Chapter 408. I’m drinking it

Chapter 408. I’m drinking it

…Err, let’s organize it first.

「In the first place, why did you talk about it?」

I ask Megu

「Well, look, yesterday I didn’t attend the club right? Then the seniors know that because there’s a lot of things that happened to Shirasaka house…」

The evening ground.
Megu talks to me in the corner of the fence.

「But, they said『Then, what did you do yesterday?』, and asked if I was with Yoshi-kun」
「Well, I guess you answered that you were with me」

We’re already engaged, recognized by Megu’s parents, we’ve already told the class, and the track and field members too.

「Then, a senior asked if『I had sex with Yoshi-kun』」

Megu blushed.

「Just in time, Captain Takeshiba was called by the advisor, so nobody can stop it. Then, I thought that I shouldn’t lie to the seniors」

True, I had sex with Megu. Yesterday too.
Or rather, we’re doing it every day.
We do it without fail.

「Look, I also have girls from the same class in the club you see? Then, they told the seniors about what Minaho-san told, that even high school students have sex, if they’re engaged then there’s no problem」

…I see.

「Also, they watched Yukino’s sex broadcasted you see? Everyone thinks that she was attacked by Endou-kun」

Actually, I was the one who did Yukino.
Then, Yukino’s slut mode ignited while being raped.

「The club seniors had seen it too」

Then that means.
Is it all my fault?
In the first place, those high school girls are who lack knowledge have their interest increasing.
Captain Takeshiba’s strict『ban on relationships』just makes them anguish.
Then, the news about my engagement with Megu spreads.
Furthermore, due to the information that we’re free to have sex, the members of the girl’s club had their imagination expand in one go.
On top of that, they’ve seen Yukino’s live sex broadcast…
Well, their worries will get worse.

「Then, they said that they want to see us have sex?」
「Yeah. The ones who told me were the second years but, I think the third year, Nakaya-san ordered it. She’s someone who doesn’t get along with Captain Takeshiba a lot. Captain’s short distance, Nakaya-san specializes in long-distance. All the long-distance runners are in Nakaya-san’s group」

There are factions even in the women’s track and field club

「…What should I do, Yoshi-kun?」

Megu looks at me with a crying face.
…Now then

「As for me, if they want to watch then I don’t mind letting them see, but」
「It’s possible that they use that as a material to bully Megu in the club, right/」

If the viewers are only seniors, then

「Besides, they’re originally people who talk about sex from behind. I think that they will speak their impressions of our sex that they saw to people outside the track and field」
「If they do that, I can’t go to school anymore」
「Somehow, we have to think of a good plan」

I exercise my brain.

「For the time being, how many members know that Megu was told by a senior『show us your sex』?」
「Well, there were 8 people in there. All of them are long-distance runner seniors. I was called to that group」
「Megu’s in the short distance group」

This is influenced by the group conflict.

「Is there a possibility that information spreading further?」
「I don’t think so. I only answered vaguely on the spot. If they talk to other members, it’ll be conveyed to Captain Takeshiba you see? I think Nakaya-senpai doesn’t like that」

If Nakaya-senpai fears the short distance Captain Takeshiba who’s managing the whole club.
They’d bully Megu, who’s in short distance giving her sour stomach while hiding it behind Captain Takeshiba.
The『show your sex to us』is just the pretext.
They just want to see Megu’s troubles face who can’t do what’s asked.
If this goes on, the long-distance faction seniors will continue to bully Megu.
『Hurry up and show it to us』, 『When will you show it』…or something like that

「…They got us」

That said if we consult the situation to Captain Takeshiba.
This will only deepen the feud between the short distance and long distance factions.
The long-distance seniors won’t change their look at Megu.

「 Don’t worry, I’ll definitely do something about it」

Megu clings to me.
She leans her body on my chest.
Then, I remember the digital camera in my pocket.

「Oh, I see. Minaho-neesan knew it」

With hidden microphones.
On days like today where there are only club activities.
Minaho-neesan is only checking Megu.
Perhaps, she’s been watching Megu’s situation since noon.
Megu’s in trouble so, she gave me this camera.

「Minaho-neesan told me to deal with it Kuromori-style」
「Kuromori style?」

Then, it’s decided what we should do

「Megu, we’ll show it to your seniors」

Megu’s surprised

「In short, we’ll just show a very rich sex that ordinary school girls can’t imagine」

Captain Takeshiba orders『relationship ban』so.
The seniors should be virgins.
Even if they have experience, it should be so great.

「Let’s play that I don’t know anything. Megu will tell Nakaya-senpai to hide and watch us have sex」
「Err…It would be great if those who peep stay in a place where they can’t escape. Make them unable to come out when we start to have sex until we finish…」
「Then, the shower room will do. There’s no window back there, and today, there are not many athletic clubs who would use the shower room for today so we can close the curtains and turn off the lights on the back」
「Yeah, then let’s have Nakaya-senpai hide there」

I set up a plan as a man of Kuromori

「Anyway, call of the girls who told Megu to show your sex. Even the first years and the short distance runners too」
「Let’s reap all of the anxieties in one go, that’s way better」

I can’t let the frustrated Members take Megu as a plaything.

「But, if I tell Nakaya-senpai『I’ll show myself having sex』, she might try to evade it saying『That was just a joke』 Then, they’ll make rumors that I’m a girl who’s willing to show her lewdness」
「Therefore, you tell it to the long distance runners on the place where they’re gathered so it won’t happen. Everyone’s being crazy in their head about sex, so if you tell Nakaya-senpai that you’ll do it, the other seniors will definitely bite. Then, we’ll deal with it belligerently. Just say『Does the long distance runners have no guts to watch sex』?」
「It’s fine, it’ll definitely be fine, I won’t let Megu be in trouble in the track and field club…!」

To my determination, Megu;

「Okay, I’ll try it」


「Then, first」

I tell her the details of the plan.

◇ ◇ ◇

I then killed time at a place where the club members can’t see.
I take a seat on the bench and drink canned coffee.
Megu’s cleaning up along with the first years.

「Well then, take care of the rest!」

Captain Takeshiba and several of the third year short distance runners went home ahead.
Captain Takeshiba seems to be going home by bicycle today.
She’s heading to the bicycle parking lot instead of the school gate.
With the captain leaving the clubroom, the short distance group also comes out.
Inside are all girls from the long distance.
The boss of the long-distance group, Nakaya-senpai will naturally be there too.
Megu who’s in her short pants sends me a glance.
I’m 50 meters away from her.
I nod making sure Megu knows it.
Megu then goes inside the clubroom.

…After a while.
Girls come out of the club room.
There’s a lot who hasn’t changed clothes yet.
There are around 12 first years.
Ah, one of the first years speaks to the others outside of the club room.
With this, they’re 15 now.
A senior tells something bossy to the remaining short distance freshman…
Perhaps, that’s Nakaya-senpai
And then, the long-distance group + 3 first year shirt distance group heads towards the shower room.
Will that be all our spectators?
Megu comes out of the clubroom.
Then, she asked another first year to manage the club room.
She comes towards me.

「…I did as Yoshi-kun told」

Megu said.

「Yoshi-kun hasn’t noticed it so hide in the shower room and watch」

I smiled at Megu.

「There’s no other female clubs remaining for today. The remaining first years from the short distance were ordered to go home without using the shower. Therefore, it’ll be us in the shower rooms…!」

Nakaya-senpai thinks that nobody will get in the way

「They told me to bring Yoshi-kun in five minutes」


「Megu, send a mail to Takeshiba-senpai」
「Ah, you can just send the mail before we enter the shower room」
「What do you mean?」
「I want Captain Takeshiba to come running while we’re having sex. If not, she’ll prevent it before it happens, and there will be a grudge remaining」

Unless it becomes an offense that Nakaya-senpai forced Megu to show herself having sex;

「Takeshiba-senpai seems to be on a bicycle today…so it might take time before she notices the mail, but. Anyway, it would be problematic if she comes back soon」

Megu takes out her phone from her pocket and writes a mail I told her to do.
…Now then.
Megu and I hold hands.
We head towards the shower room where our spectators are waiting.

「…Megu, are you nervous?」

Megu’s hand is cold.

「Yeah, a bit…」

Now then, we have to show these virgin high school girls a sex that would shock them.
…What should we do.

「Megu, once when we enter the shower room, you’re not Megu」
「Let’s see, you’ll call me『Danna-sama』like how Misuzu does it. Then, turn your thoughts like Michi」
「Have sex with me like you are Michi. You won’t feel embarrassed that way right?」

Because it’s not herself.

「Our sex will have that play. Acting. Then, those who are watching would think of that, right?」
「Yes, if it’s Michi. Then she’ll be fine having sex even with everyone watching」

Megu said.

「 But, don’t be completely like Michi, therefore, call me『Danna-sama』. Play that character, Megu」
「Please wait, Oh, I see. I am Yoshi-kun’s wife so,『Danna-sama』 Then, an old-fashioned wife like Michi-san, who likes to be teased by Yoshi-kun」
「Like a super masochist, shout loudly when having sex」
「Un, okay. Michi-san is the type who doesn’t pretend, I should act like a modern girl who imagines like that」
「Yes, that’s good」

Megu looks at me

「Yoshi-kun, if possible. I…!」

She smiles at me.

「Can I be so lewd?」
「Yeah, you will, it’s not the usual Megu after all!」

No, Megu.
She’s always lewd when she’s having sex with me
Megu herself thinks that she’s not.
Megu’s hands are getting warm, soft.
Her tension’s coming out.

◇ ◇ ◇

「What’s wrong, Megu, taking me to such a place?」

We enter the girl’s shower room
Even I would say that it’s a bad acting.
At the back of the shower room, there are no lights and the curtains are closed, just as Megu said.
…But still.
Everyone’s breathing so it’s obvious that they’re hiding.
Above all, the smell of women comes from the back of the room
They’re girls in their short pants who haven’t taken a shower yet.

「I’m sorry, Danna-sama, to make you expressly come here」

Megu speaks loudly.
The girls behind the curtain must be surprised.

「So, I’m asking why did you take me here!」

I also speak loudly to overwhelm.

「Yes, Danna-sama. Uhm, Megumi, please punish Megumi!」
「Yes, Megumi’s a bad girl. Even during the practice today, I thought of Danna-sama and imagined lewd things. Please punish this shameless Megumi…!」
「Okay. Stick our your butt, Megumi」
「Yes, Danna-sama」

Megumi puts her hands on the wall of the shower room and turns her ass to me.


The other side of the curtain turned silent.
Well, that’s obvious.
Megumi who’s usually an honor student, which is known by everyone, looks like this with me.
They thought they could underestimate the first year couple.
They should be thinking that our sex would be awkward, clumsy.
Therefore, they thought of laughing as they watch.
They never thought that we’d start an SM rich sex.
Furthermore, Megu and I show no hesitation.
It’s a loud and bold voice.

「I’m taking it off, Megumi」
「Yes, Danna-sama」

I pull down Megu’s short pants and panty naturally.
Megumi who’s slippery like an egg is illuminated by the light of the shower room.

「What’s wrong, aren’t you already wet?」

I speak loudly.
Megu’s crotch is already wet.

「Thinking about Danna-sama, Megumi’s gotten so wet!」

Megumi’s also in her perfect form.
Or rather, Megu’s masochism is strong in the first place.
If you ignite it, it’ll flare up right away

「Then, what do you want me to do?」
「Please hit me. Please slap this bad Megumi’s butt…!」

I slapped Megu’s fair ass.






Megu’s thin and sexy body bends.

「The lewd liquid’s dripping even more」
「Ah, so embarrassing. Don’t say it!」
「What do you want next?」
「Put it in put it in! Please, ravish Megumi, ravish mee~」

I gave her another slap.

「Megumi has to serve me first, right?」


「Yes, I’m very sorry. Danna-sama」

I get naked.
I just take off my pants and show my penis, I don’t have to worry about that.
I’m completely naked.
With this, the girls from the back of the curtain can’t get out anymore
On the other hand, Megu takes off only her bottom and left the top still worn.
With this, everyone can’t see me attacking Megu in the shower room.
If both of us are half-naked, and the girl has taken off more, it’ll feel like rape.
If the man’s fully naked and the woman’s half-naked, it’ll feel that there’s consent.
Above all, the half-naked Megu is sexy

「It’s already big!」

My exposed penis is piercing the heavens.
The shape is being shown firmly to those who are peeking from the back of the curtain.
Or rather.
The moment I show my erect penis, I heard some gasps from the back of the curtain.
It must be everyone’s first time to see the real thing.

「Allow me to serve」

The half-naked Megu kneels in front of me, and strokes my penis familiarly…

「Aaah, my, it’s my, this…」

Megu rubs her cheeks on my erect penis.

「Should I suck it like usual, Danna-sama?」

Normally, she’d be too embarrassed to say those words.
Putting on a freshly made character, Megu speaks.

「Yeah, plese」

Megu kisses my glans, making sure that the people behind can see.
Licking it with the tip of her tongue.

「I love this taste of Danna-sama!」

Sucking it with her lips.

Juppo, juppa, chu!

「You’ve gotten better at fellatio」
「I’m doing it with Danna-sama every day after all, please, please feel even better」「Yeah, sure, Megumi!」
「I, just I have given my virginity to Danna-sama, my lips, my first kiss is also for Danna-sama. Megu’s body is all for Danna-sama. I won’t have sex with anyone but Danna-sama for the rest of my life. Making love with Danna-sama every day, I’ll give birth to Danna-sama’s baby!」

Megu’s words are directed to the club members hiding at the back of the room.

「I’m very happy. This is a once in a lifetime love encounter! I love you, I love you so much, aaah, I love you I love you I love you. Use all my body and mind, Yoshi-kun!」

Megu’s emotions swell greatly, that it spills out.

「I also love you, let’s stay together forever!」
「Un, I love you! Yoshi-kun!」

Megu looks up at me while licking my penis.

「…It’s not Yoshi-kun, right?」
「Err, Danna-sama. Ehe~!」

Megu smiles.

「Uhm, Danna-sama」
「What’s up?」
「I can’t hold back anymore, please mess me up」
「Okay, let’s do from behind. Get on all fours」

Megu crawls on the shower room floor.
Let’s show a humiliating pose of this woman to the girls of the track and field club.


I place my erect penis in Megu’s crotch in a way the people from the back of the curtain could see.

「Spread your slit with your own fingers」

Megu spreads her secret part with one hand

「Hurry, hurry」
「Yeah, here I go」

I push in.

「Ahn, it’s in!〜!!」

Then, I push it into her melting hot womb.

「Look, that’s the goal!」
「Un, it’s piercing deep, it’s knocking on Megu’s uterus!」

From here, I go hard.
I grab Megu’s waist.
Then, pierce her violently

「ah…Ah…hafun…haan…it feels good!」

Let them watch an animal-like intercourse of a man and woman!
Humans can reach this much lewdness!

「…aaah…go on…more…mess me up…ravish me!!!!」

I roll up Megu’s top and expose her breasts.
I massage her breasts strongly while I thrust my waist.

「Ah, it’s fine if it hurts! Go on! My breasts feel good too!」

Megu’s drowning in pleasure.

「No…not yet, when you’re going to cum, look at Megu’s face!〜」

Megu shouts

「I also want to see Yoshi-kun’s face!!」

I pull out my penis.
…But still.
The floor of the shower room is cold and hard.
I feel sorry to let Megu lie down here.


Since I pulled out my Penis, Megu returns「Yoshi-kun」to Danna-sama
Megu points at the bench at the side of the shower.
…I see.
I sat shallow on the bench.

「Excuse me」

Megu sits on my knees.
We take a position facing each other.

「Aha~With this, we can see each other’s face!」
「I can lick Megu’s cute breasts too!」

I lick Megu’s nipple, roll my tongue around it.

「Ahn, that feels good. I feel happy born as a woman」
「I was born to be your wife!」

Then, she grabs my penis with her hand and places it to her slit.

「Can I put it in, Danna-sama?」
「Go on. My wife」

The hot melting fountain wraps my erect penis.

「Ah, it’s in again. It’s coming, aaahn!」

Megu moves her waist by herself.

「From here on, it’ll always be inside of me, it’ll stay inside for always」


「…Feel good okay」

Megu moves rhythmically

「I feel good in this part. Danna-sama’s hitting the most pleasant places. It’s rubbing!」

Megu’s movement becomes intense.
I also thrust upwards from below

「…Ufufu…does it feel good?」
「Yeah…it does」
「…Are you going to cum?」
「Yeah, I’m about to」
「Will you give a lot inside Megumi?」
「Yeah, I’ll cum inside Megumi」
「We’re going to make a baby, are you sure?」
「Yeah, bear it, bear my child」
「Un. I will, I definitely will, I, I want it too」
「I want Yoshi-kun’s baby, inside Megumi, give it inside!」
「…I want it! I want Yoshi-kun’s hot stuff, pour it inside Megumi…~」
「Aah, I’m about to cum too…I’m going to cum, Yoshi-kun」
「Let’s cum together, Meguuu…!」
「Un…I love you… I love you so much… Kiss me!」

We twine our tongues while staring at each other.
We repeat our French kisses.

「Oh, I can feel it. Yoshi-kun, loving Megu, I’m so happy…I’m so happy…」
「Ah…Ah, It’s coming!…Megu’s flying, Yoshi-kun, can Megu cum? Is it okay to cum?」
「Go on, cum, go ahead and cum, Megu!」

I’m at my limit already!

「It’s fine, if I cum, I’ll make a baby, is Yoshi-kun okay?」
「Go on, give birth to my child! Megumi!」
「Aaah…I will! I’ll bear a child! I’m going to be pregnant! Aaaaaah!」

Her voice sinks to the wall of the shower room, Megumi raises a voice of climax.

「Let it out…Let it out inside Megu…Cumming…Megu’s cummingggg!!!!」
「Megu…I’m cumming!」

My hot white liquid penetrates Megu’s womb!

「Ah, so hot, the warm thing spreads inside me! Yoshi-kun’s hot stuff! I love this, this feels good!」

Megu’s body convulses while we look at each other’s eyes.

「I’m drinking, I’m drinking it! Megu’s womb is swallowing Yoshi-kun’s semen!」


Convulsing over and over, I continue to ejaculate inside Megu’s womb.
Megu’s insides are clamping me, squeezing to the last drop.

「Aaah…it’s coming out. What should I do? I might get pregnant. Life might’ve started inside Megu’s womb!!」

Megu sexily sweeps her half-naked body on top of me…

「…I love you, I love you…let’s kiss. Danna-sama…my husband!!!!」

Megu kisses me…
At that moment…


The girl’s shower’s room opens.
Captain Takeshiba stands dauntingly, showing a face of a demon.

「Get contraceptives! You stupid peopleeeeeee!!」

Megu who’s intoxicated on top of me.
Returns to her senses.

「Ah…Captain Takeshiba, this is okay!」
「Yamamine, what in the hell is okay!!!」

Megu speaks to Captain while still connected to me.

「I’m drinking pills everyday…」
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