Chapter 421. First Experience Re: Boot

Chapter 421. First Experience Re: Boot

Doctor Ikeda takes out a Maglite and metal examination tools from her big black leather doctor bag.

「Okay, lie down there and open your legs」

She stares at Ruriko and says in a low voice.

「it’s fine, she’s the doctor that checks us up!」

Nei smiles

「Yeah, it’s okay, let the doctor examine you」

Ruriko lies down on the bed and opens her leg widely.
Ikeda-sensei lights up the LED flashlight and points it at Ruriko’s vagina.
The blunt shining silver instrument spreads Ruriko’s opening.

「Ah, that’s quite the amount, isn’t this stomach full?!」

Ikeda-sensei inserts the tool inside Ruriko.
My semen spills out again.

「Ah, sorry about that」

I apologized to the doctor, though I’m still naked.

「Are you the one who recently sends me girls with broken hymen almost every day?」

Ikeda-sensei asks as she peep inside Ruriko

「Yes, that’s right」

Somehow, I feel embarrassed
Starting with Misuzu, Megu, Mana, Michi, Nei, and now, Ruriko
They all went to Ikeda-sensei to check if their genital’s damaged from the deflowering, got contraceptive pills and got back home.
Yukino’s the only one who hasn’t received check-up after losing her virginity
Yukino’s the only one who hasn’t drunk contraceptive pills too.

「These girls aren’t prostitutes, are they?」

Ikeda-sensei’s question pierced me.

「Yes, they’re all women I’ll protect for the rest of my life. I love them all」

I answered.

「Hmm, if it’s just words, you can say anything」

Well, that’s true.

「This girl’s strange, kinky look, are these decorations your hobby?」


「Right. If you make a girl of this age wear this, it’s quite the hobby. You can be the rookie of the year in the pervert industry」

What’s that?

「Then that means, this is Kouzuki-san’s hobby?」
「Yes, that’s right」

Ruriko answers instead of me.

「Well, I guessed so. Then that means you’re just dragged into this!」

Ikeda-sensei turns towards me.

「Yeah, that’s how it is! Sensei!」

Nei answers instead of me.

「Right. It seems that you’re still young, well, there must be various reasons for this. You don’t need to answer. I don’t want to know. You’ve got to let absurd things pass in this world」

Sensei sighed amazed.

「I’ve got a national qualified doctor’s license, but basically, I only do jobs with no insurance」

Doctor Ikeda has been a doctor working in the underground world for many years.
Knowing the rule of that societyー
She tries not to be interested in things she doesn’t need to know as much as possible

「Yeah, well, it’ll go well」


「『Virgin Eaters』tear hymen. The opening’s a bit swollen, but there are no other parts torn. When Men leave themselves to their desire, they become unreasonable, and they can’t see the girl’s body properly」

The doctor says while looking into Ruriko’s vagina which is expanded by a tool and illuminated by a light.

「Yes, Onii-sama was kind to me」

Ruriko who’s depths seen has her face red in shame.

「Yo-chan was kind to me during my first time too!」

Nei said.

「Right. This guy feels affection towards you girls. I can guarantee you that somehow. Looking at the situation after the hymen’s torn, I can see it clearly」

Ikeda-sensei said.

「Yeah, there’s no problem at all. Okay, Ojou-chan, you can close your feet now」

Doctor Ikeda looks inside her bag.

「Here’s pain meds and the usual thing」

『The usual thing』is probably the emergency contraceptive

「Ah, I’ll teach her about how to drink the pills! Or rather, she have to drink together with me every day you know?」

Nei said while laughing.

「Well, that’s true」


「Uhm, Sensei」

Ruriko closed her legs and asked the doctor.

「When will I give birth to a child?」

Ikeda-sensei’s surprised.

「Huh, you want to give birth?」

Even though they were talking about contraception earlier, who would’ve thought that Ruriko would ask that.
She gently holds her abdomen, where my semen’s gathered.

「Yes, it’ll be the fruit of Onii-sama and my love」
「No, look」
「Onii-sama’s semen is poured deep inside my belly. Therefore, how long will it take before the baby’s born?」

Ruriko asks with a serious face.

「Well, usually, after fertilzationー」

I stop the doctor from speaking.

「Sensei, Ruriko’s got no knowledge about sex at all!」
「 No knowledge you say? How old are you?」
「I’m 15 years old」

Ruriko answers

「Normally, at that age, you should know about it already, right? Elementary schools have sex education as well」


「Uhm, Ruriko hasn’t received any education about it」
「You haven’t taken any sex ed class?」
「No, to make it short, this was this girl’s grandfather’s idea!」

Nei said, Doctor Ikeda;

「 Could it be that you, you’re Kouzuki-san’s kid?」

Or rather, as expected, she knows Jii-chan.

「Yes. I was born into that family. But, I’m no longer from Kouzuki house. Currently, I’m Onii-sama’s slave. I’m not related to Kouzuki-sama at all」

She smiled.

「I see」

Doctor Ikeda said.

「Uhm, could it be that Kouzuki Jii-chan was the one who called Ikeda-sensei to this mansion?」

I asked without thinking.

「Yes, that’s right. That old man called me by himself. That’s why it feels like this is a house call」

I see.

「When this mansion was still in business, I come here every day. Checking up the girls in here」

Ruriko asks.

「It’s unknown when women under night business get infected with a man’s sickness. Ah, since it’s an excellent opportunity, let me teach you two, when you have sex with a new guy, put a『mouthwash』at the tip of the guy’s penis. When you take a shower with a man, you fellate them right? That gargle will do. Then, when the man stops you because his penis hurts, that means that he’s got some illness. Don’t ever have sex with that man. Immediately call those in charge, if it’s this Mansion, call Kyouko-chan or Margo-chan, those girls will kick the guy out」

Doctor Ikeda thinks that Nei and Ruriko will become a『prostitute』someday
Well, considering about Kuromori until now, there’s no doubt.

「I won’t have sex with another guy. I will devote my life to Onii-sama after all!」

Ruriko clings to me.

「Ah, me too, I won’t do it with anyone but Yo-chan!」

Nei clings to me too.

「Then, that, sensei. I have sex with Onii-sama. When will the baby arrive?」

Ikeda-sensei looks at me. She seems a bit amazed.

「Ruriko, not now」
「Why? Ruriko wants to give birth right way. Will it be in a month? Three months?」

What should I say?
Even I know that it takes ten months from sex to fertilization to birth, but;

「Look, Ruriko! You won’t have a baby right away! Because your body isn’t ready to have it yet!」

Nei said.

「My body?」

Ruriko, the naked 15-year-old girl looks at me.
Her young body’s still growing.
Small breasts.
Still sunken nipples.
The fat in her ass is still thin.
It’s a young body of a middle school girl.

「With your current growth, you still can’t bear one, if you force yourself, then your and your child’s life would be in danger! Are you okay with that?!」

Nei tells Ruriko

「Ruriko, wait for a while longer until your body’s mature」

I persuade Ruriko

「Wait? Until how old?」

I look at Ikeda-sensei.

「Until she’s 19 or 20, right, sensei?」
「Well, that’s within the range」

Sensei somehow managed to agree with me.

「Do I have to wait for four to five years?」

I hug Ruriko

「 Don’t be an idiot. Five years is soon. Let’s wait together. Okay? I’m with you for always, Ruriko」

Ruriko hugs me too

「I understand, Onii-sama, if you say so」

I give her a light peck.

「Yo-chan, Yo-chan, me too!」

I hug Nei and kiss her.

「Ufufu, I’m also going to bear your child! Look forward to it!」

Nei smiles.

「That is why! Ruriko, you have to make a lot of things that would make Yo-chan feel good using your body until it matures! Have a lot of sex!」
「Yes, Nei-oneesama」
「Yes, that’s a good response!」

Nei clamps Ruriko’s palm.

「Well, that’s enough, the post-examination is over for now. There’s no problem. Ah, but Ojou-chan, don’t have a male genital insert you for now. Try not to have sex until tomorrow. The bleeding’s already stopped, but it’s a bit swollen」

Ikeda-sensei said.
But, I

「Sensei, I want to have one more round of sex with Ruriko though」

Nei’s surprised.

「If you want then Misuzu, or the other girls or I can take care of you! No, of course, I’ll teach Ruriko about fellatio, but we shouldn’t force Ruriko to have another sex for today」

I shook my head.

「Nah, I want to have sex with Ruriko and cum inside her again」


「If that’s Onii-sama wishes then I’ll do it」
「Nono, Ruriko, don’t force yourself! Yo-chan, what’s wrong with you?!」

I tell Ruriko and Nei.

「It’s not okay to show a live feed video to that person!」

The two are taken aback.

「I finally got it. The origin of all the problems!」

By expressly calling Ikeda-sensei here.

「Ruriko’s first experience must be done according to Ruriko’s will.」 Not according to his expectations」

That person said the problem was with Ruriko.
But it’s wrong.
I look at Ruriko on top of bed once again.


Her red silk undershirt’s taken off.
The gold accessories simulate the Gustave Morrow’s『Salome』
The necklace with jewels, bracelet, and anklet.
The golden strip on her soft belly.
It’s all prepared by him.
Ruriko lost her virginity as he wanted

「Ah, that one?」

Nei noticed my gaze.
The actual cause of Ruriko’s pain isー

「That person’s obsession with Ruriko is deep. Too deep. That’s why we must cut that off with our own hands today!!」

I said, Nei

「Okay, I get it. Yo-chan plans to make a significant operation!」


「I’m sorry. Ruriko doesn’t understand what Onii-sama means」
「You don’t need to, just follow me silently」

I look into Ruriko’s eyes.

「You’re going to be with me forever, right?」

Ruriko smiles.

「Yes, Ruriko will follow Onii-sama!」

Ruriko and I kiss each other.

「Good girl, Ruriko!」
「Yes, Ruriko is for Onii-sama after all!」

Looking at us, Ikeda-sensei.

「I don’t get it but, I think that it’ll still be fine with just another round. However, it’ll only hurt for that girl so try to finish it fast」
「Yes, thank you very much」

I wear my bathrobe.
Ruriko also puts on her red clothing.
Now, it’s time to move.

「Nee-san, which room?」
「Hmmm, it’s on the third monitoring room! I’ll show the way!」

Nei smiles at us.

「Ah, but, I have to send off Ikeda-sensei!」

Ikeda-sensei smiled.

「It’s fine. I know the in and out of this mansion even before you were born, I know my way home. I’ll say hello to Morimoto on the road, well, there’s Margo-chan too, right?」
「Sorry, I’ll take your offer then」

Nei bows her head to Ikeda-sensei, I also nod my head in a hurry.

「Thank you for coming today!」
「Thank you!」

Ruriko also bows.

「Well, it’s okay. I’m going to get some extra from that Kouzuki Jii-san. Rather than that, you won’t send a girl whose hymen’s torn tomorrow, or will you?」

Ikeda-sensei glares at me
Err, that

「Sorry, I think tomorrow or the day after that」
「What the hell!」
「Well, there’s a schedule, or how should I say it?」

I will be taking Agnes’ virginity

「Sorry, Sensei! That’s for the『Kuromori』plan, Sensei’s instructions, so don’t bully Yo-chan!」

Nei covers for me.

「Then, well, I’ll complain to Minaho-chan」
「But, that’s the last one, for now, there’s only one left」

I tell the doctor.

「No, Yo-chan, the one is a definite, but it’s possible that it might be two!」

Huh, Nei?
Agnes and who?

「Anyway, thanks for your hard work! Ikeda-sensei!」

Nei bows her head.

「Really, thank you very much」

I bow deeply.
Ikeda-sensei puffed.

「Well, fine, you guys are entertaining!」

Then, she looks at me again.

「Why is such a stupidly honest boy in this mansion?」
「Well, we need him. We need Yo-chan」

Nei answers Ikeda-sensei’s question.

「Yeah, true, a『virgin eater』might be good」

She flicks her fingers on my forehead.

「Well, anyway, I’ll be checking the girls you break the virginity」
「My best regards」

Yeah, we also have to get a lot of contraceptive pills.
Regular check-ups too.
Ikeda-sensei’s the only one we can consult on medically about sex.

「Try to do your best, boy!」

Ikeda-sensei smiles.

「My fee’s quite expensive!」

The medical expenses of my women.
I have to pay for those too.

◇ ◇ ◇

Ikeda-sensei takes her doctor bag and exits the room.
Now then, we’ve got to move too.

「Ruriko, can you stand?」

I look at Ruriko who’s on top of the bed.

「Yes, Onii-sama, ouch!」

Ah, Ruriko’s crotch must’ve hurt.

「Uhm, it still feels like Onii-sama’s piercing me」

The damage from losing virginity remains.
Now then, what to do?
I look at Ruriko’s body wearing the red undershirt.
Ruriko’s not that tall.
Her body’s slender.
She’s still 15 years old, so there’s not much meat on her breasts or ass yet.
If it’s her, I guess I can

「Ruriko, you okay with this?」

I lift Ruriko in my arms.
Ah, so light.
She’s lighter than I thought.
I’ve deflowered this kind of girl.

「 Don’t mind it, just cling to me」

As I carry her,
Ruriko’s cheeks blushed.

「Wow, that’s so nice, Ruriko, I want that too!」

Nei tells me.

「No, I think I can’t do Nee-san」
「W-Why! Yo-chan!」
「Well, Ruriko’s light」
「Uuuh, you mean that I’m heavy?」
「That’s not it, Nee-san’s quite, look, THICC!!」

There’s a lot of volume in her breasts and ass!

「What the hell! THICC?! What am I, just legs?!」

Nei shows.

「I get it. I’ll do it. I’ll do Nee-san next time!」
「Yeah, I promise」
「Then good!」

Nei smiles.

「Ufufu, ♫ Yo-chan’s going to princess carry me~♫ Yo-chan’s going to princess carry me~♫ it’s a secret to Megumi~♫」

What’s with that strange song?
Ah, I have to train my muscles.
I have to train to have a fit body to carry this voluptuous body.

「Well then, let’s go! Yo-chan! ♫ It’s a secret to Misuzu♫! 」

We leave the room.

「Uhm, Onii-sama, where are we going?」

Ruriko asks as I carry her.

「You’ll see」

I smile at Ruriko

「There’s a guy who said that he wants Ruriko to look at Kouzuki house from the outside perspective, but he’s the one who’s not looking at Ruriko objectively」
「Does that mean?」

Ruriko looks up at me.

「Okay, Yo-chan, and Ruriko-chan, it’s this room!」

Nei points to a door.

「Thanks, Nee-san!」
「You’re welcome! Well then, 《READY》!」

Nei holds the doorknob.


The door’s opened suddenly without even knocking.
I enter the room while carrying Ruriko.
Inside the eight tatami mat room.
Jii-chan and Yoshiko-san are there.


Yoshiko-san reflexively tries to get close to Ruriko!

「 Don’t move!!」

I shouted.

「She’s my『woman』!!」

Yoshiko-san stops.

「What did you come here for?」

Jii-chan must be watching us going to this room.
Ah, there’s a big monitor on the wall.
It projects the bed of the room we were in a while ago

「What, I just came to return what’s borrowed!」

I tell Jii-chan

「Ruriko, could you get down?」

Yeah, as expected of the room where Kouzuki Shigetaka’s invited in.
The floor’s got soft, fluffy carpet.
Ruriko’s ass won’t hurt in here.
I carefully put down Ruriko.

「Borrowed, you say?」

I ignore Jii-chan’s question.

「Ruriko, I’m taking these off」
「This silk undershirt, the gold necklace, bracelets, anklets, I’ll take it all off. Get naked」

I take off Ruriko’s undershirt forcibly.

「W-What are you doing!」

Yoshiko-san panics.

「Shut up! I’m just taking off the clothes of my woman, what’s wrong about it?!」

I intimidate Yoshiko-san

「Yes, go on, Onii-sama」

In front of her grandfather and beloved cousin
Ruriko exposes her naked body.

「Okay, let’s take it off one by one」

I first take off Ruriko’s right bracelet.
Removing the metal stopper.

「Hey, what are you doing?」
「I’m taking it all off and returning them to Jii-chan. These are expensive, right? Even the jewels seem real!」
「That’s all made for Ruriko. I don’t mind if you take it all!」

Jii-chan’s upset.

「I don’t need it, what about Ruriko?」
「I don’t need it」

Now that both bracelets are taken off,
Next is the anklets.

「Never mind that, just take it」
「I’m saying that I don’t need it!」
「I’m telling you to have it!!」

I shout at Jii-chan!
I’m not scared of anything.
I look up at Jii-chan.

「I don’t’ need it, all I need is the naked Ruriko」

Ruriko too

「Yes, I’m married to Onii-sama in my birth suit」

Ruriko said『married』

「Ruriko’s mind and body are all for Onii-sama」

That’s right, I
No, we.
We have to do it again.
Not the first experience Jii-chan imagined Jii-chan wills.
Our own first time.

「Onii-sama, Ruriko also understands Onii-sama’s heart.」

Ruriko looks at me with teary eyes.

「Yeah, let’s redo it」

The first experience a while ago was Ruriko riding the rail Jii-chan laid down.
Therefore, Ikeda-sensei came to visit as Jii-chan planned.
With that, Ruriko will stay on top of Jii-chan’s palm forever.
She can never be independent.

「Yes, I accept Onii-sama. Please have fun with Ruriko’s body to the full extent!」

I, here.
In front of Jii-chan.
Will take away Ruriko’s first time once again!!
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