Chapter 417. Passion (犠牲 / Sacrifice)

Chapter 417. Passion (犠牲 / Sacrifice)

「The first is, could use that costume?」


「To be honest, if I was five years, no, three years younger, I would’ve deflowered Ruriko with my own hands」

Jii-chan intended to take away Ruriko’s virginity

「But, my body cannot have sex anymore, unfortunately. Currently, I just have to live even a bit longer for these girls. I can’t force myself」

Jii-chan looks at Yoshiko-san as he said that.

「You intended to do Misuzu by yourself too?」

I asked.

「No, just Ruriko. 『Ruriko』was the name of my first love」


「Shirasaka Sousuke would laugh at me, I gave my granddaughter the name of my first love and I looked forward to ravishing her」

Jii-chan said.

「I was never able to unite with my first love. I had no choice but to marry another noble’s daughter by the order of my father. That woman is married to another house, gave birth to her daughter. Therefore, I had the daughter marry Shigeaki」

Does this mean?

「Ruriko is the granddaughter of my first love, and she inherited the name of that woman. She’s the culmination of my 70 years of desires」

It’s beyond Shirasaka Sousuke’s plan to train Agnes.

「Even I think that it’s crazy but it’s all true. This clothing was prepared for the day I take Ruriko’s virginity」

Kouzuki Shigetaka, the head of Kouzuki house has said.

「Sorry, but, could you give that bag to him?」


「You had another request, didn’t you?」

I asked Jii-chan.

「Honestly, I don’t know how exactly I should do Ruriko. What did Jii-chan intend to do?」


「My thoughts for Ruriko is that she’s mine. I can’t entrust her to you」

I don’t know Jii-chan’s first love.
No matter how much Jii-chan yearns that person.
I can’t inherit those feelings of Jii-chan.

「I’m fine with just having you wear that outfit. Please」


「Okay, I’ll use it then」

I’ll put on the outfit Jii-chan prepared.
If that’s what makes him satisfied.

「The second request」

Jii-chan looks at me.

「 Don’t ever go easy on Ruriko. I want you to ravish her as you desire thoroughly」


「No matter how much Ruriko hates it, how much she’s hurt, release all of your sexual desires to her」

Jii-chan’s eyes are serious

「The blood of Kouzuki is indecent. Men are still fine. But, Ruriko is a woman. I don’t want to see her loosing to her desires and hunt for men. Could you accept Ruriko’s bottomless libido alone? Just like Misuzu」

Yoshiko-san listens to her grandfather’s talk with a pale face.
She actually wants to say a lot of things.
But, Jii-chan seems to have forbidden her to speak.

「If you accept Ruriko and Misuzu’s libido, both of them can stay as pure girls outside. It’s the most desirable form in Kouzuki house」

Use a card.

「Jii-chan, are you misunderstanding something?」

Jii-chan’s eyes opened up wide.

「Jii-chan, you sold Ruriko to me for 3000 yen She’s already mine. This has nothing to do with Kouzuki house!」

Yoshiko-san looks at me with hateful eyes.

「Ruriko is my sex slave. I can ravish her as I want. Of course, I’ll never give her to any other men. I won’t let Ruriko talk to other guys either. Her life is only for me. She’ll only know my body and nothing else」

Jii-chan stares at me.
The color of hate increases in Yoshiko-san’s eyes.

「She’ll bear only my child. Of course, Jii-chan can’t complain. She’s my slave, isn’t she?」


「Above all that, Jii-chan, you’re underestimating Ruriko too much I was told by Ruriko before I came here. 『 Don’t ever go easy. Forget that I’m a daughter of Kouzuki house and treat me as a sex slave』」

Jii-chan’s surprised.

「Ruriko’s not a fool. She already knows what Jii-chan just said. Therefore, she’s already resolved herself to dedicate herself to me as a sex slave」

I stop Jii-chan from speaking.

「Jii-chan, you actually want the opposite, don’t you? It’s not that Ruriko being my sex slave is what you want, you actually were trying to make me Ruriko’s sex slave. In order to contain Ruriko’s libido, making sure it won’t go outside」

Jii-chan fell silent.

「And someday, you intend to return Ruriko to Kouzuki house? As the successor. Well, there might be two or three children between us by that time but, you want to ignore that and try to find a noble from somewhere and have to make them succeed Kouzuki house, don’t you」

It’ll be a late marriage so it’s fine to wait for Ruriko till she’s thirty.
If she becomes a mother, her sexual desire would be suppressed even a bit.
In that case, it’s not too late to marry Ruriko to a guy.

「For now, you keep Ruriko away and let Yoshiko-san take over. And then you’ll pretend that the heir candidate is Yoshiko-san to the people in Kouzuki house and other noble houses. You let us take care of Ruriko so she doesn’t get seen. But, either way, you intend to take Ruriko back home, don’t you, Jii-chan?

I asked.

「Why do you think so?」

Jii-chan answered with a question

「 Didn’t Jii-chan just say it earlier? Ruriko’s name is special to Jii-chan right? Since the start, she’s a different existence than Misuzu and Yoshiko-san」
「That’s not true」
「That’s true! Because, when Misuzu lost her virginity, Jii-chan didn’t make this much fuss. Even after, you didn’t prevent Ruriko from coming to our place, and now with Ruriko, it’s a completely different reaction」
「Then, let me ask, who gave the name Misuzu? What’s the meaning of it?」
「I’m the one who gave Misuzu’s name. I got it from the poet, Kaneko Misuzu」
「I see, then, what about Yoshiko-san?」

Jii-chan falters

「I don’t know about Yoshiko」

Yoshiko-san hangs her head.

「She’s Shigeharu’s illegitimate child. When I learned of her existence she was already named」
「That’s because father calls my mother with her alias『Hiroyoshi』 Mother didn’t know if I would be recognized so she took a syllable from father’s name and named me. Father didn’t seem to have come at the maternity hospital, or even at the public office

Yoshiko-san speaks heavily

「As expected, Kouzuki-sama doesn’t love me as a granddaughter」
「T-That’s not true, Yoshiko」
「But, am I not just a tool to hide Ruriko-sama?」

Yoshiko-san speaks sadly

「Even so, I don’t mind. If Ruriko-sama would be happy by sacrificing me」

Yoshiko-san who’s been Ruriko’s attendant for many years, think of Ruriko the most

「I wonder about that?」

I said.
Yoshiko-san glares at me.

「That’s under the presumption that Ruriko will go back to Kouzuki house, right? Sorry though but I don’t feel like returning Ruriko. Ruriko’s already promised to be my slave until she dies, did you know?」


「You insolent! Ruriko-sama is the Ojou-sama of Kouzuki house! She’ll not be a subordinate of a low birth man like you!」
「Yeah, I admit that I’m from a low birth. But Ruriko’s already my slave. And we’re going to have sex. It’s about time Yoshiko-san understands the meaning of sex, right?」

Yoshiko-san fell silent.

「Sex is an act to make a child. I will pour in my seed inside Ruriko’s body. I’ll make Ruriko pregnant」

Yoshiko-san screams.

「Kouzuki-sama, I beg you. Please stop this, don’t let Ruriko-sama be defiled!」

Yoshiko-san cries to Jii-chan.

「I will do anything. I’ll offer my whole life, so please」

Jii-chan’s perplexed.

「Ruriko-sama is still 15 years old!!」

I speak sharply.

「Yeah, she’s 15. She can have sex already, and can also have children. My children!」

Yoshiko-san glares at me.

「I hate you! You should just die!!!」

Yoshiko-san curses me.

「Yoshiko-san, you can’t do anything anymore!」

I look at Jii-chan

「Anyway Jii-chan, you won’t oppose me from having sex with Ruriko now, will you?」

Yoshiko-san gives Jii-chan an imploring look.

「Even if Jii-chan comes to take back Ruriko, that would be for several years ahead, not now, right?」

Jii-chan doesn’t answer.

「You don’t mind Ruriko giving birth to children until then right? That’s the best way to stabilize Ruriko’s sex drive」

Yoshiko-san’s spine shivers.

「Ruriko might fight Jii-chan someday. I don’t feel like letting go of Ruriko but, I don’t know how Ruriko would feel by that time. Anyway, not all will go as Jii-chan expects, I won’t let it, at least remember that」

Jii-chan answers in a small voice.

「Then, I will be embracing Ruriko later. I don’t care about Jii-chan’s will. You’re fine with that?!」


「Do what you want」

Yoshiko-san exclaims.

「He’s definitely the most suitable one to contain Ruriko’s desires. That’s the truth. I’ll leave Ruriko to him!」


「Not that, Ruriko’s mine already」
「Yes, it is. Then, don’t hold back and ravish her thoroughly. Do what you want!」

Jii-chan says in a low voice.


Yoshiko-san falls in hopelessness.

「Obviously, Ruriko wishes me to do it too」


Knock knock

The door’s knocked.
It must be Katsuko-nee.
The tea should be here.

「Come in」

I replied


「Excuse me」

The one coming in is

「I’m sorry, I’ve heard the whole conversation!」

Misuzu and Michi?

「You girls, why?」

Jii-chan’s surprised.

「We asked Seki-san to bring us here」
「I haven’t received a report about this?」
「Yes, Seki-san is already our『family』」

Misuzu smiles.

「She treasures her『family』more than her work in Kouzuki security service.」

Behind Misuzu and Michi, Katsuko-nee pushes in the wagon.

「Come, take a seat you two and have some tea」
「Yes, Katsuko-oneesama」

Ignoring her grandfather, Misuzu and Michi sit on the sofa next to me.

「You’re choosing that guy instead of me?」

Jii-chan wails, Misuzu;

「Yes, I’m Danna-sama’s pet」
「I’m his toy」

Michi answers as well

「I love him and he loves me, I’m very happy about it」

Misuzu smiles.

「I see.」

Jii-chan hangs his head.

「But, I also like Grandfather of course, therefore, I came to warn」
「Warn me?」

Jii-chan looks at Misuzu.

「Yes, grandfather, you feel very uneasy about Ruriko now that you try to make use Danna-sama as a pretext?」
「Even though it’s her father’s funeral, Ruriko’s head is only filled with the future of Kouzuki house. Even though it will manage somehow even without Ruriko thinking about it. As if that she’s the head of the family, worrying about the future of Kouzuki house」

Jii-chan nods

「That’s right. Ruriko thinks of herself as the successor so she’s only concerned about the future of Kouzuki house. She thinks of herself and the people around her as a piece of a game, that she can move freely. Escaping to that game-like thought, she tries to escape from the fear of her own future and her father’s death」

Jii-chan analyzes Ruriko a few days ago.

「If Ruriko’s left to think that way, and have Kouzuki house entrusted to her, that’ll be used for various purposes. 『This is for Kouzuki house』once she’s told that she might surrender herself to a worthless man. To make sure that won’t happen, Ruriko has to be taken out of Kouzuki house temporarily」

Therefore, Jii-chan.

「Ruriko should see Kouzuki house objectively from outside. For that, I have to send Ruriko to a place where it’s not under my protection and the aid is completely cut off」

Ruriko’s sold off to me.

「I know that he’s a man who won’t do anything unreasonable. He has no ambition. Despite all that, he can satisfy and make women stable. Ruriko’s on her maturing age. No matter how much I hold it, the libido inside Ruriko will awaken. If so, then I thought that it would be a good idea to entrust Ruriko to this guy」
「There’s also me who’s close by Danna-sama」

Misuzu smiles.

「Yeah, since his lawful wife is Misuzu, I thought that Ruriko has to take another husband someday. It’s fine even if it’s merely a marriage on paper. I don’t even mind if the child of Ruriko isn’t from the groom of a noble house but his child succeeding Kouzuki house in the future!」

Jii-chan continues on speaking.

「Once there was this country, Ottoman Turkey. Their emperor, other than the official wife, he also has a lot of mistresses, a harem of it. The women in the harem have the status of a slave. In Ottoman Turkey, Turkish women can’t be enslaved. In short, all the women in his harem are all from different race」

Misuzu listens to her grandfather while smiling.

「And the possibility of the women in the harem be pregnant with the prince earlier than the wife. Then, what do you think will happen? As the emperor of the Ottoman Turkey overlaps with his generation, the blood becomes apparently distant from the Turks. The prince born from the Turkish emperor and from a woman in the harem, having a different race, becomes the emperor and bear another child with a woman from the harem in a different race, the Turkish blood of the emperor will gradually dillute」

On the other hand, Yoshiko-san remains gloomy

「Our own nobility is the same. Though you say it that it’s a blood of a noble, every generation, we accept the blood of the powerful. There’s also an upstart generation. There’s no such thing are pure in a bloodline. Kouzuki house’s bloodline is never sacred.」 It’s too late to think of doing something about his blood mixing in」

Michi’s expressionless as usual.
Katsuko-nee is giving out tea to everyone with an aloof expression.

「Thank you for that long drawn speech」

Misuzu said.

「Grandfather is just the same as Ruriko」
「You think too much. The future of Kouzuki house isn’t for Grandfather to think」
「I’m the head of this house!」
「We will decide our own futures」

Misuzu smiles at her grandfather

「Even if Kouzuki house collapses as a result. There’s no noble house that must not continue to surface」

Jii-chan’s speechless.

「What’s important is whether everyone can live happily or not. I’m against Grandfather’s current plan which just burdens Yoshiko-sama」

Misuzu declares.
Pushing Yoshiko-san as if she’s the first candidate to be the successor, gathering the public’s attention
Leaving Ruriko to me during that chance, and cultivate her eyes to observe Kouzuki house objectively from outside.
Then, waiting for adulthood to make Ruriko the successor.
That is Jii-chan’s plan.
Actually, Yoshiko-san’s given the most painful role.

「Who cares about Kouzuki house. I, Ruriko, Yoshiko-san, and Grandfather should just think about living happily and healthily
「I, as the owner of Kouzuki group, is entrusted with the lives of many people」
「Like I said, even so, it’s not just to have us sacrificed just because of that」

Misuzu won’t concede

「Rather than that, didn’t you leave Kouzuki group to Shiba-san? Didn’t Grandfather retire from his management job?」
「That’s, true, however」
「Then, please abandon it already. We’ll be the one to think about what’s ahead, we’ll do it」
「Yes. I would like you to trust us even a little」


「Jii-chan, as for me, Jii-chan’s not the head of Kouzuki house. Jii-chan is my『family』」

Jii-chan looks at me.

「At that time, back in the basement in the hotel, Jii-chan might’ve just said that without thinking but, you said that you’ll enter our family. Therefore, I think of Jii-chan as my『family』」

Jii-chan looks into my eyes.
He’s checking whether what I’m saying is true or not.

「Therefore, you don’t have to do something so roundabout like this. I’ll make Ruriko happy even if I have to die for it. I’ll make Misuzu happy too. Because they’re my family. That said, I won’t treat Ruriko and Misuzu especially. I will treasure Katsuko-nee and Michi as much as I do with them. I won’t treat them differently. They’re my『family』 I don’t care about Kouzuki house at all, that doesn’t matter to me. I have my hands full with my family already」
「Sorry to always trouble you」

Michi said.

「And then, you too Jii-chan. Jii-chan is just as important as Megu, Mana, Agnes and everyone else. Therefore, try to trust us even a bit. It’s fine, I won’t do anything horrible to Ruriko or Misuzu」
「It’s fine even if you do

Misuzu tells me.

「No, look here」
「What’s important is that we feel happy No matter how cruel Danna-sama is, I will be happy」
「Rather, we want it severe」

No look here Michi

「We will live by our own will. As it’s a path we chose ourselves, we won’t regret it. Grandfather’s granddaughters are very strong you know!」

Misuzu said, Jii-chan;

「I’m the same as Ruriko? Before I noticed it, I became top-heavy」
「Yes. In the first place you named your granddaughter with your first love’s name and planned to rape her, you’re that top-heavy」
「It’s okay. I won’t tell Ruriko」

Misuzu smiles.

「Grandfather should watch Danna-sama and Ruriko’s first time with a smile. Please don’t make any strange requests. Do you want an awkward and hurried up sex? It’s Ruriko’s first time」
「In the first place, Ruriko’s important event won’t have me or Michi by her side!」

Misuzu looks at me.

「How about we show Ruriko the video of my first experience? I taught Ruriko a lot of things and yet…!」
「No, Nei-oneesan and Mana are doing that」
「I’m Ruriko’s sex teacher!」

Michi said.

「We can still make it, Ruriko-san still has to take a bath to cleanse her body so you can go there」

Katsuko-nee tells Misuzu and Michi

「You should take a shower in a different place too」

Me too.

「Then, I will wash Danna-sama’s back!」

Misuzu said.

「Michi, are you going to Ruriko’s?」

I asked Michi turned red.

「I-I also want to wash up Master’s body」
「Really, those two really love him」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「Kouzuki-sama, there is nothing to worry about. These children are very clever, they’re raised to be strong. Please watch over them with a smile」

Katsuko-nee said.

「I, can I do nothing but watch over them?」

He said lonely

「Hmm, true. I don’t know how many years I would live later, and after I die, you will do whatever you want, fufu」

He smiles darkly

「To think that docile Misuzu who follows my will like a doll expresses her opinion so loudly. Is this also his fault?」
「Yes, Misuzu’s filled with Danna-sama’s love and was reborn」

Misuzu said.

「Ruriko will change a lot too. Danna-sama will make her happy」

Yoshiko-san looks down sorrowfully.

「Okay I get it, I’m the same as Ruriko. I will stop thinking about the future of Kouzuki house from now on」

Jii-chan promised.

「But still, if that’s the case, what should I do?」

Then, Katsuko-nee smiles.

「Kouzuki-sama, the secretary who came to the mansion is already put to sleep and carried to the training room」


「She’s a beautiful one. I will polish her off. I’ll make her a woman who can entertain a man in various ways even without sex」

Speaking of which,
Jii-chan’s conceited secretary.
They did promise before to train her, right.
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