Chapter 404. Addiction symptom

Chapter 404. Addiction symptom

「…But, won’t this cause inconvenience to Nagisa’s shop?」

The van left the family restaurant parking lot at a tremendous speed.
After five minutes of drifting around the city without thinking…Margo-san relaxes the speed and enters a cruising state.
I guess she confirmed that there’s no one following.

「It’s fine. They only searched Nagisa-san’s shop on their phones, right?」

Margo-san laughs.

「But you know…that kind of guys would call the police soon, I think」

In the first place…ignoring the fact that seven grown-up men gathered to ambush us…
They could only report that they were beaten up by Margo-san…

「It’ll be fine I said. Even if the police goes to investigate Nagisa…we’re not Nagisa-san’s staff, this car isn’t registered in Nagisa-san’s shop. There’s no evidence to link Nagisa to the violent incident…」

…I-I see.

「Nagisa’s shop clerks will have their alibi…and there’s no blonde haired, blue eyed American there too」

Yeah, if Nagisa says『I don’t know』…then there’s no problem

「Rather than that…If they searched『Kuromori《BLACK FOREST》』, they’d know our bad reputation…as long as they’re not stupid enough, it won’t reach the police. We also hunt down Yakuza and hoodlums you see…!」
「But…if they were just idiots?」

They look college students who’re head are quite low.

「The police won’t move…since『Kuromori’s』name shows up」

Margo-san shows a smile through the rear mirror.

「Right…unless the person dies, our actions won’t be questioned…」

Jii-chan…Kouzuki house’s backing…
Kyouko-san…the records of a fearsome international criminal.
If the police see that…they’ll discontinue.

「If you’re worried then contact Minaho and Nagisa-san」

I get why I should contact Nagisa but…why Minaho-neesan?

「Minaho…can just tell the police officers outside our gate that『my people caused trouble at a family restaurant』 Then, the people from the gate contacts the local police…turn the suspects to unknown, and the case is over. They’ll tell the college guys『We can’t find the people who beat you up』…!」
「Isn’t that better? Margo-oneechan only made them faint, right?」

Nei laughs.

「That’s right. They’re stupid but…they’ll notice that there’s nothing life-threatening right away」
「Then, there’s no problem…!」

Ruriko trembles as she listens to our talk.
She’s clinging to me at the rear seat of the van.

「Ruriko, it’s already fine…okay?」
「Oh right, Ruriko…you now know that that kind of strange men would come up to you when you walk outside carelessly, don’t you?」

Nei smiles at Ruriko.

「Young men…are all disgusting and scary guys! Everyone wants to attack Ruriko!」

Ruriko’s scared…

「Yo-chan’s the only one who’s seriously protecting Ruriko!」
「Yes…Ruriko won’t leave Onii-sama’s side」

Ruriko rubs her cheeks against my arm.

「Don’t trust any other man other than Yo-chan.」 Don’t follow them. Don’t talk to them…okay?」
「Yes…it’s all Onii-sama」
「Yes…good, good」

At the moment Nei laughed…I felt it’s strange.
Could it be that Margo-san…
She purposely chose that restaurant to plant a trauma in Ruriko’s head against young men?
For example, she looks outside…chose where there are likely to have bad students’ car lined up in the parking lot?
The first choice of seat…was to take a reasonable distance from the college guys table…
Those guys could see Nei and Ruriko well…

「Sorry, let’s stop here for a moment」

Margo-san steps on the brakes.
The van stops on an unpopulated roadside.

「Since it may be reported, I’ll change the text and the license plate of the body of the car. Nei, pick one」

Nei takes out a magnet sheet with『Maruko Furniture』on it…and a replacement license plate.

「It’s the same model car of the same age…they’ll search for a car that’s scheduled to be scrapped. Then, they got the number too. That’s why we’re doing this」

Then…even if they examine in detail, it’ll be fine.
Margo-san comes out of the driver seat then replaces each.
Margo-san’s phone rings…

「Margo-oneechan…it’s Sensei」

Nei saw the screen display, then said.
Margo-san just finished placing the license plate on the front.

「Sure thing!」

Nei answers the call.

「…Hello? Ah, yes Sensei…it’s Nei!…Yeah」

Nei’s face turned dark.

「Margo-oneechan…Sensei seems to want to talk to Margo-oneechan by all means…!」


「…She sounds a bit angry」
「…I thought so」

Margo-san takes the phone from the window.

「Yes, hello, Minaho?…yeah. Right. I know what Minaho-wants to say…you’re heading this way? That’s perfect. I was in trouble whether I should just go back straight to the mansion or turn back. Normally, I should change the car and go back but…we’re strict in time」


「《OK》…Then, shall we meet up? 15 minutes. Roger. Then, later…!」

Margo-san ends the call.

「…What’s wrong?」

I ask timidly

「…I know that it would be like this」

Margo-san smiles wryly

「I just used Iwakura-san without permission you see…」


◇ ◇ ◇

After fifteen minutes…we arrived at a large public parking lot.
Minaho-neesan’s Benz is already there.
Parking beside the Benz…Minaho-neesan comes to our van.
She opens the passenger seat door and comes inside.
…Ah, she looks very displeased.

「…Kuromori-sama. I have caused trouble for you on this occasion」

First, Ruriko greets politely

「I’ve heard of the details…Kuromori-sama has given me a notice as well」

Minaho-neesan answers in a cold voice.

「Yes…I have become Onii-sama’s slave. I’m no longer a woman with connections to Kouzuki house」
「I know…therefore, I’ll only treat you as his slave」
「…Thank you in advance」
「Do you know what does a slave do?」
「yes…I will live only thinking about how to make Onii-sama happy. Nothing else matters」
「You’ll bear his child…」
「Yes…I’ll do my best for it」

Then…Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「…Don’t ever spoil this girl. Okay?」
「…I know」

I must let her know very well that she’s no longer a lady of Kouzuki house anymore.
Her head’s the only one that gets it for now…
If I loosen up…Ruriko would be spoiled.
I have to make her spit out the Ojou-sama nature from the bottom of her heart.

「Treat this girl as a sex slave more than anything else. Play with her as you wish…then, make her body unable to have sex with anyone but you」

Minaho-neesan’s also fearing Ruriko’s lewd blood.
If she experiences wild sex in a bad way…Ruriko might be able to give herself to various men.
Jii-chan realized that Kouzuki blood loves to do indecent things.
Therefore, he tries to raise Misuzu and Ruriko away from marriageable men
Misuzu was shown her father’s affair, made her hate men, and let her have a lesbian experience with Nagisa…
Ruriko…is isolated from the world with Yoshiko-san, she wasn’t taught any knowledge about sex at all.

「Yes, if Onii-sama wishes for it…I’ll do whatever it is. Please use me…」

Ruriko speaks with an admirable attitude.
Ruriko only has seen my sex with Misuzu and Michi, but…
Actually, her body hasn’t experienced sex yet.
Ruriko doesn’t know the essence of sex.

「And…get her pregnant as soon as possible」


「That’s the best for us」

Ruriko’s just 15 years old.

「Kouzuki-sama’s already old…I think that he’ll be very pleased if a great-grandchild is born soon」

True…if Ruriko gets pregnant with my son…well, Jii-chan would be happy

「Misuzu-san can’t be pregnant anytime soon, can she? She’ll enter college and aim to become a bureucrat」

Yeah…that’s the path Misuzu chose.

「Therefore…get this sex slave pregnant. To strengthen our relationship with Kouzuki house…she should be pregnant and give birth while Kouzuki-sama is alive」

I know that…but

「Certainly. I, as much as possible…will hurry to bear Onii-sama’s child」


「Please…do a lot of acts to make a baby with me…」

You…still don’t know what sex is…

「Now then…since we’re done greeting Ruriko-san, let’s get to the topic」

Margo-san changes topic

「Then…Minaho, what are you dissatisfied about?」


「Why…did you let Yukiyo take customers?」


「Oh…true, this time’s plan…I hired Iwakura-san. I told her I’ll pay her to sex with a boy from Kouzuki house」

Margo-san said.

「Margo! What have you done!」

Minaho-neesan’s seriously angry…

「That, last time…back at the school, Yukino-san and her boyfriend…no, her former boyfriend, I guess. Didn’t you use Iwakura-san in your plan to entrap them?」

…That’s right.
Turning Endou weird and he attacked Yukino in the room next to the principal’s office.
Back then, she had Iwakura-san do a lot of things…

「Back then…I added Yukiyo to the plan but, I didn’t let Yukiyo take customers!」

Back then, Iwakura-san didn’t sell her body.

「It’s the same. Because Iwakura-san…had cooperated with the plan and told to have sex the student council members and the boys from the baseball club as a『thanks』」

If it’s Iwakura-san, she’d do that.

「That’s different. That’s Yukiyo’s will…it’s different from taking customers!」
「I told you it’s the same!…Even today, I didn’t force her. She had sex with Kouzuki Satoshi on her own will!」
「…That’s not what I’m talking about」
「…Then, what are you talking about?」

There’s a violent air drifting between the driver seat and the passenger seat.

「I don’t want Yukiyo…no, not just Yukiyo, all of our women to take any more customers…!」
「I get what you mean by that but…then, what is Iwakura Yukiyo doing now?」

Margo-san said.

「Since『Kuromori』work has stopped…Iwakura Yukiyo’s behavior has gotten worse. Starting from the student council members…Iwakura-san’s sex kingdom in the school’s going steady, are you sure with that/
「Iwakura-san’s increasing the schoolboys addicted to sex with her poison…that’s because Minaho’s not giving Iwakura-san a job」
「…Are you saying it’s my fault?!」

Minaho-neesan glares at Margo-san…

「Sensei…I agree with Margo-oneechan. Back the other day…I noticed that Iwakura-san’s male harem is expanding. That’s bad I think. I got a grade down but…my old classmates are being eaten too much…」

Nei said.

「Back when Iwakura-san participated in your plan…you said『This is a good venting out』but…Looking at Iwakura-san’s situation, it’s getting serious…!」
「But still…that’s much better than taking customers!」

Minaho-neesan rejects Nei’s words.

「Minaho, you don’t get it…Iwakura Yukiyo is addicted to sex…!」
「I know that much」
「No…the word addiction…Minaho doesn’t get it」

Margo-san said.

「When I was in the US, there’s a lot of addiction there. Even my father, he was alcoholic…」
「That’s unrelated to our talk right now…!」
「It is…just listen!」

Margo-san glares at Minaho-neesan.

「People who don’t know addiction all misunderstand… An addiction patient…don’t get happy nor escape reality from drowning on it」

I listen to Margo-san’s story
Ruriko’s also listening…

「Look, for example…alcoholic people…it’s thought that they’re filled with happiness when immersed in alcohol. But that’s not true…」


「Addiction is really…in case of alcoholism, their mind and body become a mess when alcohol isn’t in their body. They’re unable to move their mind and body as thought…anxiety and fear attack them. That said…if they drink alcohol, that won’t improve their condition. It’s just a small improvement…their mind and body are worse than usual. They don’t feel better just because they drank. Just a little better than when not drinking…as usual, the person himself is suffering hell. However, it’s better than when not drinking…but, it’s big for the person so they drink. But their body isn’t in shape, their mind isn’t clear. They’re just suffering all the time…!」

Haa, Margo-san leaks a sigh.

「My father was like that. He’s like a corpse when not drinking…when he does, he’s like an angry corpse. The alcohol doesn’t look tasty. He always cough, suffering…as if he’s being forced to swallow black『hatred』…」

…I see.
Margo-san’s father…

「When you get addicted…you can’t taste, nor enjoy it. You just immerse in the act to escape from the suffering…but, the suffering won’t go away. It’ll only feel worse. Iwakura Yukiyo’s sex currently…has that impression, don’t you think?」

I remember Iwakura-san’s figure from earlier.
Even though she’s greedily having sex with Kouzuki Satoshi and Tsunoda…
Iwakura-san isn’t satisfied at all.
Rather, the more she have sex…the more she becomes thirsty…

「Then…what should I do?」

Minaho-neesan asks Margo-san

「To get off the addiction…don’t suddenly cut it off, gradually reduce the amount. I’ve told you that before」
「Like I said…What should I do?!」


「In Iwakura Yukiyo’s case…for now, I think that she still has to take customers. When she’s taking a customer, she has to accomplish the requested job…then, give a limit」

Eh, today…that?

「Today…she hasn’t’ done anything more than what I originally requested. When she’s conscious that『there’s a job』her brake are effective. For now」
「At school…Iwakura-san does whatever she likes, it’s like she has no brakes. Recently」

Nei said.

「I’m properly checking her…」

Minaho-neesan’s supposed to be monitoring Iwakura-san with the school’s monitoring network.

「Yeah, but, Minaho…you was thinking that it’s much better for her to make a male harem in school than take customers in『Kuromori』?」
「Then…Sensei’s not seeing it fairly, I think」

Margo-san tells the confused Minaho-neesan.

「Minaho…your judgment standards are different when it comes to people you like and others. No, it’s not that it’s bad. That’s how Minaho thinks, your way of living…I respect that」

Then…he looks at Ruriko.

「But…It’s better for you to be conscious that you’re a woman with double standards. Earlier, when Minaho talked to Ruriko-san…that’s the same way you treat a『prostitute』…」
「A sex slave immersed in sex…means to be addicted to sex…!」

…That might be the case.

「Even though you want Iwakura Yukiyo to stop being a prostitute and take her out of her addiction…and yet, you’re trying to make Ruriko his personal prostitute and making her addicted to sex. It’s better for Minaho to be aware of that contradiction」

Minaho-neesan’s speechless.

「Uhm…I don’t know what『Prostitute means』but…I’m a slave. Onii-sama’s slave. And, I have no complaints about being a slave」

She looks at me, smiling.

「Rather…I feel happier than ever that I’m Onii-sama’s slave. I still don’t know sex that well…I don’t have the confidence on being good, or being able to satisfy Onii-sama, Even knowing that I might be addicted to it…」

Ruriko still doesn’t know anything about sex.

「…But, Onii-sama」

Ruriko’s smile is innocent.

「If I’m able to give birth to Onii-sama’s child…I’m sure that it’ll feel very happy. Sex is an act to make a child, isn’t it?」

I answered…

「Then, I will do my best in sex. I will do my best. I’m truly glad I’m Onii-sama’s sex slave…!」


「Ruriko is my slave, but…she’s our family. Do you mind?」

Minaho-neesan looks at Ruriko once again.

「Well…let’s accept her once again. …Hey」
「This girl wasn’t like this when I met her at the hotel. She was more self-important…a girl who looks down on others. She’s intelligent, has both the observation ability and judgment, but…I see her immersed in superiority as a person belonging to the privileged class. I hated that」
「…I see」
「And yet…why has she changed so much?」

Nei answers instead of me.

「Sensei…you should admit more of Yo-chan’s amazingness!」
「Yeah, he’s growing up fast. Even before Minaho realizes it…」

Margo-san smiles.

「I…intend to stop being a teacher this year」
「I know…I always only look at those people important to me I’m not suited to become a teacher」
「On the other hand…aren’t you quite gentle to the people you recognize as your『child』」

Margo-san smiles.

「That’s right…therefore I’m suited to be the head of the『brothel』…I’m not suited as a school teacher」

Then…she looked at Margo-san.

「I have always been worried, but…it’s impossible to close down the『brothel』」

In the end…in order to heal the『prostitutes』with sex addiction…
Minaho-neesan has to reduce their dependence on sex, controlling it bit by bit.
While moderating the customers the『prostitutes』entertain.
It’s a miserable talk but…the frequency and contents of the sex are freely controlled when they’re bound by the『brothel』…
It’s still impossible to close down『Kuromori』…

「Oh, it’s’ not just Iwakura Yukiyo…there are also girls who are former prostitutes of『Kuromori』who have an addiction to sex」
「Sensei…Iwakura-san’s too much of an idiot and a slut…that you decided to keep her under your protection, but… There are also ladies who were sent home due to the『mansion』suspending business last year in danger…!」
「I must make a『place』…and control the sex of these girls」
「Yeah…I think everyone bothers people around them just like Iwakura-san」

Even Nagisa who was mentally stable when she was a『prostitute』…
She surrounded herself with female shop clerks and made a harem.

「Everyone’s…mastered only sex techniques. They have plenty of experience」

Margo-san said.

「Ruriko, it’s just as I told you earlier. When they get to have sex with other guys, women become crazy. It’s really troublesome to cure it you know! Therefore, Ruriko should stick to only Yo-chan!」

Nei says as a summary

「Yes…Ruriko will only do it with Onii-sama I’m Onii-sama’s slave after all」

Then, she looks into my eyes…

「Uhm, Onii-sama…」
「I don’t understand what everyone was talking about just now, but…」
「No, that’s fine. It’s not that Ruriko needs to understand…」
「But…there is one thing I noticed」


「…Onii-sama, you’re enduring?」
「I…I have seen Onii-sama have sex with Misuzu-sama and Michi-sama several times, but…Onii-sama is always controlling himself」


「Oh, Ruriko noticed a good one! That’s what we’re always worried about too!」

…Nei too.

「Uhm…I am Onii-sama’s slave. There is no need to hold back」


「Right. It might be better to use Ruriko in order to break Yo-chan’s shell」
「Hey… Nee-san?」
「Yo-chan…when it’s me, you’re also being considerate, aren’t you?」


「Actually…you want to try something more perverted, right?」


「Yo-chan might’ve forgotten but… Katsuko-nee and I were watching Yo-chan’s first time raping Yukino-san…in real time!」


「I know that Yo-chan really wants to do something more erotic…it’s completely fine」


「Well…true, if Megumi, Mana, Misuzu, Michi saw that, they might back off, but」


「In that regard, Ruriko might be fine?」


「Ruriko…doesn’t know that much about sex」
「Yes, Onii-sama can tell me everything. I won’t do it with anyone but Onii-sama for the rest of my life…so I’ll do anything and everything as Onii-sama says」

Ruriko’s smiling.

「Yeah. Yo-chan’s desired sex might be different from ordinary but…Ruriko doesn’t mind it at all. She doesn’t know what normal is!」
「Yes…Ruriko’s sex with Onii-sama is normal. I don’t know anything else」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「…Let’s have your first sex with Ruriko as closed」
「What does that mean?」
「Yo-chan, you don’t get it? It means it won’t be shown to Misuzu, Michi, Megumi, and Mana」

…Does that mean?

「You can ravish Ruriko-san as much as you want…as you desire」


「I’m also glad that my first experience was closed! Yo-chan holds back too much, you think too much because you’re being watched…」


「Ah, of course…we’ll record it. Hidden cameras. But, it’ll only be the two of you in the room」

Minaho-neesan said.
Oh…it’s the same as Megu’s first time?

「Then, let’s have it tonight」


「…Please, Onii-sama」

Ruriko leans close to me.

「How do you want to ravish Ruriko…think about it well! Ushishi!!」
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