Chapter 430. The first Agnes’ capture game (Part 2)

Chapter 430. The first Agnes’ capture game (Part 2)

「 Hey, Agnes-chan, let’s take this all off! 」

Mana takes off Agnes’ clothes which were half-stripped by Nei.
Nei hugs Agnes from behind so she can’t do anything.
I wasn’t so conscious when her breasts were visible from the gap in between her clothes, but,
Looking at her this way, Agnes’ body is still young.
No, even for a body of a 12-year-old, her breasts are rising, I can also say that they’re much more developed than Michi, but.
Her body’s base is still a child.
Her shoulder width is still narrow. Her waist isn’t constricted.
Her stomach is also plump and soft.
Her arms and legs are also thin.
If I can express it, it would be thin.
Before, I’ve expressed Nei’s body as thicc.
No, now in front of me, Nei’s naked body holds down the half-naked Agnes from behind so that I can compare the particulars, but,
Nei’s enormous breasts are glamorous, but it’s never fat. Instead, her body’s tight.
Her body has an adult proportion already, her shoulder’s got the width, and her hipbones are developing. She’s training her muscles, so her breasts won’t sag, so her chest itself is stretched and thick.
Furthermore, apart from her big breasts that could shoot rockets, her ass is round too.
Anyway, her physical body’s like a 3D model.
On the other hand, Agnes.
Her breasts are already swelling, but it feels flat.
Anyway, this body is still of a child.
Ah, I thought that Michi’s body is quite petite and young, but;
Comparing it to Agnes, I can tell.
Michi’s body is growing as a 15-year-old girl just like her.

「 Yo-chan, don’t hesitate over there 」

Nei smiles at me.

「 We don’t have time to stop and stay still 」

No matter how young Agnes’ body is;
I must ravish this girl in front of Shirasaka Sousuke.
There’s no other way to liberate Minaho-neesan’s heart other than finishing the revenge.

「 Agnes 」

I speak to Agnes.

「 You’re cute. You have a lovely body 」

I once again look at Agnes with a lustful gaze.
Her virgin slit is of course perfectly closed.
Agnes’ half-foreign skin is more bluish-white than just white.
Usually, only the illumination from the skylight in the cellar is the only sunlight exposed to her.

「 Agnes-chan’s stomach is so cute. It’s like a newborn rabbit 」

Mana said.

「 Mana, have you seen a newborn bunny? 」

I asked.

「 I did, I was a keeper at the elementary school in Shizuoka 」

Mana smiles.

「 Mana, move, switch positions with Yo-chan! 」

Nei said.

「 Ah, right. Mana won’t be touching from now on 」

Mana retires.
Right, I must be the one to teach Agnes about sexual pleasure.
Others shouldn’t make her experience the sexual feeling and make her cum.

「 Agnes 」

I switch with Mana and approach Agnes on top of the bed.
Agnes twitched.
She’s scared.
Her blue eyes are wide open, looking at me.

「 It’s okay. There’s no need to worry, Agnes 」

How many times I’ve experienced this?
An afraid woman who has no experience being embraced by a man.
I must not use my memories of past experiences.
I must not get used to it.
I must forget all in the past.
Agnes is Agnes.
Agnes is a girl with individuality, different from other girls.
Girls aren’t the same.
They’re different individually.

「 Agnes, show me your face 」

Then, her body.
Look at it, feel it.
What kind of girl is Agnes?
Hold her body and feel it.

「 Look, Agnes, Don’t be scared, there’s nothing to be afraid! 」

Nei whispers from behind Agnes.
Agnes’ tension loosens up from Nei’s embrace.
Oh, I see.
She’s never been hugged by people at all.

「 Agnes, let me hug Agnes as well 」

I open up my arms to Agnes with a smile.

「 ……!!! 」

Agnes is afraid but,

「 It’s okay. It’s just a hug 」
「 That’s right, it’s okay, Yo-chan’s kind 」

As Nei hugs Agnes from behind, I hug her in front.
Agnes is sandwiched between Nei and me.

「 Auuu 」

Agnes leaks out her voice.
The three of us are naked.
Our raw skins are sticking close to each other.
We stay like that for a while.
The three of us feel each other’s temperature.
I wait until the waves of unrest in Agnes’ heart calms down.
Ah, Agnes has a higher body temperature than Nei.

「 Is this okay? Are you not in pain? Am I heavy? 」

After a while, I asked Agnes.
I try not to weigh her as much as possible but.

「 I’m fine, desuno 」

Agnes answers in a small voice.

「 It’s warm, desuno 」

From behind, Nei;

「 Agnes-chan, can you tell? The one hugging you from behind, is me, a woman’s body. And the one hugging you in front is Yo-chan, a man’s body! 」

Agnes listens to what Nei says.

「 A man’s body is sturdy. You can feel him protecting Agnes, right? Can you tell? 」

Agnes doesn’t answer.

「 Agnes, your heart is throbbing 」

I smile at Agnes.

「 Huh? 」
「 Agnes’ heart is beating so hard. It’s conveyed to me 」

I raise my body and put my chest in front of Agnes’ face.

「 Listen to the sound of my heart too 」


「 Put your ears there and listen 」

She listens to my chest as told by Nei.

「 Ah 」
「 What do you think, Agnes? 」
「 It’s making lub-dub, lub-dub sounds 」
「 Yes. I’m also nervous. Just like Agnes 」

Agnes looks at me with a puzzled face.

「 We’re the same 」

Using that chance, I kiss Agnes’ lips.

「 Hafu! 」

Suppressing the surprised Agnes’ face, I kiss her lips over and over again.
Before long, Agnes loosens up, did she give up?

「 So cute, Agnes. My Agnes 」

I whisper to Agnes’ ears like a spell.

「 I’ll never let you go. We’ll be together forever. Agnes 」

I attack Agnes’ erogenous zone in her ears too.

「 Haouu 」

Agnes twists her body like she’s tickled, but,
Agnes who’s’ holding her from behind doesn’t let her escape.

「 It’s okay. It’ll only feel good 」

I lick inside her ears.

「 Kuuun! 」

Agnes, that’s cute.
I crawl my tongue on her neck. She then bends her body.

「 It tickles, desuno! 」

She tells me with moist eyes.

「 It doesn’t tickle, you’re feeling it 」
「 Feeling? 」
「 Yes, I’ll make you feel even better 」

My tongue goes down from her neck to her chest.
I stick my tongue in her.

「 Eh, that’s? 」

Agnes’ breasts are small so,
I open my mouth wide and suck up her areola.

「 Hamu! 」

I raise my tongue inside my mouth and search for her sunken nipples.
I lick it up.

「 I-Iyaaan, aaahn! 」

She must’ve touched it when masturbating, but,
It’s her first time being licked up.
Agnes trembles from the first time sensation.
Ah, there’s sweat floating under her armpit and neck.
Agnes’ arousal seems to have ignited.
I attack her breasts alternately

「 Agnes, which feels better, left or right? 」

Nei whispers to Agnes.

「 Left, the left 」

Agnes answers while blushing

「 As expected, you can feel it closer to your heart 」

Mana said as she looks at us.

「 Then, I’m licking the left more 」

I put a lot of saliva on my tongue and lick it.
Ah, I feel something sticking out in her sunken areola.
It’s still buried, but her nipples are erect.

「 Aaahn, ahn! 」

Agnes’ body is sensitive.
Now, let’s invade further.
My tongue goes across her gentle mountain of breasts to her plump stomach.
What’s this, it’s amazingly soft.
A small girl’s stomach is so soft and smooth.
Of course, I also greet her navel.

「 That’s, hafu! 」

It seems that she’s tickled from having her navel licked.
Then my tongue goes to her triangle.

「 Agnes, open your legs 」
「 Huh? 」
「 It’s okay, leave it to Yo-chan 」

Even if Nei tells her that, Agnes still hesitates,

「 It’s okay. Mana just had it earlier, didn’t you see it? Onii-chan’s just going to lick it. It feels perfect! 」

Agnes was intensely watching when I gave Mana cunnilingus earlier.
She saw Mana feel good.

「 It’s okay. It’s Mana’s Onii-chan. It’s Agnes’ Papa! 」
「 Come, Agnes, open your legs 」

Agnes looks at Mana and my face,
She finally readied herself.
Her thin 12-year-old half-foreign beauty legs open up.

「 Yeah, Agnes’ pussy is also cute 」

Agnes’ genital is small.
Will I really be able to drive my erect penis in here?
I open up her slit with my fingers.
Inside is completely moist. Thick and transparent liquid drips.

「 Fuu 」

I first blow wind into it.

「 Haan~ 」

At the moment Agnes leaked out her voice.
I lick it up with my tongue.

「 Ugii! 」

Agnes tries to close her legs in panic, but,
I hold down her thighs.
I violate Agnes’ crotch with my tongue!!

「 Aaaaaahn! Ah, aaahn! 」

Agnes’ voice grows stronger.

「 What do you think? It’s much better than touching yourself, right? It’s Onii-chan, so it feels so good! 」

Mana whispers to Agnes.

「 It’s okay, just feel good! Leave your body to Yo-chan, don’t be scared, there’s nothing to be afraid! 」

Nei too.
I desperately use my tongue.
She’s tiny. It’s a body of a child.
I can easily stop her with my strength.
Her ass, legs, thighs, they’re all just fluffy, weak.
I’m licking this small girl’s vagina.

「 Aaaahn, ahan, aaaaah! 」

Agnes pants.
She was obliged to masturbate three times a day.
Even if she’s just 12, she’s sexually trained.
One the fire ignites, she’ll only rise to the climax.

「 Don’t do that Agnes. Don’t close your eyes, look at Yo-chan’s face 」

The young girl who seems to be in pain opens her eyes.
Her blue eyes look at me who’s licking her crotch.

「 Yes. Onii-chan’s making Agnes-chan feel good, look at him properly, he’s Agnes-chan’s Papa after all 」
「 Pa, Papa, hamun! 」

I expose Agnes’ clitoris.
It’s much smaller and redder than Mana’s.
It’s like a small ruby, shining brightly with the love nectar.
But still, it’s stiff!

「 Agnes, I’m going for the most pleasing place of yours 」

I roll my tongue on her small clitoris.

「 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn!!!! 」

Agnes grabs my head tightly!

「 It feels good, doesn’t it, Agnes-chan? 」
「 Uuuu, it feels good. 」

Agnes is drowning in the waves of pleasure.

「 You must tell Yo-chan properly, say 『 Papa it feels good 』! 」

Agnes narrows her eyes from the continuous pleasure.

「 Papa, it feels good, it feels gooood, ahn! 」
「 Say 『 Papa, this is better than doing it myself 』 」

Mana whispers to Agnes.

「 P-Papa, A-Agnes, feels good, it’s much better than touching myself, it feels good, Papa’s licking, is so good! 」

I intensify the use of my tongue.

「 Haaaaaaaaaaahn! Aaaaah, iyaaaaaaan ah, ah, haa!! 」

Agnes’ body gets hotter and hotter, wetter. She’s melting.

「 Agnes-chan, say 『 Papa, make me cum 』 」

Mana tells her with a smile.

「 Huh? 」
「 Just do it, say 『 Papa, make me cum 』! 」


「 P-Papa, make me cum, please make me cum!! 」

I put on a spurt.

「 Ah, aaaaah, Agnes, Agnes is flying!! 」

Agnes has a habit of masturbating.
She looks up.
When she cums, she looks up at the naked statue of Shirasaka Sousuke.
But, she can’t see the statue there now.

「 Agnes, look at Papa and cum! 」

Nei whispers

「 Yes! Look at Papa. It’s Papa who’s making Agnes feel good okay! 」

Mana too

「 P-Papa!!! 」

Our eyes met.
At that moment.

「 Papaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Agnes is enveloped by ecstasy.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, aaaah, ahaaaaaaaaa, kufuu! 」

Her body twitches.
Her thin thighs sandwiches my head.
She grabs my hair tightly
My face is pressed against her crotch
My nose grinds into Agnes’ genital.

「 Kuuuuuun! Kuuuuun! Kufuuuun !!! 」

Agnes’ panting voice is already of an adult woman’s.
Even though her body is this young,

「 Haaaaaaaa, aaaaaah, kuuun! 」

Then, Agnes’ long climax ended.

「 Kufuuu, haaa, haa, haa! 」

Agnes breathes with her whole body damp with sweat.

「 Onii-chan, towel. Mana will wipe you off 」

Mana brings in a clean towel
She wipes my face wet with Agnes’ love nectar and sweat.

「 Thanks, Mana 」

I get up and hug the weakened Agnes once again.
Agnes’ eyes are out of focus.
She’s dazed.

「 Agnes, Agnes, are you okay? 」

Even if I call her out, she doesn’t reply.

「 Agnes-chan, wake up! 」

Mana taps Agnes’ cheeks.

「 Afuu 」

Agnes’ eyes have life coming back.

「 Agnes, are you okay? 」

Agnes’ blue eyes look at my face.

「 Pa, pa? 」
「 Yes. It’s Agnes’ Papa 」

I replied.

「 Papa! 」

Agnes hugs me tightly.

「 Papa, Papa, Papaa! 」

Uwawawawaawa, Agnes cries.

「 Yeah. It’s fine. I’m here with you 」

I hug Agnes back.

「 This girl’s never had contact with other people 」

Nei said.

「 Even though she wasn’t given any contact, Shirasaka Sousuke shows his sex videos, forced her to masturbate while looking up at his figure 」

Therefore, Agnes is;

「 Her libido’s developed by masturbation but, in reality, sex is an act of a lot of contacts. Men and women getting naked, having their skin overlap 」

Nei said.

「 Yet, Agnes has never been hugged by anyone, she learned masturbation, and only knows her warmth 」

Thinking about it once again, that’s a horrible thing to do.

「 This girl has always made walls with us. No, she I think she doesn’t know how to make contact with us. Edie and Mana have begun to touch her body, she trusts them quite a lot, but the most important part at the bottom of her heart is closed 」

The 12 years of solitude, darkness, it’s never sunny.

「 But you see, there’s so many emotions that go around inside Agnes. But, this girl doesn’t know how to express that! 」

「 Papa, Papa, Papaaaa!! 」

Agnes clings to me while crying.
I rub Agnes’ back gently.

「 Yeah. Agnes, I’m here with you 」

I kiss Agnes’ crying face over and over again.

「 The emotions that remained in Agnes’ pool was let out in one go from Yo-chan’s caress that made her cum. When she came, she entrusted everything to Yo-chan, her heart’s completely defenseless 」

Therefore, Agnes is crying in my chest.

「 It’s okay now, Agnes, I’m here with you. I’m here 」
「 Papaaaaa! 」

Ah, I’m the same as Agnes.
I also had nobody giving me skin contact.
Ever since grandma had died,
I have no memory of being hugged by Mother.
Even by my father.

「 Agnes, look at me 」

Agnes opens up her eyes filled with tears.

「 Papaaa! 」
「 Yeah, I’m your Papa. I’m Agnes’ Papa! 」
「 Papa, Papaaa! 」
「 I’ll give you as many hugs as you want. I will be by Agnes’ side from now on! 」

I smile at Agnes

「 Papaa! 」

Again. She jumps to my chest and cries.
Agnes desperately hugs my body.
I as well hug Agnes.
We’re hugging each other.
This girl needs me as much as I need Agnes.
I won’t let go of her.
I will make her happy.

Before I noticed, I was crying as well.

◇ ◇ ◇

After crying and crying, Agnes fell asleep.
But still, she’s holding my arms, not letting go.

「 Hmmm, she’s more of a Papa’s girl than I expected 」

Nei mutters.

「 It’s fine for her to be one’ 」

I pat Agnes’ head

「 Yeah, I think it is fine.l Mana is an Onii-chan’s girl too 」
「 Right, I’m also a little brother lover too! 」

Mana said, Nei smiles.

「 I’m Master’s loving dog! 」

Michi, at least be human.

「 How’s Edie? 」
「 She seems to have fallen asleep 」

Then that’s fine

「 Ruriko, how about Mao-chan? 」

I call to Ruriko who’s on the air mat.

「 She’s completely asleep, so cute 」

Ruriko replied.

「 Ruriko wants to have Onii-sama’s child as soon as possible 」

Hey, Ruriko?

「 Onii-sama, Ruriko is also an Onii-sama loving girl. Whenever Onii-sama is lonely, I will give a hug anytime 」
「 Ruri-oneechan, don’t go stealing the march!! 」

Mana stops Ruriko
Err, then

「 Huh, where’s Rei-chan? 」

I search for Reika.
Where is she, I can’t see her though

「 I’m here 」

I hear a voice from behind me.
She was so close that I’m surprised.
Ah, she’s been standing behind me all this time.

「 Onii-cama, I’m deeply impressed 」

Reika seems to have been watching me and Agnes hug and cry.

「 Rei-chan, come here 」

I beckon Reika.

「 Yes? 」
「 Rei-chan also grew up lacking in contact, right? 」

I smile at Reika.

「 I’ll hug you so give me one too 」
「 Yes, Onii-chama 」

Reika jumps to my chest bashfully.
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