Chapter 456. The white order

Chapter 456. The white order

「 Here, tea 」

Nagisa hands me a cup of tea.

「 Thanks 」

Inside the room facing the sunny courtyard.
It was on that lawn where I took Mana’s virginity if I recall.
I look at Mana.

「 So, so, how was the sea, Ruri-oneechan? 」
「 It was an excellent memory for me, and Agnes-san too 」

Ruriko said as she’s holding Agnes’ hand.

「 Wow, that’s so nice. Mana wanted to go too. Was it fun, Agnes? 」

Mana asks Agnes.

「 The sea is so big! 」

She mutters

「 Yes, I know. Mana has seen in the sea before too 」

Mana laughs.
Her instability from talking with Yukino earlier has disappeared.

「 Agnes-san picked up shells with Edie-san 」

Ruriko smiles gently

「 Yes, desuno 」
「 Next time Mana’s joining in too. Let’s go when it’s summer. Mana’s going to make a sandcastle in the beach! 」

Sisters younger than her exits.
Does that make the “I want to protect this girl” lead to the stability of her mind?
It’s the opposite of Reika.
Reika finally feels at ease now that she has an older sister she can rely on.
She’s now drinking tea with Shou-oneesan.

「 Then, Agnes-chan and Edie-chan were together, so what did Onii-chan and Ruri-oneechan do? 」

Mana asks?

「 Sex? 」


「 We didn’t. We don’t have the time for that 」

I answered.

「 Really? Not even oral? 」
「 We didn’t, we have to look after Agnes and Edie, we’re also observing Yukino, and there’s a lot of complications too. Besides, Shou-oneesan came. 」

I won’t tell Mana that we were attacked by an underground organization from Kitakyushu
She can’t do anything even if she worries.

「 Then, is Onii-chan saving up? Want to do it with Mana’s mouth? 」

Mana comes to me.
I hug Mana.
This girl’s heart feels unstable, so she asks for excessive skin-ship.
Her expression is bright, but she’s agitated.
There’s the case of her sister.
Then, later, the execution of her father.
We don’t know the contents of Minaho-neesan’s plan.
The only part we know is that;
I will rape Shirasaka Sousuke’s four daughters in front of him.
Then, after that.
What does Minaho-neesan plan to do with Shirasaka Sousuke?
If Minaho-neesan intends to kill Shirasaka Sousuke.
Mana will attend to her father’s death.

「 Onii-chan, kiss me 」
「 You’re too spoiled Mana 」
「 Sorry, please punish me 」


「 I want Onii-chan to punish me 」

Mana looks up at me with her moist eyes.
This 14-year-old girl isn’t actually used to sex yet.
Just hugging her makes her confirm that she’s my woman. This girl has no place but here.

「 Not now, later 」

I hold Mana in my knees and pat her head.
Mao-chan who’s playing with Edie on the side comes over.

「 Papa, Papa, thanks for the souvenir! 」

In her head is the Japanese style towel coiled around her, that was the first we bought at the shop.
It has a red goldfish pattern.

「 Yes, that’s cute, Mao-chan 」
「 Ehehe 」

Then, Edie comes.

《 ……MANA! 》

She hands Mana a towel too.

「 That’s for Mana 」
「 Huh, for me? 」
「 Yeah, Edie bought for everyone in the family 」

Mana takes the towel.

《 Thank You 》

Edie laughed then this time she goes to hand the towel to Nagisa.

《 Come on.MAO! 》

She gives the souvenirs to Mao-chan too.

「 Go Agnes 」

I tell the half-foreign 12-year-old girl.

「 Get along with Mao-chan 」

Ruriko tells Edie something.
I think she’s saying “take care of Agnes.”
Edie nods smiling, then beckons Agnes.

「 Come, Agnes-chan! 」

Mao-chan invites Agnes.

「 Go, everyone’s calling for you 」

I said, Agnes.

「 I’m off, Papa 」

Running with the sandals we bought a while ago, Agnes joins up with Edie and Mao-chan.

「 Hey, Onii-chan, you bought that too? 」

Mana notices Edie’s sandals.
Ruriko and I were wearing the same sandals too.

「 Yeah. While we were buying Agnes’ footwear, we also bought outs 」
「 That’s so nice, Mana wants to match with Onii-chan too. 」
「 Then, Mana-san can go shopping with Onii-sama next time 」

Ruriko said.

「 Mana-san must also make beautiful memories with Onii-sama, right? 」
「 Yeah, thanks Ruri-oneechan 」

Mana smiles.

「 Mana wants to date with Onii-chan instead of shopping 」
「 Sure. I’ll take you anywhere 」

I said.

「 Then, let’s go shopping, eat parfait 」
「 Yeah 」
「 Then let’s take a break at a love hotel at night! 」

It still ends to that?
That’s not a middle school kind of date.

「 What is a love hotel? 」

Ruriko asks
This girl doesn’t know much about the world.

「 Err, it’s a hotel dedicated to sex. Onii-chan knows a person who owns one. Mana, Megu-oneechan, and Onii-chan stayed on one room for a night 」

Mana laughs.
That night was quite the trouble.

「 Let’s stay over there next time, Onii-chan Next time, let’s be alone 」

This second-year middle school girl smiles at me.

「 Yeah, I guess 」

Once the revenge today is over, I might need time for Mana.

「 A sex-dedicated hotel? 」

Ruriko reacts.

「 That’s right. That’s why, when you’re entering, you’re telling everyone that you’re going to have sex! 」

Mana feeds her false information.

「 No, you don’t need to 」
「 But you see, the people in the desk look at the people thinking “These two are about to have sex,” aren’t they? 」

Mana laughs.

「 I see, the porter, the bellboy and the concierge would think that way 」

No, Ruriko.
Love hotels don’t have that kind of staff.

「 I would like to stay over for a night at least once too, with Onii-sama 」

Ah, it feels like some weird switch inside Ruriko got flipped.

「 Is that okay, Onii-sama? 」

Well, that would be a social study for Ruriko.
If it’s Tamayo-san’s love hotel, then they’ll be flexible with it.

「 Sure, I’ll stay in with Ruriko 」
「 Thank you very much! 」

Ruriko’s pleased.
If this love hotel spreads, Nei, Misuzu, Megu, and even Michi would say that they want to go to the love hotel too.
It’s inevitable.

「 I’d rather not stay in love hotel but a stylish hotel instead 」

Nagisa comes in.

「 Speaking of which, how did it go to the hotel on the beach? What happened? That hotel has some fair reputation since long ago though 」
「 Err, the scenery was magnificent 」

I look at Ruriko

「 Yes. Their meals were also delicious too 」
「 Hm, what happened? 」

Looking at our face, Nagisa asks us.

「 Sorry, the quality of the employees were worse than before 」

Shou-oneesan comes over.

「 Kouzuki security service won’t use it anymore. We’ll take them off from the list of the facilities we use 」
「 Was it that bad? 」

Nagisa’s surprised.

「 They had a part-timer instead of an official hotel-keeper in their cafe department. In the past, they thoroughly train even their part-timers, the hotel never hires employees who have such an imprudent man 」
「 Speaking of which, their management became a foreign company since last year, didn’t it? 」
「 Yes. I think that is also a factor. The manager didn’t change however 」
「 That’s a shame, then, let’s find another hotel for this girl to stay 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 It’s about time I pick up Misuzu-sama 」

Shou-oneesan tells me.

「 Misuzu-sama wants to be together with everyone for tonight by all means 」

She’s worried about our revenge as a family.

「 But, is that okay? 」

She has no grudge against Shirasaka Sousuke.
She’ll only watch such a bizarre situation.

「 I think that it’s better for them to be here. If it’s just us, our emotions may run out of control, and we may not be able to stop it 」

Nagisa said.

「 Misuzu-san’s coming, so that means that Shou-oneesan will stay in too? 」
「 Yes of course 」

Shou-oneesan immediately responds to Nagisa’s question.

「 Kyouko-san will stay as a stopper, or should I say as an observer so we won’t overheat but, she’s also easy to heat up 」

Nagisa smiles wryly

「 We appreciate having an adult like Shou-oneesan to observe. Of course, Misuzu’s also a great help 」
「 How about we have Jii-chan come too? 」

I try to make a radical proposal.
Having Kouzuki house watch means that Minaho-neesan won’t be reckless.

「 That’s a bit difficult 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Please remember what happened last night, it would be hard to bring “Kakka” here because of that. We have to make sure that the security of the perimeter is perfect and Chief Tanizawa and Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san will also have to come 」

O-Oh right.

「 We have to stay reserved to chief Tanizawa because of Ruriko-sama’s case last night too 」

Oh, they didn’t come to see us and just wait in the reception room.

「 Since this is about Shirasaka Sousuke, I think that we have to put chief Tanizawa on hold. The trend of the head of Kouzuki house is checked by the public security and the nobles research organizations. I don’t think we want them to associate with anyone named Shriasaka Sousuke any further 」

The infamy of Shirasaka Sousuke is public.
They’ll definitely object to bring Jii-chan to a place where he’s likely to be killed.

「 Kouzuki-sama will have to see it only through live feed 」

Nagisa said.

「 Anyway, I will take Misuzu-sama. It’s about time I go 」
「 Yes, thank you Shou-oneesan 」

Nagisa bows.

「 Oh, then could you give me a ride to the school front? 」

I said.

「 I have to pick up Megu, and I’d like to check on Minaho-neesan too 」

Not just Minaho-neesan;
Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia too.
Margo-san, Katsuko-nee, and Nei.
Everyone hasn’t come back from the school.
Are they okay?

「 I’m going too then! 」

Mana stands.

「 No, no, you can’t. You can only go through the back door. Shou-oneesan’s dropping me in front of the school gate. Mana’s not a student in our school so you can’t come in you know? 」

I think that Shou-oneesan must not be informed about the existence of the underground path from the personnel parking lot yet.
That is for Minaho-neesan and Margo-san to judge, not me.

「 Eh, why?! 」

Mana complains.

「 Like I said, I’m going to pick up Megu, and then I’ll go to Minaho-neesan. That would be faster 」

I need to dodge the question.
The biggest problem is that Shirasaka Sousuke is confined in the school now.
We don’t know how Shirasaka Sousuke is held.
If I take Mana, I have to avoid her suddenly meeting her father due to a missed timing or something.

「 Ugh 」

Mana’s groaning.

「 Dear, take Edie-san with you 」

Huh, Nagisa

「 She’s set up to be an international transfer student, right? 」


「 I think that it would be troublesome if we don’t let Miss Cordelia take care of her 」


「 If Misuzu-san’s witnessing the revenge then Michi-chan will come too. If the two will watch our revenge, they will feel agitation 」

Then, Michi’s agitation will pass to Edie.

「 Therefore, I think that Edie-san should stay in the school for the duration of the revenge 」

Nagisa said.
I see.
The plan is to transfer Shirasaka Sousuke to this mansion.
They’ll fulfill the revenge here?
Well, that’s of course.
Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, and Megu’s mother
Every one of them was made to fall to hell in this mansion, by Shriasaka Sousuke.

「 But I’m not good with English 」
「 You have to do your best on that! 」

Nagisa smiles at me.

「 Reika, come here! Also, Edie 」

Shou-oneesan calls the two.

「 Reika, I will go pick up Misuzu-sama. Please guard this mansion until Margo-san returns 」
「 Yes, Onee-sama! 」

Reika salutes to Shou-oneesan.
Shou-oneesan speaks to Edie with the same tone.
Edie imitates Reika’s salute.

「 What did you say? 」
「 I asked Edie to escort you. It’s okay, she’s easy to get into 」

Shou-oneesan smiles.

「 Then, we’ll head to pick up Megu. We’ll be back soon 」

I tell everyone

「 Take care, Onii-sama 」
「 Come back right away, Onii-chan! 」

First, I pat Ruriko and Mana’s head.

「 Papa, take care! Agnes-chan too! 」
「 Papa 」
「 It’s okay, he promised to come back soon! Papa never breaks his promise with Mao! 」
「 Un 」

Mao-chan and Agnes wave hands to me.

「 I will stay here so take care 」

Nagisa is also worried about Minaho-neesan and others.

「 Yeah, oh right. Take care of her. I think she’ll shut up if she eats something 」
「 Yes, there’s still a lot of Umaibo left 」

Nagisa smiles wryly

「 It’s all Natou flavor though 」

Yukino, be strong

「 Onii-chama, leave the rest to me 」
「 Yeah, I leave them to you Rei-chan 」

◇ ◇ ◇

Shou-oneesan’s American car is parked in front of the entrance.
We get on board right away.
For some reason, Edie takes the passenger seat.
I take the barrow backseat.

「 Nagisa will operate the gates she said 」

Nagisa is supposed to operate while looking over the feed.

「 Roger that 」

Shou-oneesan twists the key.


The engine roars loudly.

「 We’re going 」

The car starts driving.
Our vehicle goes in front of the gate, then;
Kouzuki security service guards salute.
It’s already spread that Shou-oneesan takes the top of the office.
Shou-oneesan responds too.
And Edie too for some reason.

「 Err, turn right, then take a left on the corner, then go straight, and that’ll lead to the school’s main gate 」
「 Okay 」

The car accelerates.

「 Hey 」

Shou-oneesan talks to me.
Edie is looking outside interestingly.
She’s interested in vending machines as usual.

「 Yes? 」
「 Do you know Alain Prost? 」
「 No 」

I don’t.

「 He’s a French racer that won F1 races three times, but 」

Shou-oneesan laughs.

「 Well, it’s basically a name that remains in the history of the race. I don’t like it that much though 」

I guess it’s because he’s French?
Shou-oneesan loves America after all.

「 You see, Prost owned an F1 racing team after he retired. The name was 『 Prost Grand Prix 』 」


「 But, it didn’t go well that it only went for five years. Then, when the team finally got crushed, Prost comments 」

Shou-oneesan looks at me through the rear mirror.

「 『 Unfortunately, I, Alain Prost alone hold back half of my people 』 Hearing that comment, the critics got crazy. 『 You say that Prost holds back half of your people?? Don’t joke, why don’t you thank half of the people that supported you? 』 」


「 Well that’s obvious, ordinary people don’t know Prost at all. Of course, there’s a lot of them hostile to him, but as long his name shows up, there will be people that cooperate. If one looks only at negative things and speak of it, it’s rude to the people who helped 」

Shou-oneesan, what do you want to say?

「 Earlier, I’ve been deliberately cornering that girl with negative talk 」

That girl.
That’s Yukino?

「 But you see, change the point of view. What do all the people in Japan know about that girl? 」

That’s right, Yukino now.
Is one of the most famous people in Japan.

「 If she thinks of it as an advantage, she’ll open up a path 」


「 Besides, the opinion of the people in the world isn’t that one-sided. Even if 80% of the views are negative on her, as long as there’s 20% sympathetic, she has ways to survive. In the first place, there’s no way 100% of the people become enemies of that girl. Japan is a country where there’s a certain amount of people that exists to support the opposite

Does that mean?

「 Have you heard about it? Some people sympathize with death row prisoners or apply for marriage in prison. They’re people who are hated by others that’s why they want to help. I don’t understand the sense but 」

Shou-oneesan laughs.

「 Of course, that’s impossible for the father, Shirasaka Sousuuke. At the stage where the corpse of the kidnapped girl is found, there’s nobody who would sympathize with him anymore 」

That is Minaho-neesan’s full blow.
Minaho-neesan buried her sister’s body in Shirasaka Sousuke’s villa for that.

「 Japanese never forgives sex offenders and murder 」


「 But, Yukino-san, no matter how domineering, cheeky she is, ethically, she has no sin, and there are a lot of people who feel sorry for her. Especially women 」

Yukino’s not hated by all.

「 As for the men, look, there are fans of the sex industry and AV actresses. Yukino-san is still 16 years old, and she’s somewhat beautiful. Enthusiastic fans are appearing on the internet. Anyway, her recognition and attention from the world are outrageous, if you’re famous, then you’ll collect some fans. You’ll make fan clubs too. There seems to be a『 Shirayuki Drill Impact high chivalry order 』 」

Yukino’s fan club

「 So, that girl has accepted the reality about what is happening, that everyone knows her shameful figure but, if she dares to think on how to live with it, then 」

Shou-oneesan looks at me.

「 That girl might be able to escape from this hardship., That girl’s tragedy may not go further than this 」


「 Now that I said that, what do you think? 」
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