Chapter 426. Don’t call me Papa, Onii-chama will do

Chapter 426. Don’t call me Papa, Onii-chama will do

‘With that said, Master, I have a request!’

Then, Michi attacks me.
She slips her fingers inside my bathrobe.

‘Hey, wait, Michi!’
‘I won’t wait, it’s time for sex education! I’ll be the model!’

Michi’s hands open the bathrobe.
Well, right, I have to show Agnes some sex.
That was the plan from the start, but.

‘No, Mao-chan is here you know?’

We can’t have sex in front of a toddler.

‘She’s already asleep.’
‘She might wake up you know?’
‘If we do it quietly there won’t be any problems!’
‘Therefore, don’t be so noisy.’
‘Excuse me!’

Hey, Michi!
Michi’s small, and she looks delicate and cute like a doll, and yet,
She overpowers me.
And to top that, she’s fast.
Or rather, I just had a series of sex, so I’m completely exhausted.
Michi got me naked in a blink of an eye and pinned down.

‘Now, please ready yourself, Master!’

Michi puts her hand inside her skirt and takes off her panty.
Even though she always have the expressionless face.
Only at this times, her eyes are sparkling.

‘Okay, that’s enough.’

Nagisa grabs Michi’s nape.

‘Please let go of me.’
‘No, get yourself together.’

Nagisa who’s usually calm scolds Michi.

‘We’re in the middle of drinking tea. Don’t you feel sorry for him that he can’t rest properly?’

Michi loosens up

‘I’m very sorry.’
‘I know that you’re bright and cheery but, have some self-restraint.’


‘You don’t need to work that hard you know?’

“Bad!” Nagisa glares at Michi
Ah, I knew it.
Michi has never been able to get along with the girls of the same age as her.
She’s happy that Ruriko and Mana have become her “sisters.”
She’s also delighted that she’s able to make a friend that trains martial arts with her, Edie.

‘True, I’ve gone too far. I’m very sorry.’

Michi feels down.

‘Thinking that you can be ahead of the other girls, you wanted to be everyone’s “teacher,” that’s not good From what I see, Michi-san is also just a child.’

Nagisa scolds as an adult
Michi is a year older than Mana.
She’s a “senior” as my woman to Ruriko.
She’s a guide to Edie as she mastered “Shingetsu” earlier than Edie.
She must feel that she’s the leader that guides everyone among the “middle school student-sisters.”
Therefore, she got a bit full of herself.

‘I have shown such an unsightly appearance. I reflect on it.’

Michi bows to me.
Ah, this is bad if she feels down.
If this goes on, she’ll go outside try to do push-ups to reflect on herself.
Michi’s the type that does everything radically.

‘Come here Michi.’

I hug Michi while I’m still naked.

‘Let’s do it later, for now, let me take a break.’
‘Yes, Master’
‘Therefore, you’re going to be my hugging pillow for a while.’

Michi answers me embarrassed.

‘Master, you’re warm.’
‘Yeah, good good, Michi’s so cute.’

I pat Michi’s head.
Then, Michi’s body shivers like a small pup.

‘It feels good.’
‘Much better than sex, right?’
‘Sex is also good, but it feels great becoming a hug pillow!’

Mana looks at Michi.

‘How nice, Michi-oneechan, look, Edie-chan’s amazed.’

Rather than looking amazed, she’s looking this way with her mouth and eyes wide open.
She must be surprised as Michi who just showed her brilliance in martial arts practice a while ago, is now love-struck in my arms.

‘I think that it’s more effective showing this to her than suddenly having sex.’

Nagisa said.

‘Michi-san trusts her Master, right!’

Ah, this is a good result.

‘Then, Mana come here. Ruriko too reaches for me.’

Ruriko can’t move around since her waist hurts, so we only hold hands
Mana clings to my back.
She kisses me on my nape.

‘I love Onii-chan’s back.’
‘Onii-sama’s hand is warm.’

The “Middle School Students-Sisters” are in contact with me.

‘Yes, Master?’
‘You three get along. There’s no leaders or anything. Though Mana’s younger, she’s the one who became my “woman” before you, and she has much more experience with me.’
‘Even Ruriko, she’s a girl with a different charm than you. Listen, who’s ahead or who’s behind, who’s powerful or who’s not, don’t think about those. You girls have each of your charm and beauty.’ That’s what I think. I love you three.’
‘I’m very sorry.’

Tears spill out of Michi’s eyes.

‘Michi-oneechan, Mana loves Michi-oneeechan! I may be a bad sister but let’s get along from now on!’
‘Me too, I’m a woman ignorant of the world, so I want Michi’s help. Please take care of us.’

Ruriko also speaks to Michi.

‘I was conceited. I’m sorry, please, let’s be good friends’
‘Don’t cry, Michi’

I rub my cheeks with Michi’s and hug her tightly.

‘No hug pillow cries this much, Michi.’
‘I’m sorry, I’m very sorry.’
‘Don’t cry, Michi-oneechan’
‘Michi, it’ll be fine.’

Yeah, the three gets along even further.
I’m convinced.

‘Yeah, as expected.’

Nagisa looks at us and said.

‘Well then, with the three okay now, let me introduce the two here.’

The two here?
Nagisa brings us Agnes and Reika.

‘Okay, Agnes-chan, greet them.’

Nagisa said gently.
Agnes is nervous, fidgeting.

‘As mentioned earlier, we are all this Onii-san’s “family” If Agnes-chan won’t join our “family” everyone won’t be able to come see Agnes-chan anymore.’

Yesterday and today, we stuck around in this confined room of Agnes.
At first, she was cautious, but.
Agnes today has opened up to many people, including Mao-chan.
Mao-chan, Mana, Ruriko, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa.
She’s not familiar with Edie and Michi, but she knows that they’re not an enemy.
Especially Nagisa who has strong maternity, she seems to have grabbed Agnes’ heart.
Is it finally time for Agnes to associate with me?
Nagisa is also a woman who received Minaho-neesan’s education.
She will not miss the timing, and she’s willing to do anything to achieve the purpose.

‘Hello, Anges-chan’

Therefore, I.
Speak to Agnes first.


Agnes casts her eyes down embarrassed then said.

‘That’s not good. You must look at Onii-chan’s eyes and greet him properly. Mao is doing it all the time.’

Nagisa makes use of her position as Mao-chan’s mother to it’s best.

‘Yes, I’m Agnes. Hello!’

Agnes looks up at me then says her greetings.

‘Okay, well done!’

Nagisa hugs Agnes smiling.
She pats Agnes’ head.
Agnes looks very happy.
Ah, Agnes is starving for such a motherly existence.
Unconsciously, I mimicked it and patted Michi’s head.

‘Yes, Agnes-chan is so cute!’

Half Japanese half-white, her milky white blonde hair is lovely. Her eyes are dyed blue.
Agnes, 12 years old, is beautiful as an angel.

‘Look, he said cute, Agnes-chan, say thank you to”papa”‘

Nagisa tells as she hugs Agnes.

‘You’ll be Mao-chan’s “Onee-chan” right? Mao asked Agnes-chan a lot.’
‘Yes, Agnes will be Mao-chan’s “Onee-chan” I promised.’
‘Then, Mao’s Papa is Agnes-chan’s Papa, right?’

So that’s what it means to take away Agnes from Shirasaka Sousuke.

‘I’ll be the Mama, and this man will be Agnes-chan’s real Papa.’


‘Yeah, I’m your Papa. I’ll be your Papa, Agnes!’

Agnes’ heart has always been thirsty.
Since she was born, Agnes has been confined in this basement.
Other than the meal staff, she hasn’t made contact with others.
No friends, no family, she was only asked to worship Shirasaka Sousuke.
Even Shirasaka Sousuke just occasionally comes to see Agnes.
That’s when we invaded.
Mao-chan gave the first moisture in Agnes’ heart.
Now that it happens, Agnes’ heart can no longer stop.
It’s like a rain seeps into a thirsty desert.
Her heart speeds up wanting for moisture.

‘Yes, Papa. Thank you, desuno, Papa’

Agnes’ face is still stiff.
I reach out to Agnes.

‘Don’t be scared. There’s nothing to be afraid of.’

Nagisa’s hugging her so Agnes can’t move.
I pat Agnes’ head.

‘There, there, you’re cute, Agnes’

Coming from the head, I pat her cheeks.
This 12-year-old skin is fluffy.
Agnes looks at me wondering.

‘I’m Agnes’ Papa’
‘Is that so desuno?’
‘Yes, Agnes-chan’

Nagisa affirms.
Hafuu, Agnes breathes.

‘Tomorrow, let’s go out of this room. Okay, Agnes?’

I tell Agnes.


Agnes is shocked.

‘I can’t do that! That’s bad, Papan is!’
‘I’m Agnes’ Papa’

I look at Agnes’ eyes as I pat her cheeks and tell her.

‘Therefore, you don’t need to be scared of anything.’
‘Yes. Papa and Mama will protect you!’

Nagisa hugs Agnes tight.


Agnes is in confusion.
In her common sense, Shirasaka Sousuke is a god, and God’s will is for Agnes not to leave the room.

‘It’s’ fine! I’m going with you!’

Mana said.

‘Me too, I will go with you, Agnes-san’

Ruriko also smiles.

‘Perhaps, me too.’

Michi says that but she’s Misuzu’s guard.
They’re supposed to stay here tonight, but,
It’s not decided when they will come home tomorrow.
If possible, I want as many family members to attend Agnes’ ceremony.
It’s much better to go out of the room earlier.

‘It’s’ okay, it’ll all go well. I’m here for Agnes.’

I tell Agnes.
Agnes still looks anxious
That’s enough for now.

◇ ◇ ◇

‘Okay, then Agnes’ meeting is over. Following is Rei-chan!’

Uhm, Nagisa?
Reika doesn’t need to.
Even if she greets us up now, I already know her a lot though?

‘Okay, Rei-chan, come forward.’

Reika’s still wearing pink maid clothes.
Though it’s called Maid clothes, it’s not genuine but rather a cosplay.
The skirt’s a bit short.
No,l that’s just Reika being too tall.
She’s slim and also has a waist, but the length isn’t enough.


Reika speaks to me.

‘What’s wrong, Reika?’

I asked, Reika

‘Uhm, Lord, Uhm!’
‘It’s not Lord, you know, Rei-chan!’

Nagisa looks at Reika.

‘Finish it as soon as possible. Then, you’ll feel your heart lighter!’

Reika looks at me.

‘Uhm, Onii-chama!!!!’


‘I-I, please be me Onii-chama!!!’

Reika should be five years older than me.

‘Earlier, we had a lot of talk with Rei-chan. I’ve counseled her thoroughly.’

Nagisa said.

‘Then, I concluded. Reika had always wanted a big brother since she was little. Therefore, you’ll be Rei-chan’s big brother.’


‘Rei-chan’s never had someone put her under their protection, she had always protected herself as the “Man of Beauty” character But, that’s not good. Rei-chan is also a girl. She needs a boy who will protect her.’

Nagisa smiles.

‘No, I get that reason, but Why “Onii-chama”?!’

You just have to use “Ani,” right?
It’s also okay to rely on a little brother.
Furthermore, what’s “Chama” ?!

‘It can’t be helped. Rei-chan’s a toddler, so she has to start all over again.’ In the daytime, she has worked so we can’t do it but, at nights, she’ll speak like a toddler. We have to break her “Beautiful lady” figure of hers or else Rei-chan won’t be fixed. ‘

Ah, she’s played the “beautiful lady crossdressing” so long so
It’s stuck with her body.

‘She’ll call herself “Rei-chan” and this one’s “Onii-chama” We have to make that carried first.’
‘But, uhm.’

Reika’s puzzled.

‘Look, Rei-chan, think about it., Rei-chan surely does suit being a British suit crossdresser beauty right now. I think that’s cool.’

Nagisa said.

‘But, look, how long can you keep going with that character.’
‘Once you passed 40, 50 years, would you still wear gentlemen suits? If you do that, you’ll look like the person from “Energetic! Motivated *******!” ‘

I can’t say anything about that.

‘Let’s straighten you up from the inside starting now.’
‘But, a toddler’s language like “Chama”! ‘
‘It’s important to overcome that embarrassment!’

Nagisa says clearly

‘It’s fine. Weren’t you talking to Mao-chan and Agnes-chan like that earlier? You tried to copy Mao-chan’s way of talking. It was perfect.’

They’re starting with that.

‘Anyway, remember the feeling from earlier then greet him, Rei-chan’

Reika sighs.

‘Hello, I’m Rei-chan, nice to meet you, Onii-chama!’

She said while looking half-teary.

‘Rei-chan’s a bit older but, Onii-chama, please love me!’

I smile at Reika.

‘Yes, Reika, I may be younger, but I’ll do my best as Reika’s big brother. My best regards!’

Reika looks at me in surprise.

‘Look, he didn’t laugh, did he? That is how he is. He accepted Rei-chan’s speech.’

Nagisa said proudly

‘Master, please give Rei-chan a hug.’

Michi leaves me.

‘Yeah, Reika, come here.’

I beckon Reika.

‘No, Uhm’
‘Rei-chan, toddler!’
‘Uhm, Onii-chama, you’re naked!’
‘Oh right, sorry.’

Michi stripped me off earlier
Somehow, when in front of the family, I’m fine even if I’m naked.
I put on my bathrobes.

‘Okay, come here, Reika.’

Reika comes at me timidly
I hug her.
Oh, her body’s so stiff.

‘Reika, relax.’
‘But, Onii-chama’
‘It’s fine, take a deep breath.’
‘There’s nothing scary, is there?’
‘I’m scared, I’m afraid, Onii-chama’

Reika who forgot how to be a warrior is,
Is just a single adult woman who has never made contact with men at all.
She feels potential fear towards men.

‘Rei-chan, feel Master’s lifeforce.’

Michi said.

‘Rei-chan, if you’re serious, you can break that life force in one blow.’

Yeah, I’m just.
If I’m attacked with her stick, it will result in instant death.

‘Reika, Reika’s actually far stronger than me. There is no reason to be afraid of me.’

I smiled


Reika’s tension loosens gradually.

‘Feeling that it’s’ an ephemeral life, hold onto it with great caution.’

Michi said Reika hugs me in her arms.

‘Oh, Onii-chama!’

A hug with no rejection nor compulsion.
We hug each other feeling our warmth.

‘It’s not scary, is it? Isn’t Onii-chama a significant person to you Rei-chan? I guarantee it.’

Nagisa said smiling.

‘Hey, Rei-chan, say your thanks to Nagisa-oneechama’

Mana said smiling.

‘Eh, I’m also a Onee-chama? ‘
‘Yes, because Rei-chan’s still a child.’
‘Right, it’s fine to be a child, Rei-chan.’

Nagisa tells Reika kindly.

‘I wonder if it’s fine, Rei-chan might regress to a toddler even more.’

Reika mutters in unease.

‘It’s fine. We’ll properly look after her, so she doesn’t drop into dangerous territory.’

Nagisa said.

‘Therefore, you can rely on us more. Rei-chan can return her heart to a child and be spoiled by the family!’

Since childhood, Reika has lost sight of herself as she tries to respond the expectations of her Kendo family’s grandfather.
Then, it distorts beauty in man’s dress.
Up until now, she’s never opened up her heart to her family and friends.
She has kept her heart closed all the time.
Nevertheless, she continued to play the character to meet everyone’s expectations on the outside.
Before one knows it, she doesn’t understand her heart.
She’s lost the sight of the key to the door to her heart.
Therefore, she’s never teamed up with anyone, and she’s quite a troubled person dressing as a British gentleman.

‘It’s fine to be a child, Reika.’

I whisper and hug her.

‘Un, Onii-chama’

Reika answers.
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