Chapter 470. Sex surpasses

Chapter 470. Sex surpasses

Megu, Megu, Megu!!!

「 Yoshi-kun, pierce me! Thrust more to Megu! 」

We have sex on top of the bed.
I piston and strike as much as Megu desires!
My lower abdomen slams, slaps Megu’s elastic ass!
My glans pushes up her uterus again and again.
Megu’s tight vagina clamps my thick erection.

「 Aaaahn! It’s coming in and out! Yoshi-kun, it’s reaching it!!! 」

Megu’s skin flushes, the pleasure bends her body.

「 Kuh, damn it! 」

We’re showing off our sex to Shirasaka Sousuke.
He doesn’t even look away.
His eyes stare at us full of hate.

「 My my, Sousuke-chan’s having a hard time! 」

Katsuko-nee makes a fool of him like she’s speaking to a child.

「 Did you get an erection from watching your daughter have sex? 」

That’s right.
Shirasaka Sousuke bound with his legs spread M and his lower half exposed shows that he’s got an erection.

「 Well of course. He’s only raped by hard gays recently, and Sousuke himself hasn’t ejaculated. Aren’t they piled up? 」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「 Dammit! Let me do her too! Let me fuck! Goddammit! 」

Shirasaka Sousuke shouts. His eyes are bloodshot.

「 That girl, Megumi’s my daughter! I should be the first one to eat her! Dammit!!!! 」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s penis is trembling disgracefully.

「 I refuse. I’m a woman only for Yoshi-kun! I won’t have sex with anyone but Yoshi-kun! 」

Megu shouts to her father as I do her from behind.

「 Yoshi-kun, do me as you want, ravish me to your desire! Fill up Yoshi-kun’s stuff inside Megu1 」


「 Don’t bullshit me! If you cum inside Megumi, I’ll kill you! Bastard! Asshole, brat, I’ll pay you! I’ll pay you 30 million yen so I can fuck Megumi! Bastard! 」

Shirasaka Sousuke continues to shout.

「 I, I, I’m not yours, don’t make me laugh! 」

Megu’s also getting excited
This can’t go on

「 Megu, let’s switch positions 」

I said.

「 Yoshi-kun? 」
「 We can’t go on like this 」
「 Huh 」
「 Sex isn’t fun if you let the hate flow 」


「 We’ll become a pervert like him 」
「 You’re right 」

Megu replied.

「 It’s okay to look only at me, Megu 」

It doesn’t suit Megu to show off sex with only hate to her father.

Megu turns to me.
Her face is crying, but she looks at me with a smile.

「 Un. You’re right, Yoshi-kun! 」

Megu’s eyes spill tears.

「 I’m going to pull out 」
「 Un 」

I pull out my erect penis from Megu’s insides.

「 Megu, how do you want it? 」
「 I want to do it while seeing Yoshi-kun’s face 」

Megu takes off her half-stripped uniform and skirt.
She’s on her birthday suit.
She then lied down on the bed and spread her legs widely.

「 Come. Yoshi-kun 」

I get on top of Megu.
My glans thrust in the narrow entrance.


「 Uuu, it’s in again. It’s inside! 」

My stiff penis is swallowed inside Megu’s wet vagina.

「 Aaah, Megu’s inside is so warm and pleasant 」
「 Yoshi-kun’s thing is also so hot 」

Megu smile at me gently.

「 I feel a bit disappointed that you have to wear that mask though 」

Megu looks up at my tiger mask and said.

「 Yoshi-kun’s face when cumming looks so pleased, it’s so cute 」

She turns her arms on my back and hugs me tightly.

「 Megu 」
「 But it’s okay, this is also another memory of Yoshi-kun and me making love 」

She smiles gently

「 I love you. I love you Yoshi-kun! I love you so much! 」
「 Me too, Megu 」

We put our lips together while our lower bodies are connected.
Our tongues entwine.

「 Move. Feel good inside me 」
「 Yeah 」

I slowly resume my piston.


Megu’s pussy is wet with love nectar.
Every time I push my penis all the way to the base, it lubricates like oil.
It seems we’ve become a single steam engine.
Sexual fluids, sweat, long breaths, overflowing moisture.
Our sexual exercise continues.

「 Hey, you two! Hey!! 」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s voice feels like it’s from a distant world.

「 Don’t ignore me! Hey!!! 」

I look down on Megu’s face, feel her delicate body with my all.
Megu looks up at me and feels my whole soul inside her vagina and body.

「 Yoshi-kun. I’m having sex with Yoshi-kun 」
「 Yeah, that’s right, Megu 」

We stare at each other, we make love at each other.
The sweat from my forehead falls to Megu’s swaying breasts from my thrusts.
Megu’s neck and cleavage are shining from her sweat.

「 Megu, your nipples are hard 」
「 Un, it feels good after all. Yoshi-kun embraces me 」


「 Aah, aah, good, that’s good. Pierce me, Yoshi-kun, aaahn! 」

Megu ascends.

「 Go on, I can feel it, I’m feeling it, Aaan, ahaan, Yoshi-kun, it feels good! 」
「 Megu, I! 」

A hot lump accumulates in my lower abdomen.

「 You’re about to cum? Yoshi-kun, are you cumming? 」
「 Yeah, Megu, Megu, Megu!!! 」

I speed up my waist.

「 Aaaaahn, go on, you can do it anytime, Yoshi-kun, aaaaaahn! 」

Megu said that, but;
I hold it.
Megu also shows signs that she’s about to cum.

「 Aaa, aaahn, kuh, ah, me too, I’m about to cum too, aaahn, the wave, the wave is coming!!! 」

Megu looks at me with pained eyes.

「 Hey, say that you love me Say that you love Megu, order Megu to have Yoshi-kun’s baby!! 」


「 I love you Megu! I love you! Get pregnant with my child!!! 」

My whole body pumps out a lot of sweat!

「 Me too! I’m cumming! I’m going to cum! Megu’s going to cum!! 」

Megu’s body twitches.

「 M-Meguuuuuu 」
「 Inside, cum inside me, Yoshi-kun!!! 」

I-I’m cumming!!!


I thrust my penis all the way to the deepest part.
It’s blowing up like a fountain!!

「 So hot!!! It’s reaching deep inside my belly!!! 」

Megu’s vagina tightens, clamping me.

「 Get pregnant, Megu! 」

I push in my waist, grinding.
I pour in until the last drop.

「 Aaaahn, what should I do, it feels so good! Yoshi-kun’s stuff is spreading inside me!!! 」

Megu looks at me.
Just me.
Megu’s eyes only reflect me.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

My waist keeps on twitching.
Each time I do, the semen remaining in my urethra spreads inside Megu’s vagina.
Megu’s vagina is also twitching
This is satisfying sex.

「 Ufufu, it’s over 」

Megu tells me with a smile on her face.

「 I feel a bit regretful, however. I want to feel Yoshi-kun more 」

Her face is covered in sweat.
The beauty who just received a man’s semen seems a bit tired.
But, she’s smiling at me with a refreshing smile.

「 We can do it again later 」
「 Un, you’re right. I’ll be with Yoshi-kun for the rest of my life 」

Megu hugs me kindly.

「 Yeah 」

I gently rub Megu’s nipples and breasts with my hands while I’m still in the peak of pleasure.

「 Ah, that feels good 」

Megu laughs.

「 It’s okay to do after-play but, guys! 」

While we hug and stare at each other, Katsuko-nee approaches us.

「 Ah, Katsuko-oneesan 」
「 It’s not Katsuko-oneesan Megumi-chan 」

Katsuko-nee tells her with a smile.

「 It’s about time you two get off from your world 」
「 Okay, sorry, Yoshi-kun 」
「 Yeah 」

I get off on top of Megu.

「 I’m pulling out 」
「 Un 」

My penis is still stiff due to the drug.
I pull out while it’s still hard and thick.

「 Ah. 」

At the moment I pulled out, my pearl colored sperm drips down.

「 Okay, show it to him 」

Katsuko-nee said, Megu;
She spreads her legs wide open showing to her father.

「 There’s so much let out. I 」

Megu shows a strolled-willed woman face.

「 T-This bitch. Right in front of her father 」

Shirasaka Sousuke is about to explode from the anger.

「 No, who cares about, you were not a virgin!! 」

What are you saying in this situation?

「 Pretending to not know anything like an innocent girl!!! Didn’t you just cum?! As expected, a daughter of a prostitute is also a prostitute, Megumi!!! 」

He speaks with all his strength to hurt Megu.

「 You’ve made a fool of me so far, from now on, you’ll labor that money for me!! 」

T-This bastard.

「 A woman who’s stained by another man than me only has value as a prostitute!! 」

He lost interest as soon as he realized that Megu’s not a virgin.
He doesn’t see Megu as anything but as a prostitute, as a tool.

「 My, my, what is it? Shriasaka-san’s making such a face 」

Megu says while she exposes her naked body to her father.

「 Back when I was a child, I was so scared of you! 」


「 You’ve made my mother, and all the ladies of the mansion suffer. I was terrified of you 」

Yet, Megu’s face is laughing.

「 When you killed Mother, it was horrifying. Even after I was adopted, I saw it in my dreams so many times. It’s always a nightmare. A really horrible nightmare. A dream where you rape, then kill me. When I wake up in the morning, I feel my stomach’s nauseated, that I can’t hold it. That dream always haunted me 」

Her face may be smiling, but Megu’s eyes are serious.
Megu’s hand look for mine.
I hold Megu’s hand.
Our hands hold each other tight.

「 But, I. I thought that I’ll never have a relationship with a man. I was scared of men 」

Megu’s hand is trembling.

「 But, I’m no longer scared. I’m not afraid of the nights anymore. I never saw you in my dream again. After all, I!! 」

Megu looks at me.

「 I spend my nights with this man! 」

The naked Megu hugs me.

「 Yoshi-kun, my Yoshi-kun! 」
「 Megu 」

I also hug Megu.
I gently pat her back.

「 Look, I’m not scared. I’m no longer alone 」

Megu kisses me repeatedly.

「 Megumiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

Shirasaka Sousuke glares at Megu
Sending out dark, hateful thoughts.

「 I won’t forgive you! 」


「 Whatever you say is useless, I’m no longer scared of you 」

Megu said while clinging to me.

「 Looking at you this way, your face looks stranger than I thought, Shirasaka-san 」

She laughs.

「 You won’t be popular with young kids like that! 」

Megu changed.
She’s overcome having sex in front of her father.
She’s gotten stronger.
She’s gotten sturdier.
Megu’s inferiority complex for her father has completely disappeared.

「 Yoshi-kun, see you later 」

Megu whispers to my ears.

「 It’s about time Mana’s time 」

Saying that. She licks under my ears

「 I love you. I will love you forever 」

This tall beauty of my same age smiles at me.

「 Katsuko-oneesan, first turn, Megumi, is finished! 」

Megu raises her hand and tells Katsuko-nee.

「 Roger, then return to the waiting room 」
「 Okay~ 」

Megu gathers her uniform and carries it.

「 Don’t worry, it’ll be okay 」

She smiles at me.
She must be talking about Agnes in the waiting room.
She has to return to Agnes’ waiting room before Mana comes out so Agnes won’t feel alone.

「 Thank you, Megu 」

Megu winks at me.

「 As for the ladies over the television, I will excuse myself 」

Megu bows politely to the camera then leaves the room.
Nagisa opens the room going out.

「 Katsuko, please recap and proceed to the next stage 」

Kyouko-san instructs Katsuko-nee.

「 I’m sorry, I’m also getting teary-eyed 」

Katsuko-nee faces the camera while wiping her tears with her gloved hands.

「 My ladies. Our last sister, the girl Shirasaka Sousuke planned to make a prostitute refused. We also promise to keep it that, isn’t that right, Ojou-sama? 」

Katsuko-nee talks to Minaho-neesan.

「 Yes, I promise that. Megumi will never take in guests. We guarantee that girl will only have sex freely with her partner, without any involvement of money 」

Minaho-neesan declares.

「 My ladies, you’ve heard it from Megumi-chan earlier; That’s right, Shirasaka Sousuke is not scary. He’s no longer scary 」

Katsuko-nee talks to the camera.

「 Once again, please look at Shirasaka Sousuke’s current situation. The figure of the foolish and shameful Shirasaka Sousuke is now powerless. We are free 」

Katsuko-nee said;
That let me know the significance of broadcasting the revenge.
The former prostitutes of the mansion all had trauma from a man, Shirasaka Sousuke.
The fear of Shirasaka still makes the former prostitutes suffer.
Therefore, using this broadcast, with Shirasaka Sousuke’s current appearance.
Kyouko-san had beaten him up thoroughly, his once aristocratic look is now worn out.
HIs shameful appearance, tied up to a wagon.
Katsuko-nee and others who were supposed to be slaves, Megu who’s his daughter;
Showing that miserable figure to them;
Are they trying to erase the darkness on the former prostitutes?

「 Don’t fuck with me, don’t joke. You all are my slaves forever. Since I had eyes on you, kidnapped and raped your virginity, you’re all my slaves. I’ll never let you all go!!! 」

Shirasaka Sousuke seems to understand Minaho-neesan’s intention.
He speaks in a low voice.

「 Oh, are you still saying that? You seem fine for someone who had their daughter abandon them 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Megumi, that bitch isn’t my daughter. She’s just a girl I let Keiko give birth to for half-fun. Having sex with a man at that age, I’m sure she’ll be a good prostitute 」

Shirasaka Sousuke continues his needless retorts.

「 Didn’t we just say that Megu won’t be a prostitute? 」

I tell Shirasaka
Shirasaka looks at me.

「 In the end, who are you? 」


「 What kind of circumstances brought you here? Who are you?! 」


「 He’s my brother 」

Minaho-neesan answers.

「 Brother? 」
「 Yes, he’s a member of Kuromori 」

Minaho-neesan says clearly

「 No, no way ‘s true. Koichiro’s son is only Naomi and you 」

Shirasaka Sousuke approached Minaho-neesan’s father, Kuromori Koichido to take over the operations of Kuromori.
He should’ve investigated the Kuromori family tree.

「 Yes, for my father, Kuromori Koichiro, that’s true 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 But, how far do you know about my grandfather, Kuromori Kounosuke? 」

The founder of the Kuromori tower, the luxury brothel, Kuromori Kounosuke.

「 This man is Kuromori Kounosuke’s grandson 」

Minaho-neesan introduces me.

「 No way? 」

Shirasaka Sousuke denies it but;

「 It’s evident that you don’t know. Grandfather never talked about the existence of his illegitimate child to my father, Koichiro 」

Minaho-neesan declares.

「 Then, why do you know? 」

Shirasaka points out, Minaho-neesan laughs.

「 I had Morimoto tell me 」

Morimoto-san, the brothel’s clerk since Kuromori tower era.
She’s also currently working for Minaho-neesan.
Morimoto-san is Kuromori Kounosuke’s confidant, so there’s a possibility that he knows his secrets.
I’m not Kuromori Kounosuke’s grandson.
I have my father somewhere else.
I’m from Yoshida.

「 Keep it calm 」

Nagisa approached me and whispered in my ears.

「 We just have to make the ladies accept that you’ll be the successor of Kuromori family 」

I see.
This event is also to introduce me.

「 Now that father, Kuromori Koichiro is beyond recovery, he will inherit Kuromori family’s headship 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「 He’s Kuromori Kou. Kou, greet the ladies 」

Oh, my name’s even decided already.

「 Ah, I’m sorry for the late greeting. I’m Kuromori Kou. Please to meet you 」

I’m wearing a tiger mask on my head, my body’s naked, and my penis is dangling out, so I sit on the bed and bow to the camera.

「 What the hell, I won’t accept this! 」

Shirasaka Sousuke screams.

「 We don’t need your approval. This is Kuromori house, and now you’re exiled from “Kuromori” 」

Minaho-neesan smiles at Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 We’ll take away all you have and steal away everything you own. This is the prostitute’s revenge on you 」


「 That’s enough, Minaho. Do you seriously try to make Shirasaka house your enemy? If you stop this now, it’s not too late 」
「 Kouzuki “Kakka” is our ally 」
「 That old man doesn’t intend to fight with Shirasaka house. Do you know, Shirasaka house is the mainstream of Japan’s news media. If they seriously try to fight Shirasaka house, my uncle will attack Kouzuki group with all the press. That old man doesn’t want that, does he? 」

Shirasaka house has surrendered to Jii-chan, several days have passed since that.
There’s nobody in Shirasaka clan who allies themselves with Shirasaka Sousuke anymore.
Or should I say that Shirasaka house issued an assassination request to Shirasaka Sousuke’s family?
Shirasaka Sousuke doesn’t know that he’s abandoned.

「 If you let me free, I’ll make everything that happened sink down the drain. What do you think, it’s not a bad deal don’t you think? 」

No, this man wouldn’t let go without revenge.

「 Anyway, let me go, I don’t wish anything further than that. That’s right, I’ll acknowledge your freedom as well. I’ll look at the shares for the prostitutes again too. I’ll have six, and you have four. It’s exceptional, don’t you agree? Then, let’s make peace and be just like before 」

Just how shallow is he? He indeed is Yukino’s father.

「 Good job on crippling Koichiro. If that’s the case, I can reconcile with the groups that made trouble because of him. “Kuromori” will revive We can resume business before summer 」

He keeps talking about his selfish fantasies.

「 “Kuromori” has become successful until now because I’m a member of Shirasaka clan because I’m the pillar for the politicians, businessmen, and even gangs. Without me, you have to sell your bodies cheaply as a third-rate prostitute, live under crooked beds like the poor 」

Why did Minaho-neesan and had to become a prostitute?
Shirasaka Sousuke ignores reason.

「 You think that every woman is a prostitute. That you can do whatever you want with them, let them take customers 」

Minaho-neesan looks at Shirasaka Sousuke with contempt.

「 Obviously, I’m a member of Shirasaka house. I’m different from you people I was born to control. You should be honored that I chose you. You should thank me that I used you! 」

How far can this man be arrogant?

「 Oh, I see, but we can’t afford to listen to your speech forever 」

Minaho-neesan smiles wryly

「 After all, we’ve passed that stage long ago 」
「 What do you mean? 」

Shirasaka looks at Nee-san’s face suspiciously.

「 The first round is prosecuting your sins through Megumi, but the second round is the start of the revenge itself. We will give your sentence 」

Minaho-neesan looks at Katsuko-nee.

「 Roger! Following, round two!! 」

Nagisa hits the gong.


「 Let’s open the front gate 」

The courtroom’s big door opens along with Katsuko-neesan’s speech
Once again, dry ice smoke covers the floor.

「 Entrance music “Macho Dragon”!!! 」

Then, a loud voice from the speaker from the ceiling of the room echoes.

「 Enter, Shirasaka Maika!! 」

She’s tied up the same as her father.
She’s wearing her uniform from the prestigious middle school she’s attending.
Her legs are fixed to an M, her raw thighs and white panty are all visible.

「 Maika, you say? 」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s confused.
The disguised Margo-san brings in Mana who’s tied up in the wagon.
Katsuko-nee turns the wagon Shiraska Sousuke’s on,
Letting the father and daughter see each other.

「 Papaaa!! 」

Mana calls her father. Crying.

「 M-Maika!! 」

Her reaction is different than with Megu.
Shirasaka Sousuke, as a father;
He faces his daughter looking miserable.

「 What’s going on, hey! 」

Oh, he really is;
This man doesn’t love Megu as a daughter.

「 M-Minaho! Answer me! What do you intend to do to Maika?!!! 」

Minaho-neesan spoke coldly.

「 Only what you did to me 」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s face turned blue.

「 You, no way?! 」
「 Rape, get her pregnant, just like how what you did to me 」

Then, she looks at me,.

「 You’ll do it, this is revenge that must be done by a man from Kuromori 」

I’ve made my resolve.

「 Rape Shiraaka Maika in front of her father!! 」

The second round starts.
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