Chapter 427. Nagisa’s model Sex

Chapter 427. Nagisa’s model Sex

“Anyway, that’s it so, Dear, shall we have sex?”

Nagisa then attacks me who’s naked.
Hey hey, isn’t this just the same as Michi earlier?!

“Hey, just a second, Nagisa!”
“I won’t! Ufufu, it’s time for sex education! I’ll teach everyone the profundity of sex!”

Nagisa opens the chest part of her clothes.
Her huge soft breasts appear.

“N-No, Mao-chan’s here, right?”

There’s no way we’d have sex in front of her daughter, right?

“It’s fine. She’s asleep.”
“She might wake up, right?”
“I’ll do it well so she won’t wake up.”
“Do well?”
“Boys shouldn’t be complaining so much!”

Nagisa speaks to Ruriko and Michi.

“Ruriko-chan, hold his right hand, Michi-chan, left”

I’ve been holding hands with Ruriko since earlier, so she just grabbed it.

“I will take this one.”

Michi lies down on my left side and grabs my hand.
I’m made to lie down on the air mat with both my hands spread out.

“Nagisa-oneechan, what about Mana?”
“Mana-chan, you go with Agnes-chan and Rei-chan so they won’t be scared off.”

Mana enters in between the two of them.

“Okay, let’s hold hands.”
“Ah, yes.”

The three looks at me while cuddling close to each other.
Edie’s watching us from a bit further away.
It seems that Nagisa plans not to let her touch.

“Now then, let’s get it excited, runrun!”

Nagisa is now in her underwear.
It’s gorgeous and sexy underwear with a light blue lace on it.
Hmm, Nagisa’s scent drifts.
It’s not the smell of sweet milk like the middle school students-sisters, it’s more of an adult woman.

“No, but, I just had it multiple times.”

My penis won’t get erect.
It’s still the sage’s time.

“It’s fine! Mama will take care of it!”

Nagisa takes off her bra and gets on top of me.

“You don’t need to do anything!”

Nagisa’s plump breasts touch my chest
She kisses my lips.

“Leave everything to me.”

Crawling towards me like a female leopard, she licks my nipples.

“Ufufu, it feels good, doesn’t it? Men also feel their nipples.”
“It tickles, Nagisa. You don’t need to lick there.”
“No, drown to pleasure even more!”

From a bright and cheerful mother, Nagisa reverts to a single woman.

“I will no longer be stingy. I will use everything I have to make you feel good!”

Nagisa who was once the best prostitute of Kuromori shows her real ability.
Showing an angelic smile, she attacks my nipples.

“Yes. Let out your voice. There’s no one else here but your women. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, is there? Show a lot of your cute face to us!”

Then, she smiled at the girls around who are stunned.

“Take a good look, girls.”

Michi and others take a nod.
Nagisa bewitches everyone.

“Ready yourself, Dear!”

Nagisa touches my penis.

“The baby seed is made in this bag. Therefore, you must stimulate these testes after ejaculating a lot.”

Saying that Nagisa licks up my balls with her long tongue,
Ah, this is.
She’s done it on the love hotel in the early morning back then.
Back then, I ejaculated a lot that nothing’s coming out anymore.
I was able to recover thanks to Nagisa’s techniques.

“Ah, right, let me say this beforehand.”

Nagisa speaks to the surrounding girls.

“I’m already an adult, so I’ll get pregnant with his baby soon. I also want to make Mao’s sister.”

Nagisa smiles.

“I want to bear his first baby, are you okay with that?”

Nobody can speak up to Nagisa’s charm.

“Therefore, my sex with him is a genuine baby-making kind of sex. Everyone, take a look at a new life is poured inside me.”

Genuine baby-making sex.

“Then, I’d like to tell my child born in the future. Your parents wanted to make you. You are a blessed child.”

Mao-chan was a child forcibly made by Shirasaka Sousuke
It’s unknown who her father is.
Since the first daughter was born in such a fate;
She would like the second daughter to have a blessed birth.

“Nagisa, I’ll talk to them properly. I’ll tell the child that Papa loves Mama, and you were wished to be born.”
“Thank you, Dear.”

Nagisa holds my glans in her mouth.

“Anyway, let’s make love. Make love to me so much we’d have a baby!”
“Yeah, Nagisa”

THe c
Nagisa takes full advantage of all her fellatio techniques.
Licking from the bottom up the rod,
Licking the back of the glans,
Making sucking noises.
Grabbing the root kindly and squeezing it.

“This is a handjob but, remember this. It’s hard to adjust the power on grasping the penis. If you don’t practice, it won’t go well.”

Nagisa’s hand is fantastic.
She completely presses on the points of pleasure.

“You don’t have to do it alone anymore. If you want to release it, then do it with the surrounding girls. Teach everyone how to make you feel good, okay?”

Yeah, if I get to know this kind of pleasure.
I can’t masturbate anymore.
Nagisa’s hand is so much more pleasant than doing it with myself.
On top of that.
She’s licking the glans while stroking her hands.
Nagisa looks straight to my face while licking.
At the tip of Nagisa’s big breasts, her pink nipples are swaying.

“Ufufu, okay, it’s big!”

Nagisa straddles over my body.

“Take a look. I’m going to eat his penis.”

Holding the root of my penis, Nagisa placed it to her opening.
Are we going to do it in cowgirl position?
Nagisa’s pussy is already hot and wet with love nectar.
The juice drips to the tip of my glans.
It looks like a syrup smearing a banana
The gaze of the girls concentrates on the contact.
Was it Ruriko who gulped down her saliva?
Nagisa rubs the glans to her entrance to make it familiar.
Nagisa’s secret part is so beautiful you can’t believe that she had experience in giving birth.

“Okay, let’s eat!”

She’s eating my penis.
Everyone around has their breath taken away.
My penis is being swallowed.

“Ufufu, it’s all in.”

Nagisa leans down and kisses me. Our tongues twined.

“Does it feel good inside me?”
“Yeah, Nagisa”

Nagisa’s body is so soft,
There’s no hard elasticity like the middle school student sisters.
It’s as if my whole body’s being wrapped up in a soft and fluffy futon.

“I love you, Dear.”
“I love you too, Nagisa.”
“I want your child.”
“I want Nagisa to bear it.”

Nagisa smiles happily

“I will be the one moving so stay still.”

Then, Nagisa swings her waist.
Nuchu, nuchu, the connected part makes a wet sound.
Nagisa’s insides are warm.
It’s as if my penis dips into a hot spring.
The flesh folds wrap me gently, the meat walls is polishing up my whole penis.

“Listen, you have to use variations when moving your waist. You can even move like this!”

Nagisa tells the girls, and she turns her waist around, twist it.

“What do you think, Dear?”
“It feels good. It’s reaching various parts of Nagisa’s insides.”
“Yes, feel more, taste my body.”

This time, up and down.
Nagisa’s attacking me elegantly.

“I see, this one feels good? Ufufu, then you like doing this, right?”

She swings her waist side to side.

“Uuu, haha!”
I’m squirming in pleasure.
Ruriko and Michi who are holding my hands strengthen their hold.

“Master, is it that much?”
“Onii-sama, you’re trembling.”

The two are surprised from me who’s feeling good.

“Ufufu, as expected this one’s good, you’re so cute, Dear.”

Nagisa licks up my nose.

“You can let it out inside me anytime, more, I’ll make love with you more!”

Uuuh, I-I’m being squeezed!
It’s as if I’m being sucked inside Nagisa.

“A girl’s pussy gets better the harder you train. On the contrary, if you don’t train, it’ll just become a boring hole that keeps on spreading out.”

Nagisa tells everyone

“Therefore, you must have sex with the will of training properly. If not, he won’t feel good, and he’ll get bored!”
“How should we train?”

Ruriko asks.

“Well, there are various methods, and I will teach you about it but, you must use trial and error on how to make him feel pleasant and how you yourself can feel good as well. You must make the most out of your body’s taste, Ahn!”

Nagisa talks without stopping her waist.
By chance, the tip of my glans hits a pleasure spot for her.

“Dear, Ahn, I seem to feel it from here!”

She frowns, looking pleased.

“You like it here, right?”

Nagisa also changes the movement of her waist.


I leak out a voice unconsciously
She accurately attacks me.

“I want to make Master feel like this too.”

Michi mutters.

“My, Michi-chan, your body seems softer than me, you can do much more different things!”

Nagisa said.

“Anyway, you mustn’t be afraid to try to improve, Okay?”
“Thank you for the advice.”

Michi said.

“N-Nagisa, I’m”

I’m close to my limit.

“Ufufu, what’s wrong? Cumming?”

There are beads of sweat floating on Nagisa’s forehead as she sways on top of me violently

“Yeah, I, I, Nagisa!”
“Ah, wait a moment, I’m going to cum too!”

Nagisa changes the movement of her waist.
She stimulates to the point where she feels good and uses it to reach climax.

“Aaah, this feels good, Dear, you’re so perfect for me!”
“Cute, so cute! Dear!!!”
“I, I, I’m about to!”
“Wait, it’s coming too, please don’t leave me!”
“I’ll wait, I’ll wait for you, Nagisa, Nagisa, Nagisaaaaa.”
“`Aah, it’s coming, it’s rising up, aaah, it’s coming, soon!”
“Nagisa, aaaaah, aaaah!”

I desperately endure.
Nagisa speeds up moving her waist and spurts forward.
Nagisa’s voluptuous breasts shake violently on top of me.
Sweat scatters from the tip of her erect nipples.

“Aaah, I’m cumming, cumming, cum, cum, Cummiiiing!”

Nagisa’s insides clamp hard.

“Ah, me too, Nagisaaaa!”
“Cum! Impregnate me! Fertilize my eggs! Dear!!!!!”

I grip Ruriko and Michi’s hands firmly.
My semen is released from the bottom to top like a fountain!!!


Nagisa who feels the first shot in her womb wriggles back and forth!!

“My baby room is so hot!!”

Second shot, third shot!
The release of cloudy liquid continues.
Nagisa’s insides wriggle.

“My womb is drinking it. Gulp, gulp, it’s drinking your stuff!!!

Nagisa doesn’t stop moving her waist.
She’s trying to squeeze down till the last drop.

“Dear!!!! Dear!!!!! I love you. I love you so much!!!!”

She kisses me over and over and sucks out my tongue.
Nagisa sucks me above and below, my penis and tongue.

“Haa, haa, haa.”

Finally, Nagisa calms down
She relaxed her body while still connected to me.

“That was amazing, Dear.”

Nagisa tells me with a smile.

“Look, I think we made it just now. A child”

Nagisa gently strokes her sweaty stomach.

“I have a feeling. It really felt good after all.”


“Yeah, it would be great if we did.”

I also look at Nagisa’s stomach.
I want to touch it, but Ruriko and Michi aren’t letting me go.
They’re hardened from watching me have sex with Nagisa.

“That’s so nice. Nagisa-oneechan looks so happy.”

Mana mutters.

“Yes, I’m happy, I’m having sex with the man I love after all.”

Nagisa answers with a smile.

“You too should be happy. This man is for everyone after all!”

That said, she gets up and pulls out my penis.
A lot of semen spills out from her opening.
My penis is sticky with love nectar and semen.

“Then, who would like to do the clean-up fellatio? Is there anyone who wants to do it?”

Nagisa asks, Michi

“Then I will.”
“Okay, well then, take care of it, Michi-chan.”

Nagisa and Michi switch positions.

“Master, allow me to serve.”

Michi licks and sucks my penis clean.
Edie starts making noise in surprise.
Mana speaks something in English
Michi too

“What’s up?”
“Yeah. Edie-chan said ‘it’s dirty to lick that’ so I said ‘It’s a part of our beloved person, so it’s not dirty’ Then, Michi-oneechan said ‘This is an important ritual so don’t get in my way’ ”

Mana explained.
Edie is depressed from being scolded by Michi.
She grew timid and walked towards the bed where Mao-chan is sleeping.

“Ah, Mao-chan’s over there!”

Before Nagisa finished saying that, Eide sat down next to Mao-chan,


This is bad, Mao-chan is going to wake up.
Nagisa goes to Mao-chan while still naked.

“Mao, woke up?”

Nagisa smiles at her daughter.

“Mao’s sleepy.”

Ah, still.
Mao-chan played a lot with Agnes today.
She’s quite sleepy

“It’s fine. You can sleep.”
“Un, Mama”

Then, Mao-chan

“Where’s Papa”

Michi’s still fellating me.

“I’m here.”

I replied only with my voice.

“I’m glad.”

Mao-chan seems to feel relieved.

“Mao, Mama, won’t be staying in this room for a while but, Papa’s here, okay?”

Nagisa, what do you mean?

“I’m fine if Papa’s here.”

She said, then returns to sleep.


Michi glares at Edie while still having my penis in her mouth.


Edie got shrinks herself in shame.
Nagisa fixes Mao-chan’s futon.

“This girl’s been waiting so you could take a bath with her before going to bed.”

Ah, so that’s what happened when I was doing Ruriko’s first experience.

“Ah, sorry. I didn’t know about it.”
“Take one with her tomorrow morning.”
“Got it, Nagisa”

I replied
I’m already Mao-chan’s Papa
I cannot betray Mao-chan’s expectations

“By the way, why would you leave the room?”

I asked.

“Yes, I think that it’s about time for my turn.”

Nei comes into the room in great timing.

“Ohohoi! Nagisa-san, you’re requested to come!”

I turn to Nei.

“Nee-san, what do you mean by that?”

Nei went with Jii-chan and didn’t return.
Then that means that she was in the secretary’s training room all the time.
Then, there’s a ‘request’?

“It’s about time that we finish the stick time.”

Nagisa tells me.

“Carrot and stick, whenever you control a person’s brain, both are necessary.”
“Katsuko-nee has devoted herself to be the stick, the secretary’s heart is broken. So it’s about time to give the carrot to her.”

Nei smiles.

“This is where kind people like Nagisa-san comes in!”

So the person that has to act the carrot and the stick has to be done by different people.

“In this situation, if she sees Nagisa-san called out by Katsuko-nee in the middle of training, she’ll think of her suspiciously! So I came here not as a messenger but to call her.”

Later, Nagisa who doesn’t know anything about the secretary just happens to pass by, and she’ll appear on the training site.
So that’s the plan?

“Oh right, let me borrow your Bathrobe.”

Then, Nagisa puts on the bathrobe I was wearing.

“I will go with the setting of a woman trained by Katsuko. If she thinks that there are people with a worse situation than herself, she’ll feel at ease right away. Furthermore, watching the most embarrassing scenes as a woman, that secretary will definitely fall to it.”

Having a woman under the same situation as her, that’s the carrot.
Furthermore, she witnesses a situation where the training has progressed that it shows the most shameful situation while she’s in the process of her heartbreaking.
Then, she won’t feel grudge to the carrot.
Instead, if she’s shown such shame, she’ll feel sorry for her.
I see. So that’s their team play.

“Then, let’s go! Take care of Mao-chan. If she wakes up and feels lonely again, call me right away. I’m gonna come flying.”
“Yes, I know.”

Then, Nagisa walks flapping her slippers.

“Then, what’s happening here with everyone?”

Nei asks me.

“Hmm, we just had Nagisa-oneechan’s sex lessons.”

Mana answers.

“Huh, what’s with the gloomy face Ruriko?”

Nei asks Ruriko.
Right, Ruriko looks gloomy.

“That is, Nagisa-oneesama’s sex was very skillful.”


“If I have to be that skilled to stay by Onii-sama’s side, I wonder if Onii-sama really needs me.”

Ah, so that’s why she’s disheartened.

“Hmm, so Ruriko just accepts defeat without fighting?”

Nei smiles.

“Without fighting?”
“Am I wrong? Ruriko’s just 15. Nagisa’s already 21. The age is different, and even in sex, it’s Ruriko’s first time, isn’t it? Isn’t it obvious that you’re no match for her skills and experience?”
“That is, true, however.”
“Oh what, so Ruriko’s a girl with that attitude. You don’t think that you can overcome Nagisa.”

She’s provoking Ruriko.

“In the first place, you’re not thinking about Yo-chan’s feelings at all!”

I look at Ruriko.

“I need Rurik. I want to have sex with you all the time. Therefore, Ruriko doesn’t need to rush to become good and skillful.”

She doesn’t know that Nagisa was a prostitute.
It’s evident that she’ll lose in sex experience or skill.

“On the other hand, Mana, you think that it’s natural for Nagisa-san to be good at sex, so you had no choice but to lose?”

Nei asks.

“Err, I”

Mana’s embarrassed because she’s seen through
That’s right, Mana knows about Kuromori.
Therefore, she has already given up from the start as she loses to Nagisa when it comes to sex.

“That’s not good. You two must burn your sense of rivalry properly. Yo-chan abandons boring women!”
“No, I won’t.”
“Then, I retract my previous statement, do you not want to become a woman who only lives out of Yo-chan’s kindness?”
“Mana doesn’t want too.”

Ruriko and Mana answers

“Then, there’s no other way but to do your best, right?”

Nei smiles.

“Unlike you two, Michi’s quite strong.”

Michi’s set on licking my penis since earlier.
Basing from what she saw from Nagisa’s fellatio techniques earlier, she added various of her original ideas.
She’s already starting her efforts to overcome Nagisa.

“If I lose my fighting spirit, then I will lose myself.”

Michi answers while stroking my penis from what she learned from watching.

“Master, is this much strength good enough for a handjob?”

She’s strong.
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