Chapter 500. Confronting Michi / Machine Sex

Chapter 500. Confronting Michi / Machine Sex

We’re going to ride this saddle horse workout machine.
Then sex with Michi?!!

「 Ahn, but, please order Michi before that 」

Michi looks up at me aroused.

「 Please order Michi to lick Master’s penis 」


「 Michi. Suck my dick 」
「 Yes, Master 」

Michi kneels before me while her hands are tied up behind.
Her trunk is genuinely trained, she squats down without staggering.

「 Allow me to serve 」


The small cute Japanese doll-like beauty…
Opens up her mouth wide and places my erect dick inside her mouth.


Her lips squeeze my glans.
Michi’s mouth is warm, there’s a lot of saliva sticking to my penis.
Her small tongue licks my penis.

「 Master!! 」

Michi’s intoxicated in sexual arousal.
She’s looking up at me with enchanted eyes.

「 Misuzu’s life is for Master and Misuzu-oneesama 」

Michi tells me.

「 Michi’s body is all for Master. Especially my woman part 」

Michi’s skin is flushed.
It’s so hot that she breathes out steam.
Her breath strokes my tense penis.

「 Michi can’t go on without Master. Please, play with Michi, please toy with Michi’s body, Michi wants to be Master’s toy 」



Michi continues to serve me with her mouth as she looks up at me.

「 Michi, loves this when Michi licks this way, Master shows a face that looks very pleased, I’m so happy, does Michi’s tongue feel good? 」


「 Yeah, that feels good Michi 」

Michi feels my expression and Qi.
All the sensuality I feel when she uses her tongue is conveyed to her.
From Michi to me, then back to her.
The feedback of pleasure intoxicates Michi even more.

「 I would like to suck this even for an hour or two 」

Michi says as she fellates me,.

「 Michi loves sucking only Master’s thing It’s Master’s so I want to lick it, ufu, it twitched again, so cute. I love this 」

Michi kisses my glans.

「 But, Michi can tell, I can feel it. It’s coming soon, Master 」

Aaah, I.
Don’t want to finish with Michi’s mouth.

「 Please order me, Michi is a girl made to be ravished by Master. Only Master can enter Michi 」


「 Please, order me. Michi is Master’s sex toy. Michi wants her inside to feel good! 」

This 15-year-old girl look at me.

「 Please, order me! 」


「 Michi, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck your brains out! 」

Michi smiles at me like an angel.

「 Yes, Master. Please, please eat Michi! 」

I hold up Michi in my arms.
I hug Michi who’s tied up on her back to my chest.
The petite Michi is so thin that it feels she would break. So light.
I kiss Michi.
Michi’s tongue immediately seeks my tongue.

「 Please take off only the bottom 」

Michi’s only wearing pure white underwear on both top and bottom.

「 Do you not want to remove the bra? 」
「 That’s for Master to do as he likes, it’s rape after all 」

Oh, it might be more lewd than fully naked.

「 Please leave the panty on the ankle too 」
「 Yeah 」

This time I kneel before Michi.
Michi’s panty is already drenched.
Michi is also hairless here.
I can clearly see the slit through the fabric of her panty.
The love nectar is dripping through her thighs already.

「 Michi is easy to get wet 」

When I said that…

「 It’s Master after all 」


「 It’s Master, so it’s dripping down so much! 」

I grab Michi’s panty with both hands and slide it down.
Love nectar drips down from her slit in one go.
She’s getting more aroused from me looking at her.

「 That’s a hole for only Master to enter! Only Master! 」

I lower Michi’s panty to her ankle.
Michi’s legs are thin and beautiful.
Michi raises only her right foot.
I pull out her panty from that leg and leave the loose piece of cloth on her left ankle.,

「 Get on top of the horse 」

I lift Michi’s light body.
She’s really light, she’s a third-year middle school girl after all.
Then, I straddle her over the horse workout machine.

「 Auuu!! 」

Did I do something wrong when dropping her? Michi pitches her upper body while straddling.
She gets on the machine with her face lying down.
She lifts her ass that I can see her small anus.

「 I’m going to start recording!! 」

Nei says as she readies the camera.
Misuzu and Ruriko are watching our situation with a smile.

「 M-Master! 」

Michi who’s hands are bound behind her can’t raise her body.
She wants me to help her.

「 Okay then 」

I raise Michi’s body.

「 Master, please ride the horse too 」

Err, is it okay to ride with two people?
Michi’s small and light…
I timidly ride the machine.
Yeah, it looks okay.
Michi and I face each other.

「 Master, hug 」

Michi fawns on me.

「 There, there 」

I reach out on Michi’s ass.

「 There we go! 」

I lift her up.
Then, I get her on top of my legs.
I move around on top of the machine…
I sit down properly on the horse riding machine while hugging Michi.

「 Master, you’re hot 」

I hug the tied up Michi on top of the horse riding machine.
My erect penis touches Michi’s soft belly.

「 Michi 」

First, I kiss her.

「 Auuuuuu 」

Michi drips down more love nectar on my thighs.
She’s really got a lot of liquid.
I lift Michi’s bra from below.
Her cute sunken nipples are exposed.

「 I’m sorry for being small 」

Michi said.
At first glance, this chest looks like a flat wall.

「 But when I touch it with my hands, there’s a breast swelling properly. I like touching Michi’s chest 」

I enjoy the feeling of my palm.

「 Please have fun, please enjoy Michi’s body 」

Michi speaks happily.
I crawl my tongue on her sunken nipple.
I lick it up and feel the pointy portion inside.
Her nipple’s coming out of this cave-in soon.
If I have sex with her every day, Michi’s body will grow more and more.

「 Aaaaaauuuuuu, hauuu!!! 」

Michi who’s hands is tied on her back shudders in pleasure.
Yeah, it’s soon.

「 Michi, I’m fucking you 」

Michi looks at me with passionate eyes.

「 Please, please ravish me 」

I hold Michi’s ass again and lift her up.

「 Ah, I’ll lead it to Michi’s entrance 」

Misuzu reaches for my penis.

「 Err, yes, here 」

Misuzu leads my glans to Michi’s opening.

「 H-Here I go Michi!!! 」

I then slowly lower Michi’s ass.

「 Hauuuuuu, it’s coming in!!!! 」

Michi’s small body.
Her small vagina is also narrow.
Inside her wet spot, my thick erection invades on full strength.

「 Aguuuuuuuuu 」
「 Michi, does it hurt? 」

I ask. Michi…

「 It’s okay, I like the pain! 」


「 More, I like it to hurt more! 」


My penis ravishes Michi’s vagina to the root.

「 Afugu!!!! 」

Michi and I are joined together while riding on top of the horse riding machine.
Michi saddles on top of my waist and endure.
I keep on grabbing Michi’s soft ass.

「 Haa, haa, hafuuu!! 」

Michi breathes roughly as I pierce deep inside of her.
Sweat flows on her forehead.

「 It’s inside! Master is inside Michi! It’s spreading to Master’s shape!! 」


「 Misuzu-oneesama!!! Onee-sama, the switch, please press the switch!!! 」


「 I know, but, make sure that you protect yourself and Danna-sama so you won’t fall off balance 」


「 I know! I know it already!!! 」

At that moment.
Misuzu pushes the switch on the control board of the horse riding machine.

『 Exercise start 』

The machine spoke what?!!!


W-What the hell?!
The machine is pushing us from below?!!
Zun! Zun! Then…
It pushes up and drops down, push up and drop down.
I’m not doing anything and yet…
My erect penis thrusts inside Michi’s womb!!!

「 Haguuuuu!!! Haguuuu!!! I’m being ravished! Master is ravishing Michi!!! 」

We’re connected on Liana position and were shook by the power of the machine.
This is amazing.
We’re moving to copulate regardless of our will!!

「 Aaaaaah!!! Kuuun!!! This is so good! This is great! Master!!! 」

Michi’s going crazy as I carry her.

「 Master! Master! I love this! I love you! I love you!!!!! 」

True, this feels good.
It does feel good, but…
It feels like we’ll tumble down if we don’t keep our balance.
This is dangerous.

「 Master! There’s no need to worry! 」

Michi tells me as she feels my afraid mind.

「 Michi will take care of that so Master can just drown in Michi!!! 」

Then, Michi…
She stretches her legs 15 degrees up while still connected to me.
At that moment, our body stabilized on the horse riding machine.
If we do this, no matter how much the machine rocks us…
Our bodies won’t be thrown away by the machine.

「 M-Michi!!! 」

Michi’s tensing up her muscles on her legs as she takes in my penis.
Michi’s vagina is also clamping down on me!!

「 Michi, this is amazing, it’s so tight! It’s amazingly tight!!! 」

GUoooo!! Duooon!!
Guoooo!!! Duooon!!

Our bodies rise and lower following the horse riding machine.

Nucho! Juppu!
Nuccho! Juppu!!

My erect penis pierces Michi’s hot vagina!!
It feels like we’re a steam engine.
While we release hot air and moisture…
I rub and polish Michi’s insides.

「 Uuuuu, aaaaah, I’m being ravished! Michi’s being ravished!!! 」

Michi’s vagina overflows with lubricant, the piston motion of my penis becomes smooth.

「 Aaaaaah, Master!!! Michi, Michi wants it more painful! I wish more pain!!! 」

Michi craves for me as she clings her sweaty body to me.

「 More, make it hurt more!!! 」

E-Even if you tell me that…
What should I do?

「 Okay, to respond to Michi’s request 」

Misuzu reaches for the control panel of the horse riding machine again.

「 However, Michi must keep the balance until the end. Okay? 」
「 I know. I understand!!!! 」


Starting with an electronic sound, the horse riding machine…

Buiiiin! Gasshan Buiiiin! Gashan!!
Buiiiin! Gasshan! Buiiiin! Gasshan!!

It’s shaking us off with speed faster than before.

「 Yes, this is the best!!! 」

Wait a second!!!
I-Isn’t this just a rodeo?!!
W-We’re falling off!
We’ll be thrown away!!!

「 It’s okay, Master 」

Michi whispers to my ears.

「 Leave it all to Michi 」

I entrust the control to Michi.

「 Yeeeeeees!!!! 」

Michi’s managing the rampaging horse on top of me.
She uses her legs skillfully to balance us.
I hold Michi’s ass with both my hands tight.
We’re mating on our lower half.
My penis is scooping Michi’s vagina.

「 That’s right, yes, leave it to Michi, Michi will never betray Master 」

Oh, I.
I’m connected with Michi.
My body, mind.
I close my eyes to the pleasant sensation.

「 Noooo, don’t melt, look at Michi, please Master!! 」

Oh right.
Just because Michi told me to entrust my body on her.
That doesn’t mean that I must unify with Michi.
Michi’s mind must not melt with my spirit.

「 Michi is a woman, Master is a man, I’m a slave and Master is a master 」

Michi’s voice echoes inside me.

「 The one ravishing is Master, the ravished is Michi, that has to be the case, if not 」


「 Michi will lose the reason on why it has to be Master!! 」

At that moment
I pay close attention.
Before me is Michi who looks teary face.
This petite young girl who’s a year younger than me is…

「 Michi!!!!! 」
「 Master!!!! I love you!!!!! 」

Michi kisses me.
The horse riding machine shakes us.
We’re having sex.

「 Misuzu, stop the machine! 」

I shouted!!


Misuzu presses the emergency stop switch.
The horse riding machine stops tightly.

「 This machine won’t do! I will fuck Michi by my will!!! 」

I thrust my waist to Michi’s body covered in sweat.
I will fuck Michi by my will!!!!

「 Hauuuu, hauuuuu, ravish me, make it hurt, Master! Please, please ravish Michi!!!! 」

I grab Michi’s ass and thrust my waist roughly!!!\
Michi’s inside is getting hollowed out!!!!

「 Please ravish me…anytime…anywhere…if you want to do it then use Michi…Michi…Michi is Master’s toy!!! 」

Michi’s body trembles while I fuck her.

「 I’ll feel worried if you don’t do me!! I’m afraid that I’ll become an unneeded girl!! 」

I see, Michi.
Michi’s also uneasy.

「 Michi will never disappear, I love Master!!! I want to stay together forever! Therefore, please ravish me, make Michi your toy
!!!!! 」
「 Yeah, Michi will stay with me forever, we’ll be together forever, Michi!! 」
「 Then please ravish Michi more! Please, inside Michi, inside!! 」

Oh, Michi’s breathing roughly, wanting me.
She wants me to ejaculate.

「 Master!!! 」
「 I know 」

Synchronizing my heart with Michi on our sex, we’ve experienced this at the hotel.
She wants to re-experience that again.

「 Suu, suu, haa, suu, suu, haa 」
「 Suu, suu, haa, suu, suu, haa 」

Michi’s breath is hot.
Our hearts are pounding.
I synchronize with that.
Michi synchronizes with me.

「 Aah, I can tell, Master’s coming, it’s coming! 」

Michi can feel it as I bang her roughly
She’s smiling.
We take the impetus on synchronization.

「 Michi too, it’s soon, coming, it’s coming, Michi’s feeling good from Master ravishing her! 」

I can tell.
Michi’s womb is wriggling.

「 Aaah, Michi!!! Michi!!! I-I!! 」

It’s coming soon!

「 Wait, I’m coming soon too, Master, I love you, I love you, I love you!!! 」
「 I also love you, Michi!!!! 」

We stare at each other while we knock each other’s waist, facing each other.

「 Master! Do you want to ravish Michi more? Do you want to cum inside Michi? 」
「 Yeah, I want to fuck Michi more, I want to ejaculate inside Michi 」
「 Do you want to make babies with Michi? It’s okay to make babies, do you want to cum? 」
「 Yeah, I want to impregnate Michi! I want to cum! 」
「 Yeah, Michi also wants Master to ravish her, ravish me a lot and cum inside, I don’t mind making a child, I’ll give birth as much as you want!!!! 」


「 Aaaah, I can tell, I can feel it! Master! Aaaaaah!!! 」

Michi’s reaching climax.

「 Aaaaaaaah, the pain’s coming!!! Coming!! Cumming!!! Aaaaaaah!!!! 」

For Michi, “feeling it,” and “pain” is the same?!!!

「 Hauuuuuuuuu…Uuuuu…uuuuu, the pain’s coming in!!!!! Cum! Please cum!!!! Please cum inside Michi…Master!!!!!!!!! 」

My penis bursts out as the joy shows in Michi’s eyes.
The white lava blows out!!!

「 Haaaaaaa!!!! 」

At that moment of joy!!!!
Our hearts synchronized!!!

「 Kuuuuuuuu!!!! 」

The pleasure of my ejaculation flows to Michi.
Michi’s climax echoes to me.

「 Kyuuuuuuunnnn!!! 」

Michi’s body shrinks tight!!!!
She’s hugging my body tightly!!!
I also grab and squeeze Michi’s ass.
I ejaculate violently inside Michi!!!

Bushu! Bushu! Pyupyu!!

「 Amazing…I’m flying! Michi’s flying away!!! 」

Michi accepts everything in her womb while her body convulses.
The storm of pleasure envelops Michi and me!

「 Haguuuu!!! Aguuu!!! Auuuuuu!!! 」

The small girl in my arms drowns in pleasure.
Michi’s stretched out legs shivers.
Her ankle is waving the panty I took off earlier like a flag.

「 Kuuuuuun, kuun, kyaaaaun!!! 」

Michi in her climax is so cute, she’s like a small animal.
I want to protect her, I thought from the bottom of my heart.
I grind my waist on this girl, pouring till the last drop.

「 Haaaaaaa, auauauau, haaaaaa 」

Michi’s womb keeps twitching like a woman.
It’s swallowing my semen.
The girl wants to be a mother soon.

「 Haaaaa, haaaa!! 」

My ejaculation ended.
I breathe out deeply.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa! 」

Michi’s also finally coming back from the afterglow of the ecstasy…

「 Sahaaaaa!! 」

The synchronization is undone.
We’re back to a single man and woman.

「 I’m glad, I’m thrilled, it was such a supreme time 」

Saying that. Michi kisses me.
There are tears in her eyes.

「 I thought that I might not be able to do it anymore 」

Oh, right.
She was worrying if our hearts can’t synchronize again just like at the hotel.
As I had with Yukino…
She heard that I might not be able to have sex again.

「 It also felt good for me. Michi 」

I pat Michi’s naked back.

「 It’s okay, I’m okay now 」

This girl is charming.

「 Err, uhm, Master 」

Michi blushed.

「 Uhm, I, I’m a bit overcome by emotion, that I’ve been ridiculous just now… 」

She averts her eyes bashfully.

「 I-I’m sorry! 」

She’s come back to her warrior girl mode I guess?

「 No, it’s okay from time to time, Michi 」

I said. Michi looks up.

「 The usual Michi is also Michi, Michi just now is also Michi I like this kind of Michi too 」

This girl is usually pushing her limits.
But, in reality, she’s also a 15-year-old middle school girl with childish desires.
And, she’s afraid of the appropriateness of her age.

「 I can only show it to Master 」

Michi said.

「 But, it’s all my true feelings. I would like Master to ravish me more and more. I want to be played like a toy 」

That’s wrong.
That’s because Michi can only feel her bond with me through sex right now.
What Michi wants isn’t sex.
She wants a clear connection with me.

「 Yeah, I’ll never hold back from now on. If I want to do it, then I’ll do it anywhere 」

Michi’s afraid.
Just like how she’s afraid of her relationship with Edie.
She’s also afraid of her relationship with me too.
Especially when having sex with me, she’s afraid that she can no longer synchronize her mind with mine.
If she can’t do it anymore, then…
She’s afraid that if that’s the case, her relationship with me would be broken.

「 Let’s do it a lot. Let’s do it more. I’ll get better and better. Let’s go ahead together 」

Michi’s afraid of falling back.
That’s why, before that.,
Let’s think of going forward for now.

「 Yes. Please ravish me. Michi will accept Master anytime anywhere 」

All I can do now is sex.
Therefore, I have to continue.
Until Michi and I find a bond other than sex.

「 Yeah, this isn’t the end. We’ll be living together! 」

Oh, I.
I’m no longer alone.

I won’t go back to being alone.
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