Chapter 501. Alone with Misuzu in her room

Chapter 501. Alone with Misuzu in her room

After taking photos…

「 Michi, I’m pulling out 」
「 Yes 」

I pull out my penis from Michi’s vagina.
A significant amount of semen drips out of Michi’s slit and soil the seat of the horse-riding machine.

「 Oh my, my, that’s a lot! 」

Misuzu wipes the seat with a towel.
Ruriko takes off Michi’s binds and hands another towel.

「 Here, Onii-sama. If you stay like that, you’ll get colds 」

She also hands me a clean towel.
Nei’s taking photos of the aftermath of my sex with Michi.

「 I’ll clean this up too 」

Saying that. Misuzu crawls her tongue on my penis.

「 Ah, I’ll do it too 」

Ruriko also joins the cleanup fellatio.
The cousin beauties suck my penis deliciously.
Misuzu’s going from the rod to below.
Ruriko kisses the tip of the glans and sucks out the remains in the urethra.

「 I love this taste. It’s Onii-sama’s 」
「 Give some to me too 」

Misuzu kisses Ruriko.

「 Yeah, it tastes like Danna-sama 」


「 Master!! 」

Michi clings to me and kisses my lips.
Nei’s taking photos of the three beauties serving me.

「 Yo-chan, you still have a lot of energy there 」

My erect penis is still rock hard.

「 No, this is still lively but let me rest for a moment 」

It must be the drug’s fault why my erection doesn’t calm down.
Furthermore, my body’s so excited that I can ejaculate so many times, my mind put a brake when I was with Yukino.
As a backlash, my libido stopped.
But, thinking about the number of ejaculations I had today.
It’s about time my body feels fatigue.

「 Yeah, then let’s take a rest? You’re going to cum twice inside us tonight after all! 」

Huh, Nei?!

「 Well I mean, you came twice for Mana and Agnes. Yo-chan!! 」

Nei was watching earlier.

「 No, but I only did it with Megu once 」

I try to argue but…

「 I don’t know about it! I demand twice for me!! 」


「 I’d like another round for later too 」

Michi said bashfully.

「 Uhm, me too. If Onii-sama won’t mind 」

Ruriko too.
Is that why you’re still not putting on your clothes?

「 Yes yes, but you girls know that we have a line, right? 」

Nei tries to break the atmosphere.

「 It’s Nei-oneesama’s turn now, isn’t it? 」

Misuzu says while licking my penis.

「 No, Misuzu can go ahead, I’ll be the last! 」

Nei smiles wryly.

「 Seeing this horse riding machine, I understood it. This is Misuzu’s home ground. I don’t know what’s going to jump out even after this. If Misuzu’s last, then you might go for a home run with all your strength and Yo-chan might not even remember that he had sex with me 」

Nei’s competing.

「 That’s why Misuzu can go ahead, and I’m next. I won’t show my cards! 」


「 I don’t mind either way! 」

She smiles at Nei.

◇ ◇ ◇

Anyway, let’s take a quick break.
We return to the living room and drink tea.
This time it’s black tea.

「 Onii-sama, would you like to eat cookies? 」

I lay down on the leather sofa naked and tired.
Ruriko brings in cookies.
Ruriko, Michi, and I are naked as we just had sex.
Misuzu and Nei are still wearing clothes.
Somehow, it feels strange.

「 Yeah, sure 」
「 Then, please open your mouth “aaaah” 」

I open up my mouth.

「 Here you go 」

Ruriko happily feeds me with cookies.

「 Ugh, I want to do that feeding too!! 」

Nei comes in with a cookie too.

「 Here, Yo-chan! 」

Nei brings a cookie in front of me.

「 There you go! 」

She throws it into my mouth!
I catch it in the air!

「 Well done!!! So cute! Yo-chan, you’re so cute!! 」

Nei hugs my head in her voluptuous breasts.

「 Nei-oneesama, Danna-sama isn’t a dog! 」

Misuzu protests.

「 Yes. That’s my job!! 」

Michi said.

「 Master, please 」

Saying that. She hands me a cookie and sits like a dog in front of me.
She’s naked as her bra’s stripped off, she’s opening her legs wide in an M shape, love nectar and semen are leaking out from it.

「 Err 」

Michi wants to jump and catch the cookie.

「 Here I go! 」

I throw the cookie in an arc heading to Michi.

「 Waa!! 」

Michi barks like a dog and jumped, she catches the cookie midair As expected.
She then gets on all fours and crawls to my side.

「 Please pat my head for doing well 」

I-I see.
I didn’t notice that.

「 Yeah, well done, Michi 」

I pat Michi’s hair.

「 At times like this, please secretly extend your hand to my breast and butt 」

As usual, she’s demanding.

「 It can’t be helped, I will serve from this side 」

Then, she squats on the floor and lets her tongue crawl on the back of my balls not licked earlier.
Wait, isn’t this?!

「 Michi, that’s my anus! 」

Michi licks my anus!?

「 Hey, wait! 」

Licking that part while eating cookies…

「 Please do not mind it, this is my duty 」

That’s not a duty!

「 Michi, hold yourself! Danna-sama can’t take a break if you do that! 」

Misuzu who’s holding a teacup scolds Michi.

「 I’m very sorry 」

Michi slumps like a small dog.

「 Come here Michi 」

I pull Michi on my right.

「 Onii-sama, may I? 」
「 Yeah 」

Ruriko goes on my left side.
The two naked third-year middle school girls sandwich me.

「 Onii-sama 」

Ruriko rubs her cute breasts on my arms.

「 Master 」

Michi rubs her flat chest to me.

「 You okay with that, Misuzu? 」

Nei who’s still wearing clothes asks Misuzu.

「 I don’t mind, my sisters get along after all 」

Misuzu answers as she stands firm.

「 I see, that’s the composure. I won’t help if Yo-chan’s taken away by the little sisters! 」

Nei speaks provocatively. Misuzu;

「 I’m fine, he’s my husband after all 」

She smiles at Nei.

「 It’s my turn next either way 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 No photos, no filming, I’ll be alone with Danna-sama 」

When we’re done drinking tea. Misuzu speaks.

「 It’s a promise to embrace me in my room. Everyone, please wait in here 」

Misuzu banned the other women from entering her room.

「 Hey, that’s just unfair!! 」

Nei protests.

「 Do you plan to monopolize Yo-chan?! 」
「 But, I still haven’t made love with Danna-sama with just the two of us! 」

Misuzu replied.
Speaking of which, there’s always someone watching when I have sex with Misuzu.

「 Huh, just the two of you? 」

Misuzu didn’t let the weakness Nei has shown.

「 Oh, Nei-sama already had done it with Danna-sama alone?! 」

Nei’s first experience was in my house, just the two of us.

「 Hm, mmmmm, that’s!!! 」
「 You did? 」


「 Yeah, we did! Geez!! 」

She gave up and admit it.

「 I can’t say that it’s not in my memory!!! If I lie about such a beautiful memory!! A divine punishment will befall me! 」
「 If so then I will also make beautiful memories 」

Misuzu says with a triumphant look.

「 Misuzu-oneesama 」

Michi looks at Misuzu with eyes like an abandoned puppy, but…

「 If you come with me then it’ll bother Nei-oneesama and Ruriko, don’t you think? It’s their first time in this house after all 」

Michi comes here often, so she knows a lot.
When they want something like the position of the restroom, Michi will do something about it.

「 You may eat the food in the fridge as you want. There’s also a TV, and the Karaoke’s over there so have fun, everyone 」


「 We have business use equipment for home party use 」

Oh, this has different standards from ordinary houses.

「 Hmm, let’s give you at least a time limit! 」

Nei declares.

「 We can’t allow Misuzu to monopolize Yo-chan until tomorrow morning! 」

She glares at Misuzu.

「One-hour maximum, come back after an hour. If you don’t then, we’ll barge in! 」

Nei said. Michi and Ruriko nod.

「 Also, everyone has two rounds for tonight. You’re not allowed to put a burden on Yo-chan just because you two are alone! 」


「 Yes, I’ll do so 」

She smiles.
Nei grits her teeth frustratedly.

「 Ruriko, Michi! My first song will be “Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyugeshiki”! 」

They’re doing Karaoke…

◇ ◇ ◇

Then, we go back to the upper floor of the maisonette condo again.
We’re back at Misuzu’s room.
I’m alone with Misuzu.
Misuzu sits on the bed.

「 You must be tired, it’s okay to lie down on the bed 」

Misuzu said.

「 What about you Misuzu, since we’re alone, loosen up 」
「 What? 」

Misuzu looks at me with a blank face.

「 Well, I know that Nei-neesan and Misuzu are fighting for leadership, but… 」

Even though Misuzu’s at home, Nei’s trying to become the leader of the girls by becoming the cameraman.
Misuzu hates that, so I know why she refused to be filmed.
She doesn’t like Nei telling her what to do while in the middle of sex.

「 Uhm, Danna-sama 」

She leans on me.

「 I’m also not doing well. When Michi and Ruriko are present, I feel like I had to be the elder sister, so I get strangely eager 」

She’s exerting too much effort as the leader of the Kouzuki house group.

「 No. Michi’s definitely relying on Misuzu, but Ruriko’s already dependable. There’s no need for Mizuu to pull her over 」
「 That girl is only showing face to me 」

Misuzu and Ruriko are both candidates for succession in Kouzuki house.

「 The troubles we cause is a problem of the whole house. We’re taking a step back right now 」

Yeah, the younger Ruriko stands behind Misuzu.

「 Actually, I’m Grandfather’s third son’s daughter. I didn’t live with as many restrictions as Ruriko. I live with my parents in this house, but… 」

Ruriko’s separated from her parents since she was a child.
She lived with Yoshiko-san, isolated in Jii-chan’s main house.
During her early years in life, she has prepared herself to be the future of Kouzuki house.

「 Rurikok always prioritizes the house or the family, she thinks that it’s natural for her to sacrifice herself 」

That’s why she accepted her Grandfather selling her to me as my sex slave.
Ruriko always accepts her destiny in tranquil.

「 Does Ruriko really like me? 」


「 Could it be that she just accepted it reluctantly because it has become her destiny? 」

I have no confidence.

「 Danna-sama, what are you talking about? 」

Misuzu’s’ surprised.

「 Ruriko truly loves Danna-sama from the bottom of her heart 」


「 Didn’t she say it? That it’s fun. Ruriko is enjoying her fate to be Danna-sama’s slave. She’s having so much fun that she can’t help it 」

Misuzu’s beautiful face approaches me.

「 I’m the same as well 」

Misuzu kisses me.

「 Ever since I met you since I started a special relationship with you, life has become fun that I can’t help it! My life has become lively and bright after meeting you 」

Misuzu calls me not as “Danna-sama” from time to time.
It’s only when she’s telling me what she feels deep inside her.

「 Look at this 」

Misuzu presents her middle school graduation album.

「 In my case, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school are all in the same place but, those who graduate in middle school enrolls to a different high school, there are also new enrollees for the middle school and high school, there’s graduation album in kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school 」

She opens up a big album.

「 As someone who’s always been there, it feels weird. Most of the girls who are in the photo of the entrance ceremony are now arranging desk even after two years in high school 」

The page Misuzu shows is the group photo of the first year middle school girls lined up in schoolyard under the full bloom cherry blossoms.
There are only four pairs in class.

「 Misuzu, this? 」

I find Misuzu four years ago among the girls lined up.

「 Yes, that’s right 」

Misuzu smiles sadly.

「 Even though other girls are looking nervous, Misuzu seems dignified 」

Yeah, Misuzu’s the only one smiling like an angel.

「 Please look at the other pages too 」

I flip the pages.
I find Misuzu on her sportswear on the athletics festival page.
I knew it, she’s smiling here too.
At the school festival, the class photos have her smiling with the other classmates.
At the club activity page, Misuzu’s still smiling among the members of the Japanese traditional dance club.

「 Have you noticed it? 」

Misuzu’s smile is the same.
Whichever photo has the exact same smile?

「 This is what it means to live as the daughter of Kouzuki house 」


「 We’re always required to show the same smile 」

To whoever.
In any situation.

「 I can’t be friends with anyone. Also, I can’t make discord either 」

If there’s someone who becomes Misuzu’s best friend, the other students will feel jealous.
Those who fight with Misuzu will be eliminated by other girls.
It’s an all girl’s school where only daughters of noble houses can enter, the treatment of the daughter of Kouzuki house, a noble among nobles…
They do it with great caution.

「 Unlike ordinary people, everyone knows what a noble is 」

Ah, but if it were a regular school, there would be children who would try to get on good terms with Misuzu without trying to read the atmosphere.
Girls who won’t care even if other girls are jealous or hinder.
On the other hand, some girls will confront Misuzu upfront without knowing the horrors of the house.
If there’s nobody but noble ladies, then everyone knows Kouzuki house very well.
It’s an incredible colossal presence among the noble houses.

「 Thus, most of the girls were with me from kindergarten 」

If their norm is to go to an upper school every time they graduate, there’s no shuffling of human relationships.
The relationships are fixed intently with the same numbers.

「 Therefore, I always had the same smile 」

To keep a distance from her classmates.

「 Ruriko’s graduation album is the same as mine, I think. Showing the same smile all the time 」


「 Misuzu, could you show me your ordinary albums 」
「 Please wait for a moment 」

Misuzu gets off the bed and takes a few albums from the other room.

「 Here 」

I take the album and open it.
Misuzu’s elementary school album.
A photo at a party.
A photo in a piano recital.
A photo going to a villa or something.
Misuzu’s cute.

「 It’s the same 」

The middle school Misuzu already have the same smile.
Even with her photo with Jii-chan.

「 Misuzu’s been like this since elementary 」
「 Ever since kindergarten, it’s a bit of a sad event 」


「 There was a pair of girls who were a bit rough during elementary 」

Oh, I get that.

「 On the day they meddled with me, they were both driven out of the kindergarten 」


「 Those girls fathers’ company were even affected 」

Showing that at kindergarten age…
It’s definitely traumatic.
Misuzu’s classmates all took distance from her.
Not to confront Misuzu but not to get along with her either.
Misuzu learned to always smile to not cause trouble.

「 It must’ve been hard, Misuzu 」

I tell Misuzu.

「 Danna-sama, this is my latest album. Please take a look 」

Misuzu presents it to me.
I open it up.
Misuzu in this album is already a high school girl.
Her hair is shorter than now.
I flip over the pages.
But it’s unchanging.
I knew it, Misuzu always shows a mindless smile.
It ends at the winter photo.
These are now photos this year.
Even during the second year, Misuzu on the photos reflects the same smile.

「 Huh, M-Misuzu? 」

I’m surprised at the photo that suddenly appeared.

「 It’s okay, I won’t show it to anyone! 」

The last photo in the album is…
That’s Misuzu’s deflowering photo.

「 I asked Margo-san to give me a copy 」

Oh right, back then Margo-san took a photo of us.

「 Look, Danna-sama, I look so afraid back then 」

It’s a photo where Misuzu’s legs are spread to check her hymen before sex.
Her face, breasts, genital, are clearly shown.
Misuzu’s face is trembling with fear.

「 This one looks very painful. It really did hurt though 」

The next photo is Misuzu’s virgin vagina accepting my dick.
I’m grabbing her breasts roughly, Misuzu’s suffering from her deflowering.

「 Lastly, ufu. My face looks like the world has been destroyed 」1

The last photo is Misuzu’s naked body after sex.
There’s my semen and her virgin blood overflowing from the slit.
Misuzu’s face trembles in despair.

「 But, I’m showing my true face. It’s not the usual expression I make on photos, I was showing my true feelings at that moment! 」


「 I met you and became your pet, It’s my first time living as a human! I have entirely changed in one week! 」

Misuzu smiles at me.
That smile isn’t a forced one.

「 After the holiday, when I return to school again, I will return to my former self. Always showing a mindless smile, like a doll. But, it’s different when I’m with you. Because I!!! 」

Misuzu hugs me.

「 When I’m with you my heart’s throbbing!! I feel thrilled! If I’m with you, I can show my true feelings! After all, you’re my special person! My husband!! 」

Then, she pushed me on the bed.

「 Ah, my plan is for me to be pushed down! 」

Misuzu laughs.

「 But it’s okay, I adore you Danna-sama. I love you! 」

She rubs her cheeks on my chest.

「 I’ll give you my key later 」


「 The key to this house, to my room. This is also Danna-sama’s house! Oh right. I’ll have to register Danna-sama’s fingerprints in the security too! 」
「 No, wait, Misuzu 」
「 Please ready yourself. I will never let go 」

Misuzu looks at me with passionate eyes.

「 Whatever happens, I will follow you for the rest of your life, you’re no longer alone, therefore 」

Misuzu kisses my lips over and over again.

「 You don’t need to hold back on me. Open up your heart, be casual 」


「 This bed smells like Misuzu 」

Coming in here, it feels like Misuzu’s wrapping me.

「 Yes. Please change the smell of this bed 」

Misuzu smiles.
Different from any photo, it’s a sexy smile.

「 Please change Misuzu’s bed to your scent. Misuzu’s room, Misuzu’s body too 」

Misuzu straddles over me and slowly takes off her clothes.

「 Look, if I’m going to Misuzu’s room, then I have to meet with Misuzu’s father and mother 」
「 Yes, please do 」

Misuzu takes off her top clothing.
Her white bra and cute bellybutton appear.

「 If I do, how should I greet them 」
「 Please tell them whatever you want 」

Misuzu laughs.

「 But, is it okay for me to just say “please give me your daughter” 」
「 That way’s better. After all, I’m already yours 」

Misuzu opens up the zipper of her skirt.

「 I’ll tell them beforehand “I decided to give birth to his baby’ 」


「 That’s okay, Grandfather has given his approval already. Father will never go against Grandfather 」

That’s true but…
I’m still nervous.

「 You just have to promise to take good care of me 」


「 I will, I swear not to Misuzu’s parents but to Misuzu. I will treasure Misuzu 」
「 Danna-sama!!! 」

Misuzu’s eyes get teary in happiness.

「 Then, it’s a promise, please spoil Misuzu a lot when it’s just the two of us. Please don’t hold back. Misuzu loves Danna-sama!
「 Yeah, I know 」

In the end, Ruriko, Michi, and Misuzu…
They tell me to open up my heart.
Just like how I want to protect them.
These girls are trying to heal me.

「 Now, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu smiles at me.
When it’s just the two of us, her smile is extraordinary.

「 Let’s make a child!!! 」

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