Chapter 467. Masked world

Chapter 467. Masked world

「There are two waiting rooms. Agnes, come this way. Shou-oneesan and Misuzu, that way 」

Nei guides us to the rooms.
I’m still hugging Agnes.
We look into the two rooms from the corridor.

「 The difference of the rooms is that one has a monitor and the other doesn’t! 」

True, there’s a big monitor on one room and none on the other.
It only has chairs, sofa, and snacks.
Oh, we won’t show Agnes the revenge.
That way’s better.
If Agnes sees the current state of Shirasaka Sousuke, she’ll undoubtedly be shocked.
Agnes is raised to revere Shirasaka Sousuke as God.
However, when Agnes stands at the stage of revenge, they shouldn’t see each other by all means.

「 Err, I think that Yo-chan’s worry won’t happen 」

Nei said.

「 Huh? 」
「 No way. I can tell what Yo-chan’s thinking just with a single look on the face~! 」

Nei smiles.
Then, she pats Agnes’ head kindly.

「 Agnes is also our family. We won’t do anything traumatic for her! 」

Agnes is born and confined in this mansion’s basement.

「 Yes, that’s right 」

Nagisa comes in from the other side of the corridor.
Nagisa’s wearing a pink bondage suit.
It seems that she’s willing to return to a woman of the mansion only this time.

「 This girl will be the last woman whose fate is distorted by Kuromori 」

Nagisa looks at Agnes lovingly.

「 Just think of making Agnes’ first time a wonderful one 」

Nagisa tells me.
If they prepared even that, I would feel a bit at ease.

「 Papa, what is trauma desuno? 」

Agnes asks me.
Well, I somehow know the meaning, but I don’t know how to explain it.

「 Well you see, it’s a horse with a tiger pattern! 」

Nei said laughing.

「 Is it different from zebra? 」

Agnes asks curiously.

「 Zebras are black and white. Torauma is yellow and black! 」


「 Why will Agnes become a yellow and black horse? 」

Look, she retorted.

「 That’s not it! We were talking about not letting Agnes get trauma! Horses with tiger pattern are forbidden! 」

Nei, that’s a bit forced.

「 Horse in tiger patterns are definitely subtle 」

Mana laughs.

「 That’s right, the tiger is no good! Tora pattern is apparently for the Oni underwear or dandy from the past! 」


「 What about tigers? 」

Kyouko-san appears.
Kyouko-san’s wearing a black tuxedo.
Then she’s wearing a tiger wrestling mask for some reason.
T-This mask again?

「 Err, this is Tiger 」

Before Nei finished speaking;

「 I’m Miss Rookie for tonight! 」

Kyouko-san replied.

「 It’s the mysterious pitcher who plays in Koshien baseball stadium game. Her identity is Kazu Shige! Even though it’s a player from Koshien, the true identity is Kazu Shige! 」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「 It’s a play, a joke. It’s no fun if you don’t make jokes at times like this 」

Then, Kyouko-san takes out another pro-wrestling mask from her pocket.

「 Which do you want to wear? 」

Huh, me?

「 My recommendation would be this “Beastman Cougar,” he’s a pro wrestler who stood up from the ruins to defeat the evil spirits that revived at present age. Then, this is “Beastman Thunder Cougar” The horns are twice than the ordinary “Cougar” Also, this pure white “Sukekiyo” mask is also okay 」

I’m going to wear that?

「 Then I’ll take “Thunder Cougar”! 」

Nei takes a mask from Kyouko-san.

「 Huh, Nee-san’s wearing too? 」
「 Well, of course, we’ll be broadcasting this over the internet! 」


「 Ah, it’s not for the public to stream though! It’s just for the previous ladies of the mansion 」

Nei said.

「 Some people want to come here and watch, or even participate the revenge, but; 」 We’re monitored by Kouzuki security service and the police 」

Kyouko-san tells us.
Oh, the retired prostitutes cannot gather in here.

「 There’s a lot who started a respectable occupation or got their business on track. We can’t let the police mark them now, can we? There’s a lot who have children too 」

I see.

「 Therefore, Yuuka-san and Hidemi-san have gathered them all! All of the ladies whose location is known. There are only two places where it will be broadcasted, and we asked them to not record it! 」

Yuuka-san and Hidemi-san are reliable among the retired prostitutes.

「 Or should I say that some ladies don’t want to get involved, nor know about it, but, Kyouko-san’s face forced them to watch 」


「 Well, one of the purposes is to seal their mouth. I’ll make them comply to not talk about what will happen to that man on media. I don’t want to say this, but it’s not that no girl sympathizes with that man 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Oh, I’ve heard that from Minaho-neesan before 」

Shirasaka Sousuke planned to set up a new prostitution organization in partnership with some gangs, some prostitutes were interested about it too.

「 Well, we’ll gather those girls and show the man’s last minute. If that man calls them they would quickly follow him, the trauma from living here is a past thing for them. We have to wipe those away without fail 」

If they see Shirasaka Sousuke being beyond recovery with their own eyes.
They’ll be unable to get out from the nightmares of being raped by Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 Torauma? 」

Agnes looks at me.

「 Trauma means Mental Trauma, it was proposed by the Austrian psychologist Freud in 1917. The origin of the word means wound in Greek 」

Kyouko-san replied smoothly.

「 It’s hard to explain it in detail so let’s do it next time. Okay? 」

She smiles at Agnes.

「 Yes, desuno 」

Agnes agrees.

「 Nei, answer her questions seriously. Even if it’s hard to explain, children feel happy when the adults respond to them honestly. If you joke too much, they won’t trust you anymore 」
「 Yes, I’m reflecting on it 」

Nei bows her head.

「 Uhm, returning to the topic 」

I ask Kyouko-san once again.

「 I understand that we’ll be broadcasting the revenge on the retired ladies of the mansion, but; 」

Kyouko-san’s masks.

「 Why do I have to wear a mask? 」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「 That’s for Nei and your sake! 」


「 Obviously, you’re a newcomer. Also, it’s just two years since we’ve picked up Nei from America. Therefore, there’s a lot who don’t know you two 」

I see, Nei;
Even though Minaho-neesan took her, she didn’t become a prostitute.
She didn’t show at the surface of the brothel, so the retired don’t know her.

「 If they don’t know, then it’s better to keep it a secret, don’t you think? It’s for both sides’ sake 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 We don’t have an obligation to tell them a new member has entered Kuromori, I think the other side won’t like it either. They’d have a hunch that the number of people who know their unpleasant past increasing on their own 」

I see.

「 If you’re wearing a mask and they don’t know who you are, it’ll be blurred somehow. That’s anonymity 」

I see.

「 With that said, you, Nei, and Margo, we don’t want her to show as our follower on the surface that much. You three will join in wearing a mask! 」

I get that, but;

「 Uhm, why Kyouko-san too? 」

Why does Kyouko-san, who came here as an inspector of Jii-chan, who became a vital point of the management of the organization, and acquainted with all the prostitutes, wearing a mask?

「 My mask, you mean? 」

We nod.

「 I’m just joining in! 」

Kyouko-san laughed loudly.

「 In the end, the main characters for today are Minaho, Katsuko, and everyone else. It’s okay for me to be just a pebble on the side wearing a mask 」

No, you just stand out even more.

「 Then, which do you want, Yo-chan? 」

Nei asks me.

「 Want to wear the “Beastman Cougar” to match with me? It lacks horns though 」

What about that?

「 But, Sukekiyo doesn’t have one, right? 」

Right, the white one is too scary.

「 Agnes, which do you prefer? 」

I ask Agnes in my arms.
Megu, Mana, and Yukino will be fine whatever I wear, but;
It’s Agnes’ first time.
I’ll let Agnes decide my mask so she won’t be afraid later.

「 That one’s better 」

Agnes points to the tiger mask Kyouko-san’s wearing.

「 That one? 」
「 Yes, the tiger, desuno 」

Well, we were talking about tigers earlier.

「 Tsk, I have no choice then, I’ll give this rookie tiger mask to you 」

Kyouko-san takes off her mask.

「 Here you go, wear it 」

She hands the tiger mask to me.

「 T-Thanks 」

I tried wearing it.

「 What do you think. 」

Then, Mana burst laughing.

「 Onii-chan that doesn’t suit you! 」
「 Is that so? 」
「 But, it does feel nice 」

Misuzu said.

「 What do you think, Agnes? 」


「 Papa, you’re so cool, desuno! 」

Then, she laughed.
Oh, our tensed minds feel relaxed.

「 Since you took the Rookie, I can’t do anything. I’ll have this one then 」

Kyouko-san takes out a masquerade ball mask from her pocket.

「 Nei, do you have a silk hat to match this mask? 」
「 Oh, we have one here, Kyouko-san 」

Black Tuxedo, mask, silk hat.

「 My, it’s masked tuxedo man! 」

Nagisa’s thrilled.
S-So that’s what it is.

「 Kyouko-san, we’re done setting up here 」

Then, Margo-san comes from the other side.
Margo-san’s wearing a middle east style white male costume, her head is wrapped in white cloth, and her eyes and face are hidden by the white cloth mask.

「 Tsukikage Kishi-sama! 」

For some reason, Shou-oneesan’s deeply impressed.

「 I loved that one when I was a child! 」

Why is it that Nei and I are wearing a pro wrestler mask.
Yet Kyouko-san and Margo-san are doing old anime cosplay?

「 Don’t think too deeply about it! 」

Kyouko-san looks at me.

「 This is fun, so it’s okay 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Okay, then let’s push on! 」

Kyouko-san tells me.

「 Yoshi-kun, we’ll be supporting Agnes-chan 」

Megu tells me.

「 When your turn comes in, Nei-oneesan’s coming to call you 」
「 That’s right, I’ll be the masked AD 」

Nei smiles.

「 When Megumi and Mana’s turn is up, I will take care of Agnes! Later, Margo-oneesan will come to call you 」

They’re considering Agnes’ care.

「 Agnes, if anything happens, talk to everyone. There’s no need to be afraid. Everyone is your family 」
「 Yes, desuno, Papa 」

Agnes has accepted her destiny.

「 Then, see you later 」

Agnes, Megu, and Mana went to the no-monitor waiting room.

「 Danna-sama, Shou-oneesan and I will be on that waiting room 」

Misuzu said.

「 The venue for the revenge is on the opposite of your waiting room, that room. You can come in to put a brake on it if you can’t agree with us anymore 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Minaho made that promise, didn’t she? 」

Kyouko-san looks at the two smiling.

「 However, when you’re breaking in, wear this mask. We won’t be able to stop the broadcast so suddenly 」

Oh, we can’t show Misuzu or Shou-oneesan’s face to the former prostitutes.

「 The remaining for the two is Sukekiyo mask! Okay? 」

Kyouko-san laughed out loud.

「 I seem to have misunderstood Kyouko-san. 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 You even took us in consideration, I’m sorry and thank you 」

It seems that she’s ashamed for thinking of the possibility that Kyouko-san might rampage.

「 No, it’s not a misunderstanding. Your concern is justified. Kyouko Messer is a dangerous woman you know 」

Kyouko-san said while smiling.

「 You see, if you’re the head of Kouzuki security service, then don’t lose your caution. You must be ready for the unexpected circumstances for always, okay? 」
「 Yes 」
「 You see, since you’re going to watch over, I can go easy. That really helps. Thank you, you two 」

Kyouko-san gives a word of trust to Misuzu and Shou-oneesan.

「 Yes, if we think it’s going dangerous, we’ll be jumping in no matter what! 」

Misuzu said with a serious look.

「 These girls are worried for you, thank them 」

Kyouko-san smiles at me.

「 Yeah, thank you. Shou-oneesan, Misuzu 」
「 Leave it to me 」
「 I’ll be in a different room but, Misuzu will watch over Danna-sama. We’ll be together 」

The two goes to the other waiting room.

「 Okay, and we’ll go this way 」

I finally enter the venue.
The door opens, we go inside.

「 Is this? 」

The room’s made to imitate a courtroom.

「 It’ll be a court play it seems. There’s a lot of guests before who were lawyers 」

Nagisa smiles wryly

「 Err, what kind of play is that? 」

I don’t get it, how do you have sex in court?

「 Err, the guest plays as the lawyer, molesting the assistant in the trial or the prosecutor questioning the defendant then raping her, or the judge, lawyer,, and prosecutors raping a woman 」


「 People in legal circles, lawyers, judge, prosecutors have done everything, they sit in the courtroom for a long time you see? That’s why they have various delusions from it. Anyway, they made a lot of requests. They even wanted a girl in court guard uniform to spank their butts 」


「 Those in legal relationships, school teachers, religious people, politicians, anyway, people who are usually called “sir” in their jobs usually does as they please when they come to the brothel 」

I see.

「 Anyway, this is our venue for today 」

Looking at it, there’s a bed in the space in front of the Judge seat who’s a bit higher.

「 I’m going there? 」
「 Yes. Take a seat in the prosecutor area until you’re called 」

There’s no desk nor chair for the lawyer.

「 There’s no lawyer today. That’s the trial we’re doing now 」

Nagisa smiled lonely.

「 Camera’s set checking is done 」

Nei shouts.

「 Then, Nei, contact Yuuka-san and Hidemi-san, will you? Ask them whether the audience is gathered or not! 」

Kyouko-san instructs.

「 Roger that 」
「 Where’s Katsuko-nee and Minaho-neesan? 」

I ask Nagisa.

「 The two of them are monitoring Shirasaka Sousuke. 」

Oh, I see.

「 He’s tied up in restraints now, Katsu-nee’s holding a stun gun too 」

Nei picks up a telephone on the wall, dialed, and then said.

「 Margo, switch with them, those girls need to change their clothes and prepare their minds too, don’t you think? 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Sure, Kyouko-san 」
「 Ah, I’ll go too Margo-san 」

Nagisa calls out.

「 I still haven’t seen that man 」

Nagisa hasn’t seen Shirasaka Sousuke in tatters yet.

「 Should I go too? 」

I said, Nagisa;

「 I’m fine, take a rest here for now 」
「 But 」

I’m a bit worried that Nagisa might be shocked.

「 I will be okay. It’ll be harder for later 」


「 It’s okay. I’m with her 」

Margo-san said

「 Please 」

The two went out of the room.
I sit on the prosecutor seat I was told to go earlier.

「 Kyouko-saaan, Yuuka-san’s house, and Hidemi-san’s house are all gathered. They said, “ready anytime”! 」

Nei puts down the receiver.

「 Okay, then what’s left is Minaho and Katsuko 」

Kyouko-san answers.

「 Yo-chan, eat this sandwich 」

Nei brings me a small dish.
Then, she puts on the “Beastman Thunder Cougar” mask
With this, Nei’s also ready.
I put on my tiger mask in a hurry.

「 It’ll take a long time, so put something in your stomach at least 」
「 Yeah 」
「 I’m glad that this mask has the mouth open. The Sukekiyo mask needs to be half-off before you can eat 」

Oh, that’s why we can eat a sandwich.

「 Ah, your mouth has breadcrumbs 」

Nei pinches out the breadcrumbs with her finger and throws it to her mouth.

「 Nei, is the lighting here good enough? 」

Kyouko-san shouts from behind.

「 Oh, Kyouko-san, that can be operated in the panel too 」
「 Oh, you’re right 」
「 Margo-oneechan and I will manage the camera and lighting during the broadcast so we’ll be fine 」
「 Your work is to call up the next cast, right? 」
「 I can do that too! We have great teamwork! 」

Nei smiles.

「 Nagisa can operate it too, can’t she? How about you let her do it? 」
「 Hmm, we’ll do it. Nagisa-san won’t be able to concentrate on this I think 」


「 We’re not kidnapped and raped by Shirasaka Sousuke. So we can work much calmer than the others, don’t you think? 」
「 You’re right 」
「 Therefore, us military unit masks have to work hard 」
「 You’ve gotten more reliable now, Nei. 」

Kyouko-san who’s wearing a masked tuxedo man cosplay tells Nei.

「 Well, of course, I’ve become an Onee-chan too! 」
「 I see 」

Then, Katsuko-nee and Minaho-neesan come in.

「 Sorry to keep you waiting 」

Katsuko-nee is wearing a same wine-red bondage suit as Nagisa.
Minaho-neesan’s wearing black mourning clothes.

「 Katsuko, I’ll ask you to be the host 」

Kyouok-san fires herself up.

「 Gladly! 」

Katsuko-nee’s already in high tension.

「 Let’s be in high spirits! 」

I-Is this going to be okay?

「 Please 」

Minaho-neesan comes to me.
Her face is ashen.

「 It’ll be okay,, Minaho-neesan 」

I stand up and hug Minaho-neesan.

「 Take a deep breath 」

Suu, haa
Minaho-neesan follows what I said obediently

「 Everyone’s here for you. We always will. Minaho-neesan is no longer alone 」
「 But, I will commit a sin 」
「 We’ll all bear that sin with you 」

I hug Minaho-neesan tighter.

「 Ah, Ojou-sama, that’s nice! Katsuko wants a hug too!!! 」

Katsuko-nee comes.

「 Come, Katsuko-nee 」

I spread my arms, and Katsuko-nee’s voluptuous body flies to me.

「 I love your kindness!! 」
「 Really, Katsuko-nee’s such a spoiled girl 」
「 That’s right, is that bad? 」
「 It’s not, depend on me more 」
「 Thanks 」

Katsuko-nee kisses my lips.

「 Done charging! Katsuko’s full power! 」

She tells me with a smile.

「 Okay, we’ll start in 5. Okay?! 」

Kyouko-san gives out instructions.

「 Listen, we don’t have to do everything as planned. Don’t think about anything unnecessary, just concentrate on doing as planned! 」
「 Yes, Kyouko-san 」

Minaho-neesan replied.

「 Nei, tell Margo and the others, we’ll start broadcasting in five minutes! 」
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