Chapter 486. Refresh Power

Chapter 486. Refresh Power

「 Wow! Papa’s so bubbly! Kyahahaha! 」

Mao-chan’s washing as we wash.

「 Hey, close your eyes tight, it would hurt if the soap enters your eyes 」

I’m washing Mao-chan’s hair.
Immediately after Mao-chan joined in the bath party:
Agnes and Mana come back from the toilet.
Now, everyone’s inside the large bathroom.

「 Okaay~ 」

I massage Mao-chan’s scalp while pouring warm shower on her.

「 Kahahahahahaha!! 」

Mao-chan happily laughs.

「 Hey, don’t move too much, we’ll be done soon 」
「 Okay~ 」

I wash away the bubbles and rinse her hair.
I’ve gotten used to washing Mao-chan’s hair.

「 Okay, we’re done. You can open your eyes 」
「 Yes, Papa! 」

Mao-chan hugs me.

「 When others wash your body, you have to thank them 」

Ruriko tells Mao-chan.

「 Okay~ Thank you, Papa! 」

Mao-chan smiles.

「 This time Mao’s going to wash Papa! 」

Mao-chan said.

「 Let’s do that next time, for now, I have to wash Agnes too 」

Agnes is waiting for her turn along with Mana.

「 Uuuuuu 」

Mao-chan looks displeased.

「 Then, help me wash Agnes, Mao-chan 」

I said. Mao-chan smiles.

「 Okay, Papa! 」
「 Yes, good girl 」

I look at Agnes.

「 Come, Agnes 」
「 Yes, desuno 」

Agnes comes in shyly.

「 Take a seat 」

I pour warm shower on Agnes.

「 Uu 」

It seems that it stung her crotch.
I knew it, it’s scratched.

「 Are you okay, Agnes? 」
「 I’m okay 」

Agnes forces a smile.

「 Once we’re done taking a bath, we’ll go and see Ikeda-sensei 」
「 Yes, desuno 」

Agnes replies as her fair skin reddens.
That said…
If the people from the ‘revenge’ room doesn’t come out, we can’t move.
Nagisa said that she’ll take Agnes to Ikeda-sensei, but…
There’s still the problem of escorts.
Our surroundings are still troublesome.
Leaving the mansion without an escort is dangerous.
Now then, what should we do?

「 Margo-san and Kyouko-san are going to be busy later, aren’t they? 」

I ask Nei.

「 I think that they’ll still have to do disposal 」

Nei replies with a dark face.
They’re probably going to throw Shirasaka Sousuke who’s beyond recovery away somewhere.
Of course, they’ll remove any evidence that Shirasaka Sousuke was in this mansion.
The outsiders will send tail on the people coming out of this mansion.
It would be quite the hard work to throw away Shirasaka Sousuke’s body without letting a tail see it.
Kyouko-san, Margo-san, and maybe Katsuko-nee and Minaho-neesan might work a lot later.

「 Shou-oneesan 」

I look at the bathtub.
Shou-oneesan is soaking Rei-chan in warm water.

「 Shou-oneesan, can you come with Agnes? 」

I asked. Shou-oneesan.

「 Hmm. That might be impossible. I’m here as Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s escort. I can’t be somewhere else when the two of them are here 」

I see. I guess.
There’s Kouzuki security service’s eyes, chief Yazawa.
It would be bad if Shou-oneesan’s taken before we could have her as envoy.
That said;

「 I can only do basic personal bodyguard 」

Michi answers my glance.
That’s a heavy load for Michi.
Her martial arts is amazing, and I’ve got no complaints about it, but…
She can’t drive a car, and she hasn’t learned how to deal with coordinated attacks yet.

「 How about we ask Michi’s dad, Kudou-san? 」

Nei suggests.

「 No, but it would cost us if it’s him 」

He’s skilled, but…
He’s not concerned about Kuromori.
Even if he were Michi’s father and connected with Kouzuki security service…
If we ask him to do a job, we’ll have to pay him appropriately.

「 We’ll manage somehow with the money. Should I send a commission on my side? I could post a request as an individual, not related to Kouzuki security service 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Thanks, but that’s not okay. We can’t request Kudou-san 」

Shou-oneesan’s the head of Kouzuki security service.
Even if it’s an individual request, human relations are involved in complicated ways.
It might become a problem later.
Above all, we can’t let Shou-oneesan shoulder the payment.

「 But, what should we do? We don’t know how long Sensei and Kyouko-san will take. I think that it won’t take that long though 」

Nei says while showing a complicated face.

「 But, in Agnes’ case, we should send her as soon as we leave the bath! 」

Nei’s right.

「 I’ve made a reservation on Ikeda-sensei’s clinic just in case, but 」

That’s what I heard too.

「 Yeah, I only said we’ll go by night. I have to contact her when we get to know the exact time. Ikeda-sensei won’t be waiting till midnight! 」

I give up.

「 Uhm 」

Suddenly, Rei-chan raises her hand.

「 I’m free though 」


「 Your attention as a guard is distracted, so you’re removed from the candidates 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Ah, sorry 」

Rei-chan lowers her head.

「 I acknowledge your combat capability, but you don’t notice if there’s a tail, so it’s troublesome for you 」

Shou-oneesan said.
Right, Rei-chan’s heart is unstable right now.
With this, it’s hard for her to feel the surroundings as a professional guard.

「 Qi? 」

I’m struck with an idea.

「 Why don’t we combine our forces and compete with matching skills 」
「 What do you mean, Yo-chan? 」

I look at everyone’s faces.

「 It’s like this, if we’re approached by a suspicious car or person, Michi can read the Qi, in case it turns to combat, Rei-chan can go to the front. Why don’t we just divide the work? 」
「 Then I’m going too! I’ve been supporting Margo-oneechan for long so I think I can tell when the atmosphere goes bad 」

Nei said.
That might be better.
In any case, Nei’s much tact than Michi.
Michi breaks through the front quite a lot.

「 Then, Mana’s going too. Mana can be with Agnes-chan so she won’t feel sad.

Megu said.

「 Where’s Agnes-chan going? 」

Mao-chan asks me.

「 She’s going to a doctor 」
「 This late at night? 」
「 There’s doctors even at night 」

I answered laughing.

「 Uu, Mao’s going too! 」


「 Mao wants to go with Agnes-chan too! 」


「 Danna-sama, why don’t we go altogether? 」

Misuzu who’s been listening so far suggests.

「 Let’s ride on separate cars and break up on the way. I think that it’s an excellent way to spread out the tail 」

I see.

「 If possible, let’s join with the car for that one 」

That one…
Oh, Shiraska Sousuke’s disposal car?
Kyouko-san and Margo-san will come out of the mansion later.
They’ll throw away Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 If we wait for that setup, we might not be able to deliver Agnes-san right away, but… 」

Misuzu said.

「 If Kyouko-san leaves with several cars at the same time, I think it’ll be a good camouflage 」

I see.

「 Especially, if Ruriko and I move, we can gather the eyes of the outside surveillance 」


「 Okay. Once we’re out of the bath, I’ll talk to Margo-oneechan about it 」

Nei said.
Margo-san remained in the waiting room to watch over the progress of the revenge.
She can guess how long it will take to deal with Shirasaka Sousuke as she’s watching from the waiting room.

「 Also, if it takes too much time, it’s better if we transport Agnes first. If the time looks good, then we’ll all go out at the same time. Let’s have fun driving at night! 」

Nei tells everyone

「 Who’s going to be with who in the cars? Let’s decide that now 」

Mana said.

「 You’re right, for now, let’s gather up the Kouzuki group on one car. The driver is Shou-oneesan, then Misuzu and Ruriko’s the passengers 」

If not, Shou-oneesan can’t maintain her status.
The car Misuzu and Ruriko rides will be the first one to gather the attention.

「 I will be with Misuzu-sama 」

Michi said, but…

「 Didn’t I say no earlier? Michi, you’ll be with me in Rei-chan’s car. Mana and Agnes will ride there too! What’s left is Nagisa-san and Mao-chan 」
「 That many? 」

Shou-oneesan asks.

「 Well, we can use the usual white van. Without Nagisa-san, nobody could respond to Ikeda-sensei. I’m too young that I feel rude to do so 」

True, even though she’s known.
It’s not good to have Nei, a high school student be the representative of Kuromori when Agnes does her medical checkup with Ikeda-sensei.
As expected, an adult like Nagisa has to go.

「 Eh, wait for a second, which car Onii-chan’s riding on then? 」

Mana asks.

「 Yo-chan will be on Misuzu’s car. He can’t join in our car anymore 」

Nei laughs.

「 No, that’s not true, if we jam together, Onii-chan can ride too! 」

Mana said, but…

「 No, Yo-chan will be on Misuzu’s car. While at it, Megumi too 」


「 She’s not here, so I’ll say it now, Misuzu needs to remove her insecurity towards Misuzu’s group 」

Megu’s definitely insecure with the Kouzuki house’s ladies.

「 Since Michi’s not there, that’s a chance, isn’t it, Yo-chan?! 」

Nei smiles.

「 I 」

Michi tries to argue but…

「 If you’re there, Misuzu would only look three times as great. If Michi’s not present, Misuzu’s docile and cute! 」

Nei said.

「 We’ll just make another opportunity for Michi and Yo-chan to be alone. For now, endure it!
「 Michi, please? 」

Right, if Michi’s with Misuzu, it’s hard for Megu.

「 Above all, you have to escort Agnes 」

I said. Michi;

「 Understood 」

She reluctantly accepted.

「 Okay. Okay, we’ve now decided who’s going to ride which car! 」

When I said that.


The sauna room door at the back of the bathroom opens.

「 Uuu, Auuuu!! 」

Edie who’s sweaty all over appears.

「 Kuuuuuuuuuu!! 」

Edie showers cold water on her brown naked body!!
Edie’s muscular but her legs are long, she’s got some excellent proportions.

「 Err, what about Edie-chan? 」

Mana asks.

「 Well, that’s 」

Nei looks at our face.

「 Well, what should I do with her? 」

◇ ◇ ◇

I wash Agnes’ body.
This 12-year-old half-foreign girl is beautiful.
The feeling of her skin is also different from others.
Somehow, it feels like her skin is thin.
Despite all that, it’s elastic and warm.
I feel Agnes’ soft body with my hands.
Mao-chan’s here.
I must not get erect. It’s too early for Mao-chan to learn about sex.

「 Papa, thank you, desuno 」

I somehow finished washing Agnes’ body.

「 Who’s next? 」

I asked.

「 We can do everything ourselves now so Onii-chan can take a rest 」

Mana said.

「 We know that Onii-chan is the most tired here 」

To be honest, I’ve already ejaculated five times.
I also had a fight with Yukino.
My mind and body are exhausted.

「 Danna-sama, this way 」

Misuzu calls me from the tub.
Shou-oneesan, Rei-chan, Michi, are all soaked in water.

「 Yeah got it, let’s go, Agnes, 」

I head to the bath.
Mao-chan has Mana, Edie, and Ruriko taking care of her.

「 Fujimiya-san, Michi, let’s go to the sauna 」

Misuzu stands from the bath.
Water droplets drop from her small yet well shaped fair colored breasts.

「 Misuzu-sama? 」
「 Shou-oneesama, Danna-sama seems to want to talk so let’s go somewhere 」


「 Fujimiya-san too 」
「 U-Understood 」

Rei-chan stands up too.
Seeing her get up, she’s really tall.
But, her skin is also white.

「 Ah, please don’t look too much 」

Rei-chan says bashfully.
Then, they head to the sauna room.

「 I’ll go to Mao-chan 」

Mana’s’ also being considerate.
Agnes, Shou-oneesan and I are the only people on this side of the bathroom.

「 Haa 」

Shou-oneesan sighs.

「 Reika’s not clear for some time. Though I’m the last one that should say that 」


「 Earlier, I wasn’t able to address Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama without a suffix. I intend to however 」

As a top elite of Kozuuki security service;
Among them, she’s also a full-time guard who’s serving Jii-chan directly.
Shou-oneesan’s loyalty to Kouzuki house is from the bottom of her heart.
She must have some resistance about calling Jii-chan’s granddaughters without a suffix.

「 There’s no need to rush. You can take that slowly 」

I said.

「 Yeah, thanks 」

Shou-oneesan looks down.

「 It’s my first time taking a bath with a boy, naked. It makes my heart throb 」

Oh, she too.
She’s got no experience with men.

「 I thought that I’d be more embarrassed but when I think that we’re family, I somehow readily accepted it 」


「 From now on, I will be taking baths with you, with the other girls for the rest of my life 」

Onee-san smiles.

「 Ahn, but don’t stare too much 」
「 Ah, sorry 」

I look away from Shou-oneesan.

「 No. I really want you to look. Sorry, I’m in the middle of shaping up my body so wait a bit more before we have sex 」


「 No, Shou-oneesan, your body’s beautiful 」

She has beautiful body curves.

「 I don’t like this. I know that I can have it tighter, better. I want to give myself to you in my best condition 」

This girl.
She’s such a hard worker. Very much.

「 Please wait until summer 」
「 No, I can wait as much as you want 」

Or should I say, “Is this okay? Really?”

「 Thank you 」

Shou-oneesan smiles bashfully.

「 Reika too, she’s a bit embarrassed showing her body to you but, that girl’s a bit off-point 」

She said, and laughed.

「 That girl’s a hero, an idol 」

She looks at the body that disappeared to the sauna room and said.

「 Ever since she was a child, she’s observed the world of Kendo. In an all girl’s school, she was made to be a “prince.” She’s used to people looking at her. Or should I say that she’s too used to it that she feels necessary to respond to the crowd’s expectations, that’s why it’s strange 」

Her spirit of serving is strong in a sense.
She’s got an obsession on serving fans, or should I say…
She’s become the beat to death swordsman as a result.

「 We have to somehow think of what to do on where to put her well 」

Shou-oneesan speaks with the eyes of an elder sister.

「 Yesterday, I had an interview with chief Yazawa 」


「 I wasn’t the interviewee, I was the interviewer of those who promote themselves 」

Shou-oneesan looks at me.

「 Look, Yamaoka-san got fired, then the replacement is about to retire so soon, right? 」

The head of the uniform group for Kouzuki security service is…
It’s still not decided.
The lady succeeding director Yamaoka was only trying to add some career history to raise her status, she can’t keep working as the director.

「 Well, a lot of people have come to promote themselves. Some so many people resigned after the hotel incident 」
「 Is that so? 」
「 Yes, especially those chosen by Yamaoka-san. Yamaoka-san’s fired so they think that they’d be sent around to do-nothing jobs 」
「 Is that a thing? 」
「 No, but, you see, in our company’s case, there’s an image that those who are in leisure post are in greater danger 」


「 For example, Kudou-san’s transferred and he got assistants, doesn’t he? 」
「 Ah, yeah 」

Tony-san and Norma-san.

「 To tell the truth, chief Yazawa had those two as top elite candidates in the future 」

Speaking of which, the two were in support of chief Yazawa back at the hotel.

「 But, for those in uniform, the two were demoted and brought under Kudou-san, they seem to think that they’re showing up when they’re about to die 」

Right, they’re doing a lot of strange things.

「 Well, as for us, we don’t inform the uniform guards about the activities behind Kouzuki security service 」

Kouzuki security service’s uniform group is only an ornament in reality.
Well, the uniform group are those who usually escort the subjects, but…
The real trouble cleaners are…
Kudopu-papa and his behind the scenes team, they sweep around in advance without the employer knowing.
The uniform group doesn’t know the activities behind the scenes.

「 If they know the activities behind the scenes, then the uniform people will relax. If they knew that the attackers are all eliminated, they’d loosen up the security measures 」

If they know that they’re only guards in form, they won’t feel motivated.

「 Then, well, I’ve come to meet up with the people who try to promote themselves, but nobody decent came 」

Shou-oneesan smiles bitterly.

「 It’s only people who only brag about their skill. Honestly, those who are talented and skilled were scouted a long time ago. Those who are weak to collective behavior are employed by the top elite framework, just like Reika. We have no use for those who have a bit of talent 」

Weirdoes who aren’t enclosed by the top elites…
They’re active as free guards like Kudou-papa and his people.
Just like the Banbarubie ladies, then Dai Grepher Oji-sama.

「 The necessity for the head of the uniform group is communication skills so they can socialize well with the customers, and business strength too 」

There’s no need for strength more than the underground group.

「 To be honest, it’s the looks. Appearances. Does this person have an aura that says one can be trusted to leave as a guard? 」

I see.

「 Therefore, I was looking down on Yamaoka-san, thinking “Why did chief Yazawa qualify such a dumb guy?” but, that guy was qualified as the head of the uniform group. At any rate, he looks pleasing 」

Or should I say that Kudou-papa’s appearance is quite?

「 But, that guy was having an affair, abandoned work, disobeyed orders, so he’s fired, he can’t come back to this industry. Trust is the first in this world. In Yamaoka-san’s case, his reputation was excellent until now, the damage done this time is fatal 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Then, as for the applicants for the new manager, there was no rookie among them. That said, they don’t have talent that can promote from inside. After all, it needs some charisma. That’s why they can’t master it by studying 」

She sighs.

「 Is there a good candidate anywhere? 」


「 Could it be that Rei-chan’s suited for this? 」
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