Chapter 447. Shounan hotel’s ocean view

Chapter 447. Shounan hotel’s ocean view

After the commotion on the beach, our van drove to the hotel on the coast guarded with four cars from Kouzuki security service.
Of course, one of them is Seki-san’s prided American car.
The hotel on the coast isn’t a general tourist hotel but instead, a first class hotel for incognito celebrities who come in for a night’s sleep.
The interior’s luxurious but it’s more like a super luxury apartment than a hotel.
The parking lot only has foreign cars. Looking over the parking lot for visitors; there are only commercial vehicles like our van.
We didn’t go through the reception desk, entered the elevator through a free pass of being well known.
It’s all set up by Kouzuki security service.
Then, Seki-san guides us to the upper floor room.

「 What do you think? It’s a suite room. The scenery here’s the best, right? 」

I see. The ocean view from this room is lovely.

「 I’ll take care of the rest. Team one will be an immediate guard. Team two is spare. Team three, go perimeter check, okay? 」
「 Yes 」

The men dashed from Seki-san’s command.
She seems to be acting as the field in charge of Kouzuki security service.
She’s settled down overall, and her presence comes out.

「 Come, everyone, let’s get in 」

We enter the room, and Seki-san closes the door.
Inside the suite room are Seki-san, Ruriko, Agnes, Edie, Reika, Yukino, and I.

「 This room has a full veranda. You can do an outdoor party here too. During summer, you can view fireworks festival beyond the coast, the guests watch fireworks while they party every year, they said 」

Yeah, this room’s on the top room of the hotel, and it seems the only room in this floor.
This space that spreads like a basketball field also has its own dedicated veranda.
Edie immediately opens the glass door and goes out.
Yeah, it really smells like the salty wind.
Then, Edie begins her physical exercise. Or rather, if she has the time, she’ll move her body.
As expected of a warrior lady who learned techniques from an assassination cult

「 Well, take your seat, you’re okay with room service for lunch? Ah, Kouzuki security service will pay so you can pick whatever you like 」

Seki-san hands the menu to us who took a seat.

「 Really? I can eat whatever I want? 」

Yukino who’s wearing the afro wig, sitting on the sofa looks at the menu suddenly.

「 Ah, I want meat. Meat! 」

Yukino only ate Umaibo since last night.

「 Sorry, Shirasaka Yukino’s share isn’t included in the expenses. If you want to eat something, then pay for it yourself, okay? 」
「 Hey, what do you mean by that?! 」

Yukino snapped from what Seki-san said.

「 Well, you’re irrelevant 」

Seki-san smiled.

「 I’m not irrelevant! Even you know who I am! 」

Yukino-san and Seki-san were together exploring Jii-chan’s Odaiba hotel dungeon.
However, it’s not like it’s a party.
Yukino wasn’t useful, she just clings to me and screams a lot.
Seki-san doesn’t even recognize Yukino as a fellow.

「 Yes, I know very well. Shirasaka Yukino-san, you know that Mr. Shirsaka Moritsugu’s dependents are hostile to Kouzuki security service, don’t you? 」

Shirasaka house’s now-former head, Shirasaka Moritsugu is Yukino’s granduncle.
Shirasaka house’s overthrown Moritsugu and expelled Yukino and her father, Shirasaka Sousuke as an apology to Kouzuki house.

「 We’re not friends with you. Much less treating your food with the company’s expense 」

Seki-san smiled, Yukino;

「 I-I get it! I’ll pay with my money! 」

No, Yukino, the money you only have is stolen from Ichikawa-san’s house and 3000 yen from me.
Then you used that to buy sandals and drinks.

「 W-What the hell! Why is the food here so expensive! A sandwich costing 2000 yen? They’re overcharging! 」

Yukino screams as she looks at the menu.
No, you have no choice, this is a luxury hotel’s room service.

「 I’ll take this sausage and potato assortment! 」

You’re still going to eat!?
No matter how you look at it, it’s a side dish for alcohol.
Furthermore, that’s still 1590 yen.

「 In this case, if I can eat then I’ll eat anything! 」

Yukino’s principle of living the moment is just amazing.

「 I see. Then, what will you do? 」

Seki-san asks us.

「 Before that, could I ask one thing? 」

Ruriko speaks.

「 Earlier, who were the people that attacked us earlier? Besides, what reason does Kouzuki security service have to make contact with us? 」


「 It’s natural for us to guard Ruriko-sama 」
「 But, I’m no longer a daughter of Kouzuki house. I am Kuromori-sama’s woman 」

Ruriko said.

「 Kakka or Ruriko-sama’s thoughts do not concern us. Ruriko-sama is Ruriko-sama. Even if you’re married of, even if you become someone’s sex slave, our work is to protect you for your lifetime. Kouzukii security service was founded for that reason 」

Seki-san shows Ruriko that she knows all.

「 Kouzuki security service is initially an organization made by Kakka to protect Ruriko-sama. Even our business is to guard various nobles. It’s just done taking the opportunity, our job, in the end, is to safeguard Ruriko-sama. You can say it’s camouflage. 」

Jii-chan is infatuated with Ruriko who had the same face as his first love.
He’s more into Ruriko than Misuzu who’s also his granddaughter.
Therefore, Misuzu lives with her parents and Ruriko was raised separated from her parents.
Isolated with just Yoshiko-san, not letting a man contact them.
Even when Jii-chan had doubts on Ruriko’s father, Shigeaki, he founded a personal guard to use and turned it to a large organization which is Kouzuki security service.
The security business on other houses wasn’t there first.
Of course, it’s also an important task to protect Jii-chan himself, his executives at Kouzuki group, and Misuzu from Shigeaki and other hostile parties.
For Jii-chan, guarding Ruriko is the most crucial part.

「 Or instead, we’re in trouble. If the relationship of Kakka and Ruriko-sama is silent for too long; 」

Seki-san smiles.

「 Kakka is as you think, he’s not doing well. I think he feels down for letting Ruriko-sama go 」


「 No, we do not criticize Ruriko-sama for going to this man. I also believe that this is for good. It was sure to create a more significant problem if it went on 」

Jii-chan holds illicit love towards Ruriko.
If Jii-chan was younger, he might’ve pushed down his granddaughter
Jii-chan now is already too old that his heart won’t hold if he has sex.
But still, if we left him alone, Jii-chan might’ve attacked Ruriko with the intent of forsaking his life
Jii-chan himself felt that fear strongly.
That’s why Jii-chan sold Ruriko to me.
To break off his own love.
But, Jii-chan has lingering feelings to Ruriko.
I took Ruriko’s virginity with Jii-chan’s desired situation.
He tried to embrace Ruriko in his mind through my actions.
He tried to think of me as an extension of his dick.
That won’t release Ruriko from Jii-chan forever.
We had sex once again in front of Jii-chan.
We had shown that we have sex with our own will, regardless of Jii-chan’s intent.
To make Jii-chan give up Ruriko from the bottom of his heart.
Though it succeeded,
Losing Ruriko is immeasurable for Jii-chan.

「 I understand what Seki-san wants to say but, I am Onii-sama’s property. And, I’m satisfied with that. I do not intend to return to Kouzuki house! 」

Ruriko said clearly

「 It’s different, Ruriko, Seki-san isn’t talking about that 」

Ruriko turned to me when I said that.

「 Didn’t Seki-san say it? They don’t care about what Jii-chan or Ruriko thinks 」

Seki-san smiles.

「 Even if Jii-chan sold Ruriko to me, Ruriko resolved herself to become my woman for the rest of her life, that’s for us to know and decide. The people outside our family doesn’t need to know 」

Ruriko stares into my eyes.

「 Of course we follow our own will. It’s our life so nobody will complain 」
「 Yes, Onii-sama 」
「 But, Seki-san doesn’t mind what we think, she’s saying that we must make a different appeal to the people outside 」
「 A different appeal? 」
「 Yeah, because Kouzuki house has a lot of companies, and a lot of people are working under the name of Kouzuki, am I wrong? 」
「 It is as you say 」
「 The inside of Kouzuki house must not have problems so that they can work at ease. Isn’t it necessary to appeal that everyone’s getting along happily? 」
「 However 」

Ruriko mumbles.

「 Grandfather now hates Ruriko 」


「 I have exposed my shameless self to Grandfather 」

Oh, Ruriko;
Thinks that Jii-chan hated her from having sex in front of him.
Ruriko doesn’t know Jii-chan’s illicit love towards her.
In the first place, Ruriko has no knowledge of anything about love.
If Jii-chan ordered Ruriko to give her virginity, Ruriko would accept it as natural.
Jii-chan’s order is everything for Ruriko.
Of course, Ruriko has no romantic feelings for Jii-chan.
She loves Jii-chan as a relative, respecting her as a grandfather.
Therefore, even if Ruriko gives her body to Jii-chan, it’ll only seem to her that it’s dear affection from her grandfather.
But, Jii-chan.
He holds desire towards Ruriko as a woman, and at the same time, he loves her as his granddaughter.
Lusting on his granddaughter was put on brakes on the very last moment.
That’s because his body can no longer have sex.
Anyway, Jii-chan feels guilty for his love on Ruriko.
Ruriko doesn’t notice that guilt.
She only thought that Jii-chan handed Ruriko to me merely to unleash her from the binds of Kouzuki house.
Ruriko thinks that having sex in front of Jii-chan is a ceremony to cut off her thoughts of Jii-chan and devote her heart to me.
That’s why she can say that Jii-chan hates her.

「 Jii-chan doesn’t hate Ruriko 」

I said.

「 But 」
「 Ruriko is Jii-chan’s cute granddaughter 」

I turn to Seki-san.

「 In short, even if Jii-chan and Ruriko are now unrelated, they have to return to the grandfather and granddaughter in a good relationship? 」


「 That’s basically it. During Shigeaki-sama’s funeral, Kakka kept Ruriko away and had Yoshiko-sama announced as his granddaughter shook the Kouzuki group 」
「 What do you mean? 」

Ruriko’s eyes changed color as soon as she heard Yoshiko-san’s name.

「 First, there’s a lot who thought that Ruriko-sama would be the successor of Kakka. Those people have collapsed. They lost their position and face in the group, and they’re in trouble 」

Oh, the members of Ruriko faction are at a loss due to losing their flat.

「 That is not my fault 」

Yeah. In the end, those guys push Ruriko on their own accord.
Opposing Misuzu’s faction;
Because of that, Ruriko and Misuzu’s factions don’t get along well.

「 But, such rapid changes aren’t good. Besides. Those who supported Ruriko-sama speculates that Kakka’s regulating them, so they begin to stand on their own 」

That means;
Even though Jii-chan won’t do it right away
Some stupid people are extremely self-conscious of themselves?

「 Then, there’s Yoshiko-sama’s acknowledgment too 」
「 Did anything happen? 」
「 It’s unofficial, but there were more than 30 marriage proposals for Yoshiko-sama in just the past few days 」

If Jii-chan keeps Ruriko away, there would be people who think they can take over Kouzuki house by marrying Yoshiko-san.

「 Everyone knows that Yoshiko-sama is humble during her days as Ruriko-sama’s attendant so they think that Yoshiko-sama will follow everything if they become her husband 」
「 Is that so? But, if they marry Yoshiko-sama, they may not necessarily become the head of Kouzuki house. There are eyes from the branch families too 」

Ruriko said, Seki-san;

「 The people who want to marry Yoshiko-sama haven’t thought that far 」


「 Kakka has accepted Yoshiko-sama as his grandchild. In short, if they marry Yoshiko-sama, they will have at least some of Kouzuki house’s properties 」

The second son killed Jii-chan’s eldest son.
Miss Cordelia eliminated the second son.
Misuzu’s father, the third son, is a state bureaucrat and said that he would not inherit Jii-chan’s legacy.
With the current situation, Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san would inherit Kouzuki house’s assets
Thirty people think that they’ll have a clear gain even if it’s just a legal heir.

「 What a disgraceful idea 」

Ruriko speaks like spitting out.

「 But, if it’s Kouzuki house now, a lot of people think that there’s an opportunity to get in. Shigeaki-sama’s sudden death, rushed funeral, the transfer of management to Shiba-sama. Everyone’s aware that there’s a significant problem happening in Kouzuki house 」

I see.
There’s a lot of things that happened,
Even though the media is suppressed, it’s exposed to the business world.

「 The group who assaulted earlier occurs from the flow 」

Seki-san said.

「 Briefly speaking, Kouzuki security service is being underestimated. Kouzuki security service couldn’t protect the group’s hotel from an attack of a terrorist that Shigeaki-sama’s life was robbed 」

I see. If you see it from the outside:
The hotel in Odaiba was messed up.
The sudden death of Shigeaki, a member of Kouzuki house, he was killed by a terrorist who attacked the hotel.
In short, Kouzuki security service is useless.

「 Besides, it’s also well known that Kouzuki security service’s security department under director Yamaoka’s supervision didn’t function at all during the fight at the hotel 」

Yeah, he really didn’t do anything.

「 Actually, there’s been some stories of some customers terminating their security agreement with Kouzuki security service. Well, as mentioned earlier, the guarding business is just a side business to the end, so we have no trouble even if we shrink the division 」

The treacherous fiend, Shigeaki is gone so Kouzuki security service may return to the security service only for Kouzuki house.

「 But, it’s a problem that our guarding abilities are underestimated! 」

Seki-san sighs.

「 For example, the group that attacked just earlier was sent by a Kitakyushu group to check out. They sent people like those to check how much of our ability had declined 」

In short, today was just an advance group and the main group is just about to come?!

「 I was able to dispose of them all before we made contact with everyone but, consulting with Margo-san and Kyouko-san, I let them off on purpose. Of course, I have Tanizawa-san’s permission 」

Seki-san said.

「 Why? I do not mind it but to put Onii-sama and Agnes-san in danger! 」

Ruriko shows her anger.

「 The first reason is to let Kakka feel a sense of crisis. We have reported already that Ruriko-sama and everyone was attacked 」

Jii-chan already knows.

「 Kakka was very worried. 」
「 And the other reason? 」

Ruriko asks Seki-san to skip the topic about her grandfather.

「 The other reason is to attract the enemies here and take them all out at once 」


「 It’s making an example. Taking down the whole Kitakyushu group as whole, showing the real power of Kouzuki security service to the world 」

Is that so?
They chose Kitakyushu group as their name is relatively known and the public would be convinced if they were crushed.
They used methods from behind and call them here.
This is just to show the power of Kouzuki security service.

「 I understand the story and the current situation about us as well 」

Ruriko looks up at Seki-san.

「 And so, what does Seki-san want from me? 」


「 Tomorrow, there will be a big business party. I would like for Ruriko-sama, Misuzu-sama, and Yoshiko-sama and Kakka to show up and show that you all get along 」

Once again, showing the relationship of Kouzuki house, Jii-chan and his granddaughters restored.

「 Then, that would fix the fluctuations of the group 」
「 I see, that might be the case 」

Ruriko said coldly

「 At the same time, we will destroy the Kitakyushu group that landed in Tokyo 」

Seki-san returns a serious look to Ruriko.

「 We’ll show a big fireworks show at the end of Golden Week 」


「 I have heard it. However, I cannot give any answer since Kouzuki-sama decides everything 」

Ruriko’s addressing of Jii-chan returned from Grandfather to Kouzuki-sama.
This has become a deeply rooted problem.

「 Yes, we do not ask of Ruriko-sama 」

Seki-san replies strongly.
She looked at me.

「 What do you think? 」
「 Me? 」
「 Yes, aren’t you Ruriko-sama’s master? 」

Right, I’m Ruriko’s master
If I order her, Ruriko may not hate it, but she’ll pretend to get along with Jii-chan at the party.

「 Give me a bit of time. I think this is something the family should discuss 」

I answered.

「 It’s not just Ruriko. I have to talk to Misuzu too. I also want to ask for Minaho-neesan’s opinion 」

The relationship with Kouzuki house is very significant to Kuromori
If we do poorly and get hated by Jii-chan, it would be troublesome.

「 Please. Instead, we have no choice but to ask of you 」

Huh, Seki-san?

「 Ruriko-sama, Misuzu-sama, and also, Kakka, are all people we can ask to go to the party and get along, but; 」
「 N-No way, Jii-chan? 」
「 Yes, we haven’t talked to him yet. At present, the schedule is not to attend tomorrow’s party 」

Well, that’s of course.
His son died, and Jii-chan’s in grief from losing Ruriko.
He wouldn’t want to go to a business party.

「 Therefore, we have no choice but to let you do something. Please 」

I see now.
Reality is quite hard.

「 With that said, that’s all I have to discuss with everyone for now 」

Seki-san said then bowed.

「 Now then, Fujimiya-san, you’re next 」

She calls Reika.

「 W-What? 」

Reika’s surprised.

「 Let’s go outside 」

Seki-san points at the outside veranda.
Ah, Edie’s still doing exercise.

「 Outside? 」
「 Yes, I will beat you black and blue! 」

Seki-san smiles at Reika.

「 Fujimiya-san prepare yourself! 」
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