Chapter 411. Woman in the mirror

「Then, you guys were talking about a photo, is it in that camera?」

Nei looks at the camera at my hand, showing a malicious smile.

「That’s nothing! That doesn’t matter to you!」

Nakaya-senpai said.

「Really? If it’s nothing then show me」

It’s completely being dragged to Nei’s pace

「No way, w-why do I have to show it to you!」

Nakaya-senpai refuses, but

「Hmm, if you don’t want to show it that much then it should be a pic of you?」
「What kind of photo is it? Could it be nude?」

Nei laughs.

「If so that really helps me, just now, I had an acquaintance who asked me to『get a lewd photo of a high school girl』 That guy will buy it for 10k a piece!」

Nei’s setting is that she is a prostitute of a gang.
Actually, that was Iwakura-kaichou back in her first year
All of the bad rumors about Iwakura-kaichou were handed over to Nei.

「How many do you have? It would really be great if you have at least 200k worth of pics. Ah, of course, I’ll give Nakaya-san at least 300 yen cash back per piece」

That would mean that she’ll be an accomplice for selling photos.

「 Of course, the people we’ll sell Nakaya-san’s photos are maniacs so I think that Nakaya-san would be popular to those who love high school girls. You might be called out while walking out in the city, gushishishi」

Nei laughs

「Show that to me anyway! Nude is better than wearing underwear though. If the top and bottom are exposed, I could sell it for 10k yen. Ah, of course, I’ll put Nakaya-san’s name, school, address, and phone. If you want, should I also put in that you want to be bought?」
「It’s not just nude photos, I’m also looking for high school prostitutes! It’s fine, it’s fine, my friends are real pros at it. Nakaya-san will become a veteran prostitute right away!」

The members gasp.

「If you take about 40 people a week, you’ll get better at sex and you can earn money. It’s 50k per person, Nakaya-san’s share would be 20k. I’m only a mediator so 10k will do. But, pay me up 100k per week as a quota. Okay?」

In short, at the very least, she has to sell herself to ten people a week.

「The customers are also arranged by the professionals. Ah, as a training, you must have sex with all of them though. That’s their rule They’re around seven, I guess. They will do it for the whole night. They love to gang up on a single girl after all. It’s called Gangbang. It’s hard at first but it’ll feel good after the third person. Well, when the seven of them are done, your pussy would be so wide open and your stomach would be full of so much semen though」

Nei said.


Nakaya-san trembles in fear.

「I told you it’s fine, gangbang lowers the chances of getting pregnant. When there’s various men’s sperm mixed in, they kill each other, I’ve seen that from a TV trivia before!」

There’s no way that’s true

「That’s how it is! First, let’s see Nakaya-san’s slutty picture!」

Nei shows an innocent smile.

「N-No, I can’t do that! Never!」

Nakaya-san cries.

「Ah, it’s really a lewd pic. So you really have one, could it be that it’s also nude? Ufufu, Nakaya-san, it really helps me that you’re confessing everything yourself」

Then Nei looked at me.

「Hey, you first-year guy, give me the camera! If you don’t hand it then I’ll beat you up!」

Nakaya-san and the track and field club are frightened.
Up until now, Nakaya-san was the only one talking.
If ever Nei sees the images, even they would be in danger too.


I answered Nei.

「Huh? You don’t know who you’re talking to?!」

Nei glares at me.
Hmmm, even when she’s making a scary face, Nei’s really cute

「Senpai, you’re cute」

I speak out my thoughts

「You’re such an amazing beauty that I was enchanted」

Nei blushed

「I-I see, t-thanks」
「Uhm, I’m sorry but I can’t show the photos on this camera to Senpai」
「Well, that, it’s not the photos Senpai is thinking about」

I said.

「True,l there are naked high school girl photos in here, but」

Nakaya-senpai and the members look at me, showing a『Geh』face

「Then show it to me! Hurry up!」

Nei shows her hand to me

「…It also has nude photos of me, do you still want to look?」


「Like I said, all of it has my nude photos 」
「No way, you’re joking?」

It’s not a lie.
All of the photos have a photo of me, naked.
It has Megu and a naked club member with me though

「It’s true. It all has Yoshi-kun in the photo」

Megu answers Nei

「Right, Senpai?」

Megu brings up the subject to the seniors.

「Ah, yeah. It’s true」
「Seriously, it has that man’s naked body on the photo」
「Yes yes…that’s right!」

The seniors immediately followed up Megu in panic.

「That’s how it is. Could you sell my nudes for 10k? Are you recruiting male high school prostitutes too?」

I said, Nei

「Not now. My acquaintances don’t do homo business」
「Is that so? Then you can’t use this」


「You think that I’ll just say『Yes, I see』and back off?!」

The atmosphere tenses up once again.

「But, I’ll back off for now」

Nei smiles.

「I like you! You’ve got the guts! What’s your name?」

What’s with this face?

「Yoshida?…Then, you’re『Yo-chan for me!』」

Err, I’m glad that there was no girl from our class in here.
Nei has made a noise in our class before.
All of my classmates know that I have a connection with Nei.
Fortunately, there’s none of them here.
Well, if it’s our class girl’s, they won’t go with Nakaya-senpai who’s forcing Megu
Megu’s friends with the girls in our class.

「Yo-chan, be my boyfriend!」

Nei’s joke is getting out of hand.

「It’s a good proposal! You can do what you want with this bombshell you know!」

Then, Megu comes in front of me.

「Sorry, Senpai, Yoshi-kun’s dating me though」
「Eh, I’m a much better woman than you!」
「Uhm, rather than going out, they’re engaged!」
「Then, I’ll get engaged with Yo-chan too! That’s fine isn’t it?!」


「Uhm, could we have this for another time?」

I said it for the time being.

「Okay, what about you, what’s your name?」
「Y-Yamamine, Megumi」
「Okay, Megumi, I will be fighting you for Yo-chan from now on!」

Err, Nei’s farce continues.

「Anyway, I’ll let this go because of Yo-chan! Aren’t you lucky, Nakaya-san?」

Nei smiles at Nakaya-san.
All of the girls breathe in relief.

「With that said, Yo-chan and Megumi, see you later! Everyone else, bye-bye! Scramble Dash!!!」

Then, Nei walks away like a storm

◇ ◇ ◇

「Haa, we’re saved」
「Megumi’s boyfriend was clever」
「Or rather, that was some nerve」
「Yeah, Natou’s crazy after all」
「She’s beyond a delinquent already」

Nei, they’re telling nonsense about you

「Anyway, you saved us」
「Thanks for not handing that camera」

The girls thank me
Except for Nakaya-senpai
…It can’t be helped.

「Nakaya-senpai, are you okay?」

I call out to Nakaya-senpai


Nakaya-senpai’s already sullen.

「That, let me be frank, could you promise not to do anything strange to me or Megu in the future?」
「Haa, W-Why do I, a senior have to promise something to a junior!」

Nakaya-senpai’s attitude is confronting but, there’s still the psychological damage left from Nei.
If we’re going to finish it off, now’s the time.

「If you don’t promise, I will tell Natou-senpai about Nakaya-senpai」

Nakaya-san’s startled.

「Or rather, we’re lucky that it went like that」

I show the camera I have on hand

「You’re threatening me?」

Nakaya-senpai glares at me but.

「Megu and I have to protect ourselves after all」

I also won’t lose.

「I want Megu to enjoy her club activities. Won’t she be pitiful if Nakaya-senpai harasses her that she’ll feel afraid all the time, don’t you think? Just in case, let me say it, I keep my promises. As long as the other party doesn’t break it」

I stare into Nakaya-senpai’s eyes.

「Nakaya-san, promise it. That guy’s shown his guts」
「Yeah, you saw it from his talk with Natou-san earlier」
「We can trust him」

The third-year seniors tell Nakaya-san

「Or rather, I think that he’s quite scary when you betray him」
「Yeah, he’s a guy who did something that lewd with Yamamine」
「Natou also acknowledged him」


「I-I get it, I won’t make a pass on Yamamine anymore」


「Yamamine?! isn’t it Yamamine-san?」

I imitate what Nei said.

「I-I won’t make a move on Yamamine-san…I-I promise it」

Good, I broke through her heart.
That’s when Captain Takeshiba comes back.

「…I’m sorry for being late. I was called by the student council president on the way」

Captain said naturally
Actually, she was just listening nearby with the earphones Nei lent her.

「Captain Takeshiba, Nakaya-senpai just had a suggestion earlier」

I said.

「Nakaya-san said that she’ll let me have her photo but she wants the other member’s photos deleted」

Nakaya-senpai shows a『what?』face

「Ah, I see, you’re amazing Nakaya, are you sure about that? Well, of course, I’ll let my photo stay though」

Captain answered.

「Then, let’s delete all photos except Nakaya-san’s」

「Yay!」The girls other than Nakaya-senpai rejoice
With the course of events so far, the girls other than Nakaya-senpai were convinced not to betray us.
Rather, they’re feeling respect towards me.
It’s better to erase their nude photos.


Turning on the digital camera, captain Takeshiba stops me.

「Before you delete it, could we all look at it first?」

Captain smiled

「Everyone wants to see their own naked body right?」

With that said.
The TV at the back of the track and field club room was pulled out.
There’s a cable to connect to the digital camera too

「This is used to check the form of the club members…」

Captain said.

「Lend me the camera, I’ll operate it」

I hand over the camera to captain

「The first one is Nakaya」

Megu, me and Nakaya-senpai’s naked body are shown on the monitor.

「What, aren’t you blushing, Nakaya」

Captain laughs
The other girls too

「Err, this photo’s going to be kept」

Nakaya-senpai reaches her hand, saying「aaaah」but Captain ignores it

「Now then, the next is Mikuni, what’s this, you’re also blushing「」」
「Hmm, looking at your naked body like this, Mikuni’s abdominal muscles still have ways to go」
「I-I’m sorry」
「No, it’s fine, I’ll delete this one」
「Thank you very much」

Mikuni-san’s photo is erased.

「Next…Tajima. Yeah, your body’s quite good
「Eh…I have no breasts at all!」
「You idiot. I’m telling you it’s a good body as an athlete!」

Captain Takeshiba laughs.

「It’s a good body for women’s long-distance running」
「Well, yeah」
「Tajima-san’s training well. Her times are getting better too」
「This can be used unexpectedly when you look at a naked body, you can be more objective than looking in the mirror. How about we take a photo every month?」
「If the boys won’t look then I don’t mind」

One of the senior looks at me.

「Eh, isn’t he fine? He’s satisfied with having sex with Yamamine that he’s not greedy at all」
「Speaking of which, he’s not ogling at my body」
「 Your body’s just unattractive you know?」

There’s laughter in the room.
The photos are shown one after another and everyone says whatever they like. They laugh at each other.
Then, the photo’s erased and it goes to another.
Lastly, the photos of five first years and us.

「Look, you can see it when you compare to the senior’s body right? You’re still not tempered well!」

Captain Takeshiba said.

「But, this is quite an innocent nude photo」

One of the senior laughs.

「Now then…then, we should erase this too」

Captain said

「Please wait」

One of the first years stops it.

「Right, it’s fine?」
「Yeah, I have the same opinion」
「Me too, I think it’s fine」

The first years talk secretly

「Captain, let’s have that photo kept by Megumi-chan and her boyfriend」
「Yes, we feel sorry to have only Nakaya-senpai’s photo left there」
「We’re in the same grade as Yamamine-san after all」
「We feel sorry that we were unable to help her out」
「We believe Yamamine-san and her boyfriend」

Captain smiles

「I see, then we’ll keep this one too」

Then the final photo.
It’s the one I took, so I’m not in it.
It’s the nude photo of the 17 members of the track and field club.

「Then, let’s keep this one too Captain」

Mikuni said.

「 This photo only have the girls, so you can say that it’s us fooling around」

Yeah, a photo without me can only be seen as a group of girls naked.
Everyone’s laughing in that photo.
Ah, Nakaya-san’s not smiling though
It’s a group photo so their figures are quite small

「What do you girls think?」

Captain asks the members

「I think it’s fine to let it be」
「Yeah, I also feel sorry that only Nakaya-senpai and the first years have their photo remaining」
「Sure, let’s leave it to Yamamine and her boyfriend」
「Ah, you can masturbate to my naked body you know!」
「You idiot, Yamamine won’t allow that you know!」

The club members are completely relaxed

「Okay…then let’s keep this one」

Captain removes the cable connecting the camera to the monitor.

「Here, I’ll give back the camera. Everyone trusts that you’ll keep the photos safe」
「Yes, I will keep it safe」

I receive the camera.

「Also, the photo Yamamine took with her phone, I don’t mind if you keep my photo too」

Captain said.

「Haa, somehow, that was fun, a nude photograph appreciation party」
「It might be good to take my own nudes too」1
「Or rather, aren’t really looking at your own body?」
「Huh, what do you mean?」
「You’ve been looking at Yamamine’s boyfriend’s dick all this time. I know it!」
「B-Because, it’s so big!」
「Yamamine, does it not hurt when you’re poked with that thing?」

The senior asks, Megu

「It hurts at first but, now it feels good」
「Ah, as expected」
「Or rather, it makes me feel happy when it hurts. I’m accepting the man I love after all」
「Haa, you two are such a lovey-dovey」
「That’s so nice, I might be a virgin forever though」
「Captain, is our club really going to have『romance ban』forever?」

Captain Takeshiba.

「If you’re frustrated then find a man who will get『engaged』with you. Have sex with him with the resolve of wanting a new baby. You girls saw Yamamine’s unwavering resolution, haven’t you?」
「Yeah, that’s amazing. Even though she’s just a first year」
「But instead, Yamamine has no other choice. She’ll be living with this man for the rest of her life!」

Captain looks at me.

「Uhm. sorry. Having someone like me as the partner」

To be honest, I feel sorry

「No, Yamamine’s got some good eyes, I think that she’s got a『hit』」

Captain said

◇ ◇ ◇

「Okay, then we’re dismissed!」

It’s completely dark outside the club room

「 Don’t get late for tomorrow’s practice!」

Then, Mikuni-senpai comes to me and Megu

「I think that I’ll masturbate tonight remembering your sex」
「Ah, me too」
「Me too, I might do it」

How should I respond to this?


For the time being, that’s what I said.

「Fufufu…what’s with that!」
「That’s so stupid!」

The girls laughed.
Somehow, they feel like they’ve opened up, but
I don’t get what’s the rhythm of the women’s track and field club

「What about you Nakaya-san,l would you masturbate too?!」

Another third-year senior asks Nakaya-san

「I-I get it! I will! I should just do it too, satisfied? Geez」

She snapped.
Well, it’ll be fine.
With that feeling

「Okay, let’s all go home!」

Captain Takeshiba rides the bicycle

「Ah, Takeshiba-san, we’ll be excusing ourselves here」

Yeah, Nagisa and Reika’s coming to pick us up
We can’t go outside the school with the track and field girls.

「Huh, why?」
「Let’s go home together, Yamamine and her boyfriend too」

Everyone says that but

「Hm, they probably want to be together alone. Be considerate of them」

Captain said

「I see, right」
「Well then, bye Yamamine」
「See you later, Megumi-chan, Boyfriend-san too」
「Ah, see you」

The members said goodbye to us.
Nakaya-san comes too

「Tomorrow, Yamamine-san」

Nakaya-senpai calls Megu with a『san』

「By the way, tell me about it soon. About the various things」

Captain Takeshiba whispers to me.

◇ ◇ ◇

Parting with the women’s track and field club

「What should we do? Should we head to the secret room for now?」

I ask Megu

「Yoshi-kun, hand」

She presents her hand to me.

「Let’s hold hands」

Our hands touch each other.

「Thanks for today. Sorry, I always bother you」


「It’s fine. This isn’t bothering me at all」

I will fix all of Megu’s troubles
That’s normal.
I am Megu’s husband.

「I was told by Captain Takeshiba, but」


「I think that my senses are getting wrong. With us dealing with Cesario Viola and Kouzuki house, those aren’t normal, that my usual everyday feeling has disappeared」
「Then, Megu is the same」
「Me too?」

Megu’s surprised

「Yeah, Megu’s having sex with me under the world based on the common sense of『Kuromori』It seems that you don’t feel anything ordinary about sex. Therefore, you talked about having sex with me to Nakaya-senpai」

If it’s normal.
Even if you had sex, you should be fooling them saying『We haven’t』
But Megu’s been living in a life where sex is done every day
She answered『Yes, we’re having sex everyday』honestly

「Up until now, we’ve been living in this world where everything’s on the last minute, we weren’t able to think so much, but…if we want to balance our school life and our life in the mansion…you must be feeling the difference between the two.」

That’s what I think

「Before I went to Megu, Minaho-neesan told me to『deal with it as a member of Kuromori』 I misunderstood to confront it in『battle mode』like I did with Viola」


「Thus, we did something extreme like showing us having sex with Nakaya-san Even though those people are ordinary people with common sense」

I reflect on it.

「In short, Minaho-neesan said『as a member of Kuromori』means that I『must use the underground and the surface properly』 And then, dealing with the people at the underground their way and the people on the surface has to be dealt in their way too」

Yet, I

「Un, you’re right, Yoshi-kun」

Megu nods.

「I’m also mistaken」
「Seriously, not good. Me. It’s not right at all!」

In the end, Captain Takeshiba and Nei came to help.
Without their follow up, I think it might’ve become really bad

「If you get that then it’s fine!」

Nei appears from the dark.

「Sensei wants Yo-chan to understand it so she did it that way」

Nei smiles

「If Takeshiba-san didn’t come to help, and they try to corner Yo-chan, the script says that Sensei would come in! If a school teacher intervenes, it’ll manage somehow, don’t you think」


「But, Takeshiba-san’s kind to Yo-chan, still, it felt like it wasn’t enough to hold down Nakaya-san so I was sent here」

Nee-san and others are always helping me.

「But, Yo-chan did well too. It turned well in the end so it’s fine」
「Is that so?」
「Yeah. We can’t give you a perfect score for this though. It’s reasonable, that’s satisfying enough」
「Thanks, Nee-san」

I tell Nei.

「Minaho-neesan too, thanks」

I thank Minaho-neesan who’s listening too.

「Yo-chan and Megumi, don’t forget the feeling of normal. If not, you’ll be in so much trouble even taking school, you’ll be someone like me」

Nei became an untouchable existence in the school.
She was chased down by the male teacher under Shirasaka Sousuke.
In short, the demon hand from the underground has destroyed Nei’s surface life.

「Take care of it. A normal friend, a normal school life is really precious」

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa are all kidnapped and deprived of their school life.
Nei had no choice but to be in an inconvenient and lonely student life.
Megu and I…
We receive everyone’s feelings and will have a normal life in this school.
In addition to being a member of the criminal organization『Kuromori』

「Sorry, Nei-oneesan」

Megu cried.

1. and send it ↩
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