san, what do you think will …」

Ruriko trembles horribly from what Misuzu said.

「…I think it’ll be frightening. To think that I’ll be a slave of such a vulgar man」

Kouzuki Satoshi…be a decent man.

「But…I don’t think that will happen. Grandfather…no, Kouzuki-sama will not give me to such a vulgar man…」
「But, why…did Grandfather choose Danna-sama as Ruriko’s recipient…?」

Ruriko mumbles.

「It’s because he judged that Kuromori-sama’s a very reliable person…I think」
「Well. Ruriko also knows that Danna-sama loves and treasures me and Michi, don’t you?」
「Yes…and I know that Misuzu-sama and others loves Kuromori-sama」
「And…Danna-sama…also loves Ruriko…!」

Ruriko looks at me.

「I think that Ruriko won’t be convinced but…Danna-sama’s been thinking on how to make you happy all this time…」

Misuzu said.

「Even hitting your butt…you were being obstinate so you had to be punished」


「Hmm…I thought that Ruriko has never had someone scold her properly」

I said.

「Yeah, Ruriko’s the princess of Kouzuki house, so…if you do something bad you’d just be told off…you don’t feel like being scolded properly. No, of course…Ruriko’s very smart and a girl who’s resolute…normally, you won’t do anything bad to be scolded, but…」

She’s originally the type that doesn’t do strange things.
Therefore, she’s not being scolded too much.

「Ruriko, had fully trusted Danna-sama from the experience at the hotel from the day before yesterday. He’s not an enemy of Kouzuki house…he’s accepted by Grandfather, and he’s my precious partner. You felt he’s a person you can place your trust on…you behaved spoiled」

Misuzu analyzes.

「Today…when you were assigned as a『slave』to grandfather, you had a very bad attitude. Danna-sama’s not a vassal of Kouzuki house. Grandfather, has treated Danna-sama as a『relative』 And yet…Ruriko’s so spoiled that she treated Danna-sama as a『person that’s below herself』 Therefore…you were punished」

Ruriko sighs.

「I now understand. It is as Misuzu-sama says…I have judged Kuromori-sama as a『person I can allow my heart to』…I’ve ceased paying attention. I was spoiled. Without understanding the meaning of being sold off as a『slave』by grandfather… True…it’s all my fault. I’ve made lightly of Kuromori-sama…」
「You do understand that your butt was slapped because you had a bad attitude, don’t you?」

Ruriko nods.

「I’m deeply sorry」

Different from before…it was an apology filled with thoughts.

「Ruriko…let me be clear」

…Ruriko now will understand.

「Just forget about Kouzuki house」
「You’re thinking a lot of things…and the more you hurry, it would just make the future of Kouzuki house more confusing instead. Jii-chan thought so…so he resolved himself and sold you to me」
「…Is that so?」
「That’s right. So, you were transferred as a slave so you can never come back. If there’s a possibility of returning to Kouzuki house even a bit…you’ll just think of political matters…!」
「…That, might be the case」

Ruriko who became obedient…accepts what I say

「But, if so…what will happen to the future of Kouzuki house?」
「You should just leave that to Yoshiko-san」
「…to Yoshiko?」
「As replacement of Ruriko…Jii-chan returned Yoshiko-san to Kouzuki house. Yoshiko-san is the heir of Kouzuki house. Jii-chan told everyone at the『farewell ceremony』earlier」

Jii-chan had Yoshiko-san sitting next to him.
Misuzu and Ruriko are on a far seat…
She was next to him in the burning incense order.
In short…Yoshiko-san’s the successor.

「R-Right…true…it is as you say…」

Ruriko’s been convinced that she’s the successor of Kouzuki house until now.
That Yoshiko-san is her『attendant』
Even after knowing that Yoshiko-san is a blood related cousin.

「Therefore, leave the rest to Jii-chan. Jii-chan won’t treat Yoshiko-san badly, would he?」
「That’s right, we can just leave all about Kouzuki house to Grandfather. Ruriko’s already unrelated to it…」

Misuzu tells Ruriko…

「…I see. I’ll follow what you two said」

Tears fall down from Ruriko’s eyes.

「But, then…what, should I think as I live ahead?」
「…Don’t you know it already?」

Michi speaks up.

「Ruriko, you’re already Master’s slave…you can only think of Master’s happiness…!」

Michi answers as the leader of the slaves.

「It’s okay. Master is constantly thinking about our happiness…」


「Back then and even now…I don’t care about myself」

I tell Ruriko

「But…I want to make the people who love me to be happy all the time. If they’re not happy then I’m troubled」
「Yes, humans…do their best when it comes to the people they love…!」

Misuzu smiles.

「Ruriko too…is already in the people I love…」


「It’s『Onii-sama』…wasn’t that the call you promised?」

Misuzu tells Ruriko.

「Yes…Onii-sama. And…Misuzu-oneesama」

Ruriko looks at Michi.

「Michi-sama too…please continue to guide me」
「…Michi will do」

Michi said.

「Ruriko, slave…me, a toy. We’re on the same position. We’re of same age, classmates. I don’t think there’s a need for politeness…」

Then, she looked at me.

「Master…that’s what Michi judged. What do you think」

I hug Michi

「Michi…you’re always ahead of what I want. That helps a lot」
「…Michi is Master’s faithful toy」

Michi replies with her cheeks dyed red.
With this…Ruriko who never had friends, made friends for the first time.
I think this is wonderful.

「Ruriko…『family』helps out each other. Thinking about you, listening to girls who give opinions after listening to the story. If you have anything you worry about the other members of the『family』, talk to me. Even if you ask for help, you might not be able to say it yourself…don’t you think?」
「Yes…I understand, Onii-sama」

Ruriko nods.

「Ruriko…let me ask you once again. What are you to Danna-sama?」

Misuzu asks, Ruriko…

「I am Onii-sama’s『slave』…!」
「My precious slave」
「Yes…I’m a slave Onii-sama treasures」
「I will treasure you too…I promise」

Misuzu said.

「Me too…let’s get along, cooperate, and become happy, Ruriko」
「Yes, Misuzu-oneesama…M-Michi, please take care of me」

Ruriko thanks the two…

「Now then, what’s left is sex」

Misuzu smiles

「You’re Danna-sama’s slave…you must take care of him in sex」

Ruriko’s expression turns to fear.

「Can…I do it?」
「You can. I was able to do it too」

Michi puffs her chests.

「I’m at the same age as Ruriko…I’m smaller than Ruriko. But, I was able to accept Master. Every time, it feels very incredible
「D-Does it really feel good?」

Ruriko asks worriedly.

「To think that big thing being pushed inside your body」
「…It feels good」

Michi answers

「Yes…It feels like you’re rising to heaven」

Misuzu answers.

「I want to be embraced like that everyday」
「I, am really doing it every day」
「Then, me too…」
「Yes, Ruriko will do it everyday from now on. Sex is a duty of love」

I’m doing it everyday?

「Then, I will be embracing Danna-sama…Ruriko can watch readying your resolve」
「Yes…I understand, Onee-sama」

No, Well…I know that Misuzu wants to have sex in that clothes.
…Guess I’ll do it

「Danna-sama, do you want to pull my belt and do『Aaaareeee』?」

Misuzu gets up and asks while loosening her band.

「Err…let’s do that next time」
「No, look…if you make too much noise, the guards outside will be worried」

The walls here are thin…

「…I see. Then, let’s hold down our voices」

Misuzu’s convinced

「Misuzu, do you want a gag too?」

I asked, Misuzu…

「Rather than that…」


「…I want to be bound by Danna-sama」

…Mi, Su, Zu?

「There are waist cords for my Kimono」
「You, kimono sex means…」
「Yes, I want to be bound by Danna-sama…so I brought it」

Misuzu wants to do bondage play from the start?!
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