Chapter 446. I like the sea

Chapter 446. I like the sea

「 Amazing, desuno!!!! 」

Agnes said.
Yeah, right now, the vast sea spreads before our eyes.
We stopped the car on an unpopular sandy beach then we walked on the shore.
Agnes wears the pink sandals bought a while ago and walked on her own feet.
Of course, I’m holding Ruriko’s hand.
She seems genuinely moved from viewing the sea for the first time.

《 WAO!!! 》

Edie runs around the beach excitedly.
She’s also excited by the sea.
She’s wearing a leather-soled sandal.
Ruriko and I are also wearing the same sandals.
It’s a bit strange to have sandals and school uniform as a pair, but;
Edie and Ruriko are wearing boiler suit, so this leather-soled sandals suit them.
They rolled up the hem of the suit to their ankle.
Reika wears her usual leather shoes.
Well, that’s because her shoes are likely more comfortable to move and fight as a guard.

「 Haa, I hate the sea breeze 」

Then, Yukino comes a bit late.
In the end, Yukino bought the cheapest sandal for 390 yen.
A seven-length security guard uniform, a giant afro wig, sunglasses, and sandals.
No matter how you look at her, she’s from the comedy industry.
But, Yukino who looks like a joke is so dignified, so it shows the illusion of “This is what it is” for some reason.
Even the old man working from the store earlier sold the sandals to Yukino without saying anything.
Oh right, he asked if she wants a receipt.
Then that means that he thinks of her as a comedian or something.
But still.

「 What? 」
「 No, nothing 」

The security guard uniform surprisingly makes her body line clearer.
It fits Yukino’s body tightly that her round ass is clearly visible

「 Onii-sama 」

Ruriko pulls me.
Ruriko has the chest part of her boiler suit open
Looking from the side, her black micro bikini’s exposed.

「 Let’s go over there 」

Ruriko pulls Agnes and me.

「 This way 」

Reika spreads the leisure sheet which was loaded in the van on the sandy beach.

「 Yeah, thanks 」

Agnes, Ruriko and I take a seat.

「 It’s great that the wind is calm today. If the sea breeze is strong, and sand would fly around, and it’s problematic 」

Reika stands behind us as she speaks.
Edie’s the only one running around laughing.
She took off her leather-soled sandals, and run around the wet beach with her foot.

「 Does Agnes want to go to the waves too? 」

I asked.

「 I like it here, desuno. Together with Papa, desuno 」

Then, she clings to me.
She’s overwhelmed by seeing the ocean for the first time.

「 Hey, how long are you going to stay here? This is boring 」

Yukino tells me from behind.
She’s sitting on a concrete block.
She drinks the pet bottle she bought from a vending machine on the way.
That’s from the 3000 yen I gave her.
Even though she bought the cheapest sandals, she doesn’t care about the prices of drinks.
I don’t get her sense of money.

「 Onii-sama, it’s been a while since I’ve been to a beach 」

Ruriko speaks to me to break my conversation with Yukino.

「 It was summer last year when we went to our villa in Hayama 」

Oh, the Kouzuki house’s villa?

「 However, I’ve never entered Japan’s sea. I was only allowed to enjoy the scenery in Hayama. It’s my first time coming to a beach 」


「 Misuzu mentioned it. There’s a private beach on the southern island? 」
「 Yes. That’s the only island where we can wear our bathing suits and soak in the sea. There’s a bay there so you can never peek from outside 」

Yeah. The daughter of Kouzuki house cannot swim in a crowded beach.

「 Onii-sama, do you like the sea? 」


「 No, actually, this is my first time coming to a beach too. Of course, I’ve never swum in the sea 」
「 Huh? 」

Ruriko’s surprised.
Agnes also looks into my face.

「 No, but of course I’ve seen the sea from the windows of buses or trains. But, this is my first time coming down to the beach and take it easy 」

I pat Agnes’ head.

「 I’m the same as Agnes. 」

Agnes looks puzzled.

「 Papa too? 」
「 Yeah 」
「 Did your school not go to the sea? 」

Reika asks from behind.
Oh, Reika also doesn’t know about me.

「 We didn’t. Or rather, we’re not allowed to 」
「 Huh? 」
「 We have that kind of home 」
「 Was your house poor? 」

Reika asks worriedly

「 No, it’s normal, I think. My father was an average office worker; my mother managed a shop 」
「 Then, your parents were busy? 」

Ruriko asks this time.

「 That’s not it, both of them weren’t interested in me. Especially my mother. Therefore, they feel regretful spending money for me 」
「 That’s! 」

Ruriko’s surprised

「 I never went to play somewhere with my family ever since I was a kid. Therefore, I never went to the sea. I went to a public pool alone before, but; 」

I look at the horizon.
Then, waves come one after another from that horizon.
The waves ripple.
The scent of the tides;
Seabirds are flying.
A beautiful day, blue sea under the blue sky.
Oh, a yacht floats in the distance.
This large scene spreads over my sight.

「 Oh, so the sea is like this. I’ve seen it on television, but I knew it would be different when I come here. It’s amazing 」

I speak out my honest thoughts.

「 Yes, it’s incredible, desuno 」

Agnes says as she cuddles to me.

「 How far does this go? 」

Hm, Agnes?

「 It’ll go very far. It’s connected to a distant foreign country 」

Ruriko answers Agnes with a smile.

「 Foreign? 」
「 Yes. America, the place where Edie was raised is beyond this sea 」

That Edie is playing tag with the waves alone,
Kicking around, splashing.
She’s having fun.

「 Even I won’t enter the sea around here 」

Yukino said from behind.

「 I usually go to Hawaii on summers and winters. Papa owns a condo in Hawaii. That’s why we spend our time there. I can’t enter Japan’s beach because it’s filthy 」

Then, she sighed.

「 I can’t go to that condo anymore. Even though I liked it over there, Dammit! 」

Yukino speaks hatefully

「 I’ll go to Hawaii again. I will take back that condominium. I will regain everything you took away from me. That’s decided, it will happen, kuh! 」

I won’t answer that.
Even if Yukino’s crying under her sunglasses;

「 Yeah, looking at the sea, I feel like I’m being sucked in. Above all, it feels melancholic 」

The waves wash my heart.

「 But, it’s not lonely, Onii-sama’s with me 」

Ruriko said.
She’s holding my hand tightly.

「 Ruriko will hold Onii-sama’s hand so Onii-sama won’t fly far away. Agnes, please hold onto Onii-sama too 」
「 Yes, desuno 」

Agnes hugs me.

「 What’s wrong, Ruriko? 」

Ruriko looks at me with moist eyes.

「 I have misunderstood 」
「 Huh? 」
「 Onii-sama’s always so firm, hugging me tightly, that I misunderstood that Onii-sama’s a strong-hearted person 」


「 Onii-sama’s the same as me. No, you were able to live with restrictions beyond me 」
「 Nono, that’s wrong. In my case, my parents merely ignored me, don’t Misuzu and Ruriko have it harder? Carrying the Kouzuki house’s name and live under the gaze of people. Mine’s not a big deal 」
「 No, we received attention, but we’re never ignored. Furthermore, we always received the best hospitality. Above all, Kouzuki-sama loves us 」
「 Ruriko 」
「 Being far from him makes me understand. Grandfather really loved us 」

Ruriko called Jii-chan as『 Grandfather 』for the first time since she became my slave on her will.

「 Onii-sama never had a family that loved him, am I wrong? 」


「 I did, before. Grandma. But, she’s already dead 」
「 Is that so? 」
「 But, it’s okay. I have everyone now 」

This time, I hug Ruriko and Agnes.

「 Onii-sama? 」
「 There’s a lot who love me, and I have a lot I love, it makes me happy I prefer to love than to be loved. I love everyone, everyone’s precious to me 」

The sea in front of us.
The thoughts deep in my mind surfaces.

「 “I prefer to love than to be loved,” what a beautiful speech. Ruriko wants to be like Onii-sama too 」


「 I adore you. I love Onii-sama 」

Ruriko kisses me.

「 I love all of Onii-sama 」

She looks at me with moist eyes.

「 You genuinely push yourself to the limit but, you smile kindly not to let us worry. Ruriko does not want to be loved by Onii-sama only anymore. I also want to love! 」

Then, Ruriko looks at Agnes.

「 Agnes-san, I like you too. I want to treasure you as a sister. I think of that from the bottom of my heart 」

Agnes is puzzled.

「 Oh, some things won’t take shape unless you say it. I swear. I will protect Agnes-san’s life with Onii-sama. I want to be your Onee-sama 」
「 Onee-sama? 」
「 That’s right. Please be my little sister. Please. Agnes-san! 」

Agnes looks up at me.

「 Agnes, do you hate Ruriko? 」

Agnes shakes her head.

「 Do you like her? 」

She shakes her head nodding.

「 Then, say that you do. If you don’t say it, it won’t reach her, by saying it in words, it pleases the other. That’s how it is 」


「 Uhm, Agnes likes you too, desuno 」

She looked at Ruriko and said.

「 Say “I love you” 」

I said

「 I love Ruriko-oneechama 」

Ruriko smiles at Agnes.

「 Me too, Agnes-san! 」

Then, Agnes;

「 I like Papa too. I love you 」


「 I like Agnes-chan too. I love you! 」

Agnes shouts at Edie who’s running around the beach like a puppy
Edie looks this way, showing confusion.

「 Also, I like Rei-chan too! I love you! 」

Reika’s surprised from Agnes’ sudden remark.

「 M-Me? 」


「 Agnes is a smart girl, so she’s been watching us talk all the time, and she’s able to think for herself. On top of that, she knows that Rei-chan’s a good person 」
「 I think so too. Fujimiya-san 」

Ruriko smiles at Reika.

「 I also like Rei-chan. I love you 」
「 I like Fujimiya-san a lot. I love you! 」


「 I 」
「 Rei-chan, what do you think of us/ 」

Reika looks at me, Ruriko, and Agnes.

「 I like everyone, isn’t that obvious that I love everyone? 」

Reika speaks, holding down her emotions.

「 But 」

What do you mean by that Reika?

「 Wait a second!!! 」

Then, the afro security guard interferes!

「 You might be happy with that, but you see!! 」

What, Yukino?

「 What about me?! 」


「 Do you like me? Love? Be clear about that! 」


「 Get yourself together and be honest with me. I don’t know what should I do in the future at all!!!! 」

No, I;
I don’t know what to tell you at all
Looking at Agnes, she’s terrified.

「 Uhm, Shirasaka Yukino-san? 」

Ruriko speaks to Yukino.

「 WHAT?!!! 」

Yukino glares back.

「 What about you? 」
「 Huh?! 」
「 What do you think of Onii-sama? 」

Yukino stares at me.

「 I hate him! I hate him so much! 」

Ah, yeah.

「 It’s obvious that I hate that man! 」
「 Then, don’t you think that Onii-sama won’t like you? 」

Ruriko said, Yukino;

「 Huh?! Why?!! 」


「 This man loves me. He likes me helplessly that he raped me! Even now he’s planning to rape me when he has the opportunity! Isn’t that right?! Say it! 」

I don’t know what this afro guard is talking.

「 Of course, I won’t ever like you! That’s absolute, if you like me then do something and help me! Seriously, you’re so insensitive, or rather, you’re an idiot. You idiot! You made me say this far! 」

What, what, what?!

「 I hate you so much, but you said that you like me so do your duty and help me! Now that I’ve said this far, even your idiot brain would understand! You idiot!!! 」

Oh, what should I do with her?

「 Uhm, are you the people who own that car parked over there/! 」

An old man comes from the above the beach.

「 Yes, what about it? 」

Reika responds in her adult mode.

「 That’s troublesome. This is a private property 」
「 Sorry, we’ll move right away 」
「 Nono, that’s not it 」

The old man comes close to us very normally.
At that moment.


Edie sprints then jump into the old man!!

《 ……KICK!!!! 》

She dropped a kick on the old man’s throat!!

「 Hey, Edie?! 」

Edie shouts to the surprised me.

「 She said, “we’re surrounded” 」

Ruriko translates.
Realizing that, Reika holds to her cane.
Then, ten men appear from the surroundings.

「 You hold onto Ruriko-sama and Agnes-san!!! 」

Reika said; I hug the two.
We got careless.
We loosened our guard due to Cesario Viola’s death.
I don’t have my beat up stick.

《 AIYAAAA!!! 》

Edie jumps into the enemy side.

「 Hey, be careful of the foreigner! She’s using strange skills! 」
「 Sure thing! Aniki! 」

Then, at the moment he answered, Edie’s roundhouse kick did the man’s head.
Turning around, two more people are taken down.

「 What the hell is with her?! She’s absurdly strong! 」

The men take distance from Edie.

「 Okay. That’s enough 」

A man appears from behind.
Bald head, sunglasses, and a mustached giant.
That man is holding a machine gun at hand.

「 If you piss me off, who knows what happens. You might all be full of holes 」

The man strolls while pointing his muzzle towards us

「 Which group are you from? 」

Reika asks holding out her cane.

「 There’s no way I would answer that, right? 」

The men laughed.

「 I’m the one who’s asking here, Nee-chan 」

The giant looks at Ruriko.

「 You’re Kouzuki Ruriko-san? 」

Ruriko doesn’t answer.

「 There’s no mistake, Aniki. It’s the same girl I saw from the photo! 」
「 It seems like that. It’s been a while since I got a hit 」

The giant, holding the machine gun smiles.

「 You really saved this man a lot of trouble by coming here, lass 」

Ruriko trembles.
I hold her body tightly
Agnes is also clinging to me tightly

「 Hey! Come here already! 」

At the moment the giant man shouts to intimidate, Edie starts moving right away.

《 RYAAAA!!! 》

She takes down three men one after another.

「 W-What the hell!!! 」

At the moment the giant tries to point the muzzle to Edie;

「 Toryaaaaaaaaaaa!! 」

The cane swordswoman rushes at the enemy.

「 B-Bitcー 」

Before the giant could turn the machine gun to Reika in panic;
The cane strikes down the machine gun!

「 Teiya!! 」

The battle cane hits the dropped machine gun!


The machine gun broke down to two from the center.

「 You bastard!! 」

The man tries to pull a handgun out of his waist, but;

「 Haaaa! 」

A flash!!
Reika mowed down the body of the giant!!


A dull sound comes from bones breaking.

「 S-Shit! Let’s escape!! 」

Meanwhile, Edie took down another two.
The remaining men try to escape.

『 Too bad. Give it up!! 』

The megaphone amplifies a woman’s voice
Looking at the other side of the sandy beach;
A group in the black suit appears.
Oh, I know these people.
It’s Kouzuki security service.

『 Apprehend them all. Transport the man Fujimiya-san took down to the hospital. His shoulder blade should have fractured bones 』

Seki-san holding a megaphone appears from behind.
She left the business to the men and went to us.

「 Is everyone okay? Did no one get hurt? 」

Seki-san smiles.

「 Fujimiya-san, are you okay?! You made a bit too many blunders! 」

Seki-san speaks to her colleague.

「 That guy brought a machine gun as a threat. They can’t afford to hurt Ruriko-sama so it should have the safety locked, right? 」

Oh right.

「 That’s why miss Edie resumed her attack right away. Didn’t you have to stop him first? He panicked and tried to break the safety lock If a stray bullet his another person, it would be troublesome 」
「 I’m sorry 」

Reika bows her head.

「 Well, nothing can be done about it now. You too 」

Seki-san bumps Edie’s head.
Edie laughed.

「 As soon as we confirmed that they made contact with you, we were supposed to start moving. And yet, this girl suddenly jumps in and kick them off 」

Oh, Edie made the first move, right.

「 Then, we missed our timing to come out, geez! 」

Kouzuki security service has been following us from the start.

「 My, you’re not going to ask anything? 」

Seki-san tells me, smiling.

「 It’s Margo-san, isn’t it? 」

I answered.
Seki-san and Margo-san should have a line to exchange information.
Surely, Margo-san had told her in advance that we’re heading out of the mansion.

「 That’s right! 」

Margo-san sent off Misuzu and Michi, so she can’t guard us.
She asked Seki-san to take the post.

「 Nagisa-san also contacted me. She mentioned that Ruriko’s in the group. If it’s just you alone, then I can guard privately, but as soon as Ruriko came, it’s been a regular work of Kouzuki security service. 」

I look at the captured men.

「 Those guys were eying for Ruriko? 」
「 Well yeah, that’s why I came with these people 」

Seki-san smiles wryly

「 What’s with these guys? Which group are they from? 」

Cesario Viola’s group should’ve been crushed already.
Shirasaka house should have everything resolved already.

「 I won’t talk the details here. I rented a room at the hotel on that coast. Let’s move there. It’ll be noon already 」

Seki-san said.

「 Oh right, Seki-san 」

I show Agnes in my arms.

「 She’s Agnes. Agnes, she’s Seki-san 」


「 Hello, Agnes-san! 」

She smiled at Agnes kindly.
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