Chapter 436. The second Agnes’ capture game

Chapter 436. The second Agnes’ capture game

「 But, isn’t that great, Rei-chan? You’re getting along with everyone 」

Mana tells Reika while peeing.

「 If the family doesn’t get along then you won’t laugh at a fart 」

Won’t laugh?

「 Yukino-san always farts when she’s with Maika-san in the living room. She lies down on the sofa as she does that. She’s got no delicacy, or instead, she looks down on Maika-san too much 」

Mana remembers her time as Shirasaka Maika and gets angry.
I see. Yukino was farting without concern in front of her little sister.

「 It always gets to her head and complains angrily but, that person still makes a fool of Maika-san so she’ll say『 My, sorry 』 I hate her! 」

I can imagine that scene in my head.
Yukino was indeed mean to Mana and Megu.

「 That’s why laughing about it is a good thing. We all love you Rei-chan! 」

Mana smiles

「 T-Thank you 」

Reika answers embarrassed.

「 There’s no need to say thanks for that! We’re family, Rei-chan. 」

Mana’s brightness is a lubricant to the family.
Mana’s changed.
She has become a girl who thinks of other people.

「 Okay, I’m done! Onii-chan, rinse Mana please! 」

Mana tells me that she finished pissing.
I wash Mana’s pussy with the shower.

「 Ufufu, want to have sex before going to sleep, Onii-chan? 」

Mana whispers to me.

「 If we do now, you won’t have any tomorrow 」
「 Eh, Onii-chan, didn’t you promise to have sex with Mana everyday 」
「 Yes, and the date has changed already. If we do it now, you don’t have any more turns tomorrow 」
「 I don’t want that. Let’s do it now and do it again after waking up! Mana loves having sex with Onii-chan! 」
「 No, we’ll have a lot of work tomorrow. If you’re doing it, then do it when Agnes is awake! 」

Nei tells Mana.

「 Yeah, we have to preserve stamina tonight. We’re going to work hard tomorrow 」

We’re able to secure Yukino.
What’s left is Agnes’ heart.
To fulfill the final revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 I see, that’s unfortunate. Then, tomorrow! 」

Mana agreed, then smiled.
I understand what’s in Mana’s mind already.
It’s not that she really wants to just have sex with me recklessly.
Mana feels her bond with me through sex.
For the time being, she wants a promise for our next sex.

「 Yeah, Mana should join in with the sex to open up Agnes’ heart 」
「 Okay! 」

Mana answered happily.
Mana’s fine now

「 Oh right. Onii-chan, you’re going to rape Mana tomorrow in front of Shirasaka Sousuke, right? 」

Mana speaks brightly on purpose.
It’s about the revenge ceremony of her father.

「 At that time, I’ll be wearing Maika-san’s uniform. Onii-chan, you can tear those apart. I won’t wear them anymore after all 」

Mana can’t go back to the school she went to before.

「 Let’s have that kind of sex. Rape me for real. Mana will also cry out boo-hoo, so rape me a lot! Everyone, watch it! It’ll be really lewd! 」

Mana smiles
It’s sex to entomb her father completely.
Mana wants to have the existence of Shirasaka Maika down six feet underground.

「 Yeah, I know 」

Both me and Mana have to return to the starting point.
We only have to move forward.

「 Yes, I’m looking forward to it 」

Ruriko said.
Ruriko doesn’t know what rape means.
Afterward, Nei and Megu also peed.
Then, the ceremony before going to bed is over.

「 Come now, let’s brush our teeth and wash our face! 」
「 Okay! 」

Katsuko-nee has toothbrushes prepared, and everyone brushed their teeth.

「 Yo-chan, brush Rei-chan’s teeth! 」

Nei said.

「 What? 」

Reika’s surprised.

「 It’s fine. Rei-chan is a small girl who can’t brush her teeth yet! 」

Oh, we have to treat Reika as a small girl on nights thoroughly.

「 Yeah, I’ll take care of it 」
「 O-Okay 」

But still, looking up at her, she has a bright and well-formed adult face.
Her eyes are bright, beautiful, and crisp.
She’s a woman much older than me.
Yet, I treat Reika like a kindergarten girl.

「 Okay, open your mouth 」


I clean up Reika’s teeth meticulously.
Reika’s blushing to her ears from embarrassment

「 That’s so nice, Rei-chan. Mana wants that too 」
「 Nono, Mana’s already an adult, right? 」

I said.

「 True, Mana’s no longer virgin! I’m an adult woman! 」

Hearing that, Reika who’s the only one who blushed among the women who are awake.

「 Rei-chan should be a woman soon too! 」

Mana said I smiled wryly.

「 Now then, how are we going to sleep for today? 」

After brushing teeth and washing our face, Nei asks everyone.

「 Yo-chan, you have business with her tomorrow so sleep next to Agnes. Then, we’ll attack immediately as soon as she wakes up! 」

Agnes fell asleep while in sexual climax.
Then when she wakes up, we’re going to raise her sexual feeling again.
The night and the morning will be connected as one.

「 Right, got it, Nee-san 」
「 With that said, Agnes will be on Yo-chan’s left. 」 Okay, Yo-chan lie down 」

I enter to Agnes’ side.

「 Then, who’s going to the right? 」

Nei asks.

「 I think Misuzu-san should 」

Megu who’s been humble all this time said.

「 Misuzu-san doesn’t always sleep with Yoshi-kun 」

Ah, she had Jii-chan’s permission to stay overnight today, but,
Misuzu who lives with her parents usually sleeps at home

「 Are you sure, Megumi-san? 」

Misuzu asks

「 It’s fine! Megumi can sleep with Yo-chan anytime! 」

Nei answers instead of Megu.
Ruriko’s going to be living with me too.
Of course, Mana too.

「 Then, excuse me 」

Misuzu lies next to me.

「 Ufufu, I’m going to see the same dream as Danna-sama! 」

She smiles looking at me.

「 Huh, but what about Michi-oneechan? 」

Mana asks.
Ah, Michi is Misuzu’s guard so she can’t sleep with me every day either.

「 I will excuse myself here 」

Then, Michi slips in between my feet.
She hugs my leg and curls up.

「 I’m fine here, Master’s penis is right there 」

Michi who clings to my penis looks up at my penis.

「 If I’m here, I’ll be prepared for unforeseen circumstances 」

No, let’s just leave her alone.

「 But Michi, won’t it be hot there if we cover with a blanket? 」

She’s going to be covered with a blanket all the way to the head.

「 I’m fine 」

I see.
Then, go for it

「 Ruriko-oneechan, sleep with Mana! Rei-chan too! 」

Mana who’s the youngest calls the two newcomers, considering them.

「 Then, I’ll be sleeping with Megumi 」
「 Yes, thank you 」

Everyone lies down on their mat.

「 Then, should we turn off the lights? 」

Nei heads to the light switch on the wall.

「 Wait a second, is Edie okay like that? 」

I point at Edie.
Edie’s lying down on the floor since a while ago.
She’s not even on a futon.

「 Ah, I guess we cover her with a blanket at least 」

Nei casually puts on a blanket on her.

「 I wonder if her body’s going to hurt from sleeping on the floor. 」

I’m a bit worried.

「 If it hurts then she’ll just wake up and go for an air mat! 」

Nei said.

「 Katsu-nee, Nagisa-san, Mao-chan aren’t here, so we have more air mats for tonight, she can get up on her own and sleep on a vacant one 」


「 Or rather, we don’t want her to wake up a lot, right? She seems to get bad wake ups 」

True, if she wakes up badly, it would be troublesome if she rampages.
Michi needs to suppress her with her Qi every time.

「 With that said, let’s leave her alone! 」

Nei flips off the switch
The light of the moon coming from the skylight becomes the only illumination in the room.

「 Okay, let’s sleep! Good night, Yo-chan 」
「 Good night, Yoshi-kun 」
「 Good night, Onii-chan! 」
「 Good night, Onii-sama 」
「 Good night, Onii-chama 」
「 Excuse me, Master, 」

Each of them says their good nights to me under the dusk night.

「 Yeah, good night 」

I answered.

「 Ufufu, I can see Master’s face 」

Misuzu hugs me.

「 Good night, Danna-sama! 」

She said, then kissed me.
Snap, the room lights up again.

「 I knew it would turn to this 」

Nei comes to me.
The other women also rise.

「 Yo-chan, give us our goodnight kiss too! 」

Then, I
I gave everyone a good night kiss.
Nei, Megu, Mana, Ruriko, hey, why are you licking my glans Michi!

「 Michi! It’s a good night kiss, not good night fellatio! 」

Nei scolds her.

「 I’m sorry 」
「 Fellatio is when he wakes up! 」
「 It is as you say! 」


「 Rei-chan too 」
「 Ah, yes 」

I kiss Reika too.
Lastly, Michi too;

「 Umu, everyone’s satisfied! Then withdraw! 」

Everyone goes back to their sleeping places.

「 Then, good night! See you tomorrow! 」

Nei once again turns off the lights.

◇ ◇ ◇

As expected, I’m quite tired it seems.
I just fell asleep after that.
Agnes’ warmth on the left.
Misuzu’s breath on the right.
I feel Michi’s heat on my legs.

「 ……!!! 」

I wake up from that sense of discomfort.
It’s morning
The soft morning light falls from the skylight
My senses feel like the night jumped to morning in a moment.

「 Good morning, Yo-chan! 」
「 Good morning, Yoshi-kun 」
「 Good morning, Onii-chan! 」
「 Good morning, Onii-sama 」
「 Good morning, Onii-chama 」

Everyone’s standing by my bedside.
It’s as if I’m on a deathbed.
Everyone’s looking at me.

「 Onii-chan can’t wake up easily, so everyone watched your sleeping face! 」

Mana smiles

「 Agnes-chan too! 」

I turn to my side.
Agnes’ big blue eyes are only about 30cm away.

「 Agnes-chan, morning greeting please! 」

Mana said, Agnes;

「 G-Good morning, desuno, Papa! 」


「 Yes, good morning 」

But, the number’s not enough.
Or rather, there’s stimulation in my crotch?!

「 Goofmowin mafer! 」

Michi said while having my penis in her mouth.

「 Good morning, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu’s licking my balls.

「 You two, what are you doing? 」
「 foufo fefafio 」


「 Michi-oneechan said double fellatio! 」

Mana said.

「 Because it’s erect 」

Misuzu said.
The morning wood?
If it’s erect, then I can’t do anything.

「 Well, a citizen must suck erect dicks! 」

Nei smiles

「 We’re the citizens of Yo-chan country! 」


「 Onii-chan’s a king so you can order us anything! 」
「 Ruriko will also serve Onii-sama 」

Doing that kind of play from waking up is a bit difficult.

「 Edie-san, don’t stay there, you could come here 」

I look towards where Mana is speaking.
Edie’s doing some physical exercise herself.

「 Michi doesn’t join her for the morning training, so she’s sulking 」

Misuzu said.

「 fowwy 」

Michi, don’t speak while your mouth is full.

「 Now then, since the two are licking below, we’re going to kiss the upper mouth! 」

Nei kisses me.
Then, Megu, Mana, Ruriko, and Reika.
Since I slept well, it felt like a deja vu from the good night kiss.

「 Okay, Agnes-chan too! 」

Mana urges Agnes.

「 Hmm 」

Agnes is embarrassed

「 Hey, if you don’t give him a kiss Agnes-chan can’t get along with everyone 」

Mana corners Agnes

「 Don’t do that, Mana 」

I stop Mana.
We can’t put on pressure to Agnes yet.

「 Agnes 」

I kiss Agnes.

「 Nn, Papa 」

Agnes is confused.

「 Do you remember what happened last night, Agnes? 」
「 Huh? 」

Her eyes look at me surprised.

「 If you don’t remember then let me remind you 」

I get on top of Agnes.
Michi and Misuzu get off my penis right away.

「 First, a kiss 」

I kiss Agnes again and again.
Just like a small bird.
Then, kissing the tip of her nose too.

「 Aaaaah, Papa! 」
「 Do you remember what happened last night? 」

The women around watches us with a smile.
To ease up Agnes.

「 Mana, Ruriko, hold Agnes’ hand 」
「 Okay 」
「 Certainly 」

In this case, the two who’s closest to Agnes holds both her hands.

「 There’s nothing to be afraid of 」
「 We’re together with you 」

Agnes has relaxed a bit from the smile of the two girls.

「 Hanmu! 」

Agnes’ twitched when I licked her neck.

「 Agnes is so cute 」

Right now, I must give Agnes pleasure alone.
Everyone knows that so they’re just watching over.

「 Okay, next would be breasts, Agnes, do you love having your breasts licked? 」

I asked, the 12-year-old half-foreign beauty;

「 I don’t know. I can’t tell desuno 」
「 I see, then let’s have you experience it one more time 」

I crawl my tongue into her sunken nipple.

「 Uu, Hauu! 」

I know from last night that Agnes is sensitive.

「 You like it here, don’t you? 」

I pinch her smooth breasts and suck up her nipples.

「 Auuuu! 」
「 This time I’ll massage it, it’ll be a bit strong 」

I said, Agnes gets scared.

「 It’s okay. It’ll hurt a bit, but it feels good 」

Misuzu tells Agnes gently
I massage Agnes’s small breasts like rubbing whip cream.
The about-to-expand breasts of this 12-year-old are hard.
I can feel the core of the thing.
This girl is still a child.
But still, I have to ravish her this evening.
Agnes is confused to the pleasure and pain I give her.
This is bad, if the sense of fear increases, it’ll be a trauma.

「 Don’t make that face, here, tickle time! 」

I tickle up Agnes’ armpit
As soon as I do;
Agnes flaps around.

「 Here, here, how’s that! 」


Laughter comes out of Agnes’ face.

「 I’m going to tickle you more! Here, Agnes! 」

I tickle Agnes’ sides.

「 Kufufufu, Kufufufufu, Papa! 」

Agnes laughs.

「 How’s this, how’s that?! Does it tickle? Here! 」
「 It tickles, it tickles desuno, kufufufu, Papa! 」

We had a tickle contest for a while on her armpits.

「 Fuahahahaha! Hahaha, Papa! 」

Agnes laughs loudly

「 Agnes! 」

I lick up Agnes’ cute armpit.

「 Hyaamu! 」

Agnes is surprised.

「 N-Not that, it tickles, Papa, Afuu! 」

As expected, she feels it too.

「 Good, Agnes, now turn back on me 」

I made Agnes lie down.

「 It’s okay. It’ll be fine 」

Megu squats before Agnes and speaks gently.

「 I’ll lick your back 」

I lick Agnes’ spine.

「 Fungu! 」

Agnes bends her back.
Agnes’ skin is really soft.
It’s’ soft, smooth. It feels good to touch.

「 Kuun, Kuuuuu!! 」

I lick her back, her side.

「 Ah, that looks so good. I want that next time 」

Nei mutters

「 Yo-chan’s tongue is esthetic! 」

Next is Agnes’ ass.
I hold Agnes’ ass with both hands and massage it.

「 Hauuuu! 」

What’s this?!
Agnes’ ass is soft like marshmallows.
It’s so squishy.
It’s different from Nei and Michi’s raw rubber softness.
It’s fluffy, warm.

「 P-Papa 」

I spread out Agnes’ ass.
I see her cute anus and a single line.
That line is already moist.

「 Agnes, I’m licking it 」

I open up Agnes’ legs spread like a frog.
I push in my face.
I grab her meatless thin thighs.
I crawl my tongue on Agnes’ anus.

「 Uuu, haaaaa! 」

Agnes trembles in pleasure.
I feel sourness at the tip of my tongue.
That’s Agnes’ love nectar
Even though this 12-year old girl is still growing, Agnes’ love nectar already tastes like a woman.

「 That’s amazingly lewd. 」

Mana swallows her saliva as she looks at me licking up Agnes’ secret part.

「 I also want this, outside 」

Mana said, Ruriko reacts.

「 Outside? 」
「 Yeah, outside, on a green park, I want Onii-chan to lick me 」

Mana’s first experience is on the grass lawn while raining.
Therefore, Mana’s sexuality might increase the scent of the early summer grass.

「 Ruriko wants to try that too 」


「 Ruriko wants to do it outside? 」

Misuzu smiles

「 I would like to do it outside, but Ruriko wants to do it in a library! 」


「 I want Onii-sama to make love with me while smelling the ink, books, hiding from other students 」

Other students, she said, does Ruriko imagine doing it in her school’s library?

「 Ah, I get that feeling. I also want to be embraced by Yo-chan in a pool’s changing room, where it’s filled with the smell of chlorine 」

Nei said.

「 Megumi, do you have one of those too? 」

Nei asks Megu

「 As for me, after doing 50-meter dashes over and over, sweaty all over, I can no longer move, then I would lie down on the ground, I want Yoshi-kun to attack me there. Midsummer, where the sun is shimmering, drenched in soil and sweat, near the first corner of the ground 」

The location’s restricted?

「 Michi? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 I want to be bound. I want to be ravished while tied up, photographed, then left alone 」

As expected, you’re a masochist, Michi.

「 Rei-chan, do you also have something you want Onii-chan to do? 」

Mana asks Reika.
The atmosphere’s of the place is completely frank that everyone’s speaking their minds.

「 Uhm, my butt 」


「 Rei-chan wants to be spanked in the butt! 」


「 Rei-chan’s grandpa, when she was little, she scolds Rei-chan by spanking her ass, when Rei-chan got bigger, he doesn’t do it anymore 」

Oh, Reika’s
Her body’s already an adult, even though she’s so tall and dignified.
She’s still a small girl in her mind.
Reika’s appearance forced her to become a beautiful swordswoman, but
The true Reika wants to be treated as a small girl.

「 Sure, I will spank you, later. Rei-chan 」

I tell Reika.

「 Ahn, aaaaaah! 」

After licking her for a while, Agnes’ slit has gotten loose.

「 It’s about time you turn her over Agnes has to see Yo-chan making her feel good 」

If I caress her from behind, Agnes would be sexually stimulated without seeing me.
But she’ll cum.
I have to make her eyes confirm that I’m licking her.
I don’t want Agnes to have an addiction to sex.
It would be bad to make her okay with any man as long as they give pleasure.
I must carve in her mind and body that, I’m the major premise.

「 Okay, let’s face up 」

My women reach out to Agnes all at once.
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