Chapter 505. The sister melt together

Chapter 505. The sister melt together

「 Ya-chan, you’re lovely 」

I look at Nei and said.

「 Yes, I think so too 」

Misuzu said.

「 And that’s frustrating 」

「 What, Mii-chan’s cute too! 」

Misuzu doesn’t seem to be convinced.

「 Nei-chan, your body is beyond beauty! 」

Ruriko said.

「 No, you’re the one who scares me the most, Ruri-chan. You’re still 15 but thinking about your future development 」

「 I’m worried about Michi-pon 」

Misuzu looks at Michi.

「 She still a lot of room for growth 」

Michi touches her flat chest.

「 I want to grow a bit more 」

「 It’ll grow soon enough. Michi-pon’s foundation is good 」

Right, Michi’s face is well defined.

She’s a small and cute girl now, but if she grows up, she’ll be a fantastic beauty.

「 No, no, Ruri-chan’s scarier. You’re so graceful even now. I’m sure that you’ll improve a lot 」

Nei said.

Yeah. Ruriko’s also not just a beauty.

「 No, Michi-pon’s much scarier! 」

「 Ruri-chan’s going to improve a lot more! 」

Nei and Misuzu reach a ridiculous discussion again.

「 That’s, saying that I’m scared and improve a lot more 」

Ruriko’s astonished.

「 Yes, we continuously feel threatened 」

Michi also speaks gently.

「 Misuzu-oneesama is giving out her love to Master more than anyone else 」

「 Oh, Nei-chan’s also lovey-dovey with Onii-sama 」


「 Misuzu-oneesama’s better 」

「 Nei-chan won’t lose! 」

「Besides, Master also deeply loves Misuzu-oneesama 」

「 If that’s the case, I think that Onii-sama likes Nei-chan the most 」

What’s going on?

「 There’s no need for flatteries girls 」

Nei said.

「 What about you girls? You think that you love Yo-chan the most, right? 」

Nei says, Ruriko;

「 That is, Mitsuchi and I are Onii-sama’s sex slaves 」

「 We already have our body and souls devoted to him 」

「 Furthermore, there is nothing left for us to offer him. Right, Michi? 」

「 Yes, Ruriruri 」

These sex slave duo is unexpectedly getting along.

「 What the hell, you make it look like I’m the only one unwilling here! 」

「 Huh? Mii-chan. You’re getting angry at the younger girls?! That’s not cool! 」

「 Nei-chan, do you not mind it?! 」

「 I’m an adult after all! 」

Compared to that.

The second-year high school duo doesn’t agree with each other.

They overlap each other.

「 Nei-chan, I think that kind of trickster remarks suits you 」

Ruriko said.

「 That’s right. I think that it’s better for someone who doesn’t get softened down by the atmosphere must take the position. Nei-chan doesn’t suit the leader role 」

Ruriko gets on.

「 Eeeh. Yo-chan, what about you? 」

Nei clings to me.

「 Yeah Ya-chan isn’t the type that thinks of a plan or lay the groundwork. You’re the type that always smiles and talks to those unenergetic 」

That’s not MInaho-neesan’s style.

「 Eeeeh!? 」

「 I think you’re closer to Nagisa. Look, Nagisa is a good listener, always smiling, and kind to everyone, right? 」

She always takes a step back to support everyone.

And yet, whenever Nagisa’s present, everyone feels calm.

「 Is that so? Just having Nagisa-sama present everyone feels at ease and tolerant but, in Nei-chan’s case 」

「 Mii 」

I glare at Misuzu.

「 Not Nagisa-sama, Nagisa-chan 」

I will fix all the relationships on this occasion.

「 Yes, I meant Nagisa-chan 」

Misuzu fixes it obediently.

For now, let’s have everyone build a relationship where they can make a lot of noise and arguments.

「 Returning to the topic, Ya-chan’s beautiful. That’s what I always thought since the first time I saw you 」

I kiss Nei.

「 Yo-chan 」

Nei asks for another kiss.

「 Oh, Ya-chan’s breasts are finally here 」

I bury my face on Nei’s breasts.

I had so much developing chests lately.

It’s been a while since I had such abundant breasts like this.

「 Ugh, Master looks so happy 」

Michi mourns as she compares her flat chest.

「 Don’t cry, don’t cry, the size of the breasts doesn’t determine one’s superiority or inferiority! 」

Nei smiles at Michi.

「 That is what a blessed person would say. Those in poverty 」

「 Michi! 」

I call Michi.

「 You have your good points, don’t say that 」

「 Is that so? 」

Michi looks at me with her eyes blazing with passion.

「 You see 」

What should I say?

「 Uhm, I’m small, thin, I don’t have much confidence in my body. To truly satisfy Master, then… 」

She’s thinking a lot.

Then, I’ll just say it.

「 You clamp so great! 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Since your lower half is so tight, whenever I insert it, the clamping is so tight it feels good! 」

「 So you mean that my genital is better? 」


「 Yeah, well, that’s how it is 」

Michi is so moved that she cries.

「 Hey, Michi! 」

「 I never felt so happy being born a woman in my life 」

That’s quite a lot of trouble.

「 What the hell Yo-chan! You make it sound that we’re bad at tightening! 」

Nei gets angry at me.

「 No, that’s not what I’m saying 」

「 Then let’s try it out 」

「 Huh? 」

「 If I’m good or not 」

Nei spreads her legs and catches my body.

「 Now! Yo-chan!! I got you!! 」

It’s troublesome to stay caught. I’ll fight back then.

「 You’ve done it now! 」

I attack Nei’s breasts and lick it all over.

「 Ahn! That tickles!! 」

I don’t care. I’ll lick this nipple.

「 Hauuu, it’s feeling good now!! 」

I flick Nei’s nipples.

Yeah, big breasts are responsive when you massage them.

I rub it around with my hand.

「 It looks so soft, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko comes close. Her eyes are shining.

「 Try massaging it, Ruri! 」

「 Is that okay, Nei-chan? 」

Ruriko asks for Nei’s consent.

「 Geez, go on. Do what you want! 」

Ruriko’s hand goes to Nei’s breast as she received permission.

「 It’s amazingly elastic. It’s softer than mine 」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「 Well, Ruriko’s still in the middle of growth, so it’s hard. I also had that time 」

Nei replied.

「 Nei-chan too, I think yours is still growing 」

Misuzu said and licks Nei’s nape.

「 H-Hey, Mii-chan?! 」

「 Oh, this is an erogenous zone I see 」

Misuzu laughs.

Meanwhile, I’m licking Nei’s belly.

「 The constriction here is impressive, even though your breasts and ass is so thick, this part is tight and constricted 」

I speak out my impressions unconsciously.

「 You see, Yo-chan, I’m shaping up with Margo-oneechan! 」

To be exact, Margo-san’s training and Nei’s doing beauty exercise.

「 But, I love your stomach 」

I rub my cheek on Nei’s smooth stomach.

「 If you tell me then I have to work harder on shaping-up! I can’t eat snacks anymore!! 」

Nei is laughing.

「 Master, may I too? 」

Michi comes over.

「 Go on, touch wherever you want! 」

Now that it has come to this let’s have everyone make Nei feel good.

「 Yes…Then 」

Michi clings to Nei’s legs.

「 Hey! Mitchan!! 」

Michi suddenly begins to lick Nei’s sole.

「 That tickles!! 」

「 Nufufu! It tickles now, but it’ll soon turn to pleasure!! 」

Michi is a pervert as usual.

Meanwhile, my hand goes to Nei’s crotch.

「 I’m taking this off 」

「 Geez, didn’t I tell you to do what you want?! 」

Nei’s last underwear is stripped away.

That part is already wet.

「 This one’s mine so I’ll lick it 」

I put my face to Nei’s crotch and crawl my tongue.

「 Aaaaaaaahn!! Yo-chan’s going intense so suddenly!!! Auuuuu!!! 」

My tongue peels out Nei’s clitoris and licks it.

「 Auuu that feels good! 」

Nei’s body gushes out from the multiple pleasure.

「 Then, I will take her breasts 」

Misuzu begins to lick Nei’s nipple.

「 Mii-chan, ugh, that’s good! 」

「 Nagisa-chan taught me! 」

Misuzu has lesbian techniques.

On the other hand, Ruriko…

She’s licking my penis.

「 Ruri? 」

「 I seem to prefer Onii-sama than a woman’s body 」

She sucks and licks my glans,.

She strokes the rod with her thin fingers.

「 Ruri-chan, you’re trying to earn points for Yo-chan!? 」

Nei protests against Ruriko even though her whole body’s attacked.

「 I don’t have such intentions! 」

Ruriko takes out her breasts out of her red undershirt and rubs my glans to her pink nipples.

Oh, that makes me shiver.

「 Ya-chan, It’s about time 」

「 Yeah, you can come in anytime Yo-chan! 」

Nei prepares to accept me.

I also position myself for insertion.

Then, Michi and Ruriko.

「 Ruriruri, lick Nei-chan’s left nipple 」

Misuzu’s licking the right nipple now.

「 I have to lick Master’s anus! 」

What’s the connection?

Well, doesn’t matter.

「 Here we go, Ya-chan 」

「 Come, Yo-chan! 」

I penetrate Nei’s opening with my glans.


My penis penetrates the wet hole.

「 Auuuuu, it’s in, it’s in, it’s in!!!!! 」

Nei accepts me while bending her back.

Misuzu and Ruriko lick both sides of her breasts.

「 Kuuuuuuu!! How’s mine?! 」

Nei asks me while frowning her eyebrows.

「 How does it feel? 」

She’s still holding a grudge on me praising Michi’s tight vagina.

「 It’s excellent, it’s so hot and wrapping me all around 」

「 Like this? 」

Nei tightens up her vagina.

「 Wow, it’s sucking me in! 」

「 Ehehe, Katsuko-nee taught me how to make it tight! 」

Since when?

「 I’ll get better. Even better! 」


「 If not, Yo-chan won’t play with me anymore! 」

Nei’s really feeling threatened as my women increases.

「 Geez, you’re too worried Ya-chan 」

I said.

「 Ya-chan, you should get rely on me more. The other girls aren’t shunning Ya-chan either 」

「 But, I’m the Onee-chan! 」


「 I don’t mind if you’re childish. They don’t want Ya-chan to be the splendid Onee-chan either way 」

I kiss Nei.

「 A childish Onee-chan or a bit of useless Onee-chan is okay too. That’s much more like you 」

「 Yo-chan 」

Nei looks at me with moist eyes.

「 Everyone loves Nei-chan. Nei-chan is so beautiful, bright, and cheerful, to the point where the too much playfulness is a fault but whenever Danna-sama’s feeling down, it’s Nei-chan who always cheers him up 」

Misuzu says while attacking Nei’s left breasts.

「 Yes, I also like you. Mao-chan, Anges, Edie, love Nei-chan 」

Ruriko says while touching Nei’s left nipple.

「 Really? 」

Nei looks at the two.

I thought that it would be Michi’s turn now, but…

「 Michi 」

「 I’m doing all my best to lick Master’s anus so I can’t do anything else! 」


「 You’re licking me so I can’t move inside Ya-chan 」

If I piston like this, my ass will bump to Michi’s face.

「 I don’t mind it at all! 」

「 I do! I can’t use my waist to feel good! 」

「 Could it be that licking the butt doesn’t feel good? 」

「 It does, but there’s a limit to things! 」

Or should I say, do you really want to lick my ass that much?

「 I-I’m regretful! 」

Hearing our conversation…Nei laughs.

「 That’s so interesting. Really, everyone 」

「 Yes, it’s interesting. We will always live like this 」

Misuzu tells Nei.

「 Everyone’s family, sisters! 」

Ruriko smiles at Nei.

「 I see 」

Nei looks up at the ceiling.

「 That’s right, “a capable Onee-chan” doesn’t suit me. I’m the “incapable Onee-chan,” and that’s perfect to make everyone laugh 」


「 I’m moving 」

「 Okay 」

I move my waist slowly.

Nei’s voluptuous body sways.

「 Ouch 」

「 Are you okay, Ya-chan? 」

Though she’s the oldest among in here, Nei only had a few numbers of sex.

Her vagina still hasn’t adopted yet.

「 I’m fine, continue 」

「 Yeah 」

I restart the rhythm.

「 Somehow, it feels strange, I’m lying down on my back and becoming one with Yo-chan. Everyone’s looking at me from above 」

Since my waist is getting more intense, Misuzu and Ruriko let go of Nei’s body.

Right now, they’re watching us have sex.

Michi’s peeking from the side.

「 Ahn that feels good, my sisters are watching me have sex with Yo-chan with a smile. That feels happy, yeah 」

I hold Nei’s hand.

「 Everyone’s Ya-chan’s little sister. We’re a family 」

「 Yeah, Yo-chan! 」

I speed up my waist.

「 Auuuu, good, oh so good! Yo-chan!!! 」

I pierce through Nei’s body! Nei’s legs embrace me.

I trust, even more, poke deeper.

「 Auu, there, that feels good! So good! Yo-chan!!! 」


Michi puts her hand on top of Nei’s chest.

「 Everyone, please match your breathing with mine 」

Michi. Could it be?!

「 I’m sure it’s possible with the love of sisters! 」

Misuzu and Ruriko look at each other and nod.

「 Let’s go too, Ruri-tan! 」

「 Yes, Misuzu-chan! 」

Misuzu holds Nei’s right hand.

Ruriko holds the left.

Then, the two of them hold Michi’s hand with their other hand.

Michi holds hands with the two.

Nei, Misuzu, Michi, Ruriko, and back to Nei.

On the other hand, I’m connected to Nei with my penis on her vagina.

「 Please feel it. Nei-chan and Master 」

Everyone’s consciousness concentrates on Nei and me.

「 Please match the breathing and heartbeats 」

Suu, suu, haa!

Suu, suu, haa!

Everyone breathes in the same rhythm.

Oh, I feel my body hot.

It’s not just Nei’s insides.

All of us gather and become one hot lump.

Suu, suu, haa!

Suu, suu, haa!

「 Yo-chan, I’m feeling good! I! 」

Nei’s also feeling the strange heat.

Our bodies are getting sweaty.

We’re not the only ones having sex.

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi too.

「 Ah, it’s coming, it’s about to come! 」

My ejaculation’s coming soon.

「 You can do it anytime, anytime, cum inside me! Yo-chan, pour it into my womb!! 」

Nei’s body is trembling too.

Suu, suu, haa!

Suu, suu, haa!

Oh, it’s rising.

「 I-I! Aaaaaaaah!! 」

At that moment !!

「 Haa!!! Shingetsu!! 」

Michi releases her Qi.

Michi, Misuzu, and Ruriko just had sex with me.

Their bodies still have the reverberation of the pleasure.

That ember fires up in one go.

「 Aaaaaah, Danna-sama! Cumming! I’m cumming!!!! 」

「 Onii-sama, Onii-sama!!!!!!! 」

「 Master! Michi’s flying!!! 」

Using the Qi, Nei’s body that doesn’t know climax yet is fired up!!

「 What’s this, what’s this, what’s this, Yo-chan! I’m scared! I’m afraid Yo-chan!! 」

Then, me too!!!

「 I’m cumming!! Aaaaaaaah!!! Cumming!!!!! 」

My penis erupts!

My hot seed spreads in Nei’s womb!!

「 Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, what’s this!!!!!!!!!!! 」

Nei reaches climax.

Dooku, Dooku!!

The hot semen flows inside Nei’s vagina.

「 Danna-sama!!!!!!! 」

Doku, Dooku!

It blows away all at once while pulsating.

「 Onii-sama!!!!! 」

Dooku, Doku!!

I continue to thrust in the vagina while ejaculating violently.

「 Master!!!!!! 」

Dooku, Dooku!!

The cloudy liquid surges to the deepest part of her vagina can’t find a place to go, so it flows backward!!

「 Yo-chan!!! I’m feeling strange, I’m making a baby!!! 」


We melt to the pleasure as our whole body explodes.

We’re melting, drowning in the sea of pleasure.

Nei, Misuzu, Michi, Ruriko, and me.

We’re melting, melting to a single lump of pleasure.

「 Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 」

Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi peed at the same time.




Below of each one of them is a smelly puddle created.
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