Chapter 462. Is the hot water good enough?

Chapter 462. Is the hot water good enough?

「 Ruriko, you really are a useless girl 」

Misuzu tells Ruriko

「 Danna-sama, I think that Ruriko needs punishment 」

Misuzu said. Michi stands in front of me.

「 Would her butt do? 」

We’re spanking Ruriko’s ass?

「 Wait, Michi, Danna-sama hasn’t said anything yet you know!? 」

Misuzu stops Michi.

「 Michi will receive a punishment too 」
「 I’m very sorry 」

Michi turns her skirt and faces her ass to me.
Her cute panty is exposed.
She gets on all fours and sticks out her ass.

「 Master, please 」


「 Michi, please show your skin when spanking 」
「 That is for Master to do 」
「 Don’t decide on your own! Do it yourself! 」

Misuzu scolds Michi.

「 Ruriko and Michi depend on Danna-sama too much! 」
「 I’m very sorry! 」

Michi pulls down her panty.
Her ass is white and soft.
Her tight anus and hairless pussy are exposed before me.

「 Master, please 」


「 Then, I’ll just slap you once 」
「 I have made two mistakes 」

Michi reports herself

「 Okay, then two 」
「 Thank you 」

Now that it has come to this, I’ll have to spank her or else Michi won’t be satisfied.
I slap Michi’s ass with all my strength!!


「 Kyaaun! 」

Another hit.

「 Auuuuu!!! 」

Michi’s good ass now has a red trace of my hand.

「 Au. Thank you, Master. 」

Michi thanks me with moist eyes.
Love nectar drips down from her crotch.
Masochists are great troubles.

「 Next, Ruriko 」

Misuzu said.

「 Uhm, Misuzu-oneesama, I 」
「 What’s wrong, Misuzu? Could it be that you don’t know the reason why Danna-sama has to punish you? 」

Misuzu shows a malicious smile.

「 Yes, I’m sorry 」
「 Danna-sama, Ruriko seems to need three slaps 」


「 The sin for going against Danna-sama’s orders, the sin for letting Michi take the punishment before you, and the sin of not knowing what your sins are, that’s three 」

Misuzu looks at Ruriko.

「 Ruriko, you’ve depended on Danna-sama’s kindness too much that you forgot that you’re a slave! 」
「 Did I? 」
「 Yes. A genuine slave must accomplish Danna-sama’s wishes no matter how painful it is, am I wrong? Ruriko you lack the servile character! 」

Lacking in servile character, she said.

「 Danna-sama wants you and Grandfather to reconcile, so you must do it. If you want to know why. That is your reason for being! Am I wrong?! 」

Misuzu’s intensity pushes Ruriko back all the way.

「 I think Misuzu-oneesama is correct 」

Then, she bows to me.

「 Ruriko was wrong. Please punish me, Onii-sama 」

Copying Michi from a while ago, Ruriko gets on all fours and stick out her ass.
She pulls down her white panty with her trembling hands.
Her bare ass is so smooth like a boiled egg.

「 Danna-sama, please do not forsake Ruriko 」

Misuzu speaks out exaggerated.

「 Danna-sama’s being considerate about Grandfather, Ruriko, Yoshiko-sama and me that he even bothered to make a proposal, and yet, Ruriko prioritizes her own obstinacy than Danna-sama’s will. It’s an unacceptable sin for a slave. Danna-sama must be running out of patience for Ruriko 」

No, look

「 O-Onii-sama, I’m really sorry 」

Ruriko’s crying up from what Misuzu said.

「 It’s not going to resolve itself from crying you know? You’ve stepped on Danna-sama’s kindness! Such a rebellious slave must not be allowed by Danna-sama’s side! 」

Misuzu speaks harshly

「 I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Onii-sama 」
「 Don’t end with apologizing! Isn’t it the slave’s duty to follow Danna-sama’s orders to get along even if it’s an oni, a demon or even an alien, right?! Right, Ruriko!? 」
「 I won’t do it anymore, I won’t be selfish anymore. I will make a fresh start. Ruriko will be reborn and serve Onii-sama! Please do not abandon Ruriko! Onii-sama! 」

Ruriko’s a born princess.
Therefore, if we don’t correct her like this from time to time, she’ll forget that she’s a slave.
This won’t change that quickly.
Humans are like that.
That’s why I have to fix her again, and again, as much as there is a need.
Perhaps, for a lifetime
But, it’s not a hassle.
Ruriko’s my family.
And it’s normal to take care of the family for a lifetime.

「 Ruriko. That’ll be three spanks. Freshen up your mind after that 」

I said.

「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

I have to go all out in here.
I would feel sorry for Ruriko if I don’t slap her with all my strength.

「 Here we go 」
「 Yes 」

She clenches her ass.

「 One!! 」


「 Hyaaa! 」
「 Two!! 」


「 Kuuuuu 」
「 Three 」


「 Ouuuuuucccchhh!!! 」

Ruriko’s white skin tints in red.

「 T-Thank you very much 」

I hug Ruriko.

「 Yeah, you did well enduring it, Ruriko 」
「 Onii-sama 」

Ah, Michi’s looking.

「 Come here Michi 」

Michi jumps in my arms like a puppy.

「 Michi too, don’t get too ahead 」
「 I’m very sorry, Master 」

I hug the two middle school girls until they settle down.

「 Thanks, Misuzu 」

I hug Misuzu

「 No, I did what’s natural as their elder sister 」

Misuzu’s rubbing her cheeks on my chest while blushing.

「 Then, Ruriko, that’s settled 」


「 Yes, I will attend tomorrow’s party as Onii-sama says 」

Yeah. That’s one case down.
Next is to consult on how to make Jii-chan and Ruriko reconciliation.

「 Onii-chan 」

When I noticed, Mana’s doing a naked dogeza behind me.

「 What’s wrong Mana? 」

Mana looks up.

「 I also have been an arrogant girl recently. Even though Mana’s a sex slave, just like Ruri-oneechan 」

Mana puts her hands and forehead flat on the floor.

「 I’m sorry, please punish Mana too 」


「 If this goes on, Onii-chan will hate me 」

Ah, our relationship’s gone to this level
It’s not following other’s actions but, she saw herself objectively through Ruriko.
Then, she asks me to fix her.

「 Then, I’ll give you a single slap 」
「 Please give me three slaps like Ruri-oneechan too 」
「 No. Mana noticed it herself and asked for my punishment, one will do 」
「 Un, okay 」

Mana turns her ass on me.


「 Kyaaan!! 」

Mana leaks out a cute scream.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Aah, I wonder if I should have Yoshi-kun slap my butt too? 」

Megu said as she washes my back in the bathroom.

「 No, Megumi-san. If we offered ourselves in there, it would be a kill-joy 」

Misuzu said while washing my right arm.

「 Ruriko, does it hurt? 」

Ruriko who’s washing my left arm rubs her ass from time to time.

「 I’m fine 」

Ruriko said, then bashfully smiles.

「 Ruri-oneechan had it three times so it might be swollen red tonight 」

Mana says while washing my right leg.

「 Mana and Michi-oneechan only had it once, so I think it won’t be swelling 」

Yeah, it would be troublesome if Mana’s ass is swelling during the ritual later.

「 Mana, shouldn’t you cool it with water? 」
「 I’m fine, but thank you for worrying, Onii-chan! 」

Mana smiles.
In the end, the heart’s sorrow won’t disappear with just a bit of physical contact.
No matter what it is
When bodies are brought in contact, the spirit stabilizes.

「 Michi, why are you sucking me even though everyone’s washing m? 」

Michi looks up while still having my dick inside her.

「 Fhiharara 」


「 Michi-oneechan said, “because I like it” 」

Mana translates.

「 Haefuno, fuhihara 」
「 I like licking, is that it? 」

She likes licking my penis.
I see, then there’s no helping it.
No, wait a second.

「 No, I’ll be doing a lot of it later. I can’t get exhausted here! 」

I’m going to have four consecutive battles with Megu, Mana, Agnes, and Yukino.

「 Ohinhin, hohafue, ohihihihi 」

Michi, what? What are you talking about?

「 “Penis, Salty, Delicious,” she said 」

This time Misuzu translates.

「 But, Michi, you should stop soon. I’ll accept it as playing around for a while, but this is going for too long. It’s unfair to do it only yourself 」
「 Hahi 」

Michi lets go of my glans.

「 That’s unfortunate 」
「 Michi-san, you can just do it in the evening, Misuzu-san, you’re staying over for the night? 」

Megu asks.

「 What should I do? I have something to do tomorrow, so I think I need to return home tonight, but 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 Stay over. Misuzu and Michi 」

I said.

「 That way, we could check up on Jii-chan tomorrow morning 」

If Misuzu and Michi stay here tonight, Jii-chan would feel sad because Misuzu has finally yielded to me.
He would feel that his granddaughter’s hearts had moved away from him.
It’s better to do that to surprise him at the party tomorrow.

「 Then, we’ll stay over. Please embrace Michi and me too 」

Misuzu smiled.

「 Yeah, I know 」
「 Onii-sama, Ruriko’s not embraced for today yet too 」

Ruriko said, blushing.

「 Yeah, you’re right 」

That’s 4+3.
Let’s just pray that Nei, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa doesn’t join in.

「 Geez, Danna-sama, don’t make that face 」

Misuzu tells me.

「 Please look at our bodies. All of them are Danna-sama’s women 」

I look at the naked bodies around me again.
Michi, Mana, Misuzu, Ruriko, Megu

「 Yeah, they’re all for Onii-chan. That’s why you can have sex with us anytime you like 」

Mana caresses my glans with the tip of her fingers.

「 Ah, it got big again 」

Of course, it will

「 Ufufu, ufufufu, ehehe 」

Mana laughs.

「 What’s up, Mana? 」
「 I knew it, Onii-chan and everyone is my only family 」


「 I feel like an idiot for worrying 」

I knew it, she’s puzzled about having sex in front of her father.

「 You see, back when Mana was Maika-san, she lived far away from her family, you know that right? Her body was weak in the past, so she lived at a relative’s house in Shizuoka 」

Yeah. I know.

「 That’s why when she got better, she lived with her family in Tokyo but, there was a sense of incompatibility all the time 」


「 Shirasaka’s Papa and Mama, and even Onee-chan stay together, but it doesn’t feel like they’re a real family. Do you get it? For example, the whole family goes to a restaurant. Then, Yukino-san picks anything without caring about the price, eating whatever she wants to eat, I have no choice but to ask for something cheap in the menu. I feel bad 」

Mana said.,

「 I know that well. I also order the cheapest one when I go to dinner with my parents at Yamamine house. My adoptive mother tells me “You don’t have to mind it” a lot of times, but, I just can’t 」

Megu said.

「 But, Megu’s adopted, Mana has her real parents, right? 」

Being considerate of adoptive parents is a bit different.

「 But, that’s been the same all the time. Besides, in my case, Maika-san didn’t have anyone to be considerate with like Megu-oneechan’s mother. “Oh, you want to eat that. I guess that’s good,” or something like that, they never notice that Maika-san is slightly out of sync with them 」

Shirasaka Sousuke, her food critic cheating mother, Yukino.
Yeah, they’re the type that’s not interested in others.
Not to their daughter, to their sister.

「 Therefore, Maika-san can’t think of her own family as a family. Looking at Yukino-san spoiled by her parents, telling them “I want to eat this,” or “I want that” is always so painful. Maika-san cannot do that 」

Mana speaks lonely

「 But, that’s enough. Mana now has a family. I’ve got Onii-chan, a lot of Onee-chan, and even Agnes-chan 」


「 When Mana’s being a bad girl, she’s punished the right way, when Mana’s sad, someone calls her out. Mana does that too. I like everyone! I love them all! I want to stay together forever! I want to stay together forever and ever with Onii-chan!! 」

Mana clings to me.
She rubs her small breasts to my side.
Mana’s uneasy

「 What are you talking about? It’s decided that we’ll stay together you know? You’re my family 」

I also hug the naked Mana.

「 In the first place, even if Mana doesn’t like it, I won’t let go 」
「 Do you like Mana 」
「 Obviously I do 」
「 Mana also do! I love Onii-chan! 」

Her small body hugs me tightly.

「 Mana-imouto 」

I hug Mana, and Michi hugs me from behind.

「 We’re here too 」
「 Mana-san, Michi, doesn’t talk about herself that much but she’s very similar to you 」

Misuzu said.

「 Michi also was raised only by her grandfather because her parents are both busy, right? Furthermore, Michi entirely inherited Kudou style ancient martial arts which her father did not 」

That’s right, Michi;

「 It’s terrible to have that funny father compromise with other family members, mother, brother, and sister all do Karate, and they look at Kudou style ancient martial arts as low rank 」

Michi’s also in discord with her real family.

「 That’s fine now. I have dedicated my life to Master and Misuzu-sama. Father has also given his consent. I already have a place to live 」

Michi looks at Mana.

「 That’s why, Mana-imouto, you can also stay here for always. Or should I say that it feels like “why are you hesitating” 」
「 Michi-oneechan 」

Mana’s spilling out tears.

「 Me too. Yamamine house was very kind to me, but that wasn’t my home 」

Megu said

「 I know from the bottom of my heart that both my parents from Yamamine house think of me as a someone left by Shirasaka house to them. I’m very thankful to them but, I think that we really can’t become parent and child 」

Yamamine house is entirely dominated by Shirasaka house.
Therefore, they had no choice but to accept Megumi, Shirasaka Sousuke’s illegitimate daughter.

「 If ever Minaho-neesan didn’t come to save me, my parents from Yamamine house would’ve handed me to Shirasaka Sousuke-san. I know that already 」

They handed their daughter helplessly even they knew that she’ll be a prostitute.

「 It’s inevitable, but I’m not their real daughter 」

Megu smiles forcibly

「 Therefore, I can’t go back to Yamamine house anymore. I am here. I won’t leave Yoshi-kun’s side even if he says he doesn’t want me anymore! 」
「 I won’t, Megu 」

I hold Megu’s hand.

「 We’ll be together always Megu 」
「 Un 」

Megu smiles at me.

「 Misuzu, Ruriko, Mana too, you’ll always be my family 」
「 Yes, I won’t let go! 」

Misuzu answers in tears.

◇ ◇ ◇


After we finish washing our bodies, we soak ourselves in the warm bathtub.
As expected, I was spared on washing four bodies.
It would take too much time to wash them by myself.
I need to have some stamina for what’s to come later.
Therefore, the girls are washing each other in the washing area now.
Watching them from a distance having fun is nice from time to time.
They’re all naked.
They’re all gorgeous and sexy.
They’re all my women.
Oh, it’s so lovely to see them from a distance.
I can get erect at ease.

「 Fuu 」

The warm water feels good.
I feel water drops on my shoulders.

「 Onii-chan! 」

Mana who got washed first enters the bathtub.
The time of bliss is over.
I have to hide my erection with the towel now.

「 There’s no need to hide. It got erect from watching us, right? That makes us happy 」

Mana crouches beside me and wraps my penis with her small hand.

「 Besides, this is cute I like it 」
「 Cute? 」
「 Yes, it’s cute. It’s Onii-chan’s thing after all. I can tell why Michi-oneechan likes licking it 」

Mana grabs the skin and rubs it.

「 Hey, don’t rub it too much 」
「 Oh right. We can’t have it leaking right now 」

Mana doesn’t stop her handjob even when she says that.

「 That’s right. It’s hard to clean up especially when I cum in warm water 」
「 What will happen? 」
「 The sperm solidifies in warm water and then it sticks everywhere. It’s tough to clean it up 」

Mana smiles.

「 Did you cum on a bath? 」
「 Well yeah 」
「 From masturbating? 」
「 Yeah 」

It’s a shameful story.
When father disappeared, and I lived alone in the house.
I fapped on the bath.
No, no, it was a tough time.

「 Geez, don’t go masturbating anymore from now on 」

Mana kisses my neck.

「 If you want to do it then, everyone can play with Onii-chan. Please pour Onii-chan’s semen inside our mouth or belly Okay? 」
「 Sure 」
「 Yes, good response 」

Mana smiles

「 Please massage Mana’s breasts to make it bigger! 」
「 Sure 」

I hug Mana’s body from behind and massage her cute breasts.
Yeah, it’s squishy for a 14-year-old.

「 How is it? 」
「 Yeah, it’s elastic and pleasant 」
「 Mana feels good from Onii-chan’s massage too 」

Mana’s blushing.
There are beads of sweat running through her nape.

「 You see, Onii-chan 」
「 What? 」
「 What does Onii-chan want to do with Yukino-san? 」


「 Since it’s Onii-chan, you want to avoid her dying at least, right? 」
「 Mana 」
「 Don’t stop your hands. Massage my breasts 」
「 Ah, sorry 」

I massage her soft breasts.

「 You don’t need to mind Mana. I got it all away earlier 」
「 What do you mean? 」
「 Because Onii-chan doesn’t think of Yukino-san as a family, right? 」

Mana’s big eyes look at me.

「 Onii-chan and Yukino-san don’t agree with each other at all. Personality, hobbies, and even thoughts are entirely different 」

She’s right.
Mana who lived in the same house knows and understands Yukino’s personality more than me.
And Mana says that.
My life will never cross paths with Yukino’s.

「 Or should I say that Yukino-san’s haughty. That person will never go down to our heights 」

The height of her pride won’t change even if she dies.

「 Therefore, it’s inevitable. She’s not related to us 」

There was no relation.

「 I think so too 」


「 We’ll never meet again. I’m already prepared for it. Because we’re Shirasaka Sousuke-san’sー 」

That’s right. When Shirasaka Sousuke’s disposed of.
Mana and I won’t meet Yukino again.
She’ll never forgive for the rest of her life.

「 But, it’s okay. I’ll be with Onii-chan forever now 」

Mana decides to abandon Yukino.

「 Onii-chan, talk about it. What do you want to do with Yukino-san? And what do you want Mana to do? 」
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